Dark Chocolate Almond Bar with Grass-Fed Collagen, 6-Pack

Six 1.7 oz Bars

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Six 1.7 oz Bars

Why You’ll Love It

From the creator of the world's tastiest Avocado Oil Mayo comes Primal Kitchen's new, exclusive dark chocolate almond bar made with grass-fed collagen. Packed with a whopping 15 grams of protein, only 3 grams of sugar and 8 grams net carbs, and big, irresistible taste, this paleo-approved bar is destined to become a pre- or post-workout classic. Ingredients include almonds, pumpkin seeds, grass-fed collagen, coconut flakes, cocoa powder and nibs, and Himalayan pink salt.
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About This Brand

What is Primal Kitchen Primal Kitchen is the latest project by Mark Sisson, one of the founders of the Paleo movement as well as the author of the bestselling book, “The Primal Blueprint.” The company makes an assortment of Paleo diet health foods, ranging from coconut-based protein shakes to avocado oil infused mayonnaise. To put it simply, Primal Kitchen is on a mission to create excellent food made with nutritious ingredients that are oh-so tasty. Who is Mark Sisson Mark Sisson is the founder of Primal Kitchen and is widely recognized for his work within the Paleo community. But even those things paint an incomplete picture of the man—let's start from the beginning. Raised in a fishing town in Maine, Mark Sisson fell down the rabbit hole of nutrition and athletics at an extremely early age. He lived about a mile and half away from the school he attended and one day developed a game. Instead of riding the bus home, he’d run and try to beat the bus. Little did Sisson...
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Almonds, pumpkin seeds, grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen, isomaltooligosaccharide (cassava root), water, coconut flakes, honey, natural flavors, coconut oil, bitter chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, Himalayan pink salt, monk fruit extract, tocopherols

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1 bar (48g) Servings Per Container 12

Amount Per Serving

Calories 230 Calories from Fat 140

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 15g 23%
Saturated Fat 4g 20%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 70mg 3%
Total Carbohydrate 14g 5%
Dietary Fiber 6g 25%
Sugars 3g
Protein 15g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 8%

Reviews For Dark Chocolate Almond Bar with Grass-Fed Collagen, 6-Pack

Based on 169 Reviews

Good Tasting Product!

I like the Dark Chocolate Almond Bar. It takes good. Yes, it's a little chewy, but it tastes like real food! I like eating real food as a snack and not worrying about what's in a snack bar. I'd recommend these bars to friends.

- Jean De Muzio

Healthy but taste horrible

How can something with chocolate be so tasteless and pleasure-free? I was excited to try these because I am basically Primal and I love the ingredients, but they are so gummy and tasteless as to be nearly gag-inducing. Will never order again. There are more enjoyable ways to get protein, and more delicious while still healthy bars to carry if I need a portable snack.

- Thrive User

Nice to have on hand for a snack

Okay, yes, it is quite chewy but if you hold the bite in your mouth for a couple of seconds it softens up nicely. I really like the taste of these bars. And they are healthy too, it's a win-win.

- Dee Hatcher

Post-workout Snack!

I love these bars! They are super healthy compared to most chocolate bars, and not to mention, they contain tons of protein--which makes it perfect for my post-workout snack. Plus, I eat them just for fun too without the guilt. The consistency is not like a chocolate bar at all but once you get past that, its pretty amazing.

- Destini

Clean but CHEWY

These were a free gift from Thrive. I was really excited to try them but they weren't what I was expecting. They definitely taste like a protein bar, not a chocolate bar. They're packed with big pieces of nuts and whole seeds and the chocolate part is very, very chewy and sticky. It is almost hard for me to eat an entire bar because of it. My 3 year old can't eat them unless I cut it into bites because the nut pieces are too big and the chocolate too chewy.
They have great ingredients though and the nutrient profile is great! For a protein bar they taste about average but they're so clean they're worth it!

- Jillian

Excellent product

Such a great bar to always have stocked in the pantry

- Debra Nolen

Awesome - thanks Mark!

Loved it, so dense and chewy, a very satisfying protein / sweet tooth snack while not sugary and barely sweet. The bar delivers to the promise without a ton of sugar of the "commercial" protein bars. Thanks Mark Sission!

- Anastasia

Love them!

I have liked these from the first. They are SUPER chewy which I really like and it makes them satisfying as a snack. The chocolate flavor is dark, but not strong, more like it lurks in there waiting for you to find it. They are just barely sweet.

- Karla

Amazing idea!

I love the idea of this product, and it tastes good (of course, it's chocolate) but it is very hard to chew and bite, I wish it were a bit softer.

- Hailey Rode

Chocolate but not too sweet

If your looking for something super sweet this is not your thing. If your looking for a satisfying chocolate treat this is it. Best part---very healthy

- Darla

Dense, chocolate, delicious

These are fantastic. I do not have a sweet tooth and do best on a low carb way of eating. I was thrilled to get to try these Paleo bars. If you have braces, teeth, or jaw issues know that these are very dense and chewy. I eat half of one a day and it satisfies me between meals. Definitely will be ordering again!

- Kendra


These bars are delicious and very satisfying. The chocolate is not overpower and the nuts are plenty. The only thing I caution is that they are hard to chew. So if you have any teeth or jaw issues you may want to stay away.

- Robin


Not too sweet, an amazing breakfast bar (: Healthy and so good.

- Anna

These things are amazing!

They are so calorie dense they satiate you for hours. To get 15 grams of protein in one small bar is awesome. The taste is pretty good, if a little too dense and chewy. I do recommend them and will buy them again.

- Maddy

Great bar

I was hesitant to try these because of some bad reviews but I am so glad I did. I love these bars! I eat one immediately following my workouts and can literally tell a difference in my energy levels afterwards. Understand that these are not a candy bar. They do not taste or feel like something you pick up in a checkout line. However, I have tried MANY protein bars that I could never bring myself to try again because of the tastes but these taste really good for what they are. I also feel better about the ingredients than most other bars. The texture is chewy but still very good. Give them a try!

- Jennifer

Great Snack

These are a great snack if you have a chocolate craving. A little on the chewy side, but overall pretty good.

- April

will try

just wanted to share a thought about the stick-to-the-wrapper problem in summer. You can throw something like that in the freezer for a short time until they are a bit hard on the edges and that might be a solution. I am anxious to give them a try they sound like a healthy treat. I thank everyone for their review they are so helpful.

- carol

Good Eats!

Yummy, not too sweet, packed with great nutrition and just what I was looking for. The customer service at Thrive is outstanding. First product arrived damaged, replaced it immediately with undamaged product without me even asking. Superior customer service and good eats!

- Jimi

totally delish!

I love the way these bars taste. Love their texture too. Super chewy and sticky and healthy. Love that they are not too sweet. Neither of my sons (16 and 7) cared for them. Oh well, more for me! I would order more without hesitating but they are a little pricey which is why I give them a 4.

- Erin

Suprisingly yummy

I really enjoyed these despite the numerous negative reviews I read online. Though it is really sticky and I had to eat some of it directly off the wrapper, that wouldn't stop me from ordering again!!

- Kaley Sechman

Good for on the go protein!

These are chewy, which I like. Enjoy when in a rush but need nutrition. Fantastic protein & fiber. Even better when they are a free gift!

- Mary Rodewald

Best Bar

This is the best bar I have! This was my third order and for sure will be ordering agan, they are awesome.

- Gigi

Love these!

I received these as a freebie with my purchase, but I was pleasantly surprised to find them to be actually quite awesome! They are not overly sweet but they totally hit the spot, and obviously the macros are WAY better than mot other snack bars/protein bars. My boyfriend didn't care for them, but that just means I get to keep them all to myself! :) I will definitely reorder some!

- Rebecca

Not my favorite

These are alright paleo bars, but they are super chewy and not very sweet. I like that they don't have a lot of sugar, but they aren't something you are dying to eat when you are hungry. Also, they are so sticky like caramel, they can't be good for your teeth. I have a few left, not really looking forward to eating them. They are better than a lot of the other bars on the market, since they range from 9g+ of sugar for just one bar. If I am feeling super healthy, I'd grab one of these.

- Eliza

chewy, not too sweet

I have no idea what "grass-fed collagen" is, but my husband ad I both really enjoy these bars. Very chewy and satisfying. Just a little sweetness, nice crunch from almonds, and a taste of choc.

- Allison


The best bar I have found that satisfies my need for a little chocolate flavor and has healthy ingredients. I have an extremely limited diet, so this bar does the trick. Other reviewers are right -- it is very hard to get out of the wrapper, so don't plan to eat it unless you can wash your hands off right away, and it is expensive. I don't/can't eat that many so I'm willing to pay for just a little bit of heaven.

- Sue

Good flavor but

The texture is off putting. Gooey and sticks to your teeth like caramel. If you don't mind the texture they're great

- Ta


I have to say this is my favorite healthy bar! It tastes great and has a wonderful texture. It is very filling for a snack. It is a bit pricey but worth it. Has many great nutrients also.


Tasty, nutritious, but.....

Tasty and nutritious ...but....not easy to get out of the wrapper (too sticky) and not good for eating with partial false teeth....(Whoops....there they go again!!)

- Mitchell

YUM! Work for me!

I have read the other reviews and feel compelled to write one of my own. I love these bars! They sure taste like chocolate to me! Just not too sweet. But not like cacao nibs which are far too bitter for my taste. I agree that they are very hard to bite into but that doesn't slow me down much! The box I received was free with my order. I would like to purchase more but find them a bit out of reach. I think $2 per bar is more than enough to pay.

- NE Mom

A Healthy Snack

I was initially pretty disappointed because I was expecting something like a Dove dark chocolate bar with almonds. But after reading the nutritional levels I give it a high rating for the health value -- a good amount of protein, fat and fiber, and fairly low carb. The taste and texture are not what I would eat for pure enjoyment, but not actually bad now that I know what to expect. I will probably keep them at the office to provide a healthy snack when I'm hungry but it's not time to eat a meal. I think just a couple bites would be healthy and filling, and help curb between-meal hunger or cravings. If they work like I'm hoping, I would order more.

- kathleen

received a box of 6 for free with order

Not really what is thought to be a chocolate bar. More like a taffy bar with lots of almonds. I think the flavor is more like carob (which I like). Not easy to eat, but very filling. May actually buy a box when I've finished this free one. Not for everyone, but I liked them.

- mary

subtle taste and tough to eat

These granola bars are not like others in the store. These are super tough to pull apart with your teeth and eat. Not recommended for people with braces!! There is a subtle coconut taste to them which helps a lot. Good for someone who needs a energy/protein fix but don't try and be in a hurry to eat them because it takes time.

- Jamie

Great Product

Great product, great taste. Chewy with a hint of chocolate flavor.

- Ben


These bars are very chewy, like biting into taffy. I was expecting something more like a granola or chocolate bar. We are not eager to finish off the box.

- Cathie


Its difficult to find bars with the macros I want and these were perfect. The right amount of fat, protein, and calories. They had a mild chocolate flavor and the consistency was chewy. If they arrive hard, I think it's because they're cold. Mine came on a warm day and were soft and chewy. I'd order these again.

- Jennifer

Misleading - but tasty - will order again

The dark chocolate left me expecting chocolate taste. There is nothing chocolaty about it. However, it is absolutely amazing. VERY chewy - so if you are not a fan of chewy things, pass. I loved the nuts in it - and thought the flavors worked really well. Will be getting this again!

- ania


These bars are tasty but I was not prepared for the amount of dates that hold the almonds together with just a light covering of chocolate. With the name Dark Chocolate first, i assumed they were more chocolate than anything else. I was wrong. Not sure the chocolate taste was all that strong. I will not order them again.

- Linda - YMCA retiree


My 16-yr-old son wants more of these. We got them free with our first order- thank you!- and I didn't even get to try one. Price is out of our range, unfortunately.

- Regina

Dark Chocolate Almond Bar

I received these bars as a free item for joining.
The bars have an unusual taste and I loved them. I'm a dark chocolate fan. The bars definitely gave another meaning to dark chocolate.

- Bridget

Sticky, hard bars

The bars were stuck to the paper and were as hard as a rock to bite into. Otherwise they were tasty and I was pleased because the were good for me.

- Sharon


I was expecting a bit more of a true dark chocolate flavor. I did not care for this bitter, chewy taste at all.

- Lois

Good but Gooey

Very tasty with a good lineup of healthy ingredients and low in sugar. However, mine were a bit melted in shipping and the bars stuck to the wrapper and were very messy to eat. (Thrive customer service was excellent in compensating me with a gift code.) My suggestion to Thrive is to pack this product in ice for shipping during summer months, like they do with some chocolate bars and other prone-to-melt products.

- Robert


These bars are VERY sticky, hard to open and the flavor is bitter. I would rather make my own paleo bar and bone broth.


Too hard to eat

I'm not sure if it was a shipping problem - maybe these melted during shipping - but they are stuck to the wrappers and extremely difficult to eat. SO hard that I have a difficult time taking a bite off of the bar. Tried breaking it into pieces but I'm worried I'm going to break a tooth. Good flavor and good ingredients - but impossible to eat.

- Sheila

Difficult to eat, but good

These are great for you, probably the healthiest bar. With that being said, they are very difficult to eat. It is very chewy and it feels like I might hurt my teeth. I feel good eating them and they taste good though.

- Mindy


Though very sticky, these bars are delicious and I appreciate that they don't taste too sugary with the added health benefit of grass-fed collagen.

- Katie


I received the Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond Bars, 6-pack and I'm not sure but I think they have melted. They are not in bar form but more like a melted blob. They are difficult to remove from the wrapper. They do taste good.

- Gonzo337

a seasonal order

very tasty & i like the numbers. i probably won't order in the summer again- i think they melted in shipping & were very difficult to unwrap. i'll have to stock up on these in the cooler weather!

- maryann

Just gross...

These things were inedible and I threw them out after trying to eat the first one. They were like hard, extra sticky Tootsie Rolls with nuts. I feared for my teeth. Bad buy.

- Shelley


Everything about it is perfect, but for those of us who need to avoid l-arginine, I'd love to have a non-chocolate version. That would definitely be a daily meal for me.

- Vimala

Great taste, but messy presentation

These bars arrived a sticky mess. Days later at room temperature, these bars were too messy to eat. Refrigeration gave them a solid form. Taste is great, but the mess is not practical--is this due to overheating during shipping or are they like this when purchased from a store?

- Michelle

Very Good!

These are very good, great tasting with little sugar, but a little messy to unwrap and eat.

- Jim Morgan


Great taste, but arrived melted.

- Kristine

Name is Deceiving

This is not a chocolate bar, this is a very small, gooey seed & nut protein bar that has a tiny amount of chocolate in it, an amount so tiny it can not be tasted. To call this a chocolate bar is misleading and deceptive...
As a nutrition bar, it is the smallest I've ever seen, but it is filling and balanced.

- Connie


I tried one first thing this morning with a cup of coffee and was ready to throw the whole box away after that first bite. However, I decided it might be my overly sweetened coffee giving it it's funky taste so I saved the box. I just now ate one for dinner and it tastes much better by itself. It is not overly sweet, kind of a dull chocolate taste. The almonds and coconut inside taste really good, but it is very chewy like other reviewers have mentioned. Overall, not a bad bar especially when you look at the nutritional information, but I would not repurchase.

- Annie

Excellent bars.

Very sticky, but very good.
Tastes good, feels good, right size. Love what's in them, and what is not in them.

- Jhk


This is the first item that I am not able to RAVE about from Thrive Market... The bars were all completely melted when delivered. I put them in the fridge to firm them up, but was disappointed by the chalky/chewy flavor and texture. I can't love EVERYTHING right?? :-)

- Michelle Swanson-Calhoun

Dark Chocolate Almond Bar

I love the taste of this bar and enjoy the fact that it contains grass-fed collagen.

- NancyLou

Sticky and Gross

Paid just $1.95 for shipping and received a box of them for free. Not what I expected. I couldn't even get it out of the package since the mush inside stuck to the wrapper. I took one bite and didn't like it. I threw them all away.

- Shaun

Kind of gross...

Sour and not at all chocolate like. They also have an unpleasantly chewy texture.
Not the worst bar I've ever had, but nothing I would pay money for.

- Adam


this literally tastes like nothing with a gooey texture and the occasional crunch. glad this was a freebie and I didn't waste any money on it.

- Kelsey

Work in progress

My repeat orders for this product come from my steadfast admiration and respect for The Sisson. Flavorwise, this product gets a mediocre rating. That isn't so bad, as I have learned to put flavor in its proper place vis-a-vis total health enhancement value. But this product cannot properly be described as a "bar" as we commonly know bars. It is a very sticky, amorphous product. Much of it will go into the recycling bin rather than your eager paleo gullet, steadfastly clinging to the wrapper. This faithful Primal Blueprint follower will be excited to see the second generation product's release.

- Steve

These are my favorite

These are my favorite bars. The chocolate and the nuts are fresh and are my go to when I feel I need a chocolate snack/treat. I am re-ordering these.

- Rose


Love these! Chew slowly to protect your teeth, but worth it!

- Nancy

Healthy Dark Chocolate Bar?

Very good quality and almost guilt free indulgence!
Only two cautions 1) could be addictive and 2)..maybe wait until the cooler months to order. The bars get sticky from the Texas heat and adhere to packaging.

- Jennifer


Finally! A healthy bar that's really delicious!

- Alicia

Dark chocolate almond bar

My family and I love these bars! I have three kids, 3, 5 and 11 years old, and they love the taste and how chewy these bars are. I will definitely purchase again!

- Eva

Choc Almond Bar

These are very good, but a little messy to unwrap and eat. Maybe this was in the shipping.

- Audrey Faxon

Dark chocolate almond bar

Delish and so little sugar I'm in love!!

- Marie mahan

These were GOOOOOOOD!

My first time trying them and I give them full stars. Just enough sweetness, chew, crunch and taste. Very satisfying but not heavy. It felt packed full of nutrients so a couple of occasions when missing a meal this bar gave me great energy, taste and sustenance without any sugary sweetness.

- suzanne

Tasty bar

A little hard to get used to because of a texture, appearance and taste that is a little unusual. However, I really like it and will order it again. And its nutritional profile is wonderful!

- Edward


Love the taste

- Pat


Ok, but not very tasty.
Very hard to chew due to consistancy.
I won't purchase again.

- Chris

Hello, Tooth Fairy ;)

If you have a kid with a loose baby tooth and you just don't have the heart to tie a string around it and yank it out, just give your kid one of these!
They are pretty tasty. Not at all what I expected, but a sweet almost tangy flavor with almond and a hint of chocolate. A little salty, so I like the flavor! But it's extremely hard to chow down on.

- Jess

Very tasty!

We got a free box with our last Thrive order and we like them! They were a bit melted so they stuck to the wrapper. We couldn't wait until the next day for them to solidify more! It is chewy and sticky but very good tasting! The price seems steep to order again, but I would do so for travel snacks.

- Marci

Deliciousness in a Bar

I have to admit, my first experience with trying these bars was not good. I had received an old package so all the bars where rock hard and almost broke my teeth however Primal Kitchen and Thrive were amazing and made things right and I'm soooo glad they did. These bars are delicious, perfect for on the go snack and most importantly, they're made with clean ingredients. Parts of the dark chocolate may get stuck in your teeth from time to time but it's worth it!

- Chadwick

Love the taste and nutrition - but hard to eat

The quality of these is no doubt incredible and I thought they were going to be the perfect snack bar. The taste was also enjoyable to me. But as others have stated, they are difficult to eat. I had muscle fatigue in my jaw from chewing them, and once I ate one while in the car and was worried someone driving next to me might actually see me and wonder what the heck I was doing. It goes without saying, this should be added to the list of things you should never eat on a first date. But seriously, I'd love these if the chewiness factor could be addressed. I was actually hoping my box was just "bad" until I read other reviews.

- darraugh


I loved them! tastes good but they were chewy.

- Krista

Dark chocolate and almond bars

I really liked them! They had almonds in every bite. I like that they were individually wrapped, easy to take along a trip or hiking.

- Denise

Like the Healthy Ingredients

but these are a lot chewier than I expected and they stick to my teeth which I don't like. Otherwise, they're an OK, healthier, snack option.

- Sara

Don't waste your money

These were very expensive and they are so disgusting no one will eat them. They taste like a combination of soap and the highly processed protein bars I used to eat 10 years ago before incorporating a real food diet.

- Deborah

Like these bars!

I really like these bars except for the texture. I found them to be too hard to chew. They were very difficult to bite into. I will try them again as they melted during shipping and that may have made a difference. Love the ingredients.

- Phyllis

Temperature outdoors makes a difference

Not that it's your fault but the delivery came to NC & the temperature is really warm here so the bars melted. I didn't unpack the box until later in the day & the bars hardened up & then stuck to the foil. It's very difficult to tell if I like them or not because now they're like stiff tootsie rolls. I'm sure they're probly good but I really couldn't tell you for sure!

- Lori

Never Again!

Got these free during their new customer promotion. Hard to unwrap, sticky, extremely hard to chew, and a weird off taste. Overall an unpleasant experience. I am cancelling new membership...

- Alec

Very difficult to chew - my teeth hurt

Although I really like the ingredients in these bars, trying to actually eat them is very difficult. I wouldn't describe them as chewy. I WISH they were chewy - it's more like a thick taffy (but not sweet tasting) that sticks to your teeth. And the almonds inside the bar are huge - too big - which increases the difficulty and frustration. As someone who struggles with hypoglycemia and eats a paleo diet, I'm always looking for snack ideas that will keep my blood sugar stable. I love that these have collagen protein but I wish the texture was more manageable. I like being able to have these on hand when I need them, I just hope primal kitchen comes up with a better version. :(

- Amy

Where's The Candy Bar

I was so looking forward to eating some healthy chocolate bars. But, alas, they are absolutely too hard to chew or bite into. And, I thought at least it would taste good but, there's no sweetness in it. Can I get my money back?

- Frances

Could use more taste!

I usually eat regular dark chocolate with it, I like more sweet!

- Rod

Delicious and filling - not to mention healthy for you!

These have become a staple in our cupboard. They're great for grabbing as we rush out the door with no time for breakfast, and at the same time they fill us with healthy ingredients. Wouldn't be without them!

- Susan

Dry and stale

Maybe I got a bum batch but I find these bars hard, dry and stale tasting.

- Ladyinthehills

Not bad

I was so eager to try this after reading the other comments it's the first thing I opened when my package came. Based on all of the good ingredients, I like the bar but I don't love it. With that said, I'd rather have this on hand with all of its good ingredients than a candy bar any day.

- Sharon

Pretty good

I like the flavor of these bars but they are pretty tough to chew. Still it's nice to find bars that fit my paleo diet.

- Franny

Acquired Taste

I received these for free from Thrive Market and I was excited to try them. My first bite, I wasn't expecting the flavor that I tasted and it put me off. Though the texture is really chewy and the bar is NOT sweet, I found myself eating the whole thing and enjoying it after the initial shock. I looked forward to eating another the next day and started keeping them in my purse for when I'd have to leave the house for long periods of time and didn't want to buy fast food in case I got hungry. It's definitely an acquired taste. Not for sugar addicts.

- Anya

Hard to chew

They are alright tasting but difficult to chew. I won't get them again.

- Patty

Could they be any chewier?

Received these free with my last order and am glad I didn't pay for them. While the flavor is good, their incredibly sticky, chewy texture rendered them inedible for me. They're sticky like taffy. I'd be cautious if you have any dental fillings!

- Pinkachan

Make Sure You Have Dental Insurance if You Eat These

I thought I was going to break a tooth the first time I bit into one of these bars. "Chewy" and "tough" doesn't begin to describe it. The nutrient profile is pretty good, but it takes so much concentration to chew these that I truly cannot discern any real taste. I received these as part of a free promo via Thrive Market and will not be buying any in the future.

- Adrienne

Difficult to unwrap. Hard to chew!

The wrapper sticks to the bar and tears rather then coming off. Once I got it unwrapped, I found that the bar is the consistency of tar. Chewing it is work. The taste is good enough, but it's not worth the effort. (I'm glad mine were a free introductory offer.)

- Ron

Delicious and full of healthy ingredients

I received these as a free gift and I love the texture and taste. I normally won't eat 240 calorie bars, but the carbs are not bad and the ingredients are all good. I will try to use these as a special snack and not eat one every day. We will see how much control I have!

- Mary Jo

Extremely delicious

I received a box of these as a promotional offer for my first purchase, and although I am not required or even agreed to leave a review, I would just like to say that they are VERY satisfying chocolate bars! Most nutrition bars that I have tried over the past twenty years have had either a very odd flavor to them or have been so sweet that they were essentially a candy bar and not a nutrition bar. These bars, however, I would describe as neither a nutrition bar nor a candy bar. They are, however, very healthy and very tasty! The chocolate in them is pure, no doubt. And it has not been loaded with sugar - only 3g of sugar per bar, which is nothing compared to the 20+g in a standard chocolate bar... They have a mild but sweet taste. At 230 calories and 15g total fat (4g saturated fat), you can be sure these are all GOOD calories and fats! The kind that come from nuts (almonds and pumpkin seeds), coconut oil, and pure chocolate!

My only complaint is that at $15 dollars a box, each bar is $2.50... However, when I take a moment to remember that I purchased a nutrition bar for $2.50 a few days ago, and could not finish because of its taste, I find that $2.50 for bars like these is not a bad deal at all! If anything, at least try a box! Best snack bar I've had in awhile!

- William

After Meal Snack

I ate these right after my meal, very chewy i like that and you can't eat in a rush. overall i they're good to snack on . a little fresh but thats the healthy part.

- Wayne

Solid nutrition

I think these taste fine, but I eat virtually no sugar so a little sweetness is enough for me. These are great emergency rations, or good when I want some chocolate I'll eat half at the end of a meal. It's worth noting my kids won't eat these due to the texture, as others have comments. Chewy doesn't quite describe it, but it's good for slowing me down. The only things I'd change, if possible, would be to make the bars a bit softer so the kids would eat them and add a little more protein. But glad for a clean bar option, for sure.

- Alisa

Difficult to Eat

These bars don't have a lot of flavor, but great ingredients, and would be doable if not for the difficulty in trying to take a bite out of them. "Chewy" doesn't quite cut it. Mine were hard as rocks and took significant effort just to take one bite. Once I did, I was afraid I would lose a filling - worse than taffy!

- Rachel

Can not recommend taste or texture.

Did not meet my expectation. Hard, brittle, every bite stuck to my teeth. Taste was blah. Return for refund?

- Janet

Tasty, "Solid" Nutrition

The bar is tasty, with nice bits of coconuts. That being said, it was not quite what I expected - I was looking for something less dense. I would NOT recommend that anyone with front teeth crown/implants/bonding try biting into one of these, especially if the bar is cold. Once warmed and softened, I still would chew more toward the sides of the mouth.

- Mary

Not my favorite

I agree with a lot of the other comments about these bars - they're "too" chewy. I'm not super picky but, these were work to choke down. They didn't taste fantastic either.

- Heather

Too laborious to eat:(

The bars are too hard and sticky to really enjoy. Need to go back to the drawing board on these

- Daniel

The perfect gluten-free protein bar!

It's super hard to find a good protein bar with no gluten, no oats and no peanuts that has a substantial amount of protein in it. This bar fits the bill! Tastes great, 15g protein and non of my allergens!

- Andrea

Amazing bars!!!

I got these bars by accident. I ordered mayo and got these instead.
Sooo chewy,not too sweet, cranchy, too. I just have to have more of it!!!
Oh, no allergic reactions at all, and I am very sensitive to most protein bars.
I never leave comments, but this time I couldn't resist!:)

- Sonata

Delicious & Satisfying

These are the best meal-replacement bars I've tried. Yes, they stick to my teeth a bit, but the chewiness is so satisfying! Just "sweet" enough so I think I'm having a treat... really like the taste.... and they keep me full for hours.

- Gwen

Paleo collagen bars

I love these bars. They have the nutrition I need on my low carb diet as well as being very chewy and satisfying. Unlike overly sweet bars that only make me hungrier than I was before I ate the thing. These satisfy me for up to 3 hours

- Kathleen

Filling and delicious!

I really love these. They have great ingredients and so much protein in comparison to other bars. So great to have in my bag at all times, since I have celiac and am lactose intolerant. They really fill you up!

- Katie

power snack

these are great tasting, the nutritional profile is awesome! Good energy without any extremes.

- kd

Dark chocolate almond bar

Love the chewy bars. Different taste but very enjoyable.

- Rene

Dark Choc. Almond Bars with Grass-Fed Collagen

Tasted goood.

- Linda

Great protein bar!

Yes this bar is chewy but it tastes so good and it's soft enough to not hurt the teeth. I love that the sugar amount is way lower than the protein amount, that's what I personally prefer. I will def get these again!

- gmoneyfunklove

Not perfect , but a great snack overall

I got these when they first came out. They are not super yummy but they are good and yes they are a workout to chew. HOWEVER... to me its worth it for the low carbs and portability of the product. I need something in my bag in case I get caught out and am starving and can't find something "legal" to eat. and I know how hard it has to be to make a great bar with low carbs, protein and good taste. So.... it could use some tweaking, but it does make me full ( really) and that makes the few negatives not as important.

- Christa

Filling but not delicious

I enjoyed the crunch of the almonds but it was like eating toffee,way too chewy and not very flavorful

- Jennifer

Great ingredients, hard on teeth

I was so eager to try this bar, great ingredients, looked delicious. However on the first bite, the hard whole nuts and dense stickiness broke my tooth, resulting in an expensive crown.

- Ann G


Like others have pointed out this bar is really chewy. I ate it the same day I had a dentist appointment and really needed to scrub my teeth.
I do like the flavor though. I think it is a decent replacement for protein bars. This bar is not really sweet. It is a very dark chocolate flavor- more bitter. I liked it though. I do wish they were a little less chewy, but it's not going to stop me from buying them.

- Kelsey

A+ Ingredients but ho hum result

Love the clean ingredients and the macros (LCHF friendly) but so sticky and dense that they are a workout to eat. Flavor is OK but not 'good'. I'm going to continue my search for a good tasting LCHF friendly bar.

- Brady

Not For Everyone

While the ingredients in this bar are wonderfully healthy, the taste is not for everyone. I could only get through two bars before I gave up and donated the rest. They made me feel vaguely nauseous. Just a warning to try one, if possible, before committing to an entire box.

- Julie

Perfect Treat

Now that I eat low sugar, one thing I miss is chewy caramel. These are just sweet enough and chewy, and they keep me full for a long while.

- TrailMom

So hard to eat...

These are very, very chewy. My jaw was tired after eating one. They didn't taste that great either... definitely won't be buying again.

- Hannah

great taste

A bit hard to bite and a sticky consistency, but a wonderful taste. These have become my favorite bars!

- Leslie

Good ingredients but hard on teeth

I love the ingredients of these except I'm not crazy about monk fruit sweetner because it tastes artificial to me. I just won't be buying these again because of how hard and sticky they are. I couldn't give them to my kids and they were always stuck in my teeth forever. Something needs work here.

- Katherine

Pretty good

Pretty good. 82 out of 100.

- Kevin

I can't believe so many people like these

Probably the worst food bar I've ever had. The texture is like hard taffy that I was surprised didn't break my teeth. The flavor really needs work too, with a bitter-salty-sweet taste that is hard to define but somehow unpleasant.

If I hadn't gotten these for free I would ask for a refund! I've considered sending them back just to get rid of them because I hate throwing food out.

Sorry, Primal Kitchen. Try again!


Not for everyone

I'd give them 5 stars for quality ingredients and clean product, but the taste and texture is something else. I realize it's a low carb bar, but the salty/bitter taste from the cocoa and almonds wasn't enjoyable. I'll stick to my homemade protein bars instead.

- Maria


I'm not a huge fan of these. The flavor is okay, not great. It is not sweet, which is great for me because I'm trying to cut out sugar. My issue is the texture. As others have said, it's HARD. I didn't think I would mind because I like chewy things, but it's so tough that it's difficult to eat. I couldn't get through a bar without my teeth feeling like they were being pulled out. That sounds dramatic, but they are seriously tough.

- Courtney

Tough to chew

Delicious and flavorful bars, but sticky and way too tough to chew. No doubt these are super healthy in supporting a Paleo lifestyle, but forewarning, these are awfully tough to eat.

- Cumbia2016

Hard as Rock

I was excited to try these bars and I'm glad I was able to get them free with my order, because they were a huge let down. It doesn't really matter that the ingredients are paleo if the product is barely edible. These bars are so rock hard I am afraid I'm going to break my teeth. The only way to eat it I think would be to chop it up with a very large knife and eat in tiny pieces. The flavor is not bad, but these are just impractical. Not convenient to eat at all. I'm wondering if the batches vary and some of these people who gave it five stars did not have the same experience. I will definitely never pay for this product.

- Kimberly

Delicious but chewy

I love the taste since they are not too sweet. I have to cut them in pieces because they are very chewy. I wish they were made with raw cacao.

- Emma


I bought these for me... in those emergency situations where I needed something quick or post workout. Well... I thought no one in my house would even touch them. Wrong!! I had one and the next thing I knew, they were gone!! Will have to buy the bigger box next time! :)

- Tammy

In LOVE!!!!

When I purchased this I thought it was a few regular chocolate bars. Like the hard chocolate bars you purchase at the store. Well NOT!!!! I got a piece from my husband's bar last night and was in chocolate chewy goodness bliss. This will definitely be a repeat purchase for us.

- Tammy

chocolate bars

I liked the taste of the bars, but it stuck to my teeth so bad I had to brush them, and it's really hard to bite it.

- Marina

Best Bars

I have tried several kinds of bars, from energy, high protein, GAPS friendly, etc. These Primal Kitchen bars are absolutely the best, hands down!

- Rocky

Pretty Good

After having tried their first batch that nearly broke my teeth off, Primal Kitchen did a good job with this one. It's the only "acceptable" snack bar I know of in terms of health and it has a nice flavor.

- Hanna

Amazingly good

Tastes great and very low in sugar. Will definitely buy again!

- Lorrie


Great nutritional density & tastes good. Not the most decadent, but feel great eating it : )

- Ryan


These are so delicious! They are not overly sweet, they have a great chewy texture, and are the perfect snack. I love that they have collagen in them. Tip: get the bigger box!! :)

- Jessica D


These are really good and the ingredients are top-notch. Decent price here at Thrive Market but still pretty spendy, worth it for me to keep these tasty and convenient snacks on hand. Very chewy, more like a molasses chew rather than a protein bar. I cut them up into little bite-sized nuggets and eat them like candy. It's probably better for your teeth to do it that way too.

- Erin


All around great flavor - not to sweet with a clean finish that left no vitaminy or weird after taste that nutrition bars often have. I really enjoyed the chewy texture as well. Felt like I was eating a solid meal that took time to chew. Did not weigh heavily in my stomach before my workout. Can't wait to eat the next one!

- Miriam


All around great flavor and hearty texture.

- Miriam

One of the best

As a holistic physician, I tell my patients to steer clear of processed foods in general. This bar's ingredients are one of the best I've found. I would just like to know the source of the "natural flavors" is. Also, to make this even better, I would have preferred soaked and dried nuts and seeds to get rid of the anti-nutrients. Other than that, I found the taste very good. I didn't mind the chewiness and liked the balance of crunch and chew. My husband is the taste-tester in the family and often he doesn't like health food snacks. This one was two thumbs up! Way to go putting grassfed collagen in there! Dr. Karen Kan

- Karen

Not for me

They're not terrible, but too much work on the jaw and risk to my teeth. I thought I was going to pull out a filling or something. The taste is kind of bland, but okay once you get in a few bites. My other complaint is that they arrived somewhat melted to the packaging. They must have been in the shipping truck all day in the Florida heat. Lastly, for me, they caused some heartburn. I won't be reordering.

- Bradley

Great ingredients! Great Taste!!!

I'm so happy Thrive market featured this product - after reading the ingredients I knew this was the protein bar I was searching for. Something with LOW added sugar and a good source of protein. Tastes great and fills you up. Awesome especially if you are on the run!

- Cara


I expected more from a chocolate bar. This one was hard to bite and chew. It also, was not sweet enough. I have had dark chocolate bars that were sweeter than this.

- Kathi

Mixed feelings about this bar

I struggle with what to rate this bar. I give the ingredients 5 stars, really outstanding. And it's one heck of a jaw workout. But for me the taste is bland, something's just off. I don't need something to be super sweet, I'll eat Quest bars, for example, but these are just bland to my palate. And they're WAY too hard to chew. If you have any dental issues, watch out on these. So, 5 stars on ingredients, 1 star on taste and eating experience.

- Rick

Tasty treats

These are chewy, but a good kind of chewy that makes them last a bit longer (great considering the high price per bar, you want them to last!). They aren't overly 'chocolate' tasting but I like the large amount of crunchy salty nuts. I also like that they don't taste coconut-y. Good balance of crunchy, chewy, salty and sweet. Only negative is the high price and the wrapper is so annoying! It's very hard to get the wrapper unstuck from the bar!

- Anna

Dark chocolate almond bar

When I first tasted this bar I wasn't sure I was going to like it; however, after taking more bites I do like it. I think it was because it tasted different than what I was expecting. I would buy them again.

- Deborah

better than expected

These are very chewy and satisfying. I taste more date than chocolate but am happy to have a bar that is tasty and low in sugar.

- KB


These bars are amazing. Just the right blend of being tasty and filling. I love the fact that they have about the same amount of fat, protein and carbs in them, which makes them a perfect snack.

- Mary

Very chewy...and tasty

Ok, at first like other comments, I took the advice and cut this bar into bite size pieces. Then you might not break a tooth or crown. That said, these are good n take care of the hunger pains when you need a healthy snack. I'm hoping Primal bar will heed the advice of customers n just make bit size pieces n lower the cost. Because I'm afraid the bars are too hard to just bite into. Though I do enjoy them n will reorder, and cut them n put in a container for snack time.


Holy Yum!

These are amazing. I love that the protein used in them is just 100% pure protein from grassfed cows. So good for you! Its better than drinking a cup of bone broth and these actually keep me full!

- Morganna

Surprisingly delicious!

I got these for free with a minimum purchase. They sounded good, so I figured I'd give them a try. They're chewy, filling and satisfy a bit of a sweet tooth. I love them and my kids did, too. You could eat the whole thing as a snack/meal on the go, but would also work to eat a bit at a time.

- Allison

Nice Way to Start the Day

I enjoy having one of the bars with my morning coffee. Not too sweet, chewy (unless kept in the refrigerator, which is not a bad idea), and they really do take the edge off of any tendency to snack. And I find that I usually don't need to eat lunch until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. They travel well on road trips too! Would definitely recommend this product.

- Rona

Nice Way to Start the Day

This was an unexpected pleasure that works well with my morning coffee. Not too sweet, chewy (unless you keep it in the refrigerator which is not a bad idea), and really takes the edge off of any tendency to want to snack. It travels well on road trips too. In fact, once I have one in the morning, I usually don't have lunch until around 2 or 3PM.... Would definitely recommend this product.

- Rona

Great emergency snack

I have Celiac and a couple other Autoimmune issues... I eat real whole foods most of the time and only defer to a bar when traveling or for challenging circumstances that may arrive. Hands down, these bars offer the best nutrition with minimal processing.

- Anna

Good product

The consistency is a little different than what I was expecting, it's a little chewier than a regular bar of dark chocolate but it's very good. I'll definitely be buying more.

- Caitlin

Paleo Eater Approved

I absolutely loved the flavor! It's a filling snack with real quality ingredients. I have already ordered a second box :) Quite chewy, but worth the work

- Evelyn

Very yummy & just the right amount of sweet

These bars are delightful. I typically go for larabars (and still do), but these bars offer much heartier option - the nuts and seeds come whole and are plentiful. The sweetness of the honey is nicely contrasted by the Himalayan sea salt. My only complaint is that the coating is so sticky that it sticks to my teeth (unpleasant).

- Amanda Jane


While I enjoyed the taste - they really stick to your teeth and are very chewy. I would recommend cutting it into small bite size pieces to keep your front teeth clear.

- Rebecca

I Want to Believe (but ow, my jaw)

I want to love these bars and all they stand for, really, I do, but this relationship just isn't meant to be. I imagine this bar is similar in density and chewiness to a double-thick laffy taffy candy that's been left in the fridge overnight. I'm talking top-tier remove-cousin-Stacy's-braces levels of sticky and chewy. After eating one of these bars, I think my jaw muscle mass has doubled.
In all seriousness, it's absolutely not for anyone with braces or other orthodontic hardware and it's quite a pain to chew. The flavor is passable with an afterthought of chocolate but I've had far better paleo bars. There might also be a touch too much salt?

I'm not quite sure what went wrong here, but I definitely won't be buying these again. Considering areas for improvement, I would honestly have to say "Everything but the almonds".

- Soren


I wanted to love these, but I just didn't. They have that artificial sweetener off-taste, which I'm guessing is because of the monk fruit. I would prefer the bitterness of chocolate to the weird after taste. They are also super sticky. Like the first few bites it really stuck to my two front teeth, which was quite annoying. Obviously great ingredient profile, but I think they needs to go back to the drawing board in terms of taste and texture.


Chewy in the best way

I was actually excited by the reviews of these bars that deemed them "too chewy" or hard on the teeth, because that is exactly the texture I've missed since I started eating real paleo foods! IMO from cassava lends a unique and satisfying consistency to this health-conscious bar. It's not too sweet, and I appreciate the pepitas as it's important for me to get plenty of zinc!

- Emma

Super Satisfying!!

Holy grass fed collagen Cow! These are yummy! They are full of healthy flavor, provide amazing, sustained energy, and are an all around amazing snack bar! A must try for sure!!

- Kim

EAT These NOW!

OMG! I just got my first box of these and so was going to "taste" one: I ate the whole thing! It was fabulous. I've been paying $40/box of 12 for Upgraded (Bulletproof coffee guy) collagen protein bars that have less protein, more carbs, and don't taste even half as good as these! Way to go Primal Kitchen! These are my new collagen source!

- Robert of Nevada

primal eater

These are delicious! The texture is so satisfying--very chewy, like caramel. And to think I'm getting a good serving of collagen is great. The sweetness is just right, enough to be a treat. I find it tastiest to eat slowly, in order to savor the chocolate taste. And that's a good snack in my opinion.

- Pamela

Tastes Amazing

It's crazy that they can make a Paleo approved bar that tastes as good as this one with as little sugar as it has. Only 3g of sugar, 15g of protein, and delicious to boot. Doesn't get much better than that! I ordered these right away when they first came out and I've reordered them 2-3 times since then.

- Tim

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