Organic Almond Liquid Castile Soap

32 oz bottle

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32 oz bottle

Why You’ll Love It

18 uses in 1! From washing your body and face to cleaning windows and mopping floors, this liquid cleaner can do it all! Made with organic oils, this warm, nutty-flavored Almond Castile Liquid Soap is sure to refresh your mind, body, soul, and home. All soaps are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program and also certified Fair Trade. Packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic bottles.
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About This Brand

What is put on the outside of our bodies is just as important as what is put inside of them. Many personal care items such as soaps, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners, are made with harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens that can be absorbed through the skin and cause endocrine disruption. Luckily, Dr. Bronner’s is a safe, organic brand that provides a number of quality personal care products, all without those harsh chemicals. Dr. Bronner’s legacy Dr. Bronner’s has a long history dating all the way back to 1858 when a German-Jewish family began mastering the craft of soap making. It wasn’t until 1908, however, that they began formally selling their soaps in small batches. Fast forward 20 years later to 1928, and Emmanuel Bronner (third generation master soapmaker) brought his family’s soap recipes to the United States where he launched Dr. Bronner’s. He began by making his soaps at home and packaging them with positive messages to promote inclusion and happiness. By...
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Water, Organic Coconut Oil*, Potassium Hydroxide**, Organic Olive Oil*, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Natural Almond Fragrance, Citric Acid, Tocopherol

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Reviews For Organic Almond Liquid Castile Soap

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Organic almond soap

This soap does not lather, what I do is mix it with my unscented ivory soap for the lather, as a church seer, it cleans my body ,mind and spirit

- Ritzy

My favorite

I love it. This is very strong soap so don't get it in your eyes. It will leave you feeling super clean.

- Ariel Hawkins

"My clothes smell like a warm bear claw! I love doing laundry" -from my 10 yr old!

In my family, we use the Mint/blue Dr. Bonner's liquid soap for laundry and my son's been complaining about having to do his laundry for the last year. On a whim, I decided to try this Almond Soap, and it was the PERFECT MATCH! Now, my son LOVES doing his laundry now because he says all his clothes smell like a warm Bear Claw" Pastry when he folds his laundry straight out of the dryer. My Boyfriend even came home the other day to find my son folding his laundry and asked me, "What did you bake, it smells great in here!" haha!

- Kay


great almond scent with smooth soapy suds, really nice

- george


This soap is amazing! I have very dry, sensitive skin and I use this as body wash every day and have never had a problem. It smells delicious, a little goes a long way, and the price is great! Would highly recommend!

- Rachel


LOVE This product....we always use the peppermint....and have to say the ALMOND ROCKS!!!!

- Wanda I. Fazio

Organic Almond Castile Liquid Soap

I LOVE this product! I use it to wash my face & remove stains from clothes. Two or three drops are all that is needed to get a good result. The fragrance is "delicious", too.

- Carol

Love this soap!

Will buy over and over again. I use this for dishes, cleaning, laundry, shower, shampoo etc...

- Shelly

Lovvvve it!!

I love this product. I use it for the whole family. I got it for much cheaper on this site than any other place. Thank you! I will be buying more of it.

- Isabelle

Love this Soap!

I've used Dr. Bronner's soaps for many years - the almond is my favorite. It smells wonderful, leaves my skin clean and soft, and is biodegradable. Love it!

- Lynda

Ultimate Soap

I started using this soap back in 2007. Until recently, I was getting it from Earth Fare where it's $5 more than here at Thrive. I will never get it from EF again unless they lower the price, which I doubt will ever happen.

I cannot say enough about this soap. It cleans the dirt away as it claims. There is no residue left on your skin, either, so your pores won't get clogged and your skin will be left soft and clean.

I am addicted to the almond scented one, though the lavender and peppermint scents are just as lovely. If you plan on using the peppermint one, it will make you tingly. I do not like the tea tree oil scented one, though. It has a moldy, old, or dingy smell about it, but that's just how tea tree oil smells.

You do NOT need a whole lot of this soap on your bath puff or rag, as a few drops will make a ton of suds. This means it will last a long time, but I buy as often as I can to stock up on it.

I would suggest buying a smaller bottle to put some in from the bigger bottle because it is a little awkward to handle, since it's so big.

- Crystal

Great Soap

Usually I could care less about soap but this soap is absolutely amazing, barely have to use any to clean your whole body. It's awesome.

- Bryan

Great Stuff!

I'm already a fan of Dr. Bronner's castille soap, which works wonderfully. This version smells fantastic! It is slightly sweet-smelling and neutral. I use it for hand soap and body wash.

- Pressley

Nice Scent

I'm not normally one to buy products with any smell, but I like the light almond scent. I use this soap for lots of household cleaning but also add with water in one of those foaming hand pumps and works as our hand soap too. A squirt from the foam dispenser cleans our glass table nicer than any natural glass cleaner I've tried.

- Anna

Love It

This is great soap. It is so versatile and non-toxic. Check it out on and check their evaluations on toxin levels in products. Dr Bronner is probably the cleanest company out there...Sweet. The Almond smells absolutely wonderful Thank You Thrive Market

- Hey Jude

Smells awesome!

Used this for shampoo. Works great & smells so good i want to drink it!

- Nicole

Dr. Bronner's Rocks

I use this for shower gel and shampoo, followed by an ACV rinse. Love the scent, non-toxic, also keeps my tub & shower clean.

- Jennifer

will repurchase again and again

such a good product! Dr. Bronner's is a solid line of products!



Really nice, yet subtle almond scent. Makes great hand soap when paired with water/foaming soap pump.

- Emily

My favorite soap

I love Dr. Bronner products but almond liquid soap is the best , I make my own body wash smell so good!....

- Judith

Best. Soap. Ever.

If you like almond aroma, you'll LOVE this! Doesn't over dry skin and has so many uses!

- Stephanie

Cleans Great and I smell like marzipan.

Everything in my place smells like marzipan actually. Not strongly, but slightly noticeable.

- John


I use this product for hand wash, body wash, and all purpose cleaner (different dilutions for each use). I love the scent and Thrive offers the best price I have seen yet!

- Cayla

Dr Bronner's rocks

I love this Castile soap! It's my absolute favorite! The almond scent especially. It's multi use makes it even better. You can use this product for almost anything to clean.

- Brittany

Bronner's Is the Best

I've used this as my shower and shampoo soap for many years. It is the only soap that doesn't make me itch later. I like the natural ingredients.

- Mr Ed

Does all the jobs

Works well, smells nice, but you'll need to dilute it to keep from drying your hands out if you use it as hand soap.

- Jace

Smells great

I use this soap to clean my floors. Just a little bit with some hot water and the floors get so clean, the pups can't walk around without falling. It's so cute. I get clean, good smelling floors and a good laugh out of it. And I can trust it won't harm my babies. Win Win!!!

- Mila


I am so impressed with this soap. After using this soap for a couple of days my hands were baby soft. I had dry flaky skin on my hands and now they are as soft and smooth.

- Sharon

Dr. Bronners Magic soap is wonderful on my winter skin.

Winter has been rough in chicago, but with Dr. Bronners soap I don't have to feel itchy skin. It works so well, I use it on my kids and dogs. My eczema is has never been better almost all healed this soap is wonderful.

- Maria

Multi use soap

I love Dr. Bronner's soap! I use it for the shower, and also to make my own shampoo with essential oils. It's natural, so there's nothing in here that could harm your skin or your surfaces. It also cleans up my counter really well and leaves a refreshing scent. That's the thing about natural ingredients, they are usually able to be used for a lot of different things, because they don't have chemicals that could harm things, like your skin. Awesome product.

- Maryann Daniel

Non-Toxic for My Daughter

My baby girl just started putting everything in her mouth, so I got rid of all of my toxic chemicals and decided to go non-toxic. This has been my solution. It can clean so many surfaces in my home. It cleans the dishes, and it cleans the counters. It even cleans the floor just fine. I'm not nearly as worried about my daughter getting ahold of things anymore.

- Shakir L.

Great soap!

I love Dr. Bronner's Castile soap! It's a great multitasker that can be used for all kinds of things around the house. I always keep some in the shower, as well as under the bathroom and kitchen sinks. I prefer the peppermint scent, but I also recently tried the hemp almond when I couldn't find it. It works just as well, of course. You can't really go wrong with any of these soaps.

- Carma

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