Happy Start Mood Boosting Drink MixHappy Start Mood Boosting Drink Mix850000349315Drink your way to a better mood with Winged's fast-dissolving supplement formulated with female-specific nutrients like ashwagandha, maca, lemon balm, and lion's mane, and reishi to help encourage your body to adapt to stress.3.5 oz bottle
Love - by It dissolves super well in coffee. It does not interfere in my coffees flavor. I notice a difference in mood with these great ingredients. Definitely buying again.
Sort of noticed a change...? - by I think I noticed a bit of a change in my mood, but that also could have been mentally psyching myself up to feel better...? Can't say for sure. Mixed well into coffee/smoothies.
This might be helping! - by I’ve started adding this to my morning coffee and I’ve noticed I’ve been in a consistently better mood since. I’ve also been taking fish oil and collagen, so which might be helping as well.
Noticed a difference - by I would put this in my coffee in the morning and feel really good until about 3:00 pm. That’s when I would feel a dip in mood and energy, but overall a great product.
Definitely not unflavored - by I mix in my coffee, I definitely taste it, an odd taste. I kept using it because it's not cheap. I will not be buying again. Not sure if it affected mood or not.

Happy Start Mood Boosting Drink Mix

3.5 oz bottle$7.13/oz