Wheat Straw Bagasse Plates

20 count package

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20 count package

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World Centric fiber plates are BPI certified compostable and are made from 70% non-GMO corn and 30% talc, not petroleum. When composted in a commercial composting system, these plates will turn into soil within 3-6 months. They also takes less energy to make and produces less carbon emissions. By using World Centric flatware, you are reducing plastic waste and taking action to make a difference.
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About This Brand

Certified compostable food-service products.Our Vision and MissionWorld Centric is a socially responsible company that provides zero waste solutions to reduce environmental impact. Our vision is a just and sustainable world, where humans live simply and tread lightly.Our HistoryWorld Centric was founded in 2004 to raise awareness of large scale humanitarian and environmental issues and how our pursuit of a good life was severely degrading the planet’s ecosystems and at the same time creating vast inequalities where 2.5 billion people live on less than $2/day, without access to basic necessities of such as adequate food, water, health care, education, housing, sanitation etc. We started by hosting award winning documentaries and speakers on environmental, social, human rights and peace issues, offered courses on sustainability, simple living and globalization and started to work on a Conscious Living guide. In order to be a self-sustaining organization, without requesting donations or...
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70% non-GMO corn and 30% talc

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Reviews For Wheat Straw Bagasse Plates

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Almost as good as plastic

We're not using plastic products anymore. Here in California, plastic bags at grocery stores were banned as of last year, so we've kind of adopted that in our home. These what straw plates are a great substitute. They're not quite as strong as plastic plates, but they do the job, unless you overload a plate. We just double up on the plate when we have barbecues where we know a lot more food is going on the plate, and it's fine. Great choice for big parties and get togethers, and a decent price on Thrive too.

- James B.

Fantastic plates

We like to think that we're doing our part to make the environment better, and buying these plates is a big part of it. We have four kids, so there's always a party happening, or kids are coming over, or we're having a big dinner, and it's too overwhelming to wash all those plates. So I bough these, loving the fact that they are composted and won't go into some landfill. These are durable, solid plates that do the job, and then they get to be recycled and start their product cycle all over again. How awesome is that?

- Carmen Hill


Great plate and stands up to a hot rib eye steak right off the grill, the juices that accumulate and a real knife sawing it. Not a single leak. It's nice and deep. If you put leftovers on the plate and the invert another one on top, it fits perfect to send home leftovers. It won't stay without some tape, saran wrap or foil, but it is one of the best plates for leftovers! One of the best plates I've used and so eco friendly too. I wish they made them a bit bigger but highly recommend it.

- Emily

Good, works well

I'm into recycled material now, and I bought these for my son's birthday party. These plates were wonderful and were as sturdy as the ones I buy at the store. But I know these won't end up in a landfill and that makes me feel good. I'll probably buy more as these are easier than using up a whole bunch of real plates and having wash them and waste power. And on Thrive, the price is quite reasonable.

- Amber Wong

Great and Gluten Free!

I purchased these special toss plates for a recent football game party. Many of my friends are gluten free and we are all environmentally conscious. At first, when one of my guests saw the lettering on the wrapper declaring the plates were made of wheat, she wanted a china plate. I showed her where these were GF, and, we were helping the forest, many animal habitats and ultimately, the next generation.

After that, everyone in my apartment began talking about these World Centric plates and how they are made and for what purpose. Most were excited for the fantastic low price from Thrive Market. The only ones not surprised are the few friends that already have a Thrive membership!

- Willie Zimmerman

Great Plates

I am really actually sad to see that these plates are sold out right now. I absolutely love this green, environmentally friendly option for "paper" plates. These plates are sturdy and don't ever flop, can be microwaved, and don't have any wax on them at all.

I really like that once I am done with my plate, I don't have to fill a land fill with it. I actually add it to my compost pile since it's made out of recycled sugar cane and wheat straw. It only takes a few months for them to turn into soil and it's a rich soil making it great for my vegetable garden.

I was surprised by the price-I was thinking that with it being green and environmentally friendly, they would cost more because many products that are that way are certainly much more expensive than "regular" products out there. I am pleasantly surprised to see that I can get these for about the same price as the other plates and these are much more durable and never buckle or bend under the weight of foods. (we even used them at thanksgiving!) These are great and I hope they are back in stock soon.

- Stacy W

Great sturdy plate

Save the trees and eat off these. I love that these plates are forest friendly. No habitats were harmed in the making of these. They are much sturdier than general paper plates and hold up quite well no matter your choice of meal.

Having the name wheat in the title might make celiac sufferers weary, but have no fear, they are gluten-free.

- F. Appel

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