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Primal Pit Stick is an organic, all-natural deodorant that actually works! Baking soda neutralizes the bacteria that causes odor and organic arrowroot powder helps you to feel dry while allowing you to still sweat and release toxins. These powders are mixed in a base of moisture-rich and anti-microbial organic coconut oil and organic shea butter to soothe skin. Hand-crafted to ensure that every stick only contains the finest organic products. Contains no aluminum, parabens, toxic chemicals, or fragrance.
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About This Brand

While deodorant does help alleviate body odors, it often rubs off through the day and can result in stained clothes and minimal protection. In addition, most deodorants are made with chemicals that are soaked into the skin and can have negative effects on the body over time. Amy Cazin, the founder of Primal Pit Paste, was weary of the questionable chemical additives in deodorant. She thought, there must be a better way to find prevent these odors without the use of harmful chemicals. From that point she set out to create a safe and natural deodorant that she could feel good about using, and give to her family. How Deodorant works The way deodorant works is a mystery to many but in a nutshell it’s actually quite simple to understand. First, sweat is naturally odorless and is surprisingly not the problem. Sweating detoxifies your body and while it may feel unpleasant, it’s a good thing. When bacteria mixes with sweat it creates body odor, and applying deodorant to your...
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Non-Aluminum Baking Soda, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Essential Oils: Rosewood, Frankincense, Petitgrain, Sunflower, Orange, Black Pepper, Grapefruit and Sandalwood.

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Reviews For Natural Deodorant Stick, Royal & Rogue

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Amazing stuff!

I started switching to natural deodorant about 6 months ago to get away from aluminum and other toxins in them. I've tried a few different ones. Primal Paste has worked the best so far.

- Joseph Holloway

Love it!

Love this product. The scent is great and non-greasy. I alternate this with another natural deodorant because it can be a little irritating. I don't shave and find it doesn't leave my pits feeling soupy. Holds up well for workouts too. (It's a deodorant- not an antiperspirant).

- K


Great deodorant. Last a long time and is the only one I've tried so far that works just as good as an antiperspirant except without any Aluminum

- Aneta T

It works!

For several years I have tried to get my husband to switch to a non-toxic deodorant and finally I found one that works for him and he likes it. He has been in some very hot climates and has had no complaints. I definitely recommend this deodorant.

- Crissa

The best, the last, the regular and the strong

I love stuff. I think I may have tried every natural deodorant and went back to stuff with "extra strength" or "clinical" in the name.

This works. When the temperatures topped 95 degrees, I went to the website and bought "strong" formulae (this one is regular).

My armpits turned black, then a donut of skin in the middle and a dark brown ring. Getting back to normal.

Forty years of aluminum detox, coming out and oxidizing. Good riddance.

Am now waiting a shipment containing the pre-spray from the Primal Pit site. Their recent Harvest Moon Sale could not beat Thrive prices on this stick.

- Janutchka

Primal Pit Paste

The deodorant does work to keep me odor free however at a price I cannot afford to pay. It turned my arm pits dark, actually like they were burned without the extreme sensation of burning. At the second application I realized I was reacting to it and by the end of the day my arm pit was noticeably darkened. I discontinued its use.

- Jenna

Works well!

Pleasant, light scent and it works ... even in hot, muggy South Florida.


Great product, gross smell

I've been hooked on Primal Pit Paste since the first time I bought it a few years ago. It is the ONLY natural deodorant that I've tried that works through my sweaty workouts! I have loved every scent except this one. It is very earthy but not in a good way. I guess I will stick with the lavender and jasmine scents.

- Brittany

Very effective!

This is the most effective natural deodorant I've ever used. I've noticed minimal odor, even on the hottest days. The Royal & Rogue fragrance is nice without being overpowering.

- Sarah

Good but not great

The smell is awesome, but it doesn't offer all-day protection. Towards the end of the day I'll get a whiff of my own body odor starting to mix with the spices in the deodorant, which isn't necessarily unpleasant, but just a weird aroma. I don't tend to sweat or smell either, not even after a workout. For stinky people, I wouldn't recommend it.

- Jaime


I've tried all the natural deodorants on the market and this one lasts more than 24 hours! Amazing stuff!!!! Trust me on this- you won't regret it. Also, this scent is best for men- just an FYI...

- Elizabeth

Works great but smell is off this time

I've used these deodorants for about a year, and this shipment the smell was way off. It works great, but this fragrance is offensive! Not sure if I got a bad batch

- Megan

It works!

Best natural deodorant that I have used. It took a few days to get used to the feel and it is a bit sticky sometimes. However, I love that it's a healthier way to be fresh. My favorite.

- Brooke


Best natural deodorant, works very well.

- Nikki

Staple deodorant

Incredible product. I've used Crystal stick for many years and until now could not find a deodorant that would last through a workout session and afterwards. Pit Paste does!

- Michael

Works and smells like Trix cereal

It's natural deodorant that actually works and smells, to me at least, like that colorful fruity cereal.

- Bernadette

Better than expected

I've been trying this line of deodorant for almost a month now. (And it's early summer in the lower Northeast.) It has not failed me yet! It feels different than conventional deodorants, but it works. I prefer the Royal and Rogue scent to the Jasmine one.

- Succubus


No offensive human smells, for a couple of days and no additional application, truth be told. I even enlisted noses other than my own for a good sample. I still sweat, but I don't think this is intended to be an antiperspirant. It is slightly sticky when first applied, but stickiness wears off within a minute or so. The smell of the deodorant is earthy, not too strong, very nice. I would absolutely recommend.

- Kate

Great for Guys Too

43 year old and very active male here. I apply this stuff in the morning before work (office job). It lasts all day & thru my afternoon CrossFit workouts in the awful Texas heat. Seriously, it keeps me dry and I do not smell. Yes, it's a tad sticky as others said when you first apply it, but that doesn't bother me knowing a) it's all natural and b) most importantly, it works. I used to go thru commercial deodorant all the time, and, they didn't work as well and would make my white under t-shirts nasty after a few months.

Good stuff.

- Rick

Irritated my skin

I was hopeful for this product. It worked well for the first week or so, but then it started irritating my skin. I think there is just too much baking soda in it. My armpits are red, sore, and inflamed. :( To its credit, it does help with odor and smells nice.

- Amanda

It works!

The first morning I used this, a bead of sweat rolled down to my elbow almost immediately after I applied. But I wasn't ready to give up on it and I'm glad I didn't! I re-applied, and since then this is the best natural deodorant I've ever used. Keeps me dry and keeps BO at bay. The scent is definitely unisex, so if you're looking for a more feminine scent, I'd go with something else.

- Bethann

On the Fence

I was very excited to try this product. It smells ok - you get use to it. The challenge I have is that it is super sticky. I am going to continue to use it hoping that I get use to it and I can look beyond the stickiness.

- Christine

Best I've tried in the "natural" deodorants

I've had no reactions to the ingredients. I used antiperspirant before, so I did sweat more the first few days after making the switch. However it balanced out and I actually feel like my armpits are drier NOW than they had been using antiperspirant. Obviously this is a "deodorant," not antiperspirant, so you'll still sweat some, and you may need to reapply to mask your musk if it's a pretty active day for you. Heed the advice of warming the paste against your skin before spreading it on if you want a smoother, less pasty application :)

- Alaina

Didn't work for me.

I was hoping that it would work but unfortunately I started to sweat right away and wasn't very fond of the smell of the stick.

- Nichole

Primo pit product!

This stuff is awesome. I love the subtle earthy scent and how this really stood up all day with no reapplication required. First natural deodorant of dozens I've tried to do the trick. Seriously - try it!

- Molly


I have tried many all natural deodorants. This is the only one I have found that works. I can wear it all day without any smell or sweat. Totally worth it!

- Becky

Natural Deodorant

I never had much luck with natural deodorants until now. This stuff really works. I used it all day and went to the gym. No body odor.

- Lorraine


I have made my own, tried too many to count and this product works! Trust me! Its the only product I will purchase for my family.

- Denise

I have tried everything

I have tried probably every deodorant on the market. All natural, chemical-laden, prescription strength - nothing worked for me. I sweat excessively and the odor that comes with it is just impossible to get rid of. As long as I can remember, I've worried about underarm odor. Primal Pit Paste has worked since day 1 and I've been using it for about 2 weeks now, and it's still working just as great. The deodorant search is OVER. I can go out of the house confident I'm covered. I don't even have to reapply most of the time.

- Evie


I am so glad that Thrive is carrying this brand! This all natural deodorant really works. I have tried other natural brands but this one is truly the best. I love this scent as well because it is unisex.

- Jade


I have tried a lot of natural deodarants that haven't worked. Lime/lemon juice worked for a while, but it burns if you shaved within the last 2 days. Shea butter, coconut oil, and baking soda (the mix of me and the BS made a cat pee smell) also didn't work. This stuff really works! Get it. I haven't tried the other smells yet. This one smells kind of like the all natural supermarkets from the 90s. It's the essential oils in it. I like it though. A man could totally get away with this smell.

- Alexia

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