Mushroom Coffee Mix with Lion's ManeMushroom Coffee Mix with Lion's Mane4897039310776Brain fuel! Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix combines lion's mane and chaga mushrooms with half the amount of caffeine in a regular cup of coffee. Enjoy this drink with your favorite frothy nut milk, a natural sweetener, or on its own.10 packets
Good healthy coffee option - by I am not a coffee drinker but really enjoy this!
love it! - by soo good!
I love this stuff - by Excellent for your health. Good tasting. It does take time getting used to but worth it for all the benefits.
Regular Purchase for Me - by I enjoy Four Sigma Think when I have a rigorous workday and truly notice an increase of clear thinking with no caffeine jitters.
enjoyed it... - by Tastes great has just enough caffine to be drank in morning or afternoon. just wish the box was bigger and you got a little more for your money. still the best tasting out there.
Four Sigmatic
Four Sigmatic

Mushroom Coffee Mix with Lion's Mane

10 packets$1.08/packet
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