Kids Sleep GummiesKids Sleep Gummies817053022855Kids Sleep Gummies from SmartyPants feature a unique herbal and nutrient blend (including L-Theanine, saffron extract, and magnesium citrate, and chamomile) to help promote a calm and relaxing bedtime.28 count
Melatonin free!! Yay! - by I was so happy when I found these. My son has a highly active brain and sometimes he has trouble settling his mind. This was a really gentle supplement to our evening routine. I tried on myself first. Groggy free and allowed for a restful night.
Good for adults too - by As a grown up who happens to be very sensitive to all vitamins and supplements and is often prescribed medications at much lower doses because of sensitivity, I have found these to be helpful for sleep when taken an hour before bed.
Taste great, don't work - by I gave it two stars because they taste great but my kid did notice a difference in their ability to fall asleep.
Good option! - by saw a small change for my son and he liked the flavor!
Love that they don’t have melatonin - by I recommend these all the time as a sleep gummy that finally doesn’t have melatonin and usually way too much at that! My kids are a million times better behaved when they get great sleep and this helps

Kids Sleep Gummies

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