Happy Start Mood Boosting Drink MixHappy Start Mood Boosting Drink Mix850000349315Drink your way to a better mood with Winged's fast-dissolving supplement formulated with female-specific nutrients like ashwagandha, maca, lemon balm, and lion's mane, and reishi to help encourage your body to adapt to stress.3.5 oz bottle
Happy Start Mood Boosting Drink - by I’m a hormones specialist and currently not even one month postpartum. I’ve been using this every morning to help with recovery and it is great! Highly recommend to help the body stabilize and heal. Only reason I gave it 4 not 5 stars is because it does have a taste even though it says it’s “unflavored”
Love Happy Start! - by I put this in my morning coffee and feel like it helps energize me in the morning. A great combination of mushrooms etc to boost an overall feeling of wellbeing.
Results are mixed - by The flavor and grainy texture are pretty hard to get around coffee, chocolate or mint are the only things that seem to cover it up. I also can't always say that others around me feel it helps balance my mood at all. So days I feel like it makes me more relaxed and easy-going others I can't say for certain I feel that way.
Drink - mood - by Winged, Happy Start Mood Boosting Drink Mix
Ok - by Not a fan of the texture/flavor. Doesn’t mix well
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Happy Start Mood Boosting Drink Mix

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