Whole Care® Toothpaste - Wintermint

4.7 oz tube

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4.7 oz tube

Why You’ll Love It

We've been developing natural oral care solutions for over 30 years, and Whole Care® toothpaste offers many solutions in one. It fights cavities, whitens with naturally sourced silicas, freshens breath, and helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup with regular brushing.
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About This Brand

Tom’s of Maine is a manufacturer of chemical-free personal care products that are made of all-natural ingredients. The company is guided by the philosophy of their founders, Tom and Kate Chappell, who strongly believe that both human beings and nature have inherent worth and deserve our respect. This code compels Tom’s of Maine to create products that empower people’s bodies as well as protect the environment. How Tom’s got started Tom and Kate Chappell started Tom’s with modest ideals—they wanted to simplify their lives and the things they consumed. After almost 50 years and millions of dollars in sales later, it’s fair to say that the Chappells have far exceeded their humble expectations. It all started in 1968. Tom and Kate Chappell left their home in Philadelphia for a new home in rural Maine. They wanted a minimalist life, to live on land of raw beauty where they could raise their children in a cleaner and more natural environment. In theme of this new and healthy way of...
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Sodium monofluorophosphate 0.76% (0.13% w/v fluoride ion), Glycerin, Water, Calcium carbonate, Hydrated silica, Xylitol, Carrageenan, Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) leaf oil and other natural flavors, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Zinc citrate, Sodium bicarbonate

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Reviews For Whole Care® Toothpaste - Wintermint

Based on 15 Reviews

Good taste!

I like this toothpaste! It tastes pretty good. It doesn't foam up as much as regular toothpaste, but that is to be expected without all the other chemicals regular toothpaste has.

- Bones

Won't be fooled again

Disappointed in myself mainly. They make this stuff without fluoride. I slipped up and ordered it with by mistake. Trying to get away from heavy metals. Otherwise, it's toothpaste. Works just like any other.

- Dallas

Good toothpaste

I love how this toothpaste is much more natural then other brands. I have sensitive teeth due to enamel loss on my teeth and this brand does not bother my teeth when I brush like most other brands that I can only use if they say sensitive. This makes my teeth feel clean and to my shock my husband enjoys this toothpaste as well so it will definitely become a family favorite in my house.

- Nati S.

Best Ever Toothpaste!

Before I used Toms toothpaste, I tried many other brands. Most tasted bad and didn't work. When my mom told me about Toms Toothpaste, I was afraid of the high cost, but tried it once. I will never go back to the cheap stuff again. And at Thrive Market, we get a good discount on this hardworking toothpaste.

- L.atDees.ME

Toms Good Tasting

Toms toothpaste tastes really clean. It feels like this toothpaste is actually several tiny dentists scrubbing all that yuck out of my mouth! I would recommend it to everyone.

- Adam O.

Picky teenage daughter's favorite

I have a picky teenager. She is particular about flavors and textures. I was so happy when we found this and she liked it. I am not a fan of wintermint, but she loves it.

I like that it's from a wonderful company and contains natural oils and flavors.

- Larry Gilson

Prefer fluoride free

This was my go-to toothpaste until I stopped using things containing fluoride. I feel like I get enough fluoride forced on me when I drink city water.

Tom's makes great stuff and this is an awesome toothpaste for those that want a fluoride paste. It tastes great and really gets your whole mouth clean.

- Claire Ferra

Favorite toothpaste

I love the flavor of wintergreen and I love this toothpaste. It really gets my teeth clean, so clean it's like I just walked out of the dentists office. This flavor is so crisp and refreshing and it lasts, leaving me with fresh breath for hours.

Tom's of Maine always makes such great products. My whole family loves them.

- Duncan Bowden

Squeaky Clean

I've been a Toms of Maine convert for a long time now. I love the texture of this toothpaste, and it's an interesting switch. If you're not used to natural toothpaste, this ends up leaving the mouth a whole lot cleaner feeling than regular toothpastes. In fact, regular toothpastes just taste super sugary to me anymore. This leaves my breath feeling fresh and smelling fresh, and it brushes really nicely onto my teeth.

I love that it's so simple to find in any supermarket when I'm running low, but NONE of them have had it priced as low as Thrive does that. I'll just have to stock up! :)

- James

Polishes better than others

I like Tom's stuff a lot, and this toothpaste is no exception. A lot of the store bought toothpaste doesn't leave your teeth clean. You know how you'll rub your tongue over your teeth, but you still feel a film or grit?

That never happens with Tom's. It leaves your teeth smooth and there's no film. And it leaves your breath clean, boy, like you just used strong mouthwash.

- Mara Rayner

Too Strong For Me

I like the way this foams up and it does leave my teeth feeling very clean and polished. But the taste is really strong, sometimes to the point where I have to spit it out.

I'm not sure there's a solution, but it's kind of made me pause a bit. Tom's products are always good, but sometimes personal taste does get in the way.

- Mort

Best toothpaste I've used

At just under four dollars on Thrive, this is worth the price. It's not made with a lot of chemicals, which makes me feel like I'm not being poisoned every time I use it.

The results have been good. Used it the past three months. No cavities, very little plaque on my last cleaning. Hate the dentist, love this toothpaste.

- Mort

Good whitening paste

I've used some other Tom's products, namely the deodorant, and it worked well. So I decided to try this on Thrive. It's selling here for about a dollar less per tube than Amazon, a good deal.

Nice strong flavor on this toothpaste. It kind of takes you by surprise. Been using it for a month, teeth feel less sensitive and look whiter.

- Melanie Ruiz

Works Well, Strong Taste

It took less than a week to see a huge difference in my teeth after finding this Whole Care Toothpaste. I was presently surprised with the various positive results. My teeth were not only brighter, they seemed stronger with less pain, a big plus.

This is a great whitening toothpaste. The taste is a bit strong for my taste, but I got used to it after a few days of brushing. The price is also very good. Joining Thrive Market has helped me try new, healthier choices for all of my personal care.

- Kimberly Harper

A natural but great toothpaste

I have been trying to find a natural toothpaste that worked with my teeth for a while, but I was stumped. That is, until I found this. This healthy toothpaste comes with a winter mint taste, which is strong but not too strong. It works well with my teeth, and even my dentist was surprised at how clean my teeth looked.

- Jean Fleming

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