Choose Your Own ChocolateChoose Your Own Chocolatechoose_taza6Perfectly unrefined, stone ground chocolate from bean to bar with unique chocolate-making techniques are all about minimal processing, to let the bold flavors of our organic, Direct Trade Certified cacao shout loud and proud. Using traditional Mexican stone mills, called molinos, to grind our cacao. The hand-carved stones that turn inside these mills preserve the bright, fruity flavors of the beans, and create a chocolate that’s bold, rustic, and satisfyingly gritty -- unlike any other chocolate you’ve taste. Chocolate Bars take stone ground chocolate to another dimension by mixing incredible flavor combinations into our minimally processed, bold dark chocolate. The discs are inspired by the passion for Mexican chocolate traditions, we hand-carve granite millstones to make these rustic, organic dark Mexican style chocolate discs bursting with bright tastes and gloriously gritty textures. Choose between- Sea Salt & Almond Stone Ground Chocolate Bar, Wicked Dark Ground Chocolate Bar, 95% Wicked Dark with Ginger Chocolate Bar, 95% Vanilla 50% Dark Disc, Almond Milk Chocolate Crunch Cashew, Almond Milk Chocolate ClassicChoose 6 Items
perfect grit - by If you are going for smooth, Taza is not for you. It has the perfect earthy grit and is sooo delicious! I love all the flavors.
delicious - by love the texture and taste
Yum! - by Taza Chocolate, Choose Your Own Chocolate
Taza chocolate is the best! - by I love Taza chocolate, the vanilla disks are my favorite. The dark chocolate varieties are good as well but I have a strong sweet tooth that prefers the slightly more sugary selections!
unique texture - by both the texture and the bold flavor of Taza are amazing! Worth a taste; my new favorite!
Taza Chocolate
Taza Chocolate
Certified Gluten-Free

Choose Your Own Chocolate

Choose 6 Items
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Certified Gluten-Free