Vegan Coconut Milk PowderVegan Coconut Milk Powder043182001014Native Forest makes its organic coconut milk powder by spray-drying fresh coconut milk, then adding select plant-based ingredients including three percent tapioca syrup and less than one percent of sugar esters to protect and balance the nutrients as the milk transforms into a delicious coconut milk powder. You'll find tons of heart-healthy fats in each 5.25 oz pouch (and no trans fats) of powdered coconut milk. Native Forest Coconut Milk Powder is a healthy option for everyone to use. Native Forest Coconut Milk Powder has only 50 calories per serving, 5 grams of sodium, 2 grams of carbohydrates, and no cholesterol.5.25 oz pouch
okay - by it's not the best substitute for cooking. It's a bit thin but will work if your in a pinch.
great alternative to canned milk - by I love this stuff and always keep a pouch on hand in case I run out of canned coconut milk, or just want a little bit and don't want to open an entire can. It does take a bit of work to dissolve, even in hot beverages, but the flavor is excellent. Been putting it in my coffee along with some Equal Exchange cocoa powder and a little bit of honey, and it's a wonderful treat.
Delicious - by I used this to make homemade hot cocoa mix for holiday gifts.
Delicious - by I use this to make dairy free hot cocoa. Delicious!
used once - by i used this once and it clumped and i wasnt a fan
Native Forest
Native Forest

Vegan Coconut Milk Powder

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