Lugana 2019Lugana 2019T01096A hint of citrus, delicate mineral notes, and aromas of almond swirl in the glass. Complex and elegant with a long finish, this medium-bodied organic wine is easy to sip and pairs with a range of dishes like poultry, pork, small bites, or light pastas.One 750 ml bottle
nice choice - by So glad to have clean wine that is also tasty.
Disappointing - by Not my type of Chardonnay. Little character, flavor, texture, no oaky notes or creamy texture. I love only that it's organic and sugar free.
Really Enjoyable - by This bottle was very good.
White Wine - by This is a decent wine to pair with chicken dishes or even cheese and crackers.
White Wine - by I don’t have much experience drinking white wine but really enjoyed this, so did others at the gathering.
Patrizia Cadore
Patrizia Cadore

Lugana 2019

One 750 ml bottle
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