Fair Trade Coconut Oil Deodorant Balm, Lemongrass

2 oz jar

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2 oz jar

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Use Simply Fair deodorant balm on your underarms for long-lasting protection. Stay fresh and feel confident with certified Fair Trade, aluminum-free, all-natural ingredients.
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We work diligently to ensure all our products are 100% natural, consciously sourced and highly effective. Keep your practice & your skin naturally pure!
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Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Non-Aluminum Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Oil, Lavandula Hybrida (Lavender) Oil, Cymbopogon Nardus (Lemongrass) Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil. *Certified Fair for Life - Social & Fair Trade by IMO

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Reviews For Fair Trade Coconut Oil Deodorant Balm, Lemongrass

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I have never used a deodorant balm before and was skeptical until I used it. Wow! Works all day long and makes me feel good!

- Cybele

Just Amazing!!

The best ever!!! Finally i found one! Super happy with this product!! Thank youuuu

- Renata


This is a long-lasting product with a pleasant fragrance. While it doesn't keep me from perspiring (as it is not an anti-perspirant), I think it works well as a deodorant. To make it easier to apply: Use spoon or cosmetic spatula to remove small amount from jar and rub it together in palms to warm and soften. Otherwise, it is difficult to remove as the volume in the container decreases. Aldo if cold, it goes on crumbly.

- Deborah Smith

Nice Texture

It feels very nice. The texture is soft. And it smells nice too.
However this product is not 100% reliable in a hot&humid weather.

- Dasha

Best Deodorant Ever

This works better than any deodorant I've ever tried, including prescription! A small amount goes a long way and I feel comfortable putting this on my body. If you're into living like a hippie, but not smelling like one, you need this product!

- Emily


I have always had the worst luck with deodorants. It seems no matter what I sweat through them even when it's cold outside! This is the only deodorant that I've ever used to actually protect me. On really hot, humid days I reapply half way through the day, otherwise this keeps me smelling awesome and dry all day long!

- Emily

Love the smell, hate the burn

The smell is wonderful. The texture is even pretty nice and it doesn't feel too wet or sticky underarm which is a plus. If I can keep it on for an extended period of time it seems to work fairly well.. a small amount of an unpleasant odor is found if I shove my nose into my pits after a day goes by. However.. I am not sure if it's the use of a "hot oil" (eucalyptus) or if the baking soda is a higher ratio than my body can handle... but after about 30 seconds I begin to feel a burning sensation that grows until unbearable. I have no allergies to the ingredients and it does not make a difference if I shave or sport a small forest in there. I do have sensitive skin in general. I am 100% positive that this is an amazing product for those whose skin is less sensitive. Unfortunately I have to set it aside to keep searching for a natural deodorant that works for me.

- Julie

works amazing, but...

Ughn, this stuff worked fantastic and like I've read, about a week after using it your sweat less and when you do sweat it doesn't smell, but about a month after using it I too like a couple of other reviewers got a rash, the weird thing though is that it was on only one side. May be the baking soda, so gotta try to find something else.

- Troy

Works great!

Not sticky, keeps me drier than Schmidts and smells great!

- Mb

"Falling Short"

It is so hard to find a natural deoderant that works! I was hoping this one would. I love the lemongrass but the product is too creamy and also should have an application stick. I will keep searching!

- laura

Great for those switching to natural deodorant for first time

I'm just making the switch to natural deodorant and am definitely still in the "detox" phase but this specific deodorant has been the best I've tried so far. Not irritating at all and I love the scent.

- Hilary

So far so good!

So far this deodorant has kept me fresh through hot power yoga and 10 hour days at work! If I accidentally put on too much if does leave me feeling a little sticky and if I sweat it's a little wet but I think it's just a matter of finding the right amount! Let's hope it can stand the true test of a hot and humid New England summer!

- Kortney

Great product--really works!

I had serious doubts about finding a natural deodorant that works, but here it is! I do feel you have to give it a little time to dry, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons: natural product, glass packaging (no plastic), lasts a long time, and it WORKS. Also good for your clothes: once you switch to natural deodorant your clothes won't yellow anymore and you don't get those white streaks regular deodorant leaves everywhere.

- Laura

Wonderful product, but disappointed!

I love this product, it lasts all day unlike crystal sticks or other natural deodorants. I received one as a free gift with purchase, but because I live inn Florida I can't purchase another due to summer temperatures?! It states right on the bottle to place it in the fridge if it melts! I want to buy more! I love this deodorant!

- Jacklyn B

This stuff is awesome!

I've been "natural" for a few years now. While half of the time I go without altogether, there are social occasions where deodorant is a must. Of all of the "good for you kinds," this is by far the most affective that I have tried!

- Jenny

smells good, but didn't work for me

I'm constantly looking for a natural deodorant that actually works, but this isn't it for me.

- Lisa

Lasts a long time

I am always on the look out for a good natural deodorant. Different things works for different body chemistries, but I really like this balm. I was a loyal user of Tom's for years, but then my body decided that it was going to sweat profusely every time I put it on, so I can't use it anymore. I've gone through a stick of Herban Cowboy, the initial scent is fab, but it doesn't really last the whole day for me, if I sweat a bit (ride my bike to work, or get hot standing in the sun) it's pretty much done. Maybe a reapply would help, but I'm not interested toting deodorant around with me every day. Back to the balm, I've been using it for about a week now, and it's great! I rode my bike to work, got hot (and seemed to stay drier than with any other non-antiperspirant), at the end of the day I have no tell-tale sweat stink. The only day I didn't like it, I wore a shirt that was really tight fitting on my armpits, and I had applied a bit too much of the balm (it doesn't take much, a thin skin covering layer is plenty), so I could smell baking soda and vague lemongrass every time I lifted my arms. We'll see how it stands the test of time, but it seems like it could replace the toxic antiperspirant I wear during the summer!

- Mariko

Need more time to assess

I've only been using the deodorant for a few days. I don't mind the manual application, but it would be lovely if the company could come up with a stick form. As for keeping order at bay, I think it works okay, though sometimes I detect a very slight body odor the next day. (I do apply it every morning). However, since the weather is been on the cooler side, I'm thinking that warmer weather, closer to summer, would be a better test of the deodorant's anti-odor effectiveness. That's about it.

- Diana

Smell is fantastic & it works!

I stopped using deodorants because it always gave me cysts. So I've been using coconut oil but it was so oily. This has the perfect consistency & absorbs well.

- Jenny


SMELLS absolutely amazing! Love this deodorant and the way I smell but it doesn't last all day..at least not for me. I do stress sweat so maybe that's why I have to reapply after a few hours!

- Alma

This product works and smells great!

I was very impressed with this deodorant. it goes on easy and smells great. It does work! I was using Tom's and it just wasn't cutting it but this certainly keeps me smelling great all day!

- Dawn

A stink free me

This is a great deodorant. I've got very sensitive skin, especially in the underarm area, and I've tried about 15 chemical-free deodorants in the last three years. This product is right up there with the organic Meow Meow Tweet brand, which my husband and I have been loving for the last year! That makes this fantastic natural brand one of only two in the bunch (we've tested vigorously) that keep us smelling good-to-neutral through the most fiery yoga and kick-boxing workouts. I'd recommend to anyone!

- Christy Jeanne

Only natural deodorant that works

I've used many natural deodorants in the past, including the Jasön brand, and none seemed to have any lasting effect against odor. I was starting to feel discouraged and was looking into making my own when I saw this product as I was making my order on Thrive. Best decision I've ever made. The balm smells amazing and the texture of the deodorant is very smooth, like whipped. The ingredients make it that more loveable.
10 stars!!

- Thrive User

so far so good

I have used this deodorant for 2 mornings I love the consistency ...... I am hoping it holds me better than crystal essence - I will know better once the warm season approaches. The only down side is application is a bit messy. Ole school!


love this deodorant

We have tried all kinds of natural brands, and some even reacted with our body chemistry leaving us smelling like skunk.. weird! This one works, smells only like lemon grass, and like others have said, you don't even need to use it every day. Fantastic find :)

- Malia

Loving the lemongrass

I'm bummed that it's in a jar which hesitated me to buy it in the first place but I wanted to try it anyway. Glad I did! I love the lemongrass scent! I use it once a day and that's all I need. I always put it on right after I shower. It's great!

- Brittany

Best natural deodorant!

I LOVE this stuff. I can't believe how well it works, and it smells awesome too. I apply it every other day (seriously), and it still works. This bottle will last me at least 6-9 months, so it's a huge value. Fantastic Thrive product!

- A

Love it so far!

Love the texture and smell of this product! More importantly, it actually works! It's been a struggle of mine to find a non-aluminum deodorant that works. Granted it wears off long before those "24-hour" type products but the trade-off is worth it! I was unsure how I'd like using a balm instead of the typical stick or mineral crystal, but I rather enjoy massaging this into my skin...doubles as a lymph node massage!

- Vanessa

Works Surprisingly Well

It keeps me dry and from stinking better than any other natural deodorant I have tried.

- Rebecca


I love this deodorant!! It does not leave that residue feeling most antiperspirant deos do

- Nat

Lemongrass Lover!

So excited that Thrive has this new simply fair scent. I always use the coconut oil deodorant balm, but I'm a fan of the lemongrass scent. Plus this will match my lemongrass scented shampoo/conditioner!

- Jennifer

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