Brown Sugar ReplacementBrown Sugar Replacement852700300375Sweet treats are made of these! Swerve Brown Sugar Replacement measures just like the traditional kind so you can use it in your favorite recipes without any crazy math. It’s sweet and delicious with no bitter aftertaste. Plus, the ingredients in Swerve do not affect blood sugar, and the carbohydrates it contains are considered non-impact.12 oz bag
A must have for sweet potatoes! - by This is much better than regular brown sugar. I was so happy to discover this product. It keeps for a long time in my pantry.
Best sugar replacement - by I’ve been using this for a while in all of my baking. I don’t ever miss the regular sugar. I hope everyone tried it out it’s worth the money
Cannot Tell a Taste Difference - by I am in love with this brown alternative sweetener. The taste, fab. It adds depth to the taste of my baking I was missing without brown sugar. Plus my chili, oooooooh my chili. Yummmmm. I don’t always want coconut sugar because I am trying at times to cut sugar all together. So this fits the bill. It is however pricy for how much you get.
Great replacement! - by This is a great replacement for regular brown sugar! The look, taste, & texture were right on.
the best - by this is my favorite. it is so good, better than the regular brown sugar.
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