Organic Cooked BeetsOrganic Cooked Beets850996004434You can’t beat Love Beets. Each vacuum-packed container features organic freshly cooked veggies that are ready to be eaten hot or cold, in a salad or sandwich or as a main side dish. Love Beets cooks each batch sous-vide to maintain ripeness and adds no extra ingredients, steering clear of artificial preservatives and colors. Gluten-free.8.8 oz bag
Delicious - by Delicious and convenient alternative to peeling, cooking, etc.
Love Beets - by Delicious beets but fooled by the image that showed 6 beets...I got 2.
Very good - by These are great, and I love that they’re shelf stable when you get them. Perfect for adding into salads, or smoothies. Yummy!
So easy - by I love that these beets are prepped and ready to go. It’s a great convenience product, especially if you want beets for a salad or something quick.
Tasty and handy - by Great to have just sitting in the fridge for whenever a salad may call for them. Tasty, last well, high quality.
Love Beets
Love Beets

Organic Cooked Beets

8.8 oz bag
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