Coffee Face Scrub, Floral BlendCoffee Face Scrub, Floral Blend5060571720160Brighten your morning beauty routine with a floral facial scrub from UpCircle featuring rosehip, geranium, and patchouli essential oils. Formulated for sensitive skin, chamomile soothes redness and irritation while jojoba oil and vitamins B and E hydrate. Plus, Arabica coffee grounds from artisan coffee shops will leave you glowing.3.5 fl oz jar
Strong Unpleasant Scent Did Nothing For Me - by This product had a very unpleasant scent and a heavy greasy feeling that didn't really condition my skin. I used it in the shower after washing with my standard sensitive foaming face wash. This scrub left me and my shower feeling greasy and yucky. The ingredients don't really have many skin benefits as far as I can tell. I prefer liquid treatments for refreshing the skin as opposed to scrubs anyways. This seemed like an unnecessary product. Glad I got a free gift to try it and did not purchase this item. Maybe it'll be good for dish pan hands instead.
should repackage product - by I love this scrub but they should repackage it into a jar. would help us with the mess and more might enjoy.
Coffee on the face? - by Although this gets the sink dirty temporarily and it feels weird to be smearing something that smells like coffee on my face, it leaves my skin super soft and feeling awesome!
Love it - by I use this every other day or whenever I use makeup. This product leaves my face fresh and soft.
Too Harsh for Face - by Do not use this on your face, it will destroy your skin barrier. I got this for free and use it on my feet. Also all the anonymous 5-star reviews posted on the same day
UpCircle Beauty
UpCircle Beauty

Coffee Face Scrub, Floral Blend

3.5 fl oz jar$5.71/fl oz