Dark Chocolate Almond Bar with Grass-Fed Collagen, 12-Pack

Twelve 1.7 oz Bars

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Twelve 1.7 oz Bars

Why You’ll Love It

Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond Bar with Grass-Fed Collagen is a delicious sweet treat with a whopping 15 grams of protein and only 3 grams of sugar per bar. Recent scientific research has shown that certain types of chocolate—such as unprocessed dark chocolate—have a number of vitamins and minerals that offer great health benefits.
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About This Brand

What is Primal Kitchen Primal Kitchen is the latest project by Mark Sisson, one of the founders of the Paleo movement as well as the author of the bestselling book, “The Primal Blueprint.” The company makes an assortment of Paleo diet health foods, ranging from coconut-based protein shakes to avocado oil infused mayonnaise. To put it simply, Primal Kitchen is on a mission to create excellent food made with nutritious ingredients that are oh-so tasty. Who is Mark Sisson Mark Sisson is the founder of Primal Kitchen and is widely recognized for his work within the Paleo community. But even those things paint an incomplete picture of the man—let's start from the beginning. Raised in a fishing town in Maine, Mark Sisson fell down the rabbit hole of nutrition and athletics at an extremely early age. He lived about a mile and half away from the school he attended and one day developed a game. Instead of riding the bus home, he’d run and try to beat the bus. Little did Sisson...
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Almonds, pumpkin seeds, grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen, isomaltooligosaccharide (cassava root), water, coconut flakes, honey, natural flavors, coconut oil, bitter chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, Himalayan pink salt, monk fruit extract, tocopherols.

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Serving Size 1 bar (48g) Servings Per Container 12

Amount Per Serving

Calories 230 Calories from Fat 140

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 15g 23%
Saturated Fat 4g 20%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 70mg 3%
Total Carbohydrate 14g 5%
Dietary Fiber 6g 25%
Sugars 3g
Protein 15g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 8%

Reviews For Dark Chocolate Almond Bar with Grass-Fed Collagen, 12-Pack

Based on 228 Reviews

love this company too!

these are pretty tasty and i love the added collagen boost!

- annette


Terrific flavor. Chocolatey and delicious. I read the complaints about them being too chewy, but they have gotten better about that. I don't find them as chewy as when they came out. Try them - you won't be sorry.

- Ron Skopitz


These chewy bars that are very low in sugar are delicious. Great protein option when you're on the run

- Paige

Great Product

quick healthy meal/snack

- Donna

Check These Out If You're A Diabetic

The hardest part of any snack bar is it is in direct competition with most candy bars. So since the user expects sweet, that's what their tastebuds are looking for. You won't find it here though. This is a wonderful snack bar for those of us who need low sugars but still has lots of flavor. The chocolate/nuts/collagen blend with just a hint of sweetener is very chewy but delicious.

- Kathi

Hard to Resist

These bars are fantastic. I'm not sure what it is about them--the taste is perfectly complimentary. The only con to these bars is that they are difficult to chew, as in, (if i had a filling) I'd be afraid that chewing this would pull one straight out. Still, I keep going back.

- Ashley


Extremely healthy
However, a little bland
Won't buy it again

- Chi


Very filling! We brought them on vacation and i ate them for an entire week. My fingernails were so hard from the collagen. They are very filling and delicious. Gave us the energy we needed out all day on the water.

- Danielle Scillia

Filling AND yummy!

These are SO good and so yummy! They are very filling also and I felt good after eating them! A great snack for on the go! If you are thinking about getting these-- I highly recommend them!!

- Susan

Great Product

We first tried these bars on a promotion that was offered...the bars are incredible. Very filling, nutrition stats are off the chart, and they taste good too! My son has long days at school and takes one each day to eat at break. It fills him up and keeps hunger at bay until evening. I would highly recommend to everyone.

- Laurie

Love the chocolate

Tastes great, love the chocolate and no added sugar. It is pretty chewy though..

- Patricia

A great bar

Delicious, but expensive

- djones

Loved it!!

I ordered some products and it came with the order, I loved it...it is chewy and taste like coconut...I'll order it again!!

- Alejandra


These are the perfect amount of sweet. They are crunchy and chewy. I'd compare them to a kind bar but better!

- Elena Bennardo

Truly a Meal

I buy these for my mother, originally because of her penchant for dark chocolate and almonds. She says that she truly feels like she's eaten a meal after consuming the dense chewy deliciousness. Now that she's hooked, I'm going to be buying them for years to come. I hope they never change!

- J M

Great Protein Bar

I tried these before the hazelnut ones, and like both of them equally. I find they really kill the chocolate craving and are really yummy. Like the chewy texture!

- Shakti

Not your normal chocolate bar

If someone gave this to me in a blind taste test, I would never say it was chocolate. It's sticky, dense and VERY chewy. I was worried about my dental work coming out it was so sticky and hard to chew. That being said, the flavor was sweet and pleasant. It makes me feel better eating this instead of another candy, but they should remove chocolate from the label as it has no chocolate flavor at all.

- Angel

Tasty and Satisfying

I love these bars so much that I returned to Thrive today to buy more and to add the cashew bars to my order as well. For me, these taste incredible and it is true that they do the trick to satisfy hunger until the next meal time. I was so certain that I would need additional snacks, maybe even a shake, but one bar has fixed me up three times now. Yay!

- Rosemary

Curiously good

Got the free sample a few months ago and by the second bar I was hooked. Has a unique taste, not really chocolate, more sweet, and it is the stickiest, chewiest bar I have ever eaten. But somehow it works. Warning: Don't eat them if you deal with the public and are trying to sneak a bite in between customers!

- Marla


These bars have all of the yum and none of the yuck! I'm picky about ingredients and must say these are a great choice and leave you feeling full and satisfied!

- Nicole


These are to die for! I cannot possibly express how great they are! I was looking for an alternative or supplement to predominantly meat-based bars (Epic, Brick, etc.) but with less sugar than something like a Larabar and these are perfect! I'm very careful about ingredients - no grains, no chemicals, and no added sugars so that narrows down the options very quickly. When I was looking at them they felt a little pricey but I splurged and ordered them anyway because they fit my requirements so perfectly. I'm glad I did! They're sweet and chocolatey and yet only have 3 grams of sugar - it's magical. And with 15 grams of protein you get a lot of bang for your buck! The only downside, for me, is that they're very chewy but it's such a small thing compared to how fantastic the product is as a whole. I'll definitely be ordering these again.

- Taylor

Good for your heart

Nice chewy bar. Good for that quick pick-me -up.

- Dorothy


I love these bars! If you have not tried them and are thinking of biting into rich dark chocolate, be ready for the richness and not the taste of chocolate; however, you will come back again and again for the treat.

- Judith

These bars rock!

I am so excited to have these protein bars as, not just an option but, a REALLY GOOD option! They are nutrition wise, gluten, dairy, soy, free with a high level of protein, low sugar (in the form of honey) and just as importantly they taste good! I love that they are not too sweet! They are a bit on the chewey side but I don't care and, I love that the protein comes from grass fed beef collagen! As a flight attendant I am always looking for easy go-to foods that give me maximum nutrition without the allergen foods I must avoid. These types of foods are not easy to find on the fly (no pun intended, but hey! it does work;). They will now have a permanent place in my flight bag as well as in my home! Kudos to Primal Kitchen for a great product & Thrive for stocking it in your "market"!

- Melanie


Great price for this delicious product.

- Suzanne

Dark chocolate Almond Bar With Grass-Fed Collagen

OMG this bar is amazing the flavor is so great I make my favorite and is a good protein on the go I like how have a collagen to I highly recommend it to any body

- Jaquelin Hall

Love it

Great chocolate bar

- Hani


I love these. They're not to sweet. A nice chewiness, and great flavor. And I love that I'm getting some collagen at the same time.

- Sue


These bars are excellent. Great taste. You can tell Mark Sisson put a lot of time in perfecting these with just the right ingredients.

- John

Great bar!

To me, this is paleo heaven. I like the taste and the chew. Very satisfying.

- Melanie

Definitely Worth a Try!

The first bar tasted, um, not so much. Kinda like thick cardboard, slathered in chewy glue. Very chewy glue. I thought I would give the rest away. But one day I was hungry in a pinch, so I decided to grin and bear it. Not as un-good as I originally thought. Satiating, anyway. I looked forward to the third bar and enjoyed the sweetness of the monk fruit, which I hadn't noticed the first two times. I just had bar #4, and I am sad that there are only two left! Amazing how our palates adapt!

These are perfect for travel, camping or whatever. Just be patient when trying to get the wrapper off the chewy glue!

- Jennifer


I bought these on a 1.95 for shipping only. The first 2 bars were O.K. , not sweet but then after the 3rd Bar I was really liking them. I need the protein and can't eat meat for reasons. Highly suggest

- Mark


Taste wise- There isn't much flavor, and it doesn't taste sweet/ like chocolate. Its not bad, but different.

They are very sticky and chewy though, stuck to the wrapper and my teeth.

- Anna

Different - but good!

These bars aren't what I expected at all. I had "candy bar" in my head when in reality they are closer to a "protein bar." Yes, as others have stated, they are sticky and chewy - and the first bite was well ... interesting. But, I kept going and I rather liked it! In fact, I am more apt to eat this bar than a hard candy bar, as it's way healthier and not overly sweet. If you can get past the "different" texture this could easily become a go-to snack, or even a meal replacement.

- Mombo


Love these bars! They are great healthy snack on the go!

- Bridget Youngers

Craving Collagen?

I wasn't sure if I liked these bars at first, but now I crave one every day, so I am ordering more. My husband didn't like them at all. More for me :)

- Cindy

Sticky but good!

Great flavor and very satisfying, however the chocolate is so sticky that it's difficult to even get the wrapper off. And if your package happens to be delivered on a warm day and sits outside, the entire bar will be fused to the inside of the wrapper! The best remedy I've found for this, is to put the bar in the freezer for a bit before unwrapping. But even with the sticky issue, these bars are great!

- Michael

Perfect Snack For Busy Parents

I was nervous buying such a large box of a product I wasn't sure I would like, but my worry wss in vain because I love these! I have to avoid dairy while nursing, and I also have five very small children (my oldest just turned four), so these are the perfect go-to snack. I like the chewy texture mixed with the crunch of the nuts. I'm buying myself two boxes for next month!

- Joseph-and Melissa Neary

Like a chewy rock

If it wasn't for the nutritional part i would be rating it no stars. .impossible to chew. I'm a chocolate lover but this was so unpleasant to eat..i will never order again.

- Holly Grivas

Awesome and yummy!

I love these bars!

- Basia

simply awesome

My go-to snack. Easy to digest, filling, delicious.

- Karen

gummy and flavorless

Hi, I'm sorry, but they aren't very good. I guess they are really healthy, but just don't have much taste.

- Susan

High Hopes

I had high hopes for these bars, but found them to be too sticky and chewy for my taste. Oh well.

- Chriswcarlson@aol.com

Delicious but sticky

A great healthy chocolate bar, but a bit sticky.

- Emily

Surprisingly tasty!

Very surprised. No sugar. Tasty. Chewy. Healthy. I like them. Not cheap, but I think they are worth it.

- Brad

Really wanted to give 5 stars, but...

As far as taste goes they're great. Therefore - 5 stars for taste. However, the quality control seems a bit shaky. This morning I opened one that was only about 3/4 there. Perhaps an "end of the line" piece??? And it was hard as a rock. I have gotten random bars that are very hard and almost brittle. So 1 star for consistency and quality control - which sort of averages out to a 3.

- Devona

Love these!

We love these bars! They taste so decadent and only 3 grams of sugar. The collagen protein gets more protein into my day.


Primal Dark Chocolate Almond Bar

I love these. They are great for a on your run meal snack. They will give you energy and satisfy your hungry.

- Susan

No guilt, tasty and filling!

These are perfect to keep in my bag for a snack in between meals. It satisfies the sweet tooth and the hunger. It's a little sticky, but you get used to it. And it actually makes me feel less hungry in no time and helps with my 'hangry' sugar crashes. I only half a bar as a snack and it's more than enough to last me to my next meal. It's about as filling as a whole protein shake. Very good stuff and no guilt!

- Nelly

Dark Chocolate Almond Bars

I do not like bars because they just are not as gratifying as real food. These bars are EXCELLENT! They are extremely satisfying and delicious. It has the bitter sweet of dark chocolate and the protein of nuts. They are not overly sweet. They have great texture to them, chewy and crunchy. I feel completely satisfied when I use one of the bars after a work out and w/the high protein I am not left craving something more. I highly recommend these bars and promptly reordered three boxes to have on hand in my car, work and home. DELICIOUS

- Lenna


These are so friggin good. A perfect, healthy and delicious way to refuel after breaking my intermittent fast. Love these, please don't ever stop making them!

- AC


This is my daily breakfast. Tasty and healthy. They do melt in shipping during the hot months but they are still usable.

- Victoria

Terrible bars

Wow, these bars are terrible. First of all, it is all sticky (terrible for your teeth and people with crowns and stuff). The next thing is all the sticky seeds and things sticks to your teeth and gets into your gums. You need a really good rinse or cleaning after eating this bar, if it doesn't pull your crown off first. The taste is also very blend and unappealing. Would never buy or recommend this bar to anyone.

- Flora

Good for you, taste good, win-win

Although there isn't a distinct chocolate taste these are still sweet enough to get your sweet fix. I happen to really like chewy and these really satisfy my appetite, chewy, crunchy from nuts, Man... so good and so healthy! They are slightly sticky so if you can pull the wrapper off quickly in sections the bar will be in new pristine condition. Sooooo worth it.

- Patricia

My son calls these "hard bars"

Super hard and you almost have to imagine the sweetness. And yet, we like them and will buy again.

- Julie


These were SO chewy, it makes them unpleasant to eat. The taste is okay, nothing too dark chocolate about it. More of an overall date flavor. Would never buy this again. Somewhat chewy would be fine. This is like biting into stale taffy.

- James W

Nice surpirse

Got this as bonus gift with my first order. I wouldn't have chosen it otherwise. So nourishing, filling. The right combination of taste and texture - very filling. Great ingredients. I've ordered a large box in the second order.


Primal Kitchen's Dark Choclate Almond bar

I LOVE these bars!!! They taste good with just enough sweetness. I am so happy to have found these bars! I eat them for breakfast & snacks & a lot of times keep one in my purse in case I need something on the go. I enjoy them, guilt free, because of the quality, healthy ingredients they're made from. I buy these bars box after box from Thrive, making sure I always have a supply on hand. All I have to say is YUM! Thank you Primal Kitchen & thank you Thrive Market!

- Jennifer

not what I thought they would be

I was a bit disappointed in these, very sticky and messy to eat, almost like they had been melted. I expected more of something covered in dark chocolate

- Tami

Not good

Too hard to chew, not at all like a dark chocolate taste. I have 11 left and don't know what to do with them. Sorry.

- Vincent

Great ingredients ruined by awful flavor

So I'm not sure what went wrong here. The ingredients are great--and I've seen them in other successful products. But these are kinda gross. The flavor is off and it gave me some digestive problems (probably the ooligosaccharides).

With chocolate, almonds, honey, salt, and coconut, I don't know why it doesn't taste good. Too bad. I was hoping for a new go-to bar for when I'm in a hurry and need a pick-me-up.

- Abigail


Probably nutritious, but totally mislabeled. Despite the ingredient list, this is not a "Chocolate Bar."

- Fred

Updating my review

My last review said they're perfect, and that I would love a chocolate-free version, too. I emailed the same comment to Primal Kitchen, and was informed that it's coming soon, and that Thrive Market will be selling it. It's very exciting that Mark of Mark's Daily Apple is providing top quality primal food! Primal Kitchen and Epic are the best, imho.

- Vimala

Really good, crunchy, filling but....

Really good, crunchy, filling, but stuck to wrapper. Is that normal or did they just get warm/melty in transit? Simply because of that, debating on ordering again now, since it's supposed to be over 100 degrees the next few days!

- Alice Croco

Not at all what I expected

These energy bars taste ... vaguely... chocolatey. They're not very sweet, which I do like. The gummy, chewy texture was a little... weird... I liked the almonds in it. The description and packaging implies more of a "candy bar" type concept, though, and there's nothing remotely "candy bar"-like about these. I would put them more along the lines of a protein bar or energy bar. So if that's what you're looking for, go for it. If you're looking for something to satisfy your chocolate craving... well... I, personal, will look elsewhere.

- Ruth


These bars are great. Not too sweet, so I don't instantly crave a second one. And they are filling -- keep me going for hours. I normally don't buy bars because they all have too much sugar, so I appreciate that these only have 3g sugar. They are my new go-to bar!

- Megan

Good, but not great.

I will eagerly finish this box, they are quite good if you like healthy semi-sweet snacks. My only complaint is that the nougat/caramel inside sticks to your teeth so hard, the tooth-brushing may take a bit longer. Great product, good overall experience.

- Terrence

Does not taste good

Not sure why these are so bad tasting. Not to mention the fact that they are super hard to chew and stick to your teeth.

- Lauren

Stop looking for paleo bars now

These are all you will ever need! Delicious!

- Jessica

They grew on me...

When I tried my first bar, I ate maybe half of it and threw it away. I didn't like the bitter taste. I gave them another try though and they grew on me. I don't mind the taste now and I really like the ingredients. I eat the bar as a pre-workout snack. They are very sticky, as other reviews have mentioned. They stick to the wrapper and your teeth. That would be the main downside but not the end of the world.

- Tante

Not good at all.

The flavor is horrible. They are too sticky and gooey for my liking. I ate them only because they were "healthy" and free. But will not order them again. Thanks for letting me try though.

- Pj


These are the best protein bars I've ever had and they only have 8 net carbs. Dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, coconut oil AND collagen from grass fed cows too? Gluten free, dairy free, soy free--it really doesn't get any better than this. It's a meal.

- LL Stevens


These bars are so good. It's like eating a granola bar, nutty, sweet, but good for you. I love that there's collagen protein in this. When in ketosis, i can eat 2 and still stay in ketosis.

- Sun

Primal Kitchen Bars

Love them. Well crafted. Simple ingredients. When it's summertime hot, I keep them in the fridge and life is grand. Lost 10 pounds by having these as my go to snack or meal.

- Christine

Filling...that's about it.

Does not taste very good and sticks to your teeth....it IS filling so if you're starving and have nothing else in the house...this will do the trick.

- JT

Perfect Primal Chocolate Fix

I love these bars. I follow the Primal Blueprint and these bars fit into my night time snack perfectly!!

- Dorothea

Sweet tooth

Collagen protein, only 8 net carbs and delicious, yes I love these bars.

- Kathi

So good!

We love these bars! The ingredients, the texture, the flavor . All GREAT! a bit pricey but all worth it , wish they came in different flavors.

- Fio

Best bar I've tried so far!

I love how the first thing I taste is not the sugar and all the artificial flavors that other bars carry. I can actually taste all the ingredients in this bar without having the sugar overwhelm my Tastebuds.

- Yolanda

Pretty good, almost keto, paleo bar

With 8g net carbs this is a nice snack to have for a low carb diet. The grass-fed collagen creates an interesting texture, just a nice way to get some almonds into my body!

- Rebecca

An acquired taste for sure!

The taste of these bars is not good at all. I have learned to eat them because I have acquired a taste for them, but they are far from tasty! I bought them for my kids, but they will not eat them - so alas, I have to eat them myself. While they are healthy, the taste is more than peculiar. I wouldn't really recommend them to anyone who likes good tasting food. For people who just care about health, these are perfect, but be prepared not to enjoy the taste!

- Eileen

Love these

these are perfect to keep at my office

- Carla

good and filling

My family loves these bars. They are a perfect breakfast on the go. They are filling, taste great, and are very satisfying. Because they are a bit sticky and chewy, I tend to eat them slowly and enjoy eating them leisurely with a cup of coffee. They fill me up until lunchtime. Love them!

- Rebecca L

very sticky

The flavor on these, and the ingredient list, are wonderful. I have been looking forward to trying them for a while, and I'm glad I did - they're great to have on hand for a quick snack or meal replacement. I have to be honest, though, and say that they are VERY sticky... as in, I was having to work hard to chew them up. As in, having visions of the days I'd eat saltwater taffy or the stickiest gummy candy. I'm not sure if it was the warm weather (keep them in our air conditioned house), but they are work to get through.

- Angela

Expected the name to match the product, not happy

Thought I was buying Chocolate. "Dark chocolate Bar" sounds like it is a chocolate bar, but this is not. It is a gooey nut protein bar with a touch of chocolate hidden inside it. The name is completely misleading, and I feel completely ripped off.

- Connie

Chewy and tough

These are super chewy and tough but have a good flavor and leave me feeling full a long time.

- Jamie

Dark Chocolate Almond Bar

These are healthy, nutritious and delicious. A great go to snack to have with me for those unplanned times when I'm hungry with no time to either make or buy food. I've tried many snack bars, these are my favorites, recommended to me by a nutritionist.

- Leigh

Great concept. Too messy.

Bought several Boxes. Unlikely to buy again.

Love the concept and ingredients but I have never received a box without deformed bars.

Chocolate is typically melted sticks to the wrapping. Very hard to open.

Hope Thrive fixes this problem.

Still, love shopping at Thrive.

- K


These dark chocolate almond bars are amazing! It is hard to eat just one!

- Vicky

Pretty good

I like the macros on these. I love that they have collagen. I enjoy the chewy texture and have no issues with biting into them or sticking to my teeth. They do get messy and melty in the heat, so not great for the beach and I keep them in a cooler bag when I bring them on the road. Not too sweet and not super chocolatey. They are not very filling. A solid snack in a pinch and I will likely reorder.

- Sandra

Great energy

Yes they're chewy but they're also tasty and really make a great breakfast. If they pull a midday meeting at lunch one of these gets me through it. We love them

- Alicyn

Great for "On the Go!"

There are times when it is just hard to stop for lunch or even get to a place that serves lunch or a snack (like being stuck in a car dealership for service all afternoon). Fortunately, I had stuck one of these bars in my purse, and along with a fresh banana, the bar "held" me until dinner.

- Sandy

your dentist will love these....

We'd agree with another reviewer's comment "felt like they're going to pull my teeth out with every bite", (SUPER hard and chewy) and, were it not for the nuts?? This would be entirely inedible. Super strange (bad) aftertaste, (somewhat tangy), and, in short?? N-a-s-t-y.

- Susan

Don't be fooled

I seriously don't understand how there are so many five star reviews on these..... They hurt your teeth to bite into and the sticky texture gets stuck in all your teeth and the almonds crumble all over you as you try to chew your way through it. The ingredients look good but seriously be warned before you spend the money

- Claire

Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond Bar with Grass-Fed Collagen, 12-Pack

My order must have been sitting in a hot delivery truck, because the chocolate almond bars had melted a bit inside the wrapper. I ate them never the less. I'll wait until the cooler months to reorder.

- Byron

Best To-Go Bars on the Market

I absolutely love these! Can't believe the amount of protein these guys. They have become my go-to to-go bars since I tried them months ago. The chocolate also makes you feel like you're getting a special treat. Definitely worth it!

- Sabrina

Primal Dark Chocolate Bar

Bar was very hard to chew and not a lot of taste. Not something I would buy again.

- Sally

Really wanted to like this more

I was very hopeful for these bars to be a new favorite snack, but unfortunately it wasn't the case with these. Too chewy, a bit too much of a protein flavor and the chocolate is more like molasses. They're better refrigerated, but I'd still iffy to buy these again

- Amanda

Dark chocolate almond bar grass fed collagen bars

Excellent flavor, lots of protein the best bar I've had !!!!!

- Nancy

The only snack bar for me

Most snack bars are such a disappointment, and I gave up on them until I came across this wonderful chocolate bar. Imagine, only three grams of sugar with 12 grams of protein and all those other good nutrients. At last I can have my favorite treat of chocolate and almonds with no guilt attached.

- Donna Hubbard

Love these

Wow, these are just about perfect. They supply grass-fed collagen in a great tasting, satisfying bar - kind of like a healthy snickers bar - but just lightly sweetened with honey.

- Maureen

Primal Kitchen's Best Product!

I must say the crew over at Primal Kitchen has really knocked it out of the park with this one. Delicious, nutritious, convenient, (relatively) low-carb, it's got it all!

- Michael

Absolutely delicious

I love these bars!! They're absolutely delicious.

- Rosy

Tastes great, but hard to chew!

These taste great and keep me full, however they are very chewy. If you have TMJ issues like me or teeth problems, be careful! I love the ingredients.

- Katie


I do a lot of exercise and eat a lot of energy bars. I received my pack of Primal Kitchen bars this afternoon. I was hungry and thought I would just nibble on one. I ate half. It was the best bar I have ever eaten! I managed some self control and put it in the freezer for later. 15 minutes later, I ate the second half. Now the challenge will be not finishing the box before my next big adventure!

Thank you Primal Kitchen for making a delicious and incredibly healthy snack bar!

- Beth


My husband snacks on this during his hour long commute home from work. He thinks they're delicious. It is a healthy, convenient, snack for on the go.

- Tiffany

Misses the mark on usability

I really want to like these bars, there aren't many items on the market that are really nutritious but also convenient, but they're just too hard to eat. I've found that the bar sticks to the packaging like crazy, making it difficult to open. On top of that, the chocolate part of the bar sticks to your teeth and is hard to chew, and there are just way too many large nuts to work through. I appreciate that it lasts longer than granola bars, but it's so tough I haven't actually been able to make it through a whole bar at a time. Bummer.

- Jacqueline

Delucious, nutricious !!

I was pleasantly surprised at especially the texture of this chocolate bar. It's chewy and gooey and the seeds etc add just the right texture. It's a delicious, guilt free snack

- Deborah

Dark Chocolate Almond Bar

Only rated 4 star because of individual bar wrapping sticks to the product otherwise 5 star

- John

REALLY difficult to bite

The flavor of these was ok, but they had a really sticky and hard/chewy texture that made them difficult to bite and chew. I would not risk eating them if I had crowns, fillings or the like unless I felt up for an emergency visit to the dentist.

- Tanya

Awesome bars

Healthy for your body great for building collagen and a great snack to have on hand. I seem to not be able to get enough of these so I'm always ordering them. The only downside is there very addictive and a little sticky and be careful you don't get the chocolate color on your clothes. Other than that I would recommend them to be very hypoallergenic and a great source of protein without carbs and sugar! Love these bars!

- Kim

delicious and nutritious

These protein bars are not only phenomenally delicious but they also make me feel great. They do not have sugar or non nutritive sweeteners just the right touch of honey so they are not sickeningly sweet nor do they have that nasty aftertaste of the non nutritive sweeteners... They actually satisfy my hunger and give me energy. The only problem is that they taste so good I have a hard time stopping at one...It has nothing to do with hunger...just plain porkery... :-)

- Terese

Great nutrition, meh on flavor and texture

I was super excited to try these, I'm all for collagen and low sugar in my bar. But its super chewy and not a good chocolate flavor. I'll stick with exo bars.

- Kevin

Hard to Eat

Wow. This is not what I expected from all the reviews. I eat a lot of unusual textures since transitioning to a paleo diet, and don't have a problem with it. These bars are so dense and firm though that they are hard to bite through. They stick to your teeth at first; this does improve as you chew, but the first few bites are rough. They barely have a hint of chocolate flavor. I got these as a free gift, and I love Primal Kitchen's other products. I doubt I will be ordering these though. they have a great nutrient profile and are convenient, so I understand the draw but I'd rather drink some bone broth, put collagen in my smoothie, and then take the nuts, seeds and cocao nibs as a trail mix snack for on the go needs.

- Cassie

Love the ingredients, but it's really hard to bite into!

I love all of the ingredients in this bar, but it's so HARD. It hurts my teeth when I bite into it and it sticks to the roof of my mouth when I chew it.

- Andreea

dark choco almond bar with grass fed collagen

Not a bad taste after getting used to the bitterness of the chocolate but they are so hard to bite into and to chew. I had to cut it into tiny pieces to eat it. Wont be buying them again

- Maria


I love the ingredients and the taste of the product. The reason I did't give 5 stars is the product is so sticky and very difficult to get the wrapper off and then your fingers are all sticky. I'm not sure if it's an issue with the product or if it is due to Thrive Marketing shipping. Perhaps in the warm months it needs some insulated packaging.

- Melodi

I have actually eaten these!

I say I have eaten them because I have read a lot of reviews where I can tell the person did not eat them. These are the only protein bars I will eat due to the extremely low sugar content. They are not sweet at all. The texture is chewy and sticky. They are satisfying - I love these bars and I will keep buying them. I can't find a better price anywhere than on this site. Just try them - they are worth it if you care what goes in your body.

- Donna


I think I am getting addicted to these delicious bars! I'm on my fourth box. Enough said!

- Priscilla

Love these

I absolutely love these bars. Could live on them. They satisfy my sweet tooth without the usual sugar.

- Janet


Pretty much impossible to eat. I couldn't even take one bite because it was like super hard& sticky. If you microwave a marshmallow too long then let it cool, it's similar to that. I got it for free so I guess I shouldn't complain. My 2 yr old& I were pretty disappointed (she tried to eat it even after I told her it was too hard "it don't work!" is what she said to me).

- April

No thanks...

These just aren't that good. As many reviews have pointed out, they are very difficult to chew. I took them on a trip overseas with me thinking they would be a great item to have when I couldn't find something to eat. Well, they were only great if I had a knife to cut them with because they are impossible to bite into and then chew. Perhaps I just got a bad box? The flavor isn't that great either. Pretty bland. Thankfully I received them for free, otherwise I would have been pretty disappointed.

- Jessica

Perfect Bar

I am really glad that Thrive Mkt offers these bars. Perfect for on the go/snack. It's hard to find bars that are low in sugar!

- Milly


Perfect to grab when you run out of time and need food! I won't eat most paleo bars because they have too many ingredients these are simple and tasty.

- Janis


How are there so many five star reviews for this product? These bars are really really bad... and I'm not a picky eater. They're almost impossible to bite into because they're so chewy. They feel like they're going to pull my teeth out with every bite. The flavor is mediocre at best. All of the ingredients sound so good, but it just didn't come together well at all. The "chocolate" (tar) has a weird tangy taste to it, and I'm sure the nuts are good, but I haven't gotten part the second bite without jaw pain.

- Tess

Satsifying But...

They are flavorful and rich and dense but watch out for people with old fillings. I think it could cost you a trip to the dentist

- Alexandria

A great low sugar but tasty protein bar

I love these bars they taste just sweet enough to not be bitter but still very low in sugar. Also love the chewy texture that these things have gives your jaw a workout too!! Most protein paleo bars are heavy on sugar (dates) which last one chew and swallow.

- David

Very Satisfying!

These bars are chewy, but in a great way! So packed full of nuts and flavor, each bite is very satisfying... my favorite protein bar!

- Rebecca


Love this bar, chewy, tasty, lots of protein. Gives me that extra push when I'm on the tennis court or when I'm finishing a run

- Nancy


It was not what I expected the first time I ate it. But it did grow on me and I like it. I eat one every day. Super nutritious, and tasty too!

- Sharon

Another Winner from Primal Kitchen

I first ordered the box of six bars just to try them and within a few days they were gone. Ordered the box of twelve and same thing happened. The list of superior ingredients provides outstanding nutrition. That's the easy part. But making all that nutrition taste so good is what sets this bar waaay apart from the others. These are easy to get hooked on and easy to travel with. Thanks Primal Kitchen.

- Kathy

Great product

Don't get these too warm, they can be quite sticky. Great product well worth the money thanks

- Scott


It's yummy and fills u up, but so healthy too!

- Amy


That is one good chocolate bar
more please

- Debra


I love the ingredients and the fat/carb/protein ratio! I also love that it is not too sweet, it is just sweet enough. My only complaint is the texture/density of the bar. It is hard and chewy like taffy. It gets stuck in my teeth and has hurt my jaw from just taking a bite. I could see this bar being a problem for anyone that has TMJ (me), a crown, bridge or dentures. My recommendation if you buy it is to cut it up into bite size pieces before eating.

- Aimee

Very yummy!

These are really delicious, they are a little sticky so be prepared to brush your teeth after. Very delicious with a cup of the Mushroom Hot Cacao!

- Theresa




Awesome "granola" bars!

I love these. They remind me of granola bars but without the grains. Very satisfying and delicious!

- JiSun

Great Bars

At first the bars seemed too chewy for me, but after a few I started to really like it. Definitely worth the price

- Eric


These bars are the perfect combination of salty and sweet!

- margaret

Great Texture & Taste

The nuts and seed give this bar a chewy texture, along with the dark chocolate. It has a great flavor for being sugar free and no aftertaste.



Everything they claim to be. Taste great - I'm glad they're not too sweet. If I had to quibble, I could use a little less salt, and they are VERY chewy. But I love them - don't hesitate to pick up a box!

- Ron

Primal kitchen dark chocolate bar

Taste is good but too difficult to chew. Not a pleasant eating experience

- Wendy Berloe Buch

Almond bar

Too hard to bite into

- Diane. Peeks

These are awesome.

I love these chocolate bars. They are so packed with great nutrition I believe I should eat them every day. I'm happy to do that.

- Linda


Just a little hard to chew but do not mind that because this protein bars make my tummy very happy!

- Luz

Good Value for Low Sugar

Love these Paleo-friendly bars. They're much lower sugar and somewhat cheaper than most of the options I choose between.

- Renee


Chewy, chocolaty goodness with just a hint of sweetness. YUM!!

- Daina


So happy I have finally found a protein bar that is made purely of healthy, paleo ingredients without a ton of sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is chewy and hard to bite..but as others have noted, it makes you take smaller bites, and chew thoroughly. I'm a chocoholic and found the taste pleasing and loved the nuts! I only use bars as an emergency food source, and now I have finally found one to stock up on! Love It!!

- dnmlee

Worth it.

These are spending but worth it. For those of us with the Paleo palate they are a true treat and stick to the ribs. For people looking for a candy bar experience, this will not do the job.

- Sue

Love these things!

These bars are the most nutritious and best I have tasted. I use them sometimes for a meal replacement, sometimes for a snack. Imagine getting a chocolate/almond fix with something that is so good for you! Ordering a couple more boxes soon.

- Priscilla Welles

Really Good

These bars are really good! They can be a bit sticky but that is actually better because then I can't gobble them down so fast. It is really like eating a candy bar which I haven't done for years!

- Alice


Finally, a delicious, not too sweet, grain free bar! I love these. Good dark chocolate flavor and a hint of Himalayan sea salt. Very satisfying. Thank you Primal Kitchen.

- Ingrid Jonas


The taste is satisfactory enough, but they are seriously hard.... Hard to break off a piece of without breaking a tooth and then they stick to my teeth! I'm sorry but I won't be reordering these.

- PKDonohue

Yummy nourishment/Not easy to chew

I will be ordering these again! A little tough biting into, but the stickiness doesn't last on my teeth and the bar is quite satisfying. I like that these offer the benefits of a protein bar without the extra sweetness and just the right amount of salt.

- Linnea

Pretty good

The more I've eaten the more they've grown on me. They are very convenient and I like them better than other bars. They do have an odd flavor and not enough chocolate flavor for my taste.

- Paulette

Dark Chocolate Almond Bar

The paleo bars are very good. They are not sweet and they are very satisfying. Its a handy thing to carry around with you when you need a mid-day snack. I will order again.

- Kathleen

Paleo Foodie

DO NOT BUY!! Hard as a rock and terrible flavor

- Sarah


Was impressed by the balanced level of energy this bar provided while at my work..great power snack..no sugar caffeine spike like some other sweet bars..(also liking the chewy part..it makes one to slow down and chew well:)

- HolyStrawberry

Best Healthy bar

This is the best health bar I had ever. Less sugar and makes me full

- Easwara

my go to energy bar

perfectly formulated, and it works when u need the energy. low carb and high fat. I use it for skiing 35k vert in a 6 hr day or 4k vert climbing back country skiing or half day mountain biking. plenty of power and energy from this bar. a bit hard on the teeth in the winter, needs to be warmed in your pocket. perfect chewiness in the summer. love it.

- glisse

Bite Size?

These would be awesome if they were made within each package (bar) to be bite size pieces to make them easier to eat. Due to what they are made of...delicious yet difficult to chew off the bar, it would be more pleasing in pieces! YUM!!!

- Kathleen

Dark chocolate almond protein bar

These bars are very tasty and provide a clean energy boost (low glycemic index, good fiber source). Great for chocolate lovers!

- Gary

Very satisfying

The bars are very chewy but I like that because it forces me to slow down when I eat. They taste good and keep me full. The added bonus is that they are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and low in sugar.

- Stephanie


A very clean product, not overly sweet & tastes great! Wish there were more favors.

- Lauren

Primal Alternative

Superb ingredients, chewy, and good enough to please the primal palate.

- Paul

Too Sticky!

REALLY wanted to like these - but ended up in the dentists' chair after it pulled out a crown! Sadly, I had to trash the remaining bars.

- Natalie

Hard to Eat

Very tasty, but I don't feel comfortable biting into these with my front teeth. I have to cut them up and chew with my molars. I will keep ordering them though.

- Michelle

Dark chocolate Almond Bar with Grass fed collagen

Oh........my......how shall I start? These bars are perfect in every way! Chewy, crunchy, chocolatey, with a hint for fruitiness. With an all-star ingredient list. Imagine, protein bars with no soy, whey, or legume proteins. I had bought these for my 17 year old son to take on a trip to France with his class, along with a bag of beef jerky. Other protein bars were to horrible to consider. So happy to have found these. Pure decadent goodness. Thank you Primal Kitchen for this amazing bar. We have to use these bars with constraint though, at $27.00 a box, they are like secret little treasures; only to be used as an emergency protein source when out and about all day. Otherwise we would eat them like cookies!

- Jeanne

Primal bars are fantastic!

Yes, they are chewy, which I like. Eat slowly with small bites. Love that they are so low in sugar. Hard to find a bar with less than 18 gms. sugar. And, they are surprisingly filling.

- Liz

Primal Kitchen Chocolate Almond Bar

I really enjoy the pick up these bars provide. They have a substantial amount of protein, do not taste like cardboard and don't have a lot of sugar.
Go for it.

- Paula

Give your jaw muscle a workout

Don't get these if you have dentures. Eating my first bar and I'm hopeful I don't break a tooth!

- Edwin

no flavor too chewy

I LOVE chocolate! This one doesn't taste like chocolate at all. It sticks in my teeth like caramel. Can't eat it.

- Henry

So So

Like chewing on wood, very dry.

- Mark

Definitely would buy again

Great flavor and kept my energy up. Good quick boost without all the usual sugars and carbs.

- Christle

A true paleio bar that works

Not being able to consume any sugars this dark chocolate bar works with no negative reactions. Will recommend this to my patients.

- Dr. Karen Otazo


Love, love, love these bars. They don't taste like chocolate at all, but they are sooooo delicious. There is nothing not to like, you are getting collagen and almonds, and a guilty indulgence that is completely healthy and so good for you.

- Jo-Anne

Suck on it first

They are delicious, but difficult to eat. I'd liken it to eating a very thick caramel apple. But the trick to not damaging your teeth or struggling to chew is to suck on the bar until the exterior coating wears down before taking a bite. Then the chocolate/almond mixture is much easier to chew. I got them as a free gift, and ate them as meal substitutes when I was on the go. They're delicious and though they seem expensive, it's only $2.25 plus tax per bar and that seems reasonable, especially since the protein content is really filling and the collagen is supposed to be very beneficial.

- Katie

My son will eat these and guess what? they're good for him!!

I have long looked for a good paleo bar with excellent nutrition. These fit the bill. My son has tried many but these he absolutely loves. The collagen boost is icing on the cake (grain free!) :)
He is getting great nutrition with good protein. He said he feels like he gets to eat a candy bar every day with no nasty side effects. Very good bar.

- Susan

Great bar but...

Great tasting bar. I usually eat one before my sprints or workouts and feel great! The only reason I have it 4 stars is because of the texture. It's very thick and chewy, some pieces get stuck in my front teeth when I bite into it. Love the ingredients and the fact that it only has 3g of sugar. I love primal kitchen products!

- Rafael

Go to Snack

These are my primal diet go to snack after dinner!! Love the !!

- Dorothea

Amazing bars

I love these. They're chewy and filling. I'm back to order another box

- Sherry


Very good and healthy!

- Amy

DCC Bars Are Amazing

Awesome snack that taste delicious!

- Shael


Theses are great tasting and very satisfying for the times when you need something to satisfy a sweet craving but want to be on a paleo plan. The collagen is an extra nutrition boost and the ingredients are all so wholesome! Thanks Mark Sisson for creating a superb product!

- Marcia

Best "on the go" Snack Bar

Best snack bar I've had as far as ingredients go. Very happy with the ingredients and nutritional value. Hard to find a naturally low carb bar. This is excellent. The chewy texture is great. A bit gets stuck in your teeth, but nuts usually do anyway. Highly recommend for any paleo or low carbers out there. Makes for a great on the go snack or dessert treat.

- ElToro

Too chewy

I buy snack bars like this so I can eat them at work quickly because I don't get a break. I can't take this one to work because, while it tastes fine, its very chewy and sticks to my teeth. I work in customer service and I can't have food stuck to my teeth when a customer arrives or the phone rings.

- Brigette

One word - delicious!

I recently tried and became an instant fan of these bars. What's not to love? The ingredients are premium and I love the taste and texture!

- Debbie

LOVE them!!!

I really do love these bars. They are filling, they keep me satisfied. They are chewy but I like that, it takes a little longer for you to chew your food. They are a really good thing to carry in your purse for when you're out shopping and don't want to eat fast food. I will definitely be buying them again!!!!

- Michelle


I love how many good things I discover on Thrive. This is a new fave, very low sugar (3g?), tastes fantastic.

- Malia

I didn't expect to like these but I love them!

They just didn't sound like they'd be very tasty but they were a free gift with my order. They are very chewy and low sugar but I absolutely love them! Hopefully the collagen is beneficial.


Super tacky/chewy

I wanted to love these, I really did. I love the ingredients, the nutritional breakdown and the taste. However, the texture is tough. Like literally tough and tacky. They're too hard to give my younger children and borderline for me. I don't regret buying this box to try them out but sadly I don't think I can over come the texture to buy them again. If you have strong teeth go for it, if you're at all sensitive I'd find another bar.

- Erin

Five star nutrition but product is tough to chew and clings to teeth.

Love the nutritional content of this bar and the taste isn't bad either ...but it is over the top chewy and the nougat clings horribly to your teeth....which is a nightmare when you're on the fly without a toothbrush and dental floss in tow...

- Ann

Pretty Good!

These are tasty and do satisfy that craving for chocolate. They are really chewy however, like a caramel, and we cut them up prior to eating. My husband and I both have crowns and he has veneers and you might not want to sink your front teeth into these if you have the same situation. Also, cutting them into pieces helps with portion control because I could easily eat a whole bar!

- Lauren


Surprisingly tasty and nutritionally sound. Thrilled that my family discover these.

- Dr. B

These won me!

I don't normally buy bars of any sort because they're mostly sugar usually and never keep me full. These are low in sugar and actually work really well as a meal replacement or between meals! Despite what some people are saying about the texture, I love it! Lara bars last all of 10 seconds with me...I like that it takes me a minute or two to eat these. The texture is not hard to chew, it just needs to be savored. I will be buying these again!

- Julia

Chocolate Fix

These are a great chocolate fix, but a bit challenging to chew with all the nuts.

- Deanna

Perfect bars

These are the perfect bars for me. They are filling, I enjoy the flavour and I know I'm getting the nutrients I need when I'm in a pinch and need to eat a bar. I like that they are chewy, it takes more time to eat them and leaves me full and satisfied for a long time. I'm definitely a fan (and am hiding these to keep them for myself - mama's bars!).

- Misha


I really like these. They ARE chewy...but I like that. And they are filling. I like to eat them about 30 minutes before crossfit and it gives me a boost in energy it seems.

- Jeff Nemmers

tasty + chewy

delicious but a tough bar to chew

- Lewis

Hard to chew

Taste was not bad, but it was very hard to chew. Will not buy again for that reason.

- Abby


I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE these bars!!!!! OFF the charts good!!!

- Wendy


I love the chew, I love everything about it. I hope Primal Kitchen creates more flavors for these collagen + IMO bars--they're genius!

- Emma

Great Idea, Little Taste, Hard To Chew

Let me by start by say that I love the idea. This was a very unique bar and I appreciate the ingredients and nutritional content. With that said, it has little taste. I can deal with that to a degree but it is the truth. The biggest issue I have is that it is hard to chew. You try take a bite and you realize that you have to really dig in and there is no such thing as just breaking it off. It needs some reworking but I think it might be the start of something great in the industry. I am actually thinking about making something similar to see if I can work on the issues myself for my personal consumption. I'll eat them but I'll be adding coconut oil so they will digest properly and I hope the CO will break up the bar a little.


Delicious & nutritious

Great macro profile, good source of collagen, not too sweet, and pretty darn tasty. Also, a great price for the nutrition and convenience.

They are a little chewy, which some people have complained about but I have no concerns whatsoever that they'll damage my teeth/dental work, however, if you have braces (as does my daughter) these are not for you.

- David

Rough on your Teeth :/

While I enjoy the taste of these bars, and the clean nature of the ingredients, the bars are exceedingly touch and hard to chew. I actually am having anxiety eating them for fear theyre going to damage my teeth. Unless they modify the formula so its a little easier on the chompers, I wont be buying these again. Which is a shame, because I LOVE the idea of getting my collagen and chocolate on the go!

- Kelly


I'm always a little weary of trying new protein/snack bars, but I have to say, these were amazing! They have now risen to the top of my list for a quick in-between meal snack. Here's why I love them the most: flavor, paleo-friendly, and low sugar.

- Rick

Great paleo bar

This bar hits all the markers for Paleo goodness. And the taste and chewiness are good too. But, the best part is the inclusion of collagen, so important to many body systems. And, collagen/glycine will give you a great night's sleep. What's not to like??

- Ingrid


This bar taste so amazing. I can't believe it has only 3 grams of sugar. I can taste the dark chocolate, the almonds and a touch of caramel. This is my go to bar.

- David

Good chewy bars

I like 'em. They are chewy, slightly sweet, more caramel-y than chocolatey. Full of nuts. Believe the recipe has changed to make them less hard. The first box I ordered was good but the bars definitely gave your jaw a workout. Second box is noticeably softer and stickier. Same taste though. These are expensive so I usually halve a bar as an "after lunch treat" to beat back the craving for dessert. Hits the spot.

- Sarah B

Decent bars

These bars are decent in a pinch, but I much prefer Biohacker Bars to these. Biohacker Bars have a more pleasing texture and flavor, more fiber, and fewer net carbs.

- Marie

Tasty and actually nutritious ;)

If you like chocolate this is probably the best bar you can get that's not chocked full of sugar and other non essentials.
The first bars I had (about two were super chewy). The ones after that were fine but also just so you know Primal Kitchen have updated their recipe so you shouldn't have the same problems now.

- Mathew

Awesome for your sweet tooth!

I am new to the primal lifestyle and sooo needed a sweet treat at the end of the day. These definitely satisfy the chocolate craving. They are very chewy but then they take longer to eat and help me slow down and really enjoy the flavors.

- Irene


Look... these bars are definitely chewy, and they don't taste like your average name-brand protein (candy) bar. So don't buy them if you're looking for a treat. 5 stars because I've never seen such a high quality list of ingredients, nor incredibly balanced macro profile, in a packaged health food product. This is what a snack should be!

- B

Not greasy very tasty

Some fatty bars have a greasy touch. Not this bar. It tastes great and has very little carbohydrates. This is a chewy winner.

- Edward Stark

Love the chewy texture

Flavor is great, not too sweet, crunchy almonds and the chew fills my desire to 'chew'. It slows down my habit of eating too fast also.

- Karla

Impossible to Chew

Here I am buying a second box because my husband doesn't mind the tough chewing...he said it slows him down. I really don't think it's good for our teeth to be chewing something so tough! Hopefully they can modify the formula a bit to soften it up. Very mild taste by the way...just a snack for the sake of being a healthy snack.

- Mr. & Mrs. Eric

Awesome bar

One a day a must! If you are a dark chocolate lover this bar is amazing. A lot of different flavors come through the dark chocolate like sweet hints of coconut and nice crunch of almonds. Can't get enough!

- Martha

Hard to chew

The Taste of these bars was fine but they were hard to chew. I'm not sure whether this was an isolated incident or not.

- Jason

The Struggle is Real

I'm with Gregory on this one. Ok so the ingredients are great, but what does it matter when consuming them is such a struggle? My jaw literally aches with the strain of every bite. Flavor isn't bad, but nothing special either.

- Dana

100% Satisfied

I love Primal Kitchen mayonnaise, so I was very excited to try these bars. I was not disappointed! These taste good and are the perfect fulfilling snack for when you need something quick on the go.

- Kelly

Amazing !!!!!

I am absolutely addicted !!!

- Diane


Great ingredients and quality for the price, but the taste and texture were both just okay. A little sticky and an odd hint of sweetness with chocolate.

- Pseudo


What a refreshingly different taste for a protein bar. I love that the sweetness is VERY mild. The texture is great, though I wouldn't try these if you have any loose fillings! :P Yummmm!

- Allie


I was fortunate enough to get in on the initial order... they are as wonderful as they seem. Tasty, a little sweet, they have a year expire date so you can stock up! Only 8 net carbs...( total carbs - fiber = net carbs) you simpy cant beat it! Filling too. A great on the go snack or treat.

- Christa

Tasty but chewy

I really really like the nutritional profile of these bars, and the taste is great saltly and slightly sweet. However, they are CRAZY chewy. Like, don't eat these if you have braces, dental work or dentures chewy.

- Katie

Holy cow, is this for real?

Just got my box in today (thanks for the super fast and free shipping Thrive!), and ohmygoshareyouserious? Mark Sisson has totally outdone himself with these bars. The smell, taste and texture is that of a rich, decadent, chewy candy bar. Seriously. I had to have a second one just to confirm my thoughts about the first bar I had just eaten. You know, just to make sure. Primal Kitchen is going to have a tough time keeping up with the demand for these babies, that's for sure. Get yours as soon as you can and count yourself lucky! Dang it, I should have ordered 2 boxes when I had the chance ... :-(

- Brenda


A lot of paleo-friendly bars have a ton of natural sugars in them. I love these bars because they're just lightly sweet. They're also nice and crunchy and satisfy that need for a treat.

- Janee

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