Nut Butter, Macadamia MCT & ProbioticNut Butter, Macadamia MCT & Probiotic850000843011Almond and macadamia nut butter packed with plant-based fats and protein for deliciously thick super fuel to support muscles, metabolism, and brain function. Packed with 500 MILLION Live & Active Cultures per serving! SuperFat uses high quality, patented GanedenBC30 probiotics. GanedenBC30 is an EXTREMELY stable probiotic due to the cell’s ability to form a protective spore. Just like plant seeds wait to grow until spring when the temperature and moisture levels are optimal, GanedenBC30 spores wait to germinate and grow until they reach the intestines where the conditions are just right. This protective shell also gives GanedenBC30 the ability to survive harsh manufacturing processes, product shelf life and finally, the journey through the digestive system – most other probiotics just can’t survive these stresses.1.5 oz pouch
Mct for the win - by A little extra oily but really delicious
Snack idea - by Mix this with a nuco cinnamon wrap and you’ve got yourself a low sugar treat that is delicious!
Super Fats - by These are the best on the go snack!!!
Very good! - by Healthy fats are my fav!
Excellent food - by This is what I need every day. This is excellent.

Nut Butter, Macadamia MCT & Probiotic

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