CoffeeSock® is a family owned company, est. 2011. All of our products are designed and made by hand in Austin, Texas. All Of Our Filters Out-Perform Any Comparable Disposable And Reusable Filters. Why not paper filters? 2.25 Billion Cups Of Coffee Are Consumed Globally Every Day. Assuming That At Least 1/3 Of Those Cups Are Currently Made With Paper Filters In 8 Cup Batches, 750 Million Paper Filters Are Being Made And Discarded, Each And Every Day. 275 Billion Per Year. It Takes The Equivalent Of 1.5 Million Trees To Make That Many Filters Annually. In One Year The Volume Of Trash Created By The Filters Only (Not Accounting For The Grounds) Is Enough To Fill 128 Buildings The Size Of The Louvre To A Height Of 10 Feet. Each CoffeeSock® Filter Replaces 4- 12 Boxes Of Paper Filters Per Year, Plus Your Coffee Tastes Better. "You change the world one sock at a time. Didn't discard or soil the seas. Kept the trees, fed the bees. Making caffeine, not chlorine. Brewing it rich, without a hitch. You're a SockStar! SockOn!"

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