ConcenTrace Trace Mineral DropsConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops878941000058ConcenTrace® contains a full spectrum of all the minerals in a balance natural to the body. Once harvested from the GSL, we use a completely natural concentration process without the use of chemicals or dyes that removes the sodium from the GSL water. We use solar evaporation technology to concentrate the water, which really means that all we use is natural sunshine! The result of this natural process is ConcenTrace®, an all natural ionic trace mineral blend that is 26 times more concentrated than colloidal trace minerals, making it one of the most naturally powerful health supplements on the market. In addition, all of our facilities are FDA cGMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) through the Natural Products Association. GMP certification shows our customers, retailers and international buyers that we are committed to producing safe products of high quality. We are constantly looking for new technologies and research that help us improve our manufacturing processes, and our products are tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure quality and safety. Suggested Use: This product is all natural, highly concentrated, contains no added preservatives, flavors, or sweeteners and has a very strong taste. We recommend mixing it with juice or food and dividing the serving throughout the day to mask the concentrated mineral flavor. Begin regimen by taking 10 drops for 3 consecutive days. Each day thereafter, increase serving by 10 drops up to ½ teaspoon (40 drops) once or twice daily. Children age 2-3: Take 1 drop for every 5 lbs of body weight. For regular or sodium restricted diets. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.8 fl oz bottle
Love this! - by It's like gator aid without all the sugar! I mix this in just ice water with the 40,000 volts from trace, and bam hangover is half as bad! Great for post workout too lol
Game.changer. - by I was a little nervous trying this product because so many reviews said the flavor was awful. I simply dilute mine in water and actually love how it makes my water taste- almost more natural?? But this has 100% changed the way I feel every single day. I’ve been using it daily for about 3 weeks now and my skin has cleared up significantly, I feel like I am more relaxed and have more energy. Love this stuff!
Made me very sick - by I would not recommend this product . It gave me severe kidney pain. I spent all day laying in a bed with fatigue, muscle pain, nausea and headache. After doing some research, found out , I'm not the only one who experienced these symptoms.
Mineral drops - by Add to filtered water to get your minerals in
Best price I’ve found. - by Been using daily for several years. Quality product. Thrive often has the best price.
Trace Minerals
Trace Minerals

ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops

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