Chemex Reusable Coffee Filter, 6-10 CupChemex Reusable Coffee Filter, 6-10 Cup766150296068It’s no surprise that some 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed per day around the world. The shocking part? That number could equate to over 140 million disposable filters, which means the depletion of nearly 1.5 million trees and the creation of 433,000 cubic yards of trash. The good news is there are eco-friendly, reusable filters like these from CoffeeSock, which are made with certified organic cotton. Not only is cotton more efficiently renewable than plastic, metal, or paper, but it also helps make a better-tasting hot brew. That’s because the cotton absorbs some of the oils released from the coffee beans yet lets acids pass through, resulting in a crisp, rich, and robust brew without the paper taste (or waste)! This 6- to 10-cup Chemex style filter works with pour-over drippers. Each hot-brew filter is expected to last about a year before the quality of the brew begins to fade. To care for your CoffeeSock filters, discard grounds after brewing, then rinse and hang dry before next use. Once every six to eight weeks, boil filters in fresh water for 10 minutes to remove accumulated coffee oils. To further enhance your filter, add of scoop of baking soda to boiling water. Contains 2 filters per pack.2 each
eco friendly and fun! - by love making my coffee with these! It tastes great and I know I'm helping reduce my waste
Too hard to clean - by CoffeeSock, Chemex Reusable Coffee Filter, 6-10 Cup
been using for years - by I have been using these for years. They last forever because you can wash them when they stop filtering well.
Everything Old Is New Again - by In some cases, something that was an old way of doing things is actually better than our modern, new and improved disposable way of life. Case in point are these wonderful CoffeeSock Chemex Reusable Coffee Filters. Some old style coffeemakers back in the 1920's through the 1950's utilized cotton filters, and that required rinsing out the filter, and allowed for the reuse of said filter. Well, here we have these wonderful CoffeeSock filters, and all you do is boil them, then use them in place of paper filters. They are, in a word, perfect. I use them with my Melitta, with my Chemex pots, and they work just as good as or even better than the paper filters. This is such a sensible way to filter coffee, or tea, for that matter, and one never needs to worry whether or not one has paper filters on the pantry shelf. I highly recommend them, they work, they make sense from an expense point.
Works well - by These are great. No more paper flavor to my coffee and much more cost effective and environmentally friendly in the long run. Boil a few times to clean them and remove buildup.

Chemex Reusable Coffee Filter, 6-10 Cup

2 each
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