Coffee Face Scrub, Herbal BlendCoffee Face Scrub, Herbal Blend5060571720153An energizing facial scrub from UpCircle Beauty will brighten your morning beauty routine. Formulated for combination skin, antibacterial rosemary oil helps clarify skin, while shea butter helps nourish post-scrub. Plus, Arabica coffee grounds from artisan coffee shops will leave you glowing.3.5 fl oz jar
Not for me - by I really wanted to like this one, but it just didn't work for me. The packaging makes the product hard to dispense, and can rust your shower. The product itself is very messy and tends to stain grout and light colored shower enclosure. Leaves a greasy residue on the skin and shower/tub. Scrubbing power and smell was nice though.
Bad Packaging - by Smells so good and is a great idea! But the first time I tried to open it I had it facing up in the shower to remove the cap, didn't even squeeze it and the thing exploded (no exaggeration) all over my bathroom. Was scrubbing coffee off the ceiling.
Stuck - by Impossible to get it out I the tube
Terrible packaging - by Hard to squeeze
Bad packaging great product - by I love this scrub however more than half was tossed out as the tube is not functional. Will not reorder for that reason.
UpCircle Beauty
UpCircle Beauty

Coffee Face Scrub, Herbal Blend

3.5 fl oz jar$5.71/fl oz