Whole Cacao GranolaWhole Cacao Granola850021228224Blue Stripes makes its superfood granola with cacao nibs, cacao shell flour, and 100% cacao chocolate. This mix is vegan, gluten-free, and delivers nutrients like iron, magnesium, and dietary fiber.14 oz pouch
Was just ok…. - by Didn’t have the best taste, and a bit chewy rather than crunchy. Didn’t do it for me…
It's good but the cacao was too much for me - by The flavor is good and I feel good eating it just too much cacao for me.
So delicious - by I really like this granola. The price is higher than I would usually spend on cereal, but once I saw the clean ingredients and sustainability benefits, I was willing to try it. I’m glad I did.
Good crunch, moderate flavor - by I loved this in theory, but each piece was so large it made it difficult to get a medley. Overly heavy on the Brazil nuts.
Chocolate goodness - by I have enjoyed this granola and the fact that they use every part of the cacao plant. It even makes my hazelnut milk taste chocolatey. It is a bit pricey but I will continue to purchase this in the future.
Blue Stripes Urban Cacao
Blue Stripes Urban Cacao

Whole Cacao Granola

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