Lemon Verbena Dish Soap

16 fl. oz bottle

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16 fl. oz bottle

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Mrs. Meyer’s Liquid Lemon Verbena Dish Soap makes it possible to get dishes clean regardless of how much stuck-on grease is on the surface, and it does so naturally without any chemical cleansers. Using this liquid soap not only keeps your hands moisturized and dishes safe to use, but it will fill your kitchen with an invigorating citrus scent.
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About This Brand

What is Mrs. Meyer’s Mrs. Meyer’s specialize in aromatherapeutic hand soaps as well as air fresheners, laundry supplies, and household cleaners. All of these products are completely free of chemicals, phosphates, are biodegradable, and have not been tested on animals. In addition to being ethically made, Mrs. Meyer’s product are refreshing and come in a variety of natural scents like citrusy lemons, calming geranium, or relaxing lavender, just to name a few. The great thing about using their products is that they actually provide a deep clean without containing any harsh ingredients—which is very different than commercial brand cleaning supplies and personal care items. How Mrs. Meyer’s got started Inspired by top-shelf European cleaning products in elegant packaging, Monica Nassif launched Caldera in 2000. A line of luxurious yet healthy aromatherapeutic household cleaners, it was a minor hit right away. The main thing holding Caldrea back from being a huge sensation was...
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Water, sodium lauryl sulfate, lauryl glucoside, lauramine oxide, fragrance, glycerin (household cleaners), citrus medica limonum (lemon) peel oil, abies alba (fir) leaf oil, cymbopogon scheonanthus (lemongrass) oil, quillaja saponaria (soap) bark, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, polysorbate 20, disodium hydroxyethyliminodiacetate, citric acid, PEG-5 cocate.

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Reviews For Lemon Verbena Dish Soap

Based on 44 Reviews


Smells so good and cuts through grease!

- vicki

Love This Stuff!

I'm thrilled with the way this rinses clean so fast, the way it smells and leaves no scent on the dishes. It is efficient at cutting through grease and holds up well until the last dish is done.

- Kathleen

Great dish soap!

This was my first time using Meyer dish soap, and I am in love with it. The smell is amazing, and it suds nicely. A little bit goes a long way!

- Alysha


Smells, works, and is priced right. Healthy. Perfect

- Jack

smells wonderful without being overpowering

And it works!

- Katherina

love the scent, cleans well too

awesome scent and cleans just as well as other icky chemical brands.

- Angela

Dish soap

Great on grease and grime, smells delightful

- Gloria

Dish Soap works great

Mrs. Meyer's dish soap: I've now sampled a number of scents and find that all of Mrs. Meyer's dish soaps clean my dishes, counter tops and appliances great. I'm especially happy with how it cuts through grease. And equally important, Mrs. Meyer's is friendly to our environment.

- Liz

Pee Yew

The soap works well but oh the smell! I thought this would be delicate and mild but I was overwhelmed. I still can't get rid of the smell.

- Dena

Wonderful liquid

Cleans great, smells great

- Mon

Dish Soap

GREAT foaming and degreasing, however, the scent lingers on dishes and fruit and vegetables. Rinse really well.


Just as expected

Great grease cutting power and a pleasant, clean adn fresh scent.

- Domenica

Love it!

Love the smell and works great with greasy dishes. Doesn't dry out my hands.

- Sheree

Pungent Soap

While I love this brand, I personally found the scent of this dish soap to be too pungent for me. I wasn't able to use it much because it gave me migraines. I ended up passing it off to a friend and now they enjoy purchasing from the brand as well.

- CAF Herring

Love it

I love the smell. It doesn't dry out my hands like Dawn detergent does and cleans just as well, even the greasy stuff.

- Dawn

Good Stuff!

This has a great scent, not overpowering and cleans and cuts grease wonderfully!

- Susan

Best Dish Soap

Love this dish soap and all of them smell amazing

- Stacie


I was a bit skeptical when I ordered this, but in a effort to tone down the toxins in our home I wanted to give this a try. I cannot rave enough about how CLEAN my dishes are! Without a dishwasher in our turn of the century home, everything is hand washed. We have very hard public water, loaded with iron and lime. It dulls everything down and often leaves traces of mineral behind no matter how much I rinsed to what commercial dish soap I used. This product worked a miacel on my dishes! Every single dish, piece of flatware and dish comes out spotless, no soap residue, no mineral residue. Perfectly clean. It is taking me a little bit of time to get used to the decreased amount of suds as compared to the soap that "softens hands while you do the dishes" brand I was using, and sometimes it feels like there's not enough soap to clean the dishes, but that is just about adjusting to this products character. Because of the hardness of our water, I am not necessarily using less product, but the end result is CLEAN dishes. Handles grease really well. I liked the fragrance, not too overwhelming. Will definitely be buying again.

- Barbara

My favorite

I love this dish soap. It foams up nicely and smells wonderful! It cuts grease well and is my new favorite!

- Shelby

Fresh and Clean

I love this dish soap! It gets my dishes clean! It works great! I love it!

- Shannon


I don't know anyone that actually enjoys doing the dishes. That being said I don't mind using Mrs. Meyers to wash the dishes - it's not as sudsy as the commercial blue stuff but I'm willing to give that up to use a natural product that gets my dishes clean. I love it and will keep buying it. Smells great and I feel my hands are far less dry after washing dishes multiple times each day versus using Dawn.

- Myra

Favorite dish soap ever!

I love the aroma of lemon verbena, and I love this dish soap. Enough said!

- Terri HarpLady

Lemony Dish Soap

A dish soap with such a pleasant scent, and free of harmful chemicals, makes me smile.

- Mary

Cuts grease!

This has made my life so much easier. If I have dirty dishes that I have left in my room they often get sticky residue of milk, cereal bits, anything really. I drizzle a bit of the soap on the dishes then add hot water on top of them and let them sit in the sink. I forget about them and when I come back I just use warm water and run the dish w my hand and everything rubs off w. Ease!!

- Denise

Great product

A little goes a long way. Cleans dishes, pots and pans really well. The fragrance is light and refreshing.

- Alison

Smells so good!

I love this dish soap. Does a great job of cleaning dishes and smells great!! Aromatherapy while doing dishes.

- Sydney

the smell is AUh- MAz-ING!

I love this dish soap. The smell is amazing, it cuts grease, long-lasting and all you need is a drop.

- Amber

Works Great

The smell is pleasant and the cleaner foams up well and cleans the dishes with no streaks. Recommended.

- Danielle

Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Buyers of this product are entitled to their own opinions about its fragrance. But when a customer gets outraged because this product contains Sodium Laureate Sulfate, I wanna say, do your homework! That is a plant-based cleaning agent! Other organic cleaning products also contain this ingredient, so don't get your knickers in a knot!

- Alexis

great product

I love how long the suds last and how great the soap smells, soft on the skin as well while cleaning the dishes well

- Cynthia

Smells Great, Works Great

This is the best smelling dish soap I've ever used! Love the way it cleans too. Works well on grease and doesn't dry my hands out like most commercial dish soap.

- Pamela

This stuff STINKS!

The scent is so strong and overpowering! Both my husband and I got a headache from the stench it left behind. It lingered in the kitchen forever. Learned my lesson to never buy this stuff again!

- Heather

Not a fan of this one

When others said that the aroma was strong, they were not kidding. It is a bit overpowering. The main objection to this soap is that it contains sodium laurel sulfate. I was not expecting this at all and it is my fault for not reading the ingredients. Thought I was safe ordering this product so neglected my research on what is in it.

- Nancy

Nice clean smell

Works fine, but I love the smell of the basil version much better.

- SL

It works!

I love this brand. The dish soap is a great natural alternative because it still foams and smells like a conventional brand. It cuts grease and gets the job done.

- Angie

Soothing and invigorating

I love the smell of this dish soap. It is very soothing and invigorating and it makes me happy to do the dishes. I also leave my hands feeling soft and smelling good.

This doesn't keep the sink full of bubbles like regular dish soap does, but don't let that fool you. It still cleans just as good, and sometimes better.

- Ima Huoc

Cleans great

I love this dish soap because it cleans great. It is great at removing grease. I never have to worry about stuck on particles with a 10 minute soak in this stuff.

My only complaint is that the smell is a little strong for me. I like it, but it sticks around and for someone with allergies that can mean a huge sinus headache every time I do dishes.

- Ron Selvy

Natural, Hard-working Soap!

I can't believe how well this Mrs. Meyer's liquid soap works. Besides the fact that it has amazing de-greaser properties, this soap won't leave my skin dry, or greasy. I love the lemon scent and the fact it's made with natural garden ingredients. This is my kind of hard working, yet soft, dish soap.

Thanks to Thrive Market's amazing low prices, I can afford to purchase a few bottles to last through the long winter.

- J Wheeler

Smells strong

This dish soap smells absolutely too strong. This soap is in concentrate form so it only takes a couple squirts to wash a large sink of dishes. The problem is, it smells very overpowering so it lingers on the dishes and in my kitchen a long time. I like that its natural and gets the dishes clean, just wish it wasn't as strong as it is.

- Sarah

Great Scent & It's Effective

Love this stuff, and a little bit goes a long way. It has a pretty strong lemon scent to it, but it's a nice scent that makes things really smell clean. It seems to work best on hard surfaces such as metal, countertops, ceramic, silverware, or things like that. It doesn't seem to cut the grease nearly as well on my silicone bakewear or my silicone cookie sheet mat. I still use it on a daily basis to clean most of my stuff, but I've been using a different cleanser for the silicone stuff on the rare occasion that I make some cupcakes.

- Ferah Ly

Not enough suds

I am one of those people that believes you need suds for something to get clean. This stuff just doesn't make enough of them.

My dishes do look clean though. I love the scent and that it is such an earth friendly products. I definitely recommend it to people looking for a good nature friendly product!

- D. Tsang

Works great for cleaning, overpowering scent

Weird review, but can't help it. The lemon soap is awesome for cleaning. It cuts through stains and gunk like no one's business. And it smells like a lemon summer day.

But the thing is, you can't get that smell out of the food. I baked muffins in a pan and I tasted lemon. The soap's so strong it leaves a residue on the surfaces of pans. Not all the time, but enough that it's kind of annoying.

- Nieta B.

Smells great

First saw this on Amazon, but check this out, they're selling a two pack of soap for $12.67, which is about $6.30 a bottle. Thrive's got it for $3.45 a bottle, almost three bucks in savings.

It's one of the reasons I'm shopping more on Thrive now. Finding a lot of health stuff on discount here. This is one of my favorites.

- N. Bolton

Only need one squirt

Powerful cleanser, best I've used. Light years ahead of what I used to use. All natural ingredients make it easy to cut through stains and grease.

Great scent, and lathers up with just a drop, so I'm not using a lot each time I wash dishes. Five stars.

- Nancy Ballard

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