Organic Lavender Castile Bar Soap

5 oz bar

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5 oz bar

Why You’ll Love It

Made with organic oils! A refreshing and relaxing scent, Dr. Bronner's Lavender Castile Bar Soap calms the nerves as it cleanses the body. This gentle, versatile bar soap is a wonderful way to start or end your day with tranquility. All soaps are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program and certified Fair Trade. This soap is wrapped in 10% hemp-flax/90% post-consumer recycled (PCR) paper. Works on face, body, and hair.
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About This Brand

What is put on the outside of our bodies is just as important as what is put inside of them. Many personal care items such as soaps, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners, are made with harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens that can be absorbed through the skin and cause endocrine disruption. Luckily, Dr. Bronner’s is a safe, organic brand that provides a number of quality personal care products, all without those harsh chemicals. Dr. Bronner’s legacy Dr. Bronner’s has a long history dating all the way back to 1858 when a German-Jewish family began mastering the craft of soap making. It wasn’t until 1908, however, that they began formally selling their soaps in small batches. Fast forward 20 years later to 1928, and Emmanuel Bronner (third generation master soapmaker) brought his family’s soap recipes to the United States where he launched Dr. Bronner’s. He began by making his soaps at home and packaging them with positive messages to promote inclusion and happiness. By...
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Organic Coconut Oil*, Organic Palm Oil*, Sodium Hydroxide**, Water, Lavandin Extract, Organic Olive Oil*, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Lavender Extract, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Tocopherol

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Reviews For Organic Lavender Castile Bar Soap

Based on 28 Reviews

love this!

great soap! lathers well, lightly scented. Perfect!

- Susan


I'm a BIG fan of anything that Dr. Bronner's makes. Great scent, not too strong. This soap makes a nice lather and is long lasting.

- Janet

Who wouldn't love this?

It's great soap

- Sara Kang

Romantic soap? Yes!

When we left for our honeymoon, I forgot and left my handmade organic lavender soap at home. We stopped by a big box store and this brand was the only natural soap they had. Grabbing that bar was the best decision of my honeymoon (well, not THE best, but it was a good one)! My sweetie LOVES the smell of this soap, more than the expensive handmade kind I was using at home, and most importantly, it cleans well, feels great on my skin, and I love it too. Lavender is such a dreamy scent...try it, you'll fall in love!

- Kristen C.

Awesome, best price!

This is the best price for the castile soap bar that I have found. I regularly make detergent powder at home and find this very useful.

- Sara

Relax with this soap.

Rich lavender suds, gentle for hand washing, and perfect for a relaxing bath.

- Deborah

Good on my Sensitive Skin

Smell - Really really good!
Lather - Surprisingly good, but decent
Size - Normal, average bar

At first using this soap bar made my skin flare up, but after a couple washes-my skin got used to it-and I no longer have any problems with my skin. Everyone should use this soap bar compared to conventional soap bars with chemicals.

- Erica Arias

Smells amazing

This is a great all-purpose soap that smells wonderfully of lavender!

- Ellen Komaromi

Bronner is top notch

Really you can't go wrong with anything Bronner. This soap is great. You can smell the essential oil which is heavenly and the price is right.

- Cindy

Love this soap!

This soap smells good and is a great price! It doesn't dry my skin out and I feel good about using something without nasty chemicals in it. I highly recommend it!

- Beth

Great for sensitive skin

Used to use this in liquid form but love the bars so much better.

- Joe

Palm Oil

Love this company, but cannot buy anything with palm oil in it :(

- Maria

Healthy at all cost

This soap is a good size bar and is great for your skin. We even use it to wash our face and no breakouts!

- Elisa

Bronner's or bust!

I started using Dr, Bronner's a few years ago when I finally woke up to the idea that since our skin makes up the largest organ of our body, maybe we should be selective about what we put on it! I've never looked back... the aroma and sense of feeling clean is unbeatable. I now use the liquid version throughout the house, too.

- Renee

Love it!!

The bar leaves my skin soft and the longer you use it, the softer your skin will become. I use it on my face daily. Love it.. The fragrance is not strong but I the way my face feels after words makes up for it.

- Ginny

Mother of Three

As a family with sensitive skin, we have been using Dr. Bronner's soaps for several years now and have not had any serious skin reactions!

- Rebecca

Smells amazing!

The Dr Bronner soap smells really good! I grated it to use for borax free laundry detergent & my clothes smell fresh & are as clean as always.

- Myra

love it!

We love Dr. Bronner's and it's the only soap we use in our house for EVERYTHING. The lavendar bars are a household favorite for the shower. The scent is great, the soap itself makes me feel very clean, and the ingredients are organic. The Thrive Market price CAN'T BE BEAT. As Dr. Bronner's is the only soap we use, it can get expensive even through Amazon or Target. Seriously, I got my Thrive membership because of cheap Dr. Bronner's! (I wish Thrive carried the Citrus scent as well!)

- Hannah

Smells great!

I love the smell of this lavender soap - if you like lavender, this is great!

- Sara


I'm a fan who first bought Dr. Bronner's Organic Lavender Castile Bar Soap from Walgreen's drug store. They stopped carrying it and quite naturally I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it on Thrive Market's website. I immediately ordered it before you decided to stop selling it just as Walgreen's did. I loved the smell then as I do now. It moisturizes and this is what I personally like. I couldn't be more pleased.


Great Soap!

Dr. Bronner's Lavender bar soap smells delicious! It dries up the skin a bit, but overall a great buy.

- Nuria

Natural soap bliss!

This soap is safe, effective & smells amazing. It is all natural ingredients and works better than conventional soap. I use it for bathing & making laundry detergent! Love it!

- Caitlin


Great to use before bedtime. Mild lavender scent helps you relax before sleep. Sudsy and refreshing.

- Diane

Smells heavenly!

I use this soap grated up in my "homemade" laundry powder, and it works great! The fragrance is light, but pure. Thrive has the best price that I have found anywhere, so I'm thrilled.

- Angela


I switched over to all non toxic toiletries. I felt so much better In Just one week. This soap is a major part as it lathers up so nice, cleans well and has a soft scent of lavendar that lingers all day.

- shawn

organic lavender castile bar soap

It's pure, it's natural and organic, and it's lavender! A great soap.

- MReese

Not over powering smell

I was leery about trying this soap, since I’m sensitive to smells, but to my surprise the lavender isn’t overwhelming. Its pleasant and doesn’t leave my skin dry. I have eczema too. I still need to put lotion on after I shower, but certain soaps dry my skin out more than others. This one isn’t the case. I’ll be buying it again.

- Kimiko

Beautifully Scented Calming Soap

I have always loved the smell of lavender. My grandmother used to bath in lavender and rose water and she smelled good all the time. She used to tell me lavender was a calming scent. She was right, I would be much calmer when she was around.

I use this soap, at a great price from Thrive, in the evenings before bed. It relaxes me and actually helps me drift off to sleep better.

- Barry (Brenda) Fox

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