Expressionist Pro Mascara, Pro BrownExpressionist Pro Mascara, Pro Brown854836006053Big, bold, beautiful lashes can be created without anything fake or false. W3ll People Expressionist Mascara gives the same effect with a blend of natural pigments and botanicals that nourish lash hairs and encourage healthy growth. The special hi-tech brush has a cascade shape that separates lashes and lengthens each one. In rich brown shade.0.26 oz tube
W3LL People is my go to mascara - by I love this brand of mascara and appreciate the minimal ingredients. It does exactly what I expect it to. Nothing fancy.
Exceptional natural mascara - by This dark brown mascara goes on smooth without clumps. It’s very natural eyelash coverage for blonde lashes like mine. It’s like a nice eyelash tint that’s not too obvious. It’s perfect if you don’t want jet black unnatural looking lashes especially for every day natural mascara!
Smudges - by After a few hours it smudges pretty bad under your eyes.
my go to! - by I truly love this mascara! it has been the one I've bought multiple times and I feel it really helps me feel like a natural look, it doesn't hurt my eyes like others have in the past, and I feel it has a consistent mixture and doesn't clump.
Easy application, crumbly finish - by At the beginning I loved this mascara. However, after wearing it for about three hours, it all crumbles off and gathers under my eyes. Not a great all-day long product, but works in a pinch. I would steer people away from this product if they want something durable.

Expressionist Pro Mascara, Pro Brown

0.26 oz tube$73.08/oz