Chardonnay 2019Chardonnay 2019T01106Citrus and white fruit flavors are married with subtle oak in this organic Argentinian Chardonnay. It has a pleasantly creamy texture, yet it’s not overpoweringly buttery. Sip a glass on its own, or watch the wine shine when paired with any type of meat. Fun fact: Mendoza, Argentina’s high elevation and low precipitation during the growing season provide farmers with ample opportunity to grow grapes organically, without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides.One 750 ml bottle
Tasty - by This was a great Chardonnay. Light and fruity. Can’t go wrong for the price point.
Delicious - by Very nice bottle of wine.
Flat, - by Not my type of Chardonnay. Awful on my tongue. Very tasteless, unpleasant, no volume, character, oak, or creamy texture. I loved only that it's organic and sugar free.
organic wine - by Great price and taste.
Awesome - by I usually hate Chardonnay but this one is excellent. It's sweet but refreshing and not too fruity. My husband also enjoyed it and he doesn't normally drink white wines.
Asado Cruz
Asado Cruz

Chardonnay 2019

One 750 ml bottle
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