Mrs. Meyer's

What is Mrs. Meyer’s Mrs. Meyer’s specialize in aromatherapeutic hand soaps as well as air fresheners, laundry supplies, and household cleaners. All of these products are completely free of chemicals, phosphates, are biodegradable, and have not been tested on animals. In addition to being ethically made, Mrs. Meyer’s product are refreshing and come in a variety of natural scents like citrusy lemons, calming geranium, or relaxing lavender, just to name a few. The great thing about using their products is that they actually provide a deep clean without containing any harsh ingredients—which is very different than commercial brand cleaning supplies and personal care items. How Mrs. Meyer’s got started Inspired by top-shelf European cleaning products in elegant packaging, Monica Nassif launched Caldera in 2000. A line of luxurious yet healthy aromatherapeutic household cleaners, it was a minor hit right away. The main thing holding Caldrea back from being a huge sensation was the admittedly high price point. For context, bottles of Caldrea dish soap sell for around 8-10 dollars, which is outside the price range for most people. With the guidance from her mother, Thelma Meyer, Monica was encouraged to continue making aromatherapeutic non-toxic cleaning products. One thing that needed to be fixed, however, was the price point. She was told she needed to make her products more affordable without sacrificing quality, and so she did. Almost immediately, the company found it’s footing and developed a large following. Soon after they rebranded from Caldera to Mrs. Meyer’s, in dedication to her mother (Thelma Meyer) who gave her the most helpful advice. Not long after, SC Johnson came calling and acquired them for an undisclosed amount, but that doesn’t mean their products or values have changed in anyway. With their new nationwide distribution in place, Mrs. Meyer’s was able to sell across the country and their company has only grown brighter and shows no sign of dimming. Some products that Mrs. Meyer’s sells Mrs. Meyer’s makes non-toxic household cleaners for people who want a clean home and a safe environment. Instead of using harsh chemical compounds, they make their cleaning supplies with essential oils that have been harvested from plants. At Thrive Market, we are honored to sell Mrs. Meyer’s products, and the best part is that they work great. Below is a sampling of their products that we carry, check them out: Mrs. Meyer's Basil Hand Soap Made with a special recipe of aloe vera gel and olive oil, this soap is delicate on your hands yet tough on grime. Mrs. Meyer's Geranium Dish Soap Designed for washing dishes by hand rather than machine, this soap has been infused with Chilean soapbark to degrease your pots and pans naturally. Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Dryer Sheets Infused with calming lavender, these dryer sheets keep your favorite clothes fresh and damage free. Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner Mrs. Meyer’s knows that nature is the best cleaner of things. With that in mind, they used water and plants to create an excellent all-purpose cleaner. Embedded with lemon peel oil, this will keep your home clean while smelling wonderful. Mrs. Meyer's Rosemary Hand Soap This soap contains the essence of rosemary to make your hands smell as fresh as a garden. Mrs. Meyer’s gives back to the community Mrs. Meyer’s loves gardening so much, they invested a significant amount of money into community gardens in Chicago and Minneapolis. In 2016, the Meyer’s and 800 other people all got together and turned plain plots of land into beautifully thriving gardens. They also donated $4,000 to support additional community gardens in Minneapolis. Best of all, they donated a portion of their online sales to the American Community Gardening Association to help brighten communities and to educate people of the importance of green spaces.

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