Champagne Reserve Wine VinegarChampagne Reserve Wine Vinegar786969030097At Napa Valley Naturals, we handcraft this artisan vinegar by combining different lots of sparkling wine from several California cellars. Each year we decant a small amount and slowly age it in oak barrels. Then we bottle it to retain the delicate crispness and golden color of premium Champagne made from Chardonnay grapes. You can use it anywhere you would use white wine vinegar, yet want to add the fresh and zesty flavor of Champagne. Its light and crisp flavor is great at holiday time and even better suited for the summer heat. It is best combined with our Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make an outstanding dipping oil or vinaigrette. This vinegar is made from handpicked, vine-ripened chardonnay grapes.12.7 oz bottle
Great for salad dressings - by Adds great flavor to salad dressings
Pantry staple - by Use this in my salads. Favorite acid for a simple green salad.
Kim L - by Delicious flavor with a little kick. Great on anything.
Love this pleasant vinegar! - by I’ve used to deglaze pans with meats to creat a nice sauce and I think this ingredient really enhanced the flavors
My FAVORITE - by Love it
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Champagne Reserve Wine Vinegar

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