Trace Mineral Toothbrushing Powder

51g jar

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51g jar
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Why You’ll Love It

The original and best spiced trace mineral tooth brushing powder! Did you know the glycerin in modern toothpaste can coat your teeth and prevent the natural process of re-mineralization that keeps your teeth strong and white? The Dirt is made to support your natural re-mineralization process and get your teeth back to their strong, sparkly selves. It has a sweet spiced orange flavor that will leave your mouth feeling clean and spicy! 51g glass jar lasts 6+ months! Fluoride- and Xylitol-free.
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About This Brand

The Dirt Paleo Personal Care was founded to start a revolution. We were not satisfied with the natural product lines on the market, many a 'green washed' to look much safer than they actually are and most use soy or corn byproducts which are cheap and unnecessary fillers. We demand more! All of our products are Soy Free, Corn Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Cruelty Free and Natural. We don't use fillers, ever! Our essential oil blends are formulated to preform not just smell good (Sorry other guys). Everything about our product blends is intentional... and awesome. Because, why should your healthy lifestyle stop at your plate? Fix your face! The dirt is 100% natural 200% kick-ass.
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Extra Fine Bentonite Clay, Aluminum Free Natural Baking Soda, Organic Cinnamon, Myrrh Gum Resin, Organic Fair Trade Nutmeg, Essential Oils of: Organic Sweet Orange, Organic Cardamom

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Reviews For Trace Mineral Toothbrushing Powder

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I've only been using this wonderful powder for a week and my teeth are already 3x whiter than they've been in years. I also love the taste. The spice flavor is not overpowering. I've already recommended it to friends and family.

- Charlotte


Wowzers! My teeth feel fantastic!

- Christy Tellez


Love this, never going back to toothpaste

- Kassi Pruett

Love it!

I have been using this a couple of weeks and am already sold. I love that I am not putting chemicals in my mouth to clean my teeth and that this product has the proven cleaning power of baking soda. The taste is really great and my mouth and teeth feel really clean.

- Ann T Cunningham

Trace Mineral Toothbrushing powder

Just started using this and not sure what I think of it yet. I do think it is a little expensive and will rate it once I've used it for a couple of weeks.

- Mary


I wasn't sure how I would feel about powder toothpaste, but I absolutely love it! Leaves my teeth feeling very smooth and clean! Plus I can feel good about using it because it isn't full of nasty chemicals!

- Candice

Good Stuff

I have been using this after AM coffee, brush 2x per day, also once at night (with regular paste). It has helped with coffee staining, it tastes decent, and no cavities. looks like it will last me 8-9 months using it once per day.

- Brandon


Our whole family uses Dirt to get our teeth clean!! Nice soft not over powering flavor. Definitely would recommend using Dirt. =}

- MamaBear

I am Impressed

I bought this because of the minerals that are said to strengthen your teeth. I was happy to find out that when used with my electric toothbrush my teeth were smooth and clean like they had been cleaned by a dentist! This stuff cleans my teeth better than anything I have ever bought in a tube so now I am waiting to see what those minerals in it will do for my teeth!

- Diana

Love this Product

I fell in love with this product when I fist tried it. I had no issues adjusting to the fact that it was no foam in your mouth when you brush your teeth. After trying this product I have been talking to some of my friends about it and have recommended it. They are now going to try it because they are looking for products just like this. And a plus after about 2 weeks of using this product I went to the dentist for my cleaning and was told that I had vast improvement in my oral health. I have not looked back at any other toothpaste since then. I found a product that does what I want and gives me the benefits that I'm looking for. As a plus you can now tell people you brush you'r teeth with Dirt (and see what they say). :)

- Sydney

Trace Mineral Toothbrushing Powder

This powder leaves your teeth with that clean feeling you get after you have been to the dentist. It is a little messy to use, but the mess is worth it.

- wendy

It's really good

I liked this from the 1st use. I agree with others that it is whitening. The spicy flavoring is very nice, a wonderful change from tart, even painful regular toothpaste. Comes in a cute little glass jar with latching lid.

- Bonnie J

Clean, white, need mouthwash

I've only been using the product for about a week so I can't speak to it's long term benefits. BUT, I do feel like my teeth are clean, I love that it is better for me and I feel like they are already whiter. What I do notice is that I'm so used to that strong minty toothpaste flavor, that this is too mild. I don't feel like my breath is fresh enough after brushing so may add a mouthwash with essential oils to my routine.

- Toni

glad i switched

I love this toothpaste. I have tried many brands and very disappointed with the results. I was a little skeptical of trying this toothpaste because of the way it looks but I am glad I did. I can see an improvement on my oral hygiene and less bleeding gums

- Barbara

Love it!

My teeth felt so clean after my first use!

- Joanne


I like the idea of using the powder with no chemicals but it was way to spicy for me.

- luz

bright clean smile

WOW! I love this toothpaste! it was weird getting used to it. The flavor is taste great and my teeth feel so clean. I had not seen my sister in 3 months and she commented how white my teeth are and what was I using. Her face was funny when I said "Dirt" LOL

- Dorreen

Dirty Mouth

Well, I have been using this for a week, and my teeth feel clean and my breath seems to be pleasant enough. It is an unique feeling and taste when using Dirt Tooth Powder, the flavor is like a Dosa with Chutney, and the texture is like smooth dirt, which is not unpleasant.

- Ronald


The only thing missing is fluoride! Fluoride is a NATURALLY found mineral and necessary for tooth decay prevention!!

- Wendy


I really like this, taste good, clean great and makes your mouth feel wonderful. Please buy this for your teeth. Whiter and teeth brighter. Thank You for all your items.

- Lola

Love it!

This was my first time using a tooth powder instead of a paste. It took a little getting used to, but I love it and will never go back! My teeth feel amazingly clean, and even seem a little bit whiter. Warning: it will stain your toothbrush brown :)

- Sarah

wonderful toothpaste

Wasnt sure how i was going to like this, but orange cinnamon taste is wonderful and it leaves my mouth feeling really clean!

- Diane

Make the Change

Seriously you won't regret it. My teeth feel stronger (no sensitivity) and look whiter! I know some people have a hard time adjusting but honestly this feels mUchiha more natural to me than a foaming paste! I'm in love with the flavor as well, no more artificial mint taste. Overall I have noticed a 100% improvement in my overall oral hygiene since I started using this product! Just make the switch and prepare for great results!

- Chelsea

Stained Our Teeth

We just got ours & it stained our teeth the very first time we used it.
We take great care of our teeth so they are normally very white so the stains from this powder showed up immediately. Do NOT recommend.

- Jerry

I love this stuff!

I have very sensitive teeth. For the first time in years my teeth are no longer sensitive, I believe that Dirt is the reason. I even tested my theory by discontinuing Dirt for three days and brushing with paste again. And my theory proved out, the pain was back. This is an awesome product! I highly recommend it.

- Jeanne

Fallen in love

My teeth feel cleaner than ever before. This stuff really makes me want to brush my teeth twice a day.

- Karli

Great brushing option

I wanted to try this for awhile, I think it's working well, it tastes like spices . It is messy though.

- Louisa

Incredible product!

I absolutely LOVE this product! We bought it because my daughter has some issues with her teeth that we're working on resolving. It's not only helping her teeth, it is also helping mine. The powder leaves your teeth looking whiter and the fact that it uses trace minerals makes the benefits even better.

- Veronica

Awesome stuff

This is the best tooth paste in the world. Everyone should have this in there bathroom. Awesome

- Shirley

Brush Your Teeth Smooth as a Dental Office Does It

I can't believe this stuff. It tastes good. The teeth feel smooth as when I leave the dental office after a cleaning. A little goes a long way. I think I am going to enjoy the next six months of brushing my toofs.

- Shirley


I really appreciate the natural concept of this product and since I have always disliked the mint flavor in 99% of other products, the flavor is a welcome change. Does a nice job cleaning, too!

- Julie

Surprisingly great!

I really like this product and I was skeptic. It tastes good to me, but my husband doesn't particularly care for the taste. My teeth feel (and look) clean. The only thing I don't like is dipping my used toothbrush into the jar every day, this would especially be a concern if this powder was shared with anyone other than my husband.

- Segwses

Takes Getting Used To

I recommend dusting some on your hand to use rather than dipping your damp toothbrush into the container as the jar indicates for usage. Taste is not too bad, either. Time will tell what benefits I see from remineralizing my teeth with this.

- PNWLizzy

Wonderful product!

The jar warns you that it's messy and it totally lives up to that description. Messy, but amazing. Almost immediately after switching to this powder my gums stopped bleeding when I brush and the plaque and tartar around my gum line disappeared. It does not foam at all, in case you were expecting that, and you do need to rinse your mouth out an extra time to make sure you've gotten all the little bits, but that's probably better for your oral hygiene anyway. The flavor is pleasant and spicy (esp. cardamom and cinnamon), especially if you prefer non-mint toothpastes. If you are prone to bleeding gums or mouth ulcers, I would recommend you give this product a try. I can't wait till it's back in stock so I can buy another jar.

- Zoe


I really like this "Dirt" toothpaste! I was making my own with coconut oil as the base and really liked it a lot, my mouth felt more clean than reg. toothpaste however, the coconut oil was not good for the drain and left a film in the sink that I didn't like.
This Dirt toothpaste gives me that same great clean feeling! It's easy to use and has a nice cinnamon flavor. I highly recommend this "Dirt" toothpaste!

- Doozie

This is AWESOME!

Such a cool product. Love the cinnamon taste. Has already helped my gums. Will definitely purchase again! Great price, too!

- Anne

Dirt, Trace Mineral Tooth brush powder

Very pleased. Takes a few days of getting use to. At first I didn't feel as though my teeth felt clean enough. However after a few days-week I now am adjusted and they feel very clean. I believe that this product and others like it can actually re-mineralize cavities, ie restore the damage/decay. I do not want nasty fluoride in my body. I just need to get rest of family on board!

- Mary Patterson

Really good

My husband and i really like this, i have use the dirt 2 time and i can really see a diference. Plus it has not been to harsh on my teeth since the are sensitive.

- karla

I can't Decide

I love that this is gluten free and paleo-but I'm still not sure about this toothpaste. It tastes good and I love that, but it sometimes leaves residue on my teeth even after rinsing that sort of resembles specks of food or I guess the name is fitting.. I will try it again before i make a firm decision.

- NatGrl044

Love it!

This toothpaste is great! It is natural and paleo friendly. I really love how clean my mouth tastes and feels after brushing.

- Benjamin72

good and not-so-good

I think this is an awesome option to have available in the paleo world. However, I don't think we will be buying it again. When you first taste it there is a fresh cinnamon flavor, but a minute into brushing it becomes very bitter and just gross. Specks of it get stuck in and on your teeth so after we brushed we were always having to check our teeth. We are going back to our old fluoride and glycerin free clay toothpaste.

- Liz

My dentist loves The Dirt!

After not having gone in for a teeth cleaning in a year and a half, I went to the dentist and he could not believe that I had not come in that long. He kept raving about how clean my teeth were. I told him all about the Dirt and oil pulling with coconut oil. The Dirt is going to put the dentists out of business ;)

It also tastes great and I have less morning breath because I'm not killing all the good bacteria in my mouth making room for the bad kind.

- T

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