Mushroom Coffee Mix with Lion's ManeMushroom Coffee Mix with Lion's Mane4897039310776Brain-fuel blend of superfood mushrooms: lion’s mane & chagaHalf the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffeeTry it with Four Sigmatic’s Functional Creamer10 packets
Can’t live without it - by Fully addicted to four sigmatic’s instant coffee mix!
Love this sooooo much! - by This has changed my life. Love the little packets - portion control matters! On the weekends I add a tad bit of local honey and a splash of oat milk. During the week I drink it plain. As an Italian, I endorse 100%!
The only coffee I drink at home - by As someone with crippling anxiety but needs to get through a lot of work, this is my go to. No jitters and tastes great with my brown sugar oat creamer. It’s pricey but as long as I can afford it, I get it.
No, no, no - by I don't care if they put mushrooms in here from the most indigenous territory, this coffee isn't worth it's price.
Perfect! - by Love this brand! This product is perfect for camping trips. So delicious
Four Sigmatic
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