Antiplaque Floss - Spearmint

32 yd pack

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32 yd pack

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Strong between teeth yet gentle on gums, our easy glide naturally waxed nylon filaments prevent snapping or fraying while removing particles efficiently and thoroughly to help keep teeth and gums healthy.
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About This Brand

Tom’s of Maine is a manufacturer of chemical-free personal care products that are made of all-natural ingredients. The company is guided by the philosophy of their founders, Tom and Kate Chappell, who strongly believe that both human beings and nature have inherent worth and deserve our respect. This code compels Tom’s of Maine to create products that empower people’s bodies as well as protect the environment. How Tom’s got started Tom and Kate Chappell started Tom’s with modest ideals—they wanted to simplify their lives and the things they consumed. After almost 50 years and millions of dollars in sales later, it’s fair to say that the Chappells have far exceeded their humble expectations. It all started in 1968. Tom and Kate Chappell left their home in Philadelphia for a new home in rural Maine. They wanted a minimalist life, to live on land of raw beauty where they could raise their children in a cleaner and more natural environment. In theme of this new and healthy way of...
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Bees wax, Carnauba wax, Natural Flavors - Spearmint, Jojoba wax, Acacia senegal gum, Propolis extract, Commiphora myrrha (myrrh) resin extract

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Reviews For Antiplaque Floss - Spearmint

Based on 11 Reviews

Best Floss Ever

Bought this for my hubby and he says it's the best floss he's ever used.

- Julia Jensen


Love the thickness of the floss and especially the flavor.

- Ruth

Good but a little thick

I like that this floss is non-toxic and you know exactly what the ingredients are that go into making it; no petroleum. The only thing is that it's a little think and sometimes I have to yank it hard to get it out from between my teeth. It doesn't glide as well as some other brands.

- Sarah

Best Floss!!!

This is the best floss I have ever had. It cleans perfectly! Who doesn't like thicker floss, better to try another.

- Jelena

great natural floss

I prefer to use sustainable-type companies instead of standard brands, and in this case, I actually really like Tom's floss better than any other I've tried. The natural mint flavor is pretty noticeable, so if you don't like mint, this might not be your jam. It glides really nicely between the teeth, but I've found that it works best if you make sure to keep the floss pretty taut. It can work when it's looser, but the tightness seems to make it glide better. Good stuff.

- Daniel H.

Still can be found here

I'm not sure what happened, but my local stores and co-op stopped selling these. I'm glad that Thrive still has them because this has easily become one of my favorite flosses. I'm glad that it's better for the environment and vegan as well. It's also important that it doesn't test on animals, so I'm glad to be able to continue to support a great company that's more in line with my values.

- Katherine Baker

Great Floss

Honestly, I really prefer to use the little individually-designed floss picks, but after thinking about it, I realized exactly how much waste those make, so I've switched to rolled floss like this. I love that it's made from natural fibers, and it has a nice spearmint flavor. I'm surprised by how well this works. It doesn't make any odd "squeaky" sensations in my teeth, and it's slender enough that it fits between my teeth with no problem. It stays in one piece for a long time, but it tears apart pretty easily once some force is applied. If this is what all rolled floss is like, I think it might not be as bad as I thought it would.

- Jayla S.

Dentist recommended this

After my last cleaning, my dentist recommended that I use Tom's to help improve my flossing.

I recognized immediately that this is a stronger floss and didn't break at all when I was applying pressure. It's got a nice taste too, and trust me, you want a good flavor when you're flossing.

- Freeman W.

Really strong floss

Tom's makes one of the toughest floss I've ever tried.

A lot of the stuff I buy breaks and snaps with very little pressure, but Tom's is very sturdy, even on my back teeth which is where regular floss usually tears.

Nice subtle spearmint flavor makes flossing more pleasant than usual. Thrive's price is awesome, about what I pay at the store, but lasts twice as long.

- Florence Williams

Strong, Delicate Tom's Floss

It wasn't until I signed up as a member of Thrive Market that I realized there were different types of dental floss. For me, floss was floss, a messy, necessary evil for health.

This floss is amazing. It's smooth so there are no snags on teeth that are ragged or missing a corner. But don't let the smoothness fool you, this floss is strong and really works well for my teeth and gum health.

- Peggy Taylor

This floss is really good

This floss is really good, not only the spearmint flavor is nice but is helps you maintain healthy habits. The 32 yards is really good length and it lasts for a long time even if you floss daily. I found it much stronger than other floss that breaks with a little pressure. My teeth have narrow gaps that normal I need strong floss that can withstand the pressure and this is the right choice for my teeth.

- Johnnie Russell

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