Organic Ketchup

24 oz bottle

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24 oz bottle

Why You’ll Love It

Annie's Ketchup is made with organic ingredients including tomato paste, distilled white vinegar, cane sugar, onion, allspice, clove, and sea salt. That’s it. There are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, and no GMOs. Its great for glazing meatloaf or adding to a side of sweet potato fries!
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About This Brand

Annie Withey started Annie’s Homegrown with a one mission: to create tasty organic food that wouldn’t break your bank. With her partner Andrew Martin, they launched the company in 1989 and are known for providing people with healthy and delicious macaroni and cheese. Almost 30 years later, Annie’s Homegrown has emerged as a clear leader in affordable, natural, organic, comfort foods. The start of Annie’s Homegrown During the 1990s, Annie’s Homegrown got their start by selling their homemade mac and cheese to independently owned natural food shops and regional supermarkets in the New England area. Slowly but surely, the buzz around Annie’s food grew as they amassed a large following by word of mouth. The rise of Annie’s Homegrown Annie’s customers were so passionate, they collectively bought a small minority share of the company in the mid 90s. That influx of cash directly from their fans enabled Annie’s Homegrown to to increase production. Absolute accessibility with...
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*Tomato paste, *distilled white vinegar, water, *cane sugar, sea salt, *onion, *allspice, *clove. *Organic ingredients.

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Serving Size 1 Tbsp (17g) Servings Per Container About 40

Amount Per Serving

Calories 15

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Sodium 130mg 5%
Total Carbohydrate 5g 2%
Sugars 4g
Protein 0g

Reviews For Organic Ketchup

Based on 53 Reviews

Better than Heinz

We used to get wholesale size bottles of ketchup laden with corn syrup and other questionable chemicals. When I decided to try out Annie's it was love at first dip. This ketchup is so much more flavorful, I don't miss any of the mystery ingredients in our old ketchup.

- Emily Maurer


best ever and great taste,will use again and again

- Carole

Love it

After my Whole30, I couldn't go back to Heinz or Hunts ketchup so I decided to give this one a try. It tastes great - the perfect mix of sweet and tangy. Perfect texture. Will definitely buy it again.

- Jen

The "gateway" organic product

My family has been more than a bit hesitant with my new push to include organic, cage-free, grass-fed, big 8 allergen free, etc. to our regular diet. Both parents have some serious health issues and, it's my belief that better diet would help some of those.

Thank you Annie's and Thrive--between the ketchup, gf shells and cheese, and other products that I've been introducing, the family has actually started to open up to the idea.

(And my dad actually prefers the Annie's ketchup to Hunts!)

- Stash

Pretty good

Ketchup is a basic staple in the fridge. I like this one because it is not overly sweet like a Heinz ketchup.

- Yadira

Completely delicious.

This is by far the best organic (or otherwise better then standard brand) ketchup I've had thus far. Really tasty, smooth and I plan to buy again for sure. Wouldn't recommend for people who aren't into a stronger vinegar flavor, and definitely runnier then expected but I do enjoy.

- Amber


My son loves ketchup and he is picky and this one taste really good

- Grace

best ketchup ever

I love organic but I hate the price. This is by far the best ketchup I've ever tasted AND it's organic.. can't beat it!

- Yvette Z-Garriga

Good purchase!

I love ketchup and recently decided that I want to switch to organic. I didn't know what the taste would be like but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it! I will definitely continue to use this brand!

- Lauren F.

Beats the "brand" name ketchups

I was skeptical, but I decided to try Annie's Organic Ketchup, and I'm glad that I did.

For me, this trumps the big brand name ketchups, including Heinz & Hunts. I'm ordering more.

- Tom

No Soy!

I bought this because there wasn't any soybean oil used in it. It's great ketchup. Love it and will buy again.

- danielle


We love the taste of Annie's Organic Ketchup. We were a little surprised at how watery it was compared to what we were use to, but the flavor was great and you get use to the consistency.

- elizabeth

Annie's Ketchup

This ketchup beats out the two most popular brands. The flavor is robust & sweet. I am ordering a case on payday!

- Donna W.

Good organic ketchup

Good alternative to those brands that include high fructose corn syrup in their ingredients. Have used Annie's for years and it tastes great!

- Kj

great taste

I love the taste of this ketchup. Even more, I love that it has natural ingredients that I feel good about serving my grandchildren.

- Betsy


natural and good tasting

- Carole


Super bummed, because while this is good stuff, mine is watery and so I have to be careful when I go to "squeeze" it on my food. Is organic ketchup suppose to be watery? This is my first time trying it.

- Irene Rivera

My favorite

This is my favorite ketchup and Thrive has a good price. I highly recommend it.

- Sue

Good buy

This is a good price for a good product. I used to buy at Wegman's when I lived in northern Virginia, but haven't seen it down here in south Florida.

- Bruce

Not what I'm used to.

The taste was awesome, and the creamy, deep red color definitely looks more natural than our more popular shelf brands, but buyer be warned, this ketchup was significantly more runny than what I've used in the past. I like thick, almost paste-like consistency to my condiments, so if you're in the same boat, I would suggest something else.

- Jaime

Best Ketchup.. seriously!

Ive just started eating much healthier and i didnt even think to look at my ketchup... i was so mad when i saw high fructose corn syrup in mine, so I knew i needed to go Organic. I decided to try this brand and I was a bit ervouse that it would taste super funky and I almost opted to mix it with the old ketchup sovit wasnt a compete change.. I didnt do that and tried it as is and WOW!!!! THIS KETCHUP IS 10X TASTIER THAN HEINZ AND SO MUCH HEALTHIER! I actually stopped eating my breakfast and tried to write my review on it right then (but the email to do so had not arrived yet!) I will most definately be buying this again and again! Yum yum!

- Danielle

Organic Ketchup

WOW!!!!!! Never had Ketchup like this before. It's so thick and rich The flavour is to die for. Do you have bigger bottles?

- Florence


I was hesitant to try this KETCHUP but I'm so GLAD I did. I taste great, What real ketchup should taste like, I can actually taste the ingredients. Will be buying this Over and Over again.


my favorite catsup!

I was happy to see that Thrive had my favorite catsup.

- Carolyn


I was super hesitant to try an organic ketchup because I love Huntz brand. I'm a serious ketchup ingest-er. This ketchup had a 'strong' taste to it, but in a good way. As if, you don't have to use a lot of it. A little goes a long way. It was runnier than expected, but not so runny that it would fall off your food. I am very pleased with this purchase and I will continue to use this ketchup!

- Amanda

Very pleased

I don't like how most ketchup's in regular stores have high fructose corn syrup, so I have started on the path of organic ketchup's, and am familiar with Annie's brand of products. I love ketchup

- Betsy

Your organic products

Your prices are very high in comparison to organic products from stores You alsocan't shop fresh vegetables.

- Nicholas Karant

Best Ketchup!

As far as I'm concerned, there isn't another ketchup worth buying besides Annie's!

- Brenna

Annie's ketchup

Contains white vinegar. Isn't that a product of wheat?

- bob7971


Probably the best ketchup I've ever tasted...the kids love it too. When I got my last shipment though, I was a little upset that the expiration dates weren't too far off, just about 3-4 months. Apparently this wasn't an issue because it was all gone in that time. Maybe I should reassess just how much ketchup my kids (and I) consume?! ;)

- Francine

best ketchup

A real treat to be able to buy organic ketchup and very tasty. will continue to buy this

- eleanor


We like this ketchup, but it does still have sugar in it. I finally found some that has no sugar, but when I can't get it, this is my next choice.

- Melinda


The only way this can get any better is if you are making it at home. It even tastes great!

- Cynthia

great ketchup

love it

- susan

Good Stuff

My son loves this ketchup. He says it's better than the other non-organic stuff. #winning

- Heather

Annie's Organic Ketchup

This is the ONLY ketchup I use. It has the perfect consistency and sweetness that we want in a ketchup product.

- Deb


This is so good. Plain and simple.

- Kristen

Annie's ketchup

I tasted it & liked it a lot. But when my 9 year old granddaughter said she liked it, I knew it was good.

- Genia

Tastes Great

My whole family loves this!

- Rose

Great Flavor!

We love the flavor of Annie's Organic Ketchup! We enjoy it on our hamburgers especially. We are trying to switch over to more organic products, and this is a great one!

- Barbara Quick

Happy in Nebraska

Great tasting organic ketchup...dead ringer for Heinz, except its organic. Great job Annie's!

- Yolanda

Too runny for my liking.

For those occasions when my children like to eat burgers and hot dogs, I wanted a healthier substitution for one of their favorite toppings.

I feel at peace that the ingredients in this ketchup are all natural. However, the vinegar can be overpowering, making the ketchup somewhat acidic. The consistency is also less thick then what we are used to. I am hoping that after a few uses my kids become accustomed to the flavor.

- Maryann

Solid ketchup, no preservatives!

This is a brand I feel comfortable giving to my kids. No HFCS, no preservatives, not a ridiculous amount of sugar. You really can't go wrong with this ketchup. And you can really taste the difference. This actually has some tomato flavor and isn't overwhelmingly sweet. It's nice that I can actually taste some complexity in a condiment as common as ketchup. Plus, it's not so disgustingly acidic; it doesn't burn or come back up after you've eaten it, and it doesn't have that coppery chemical aftertaste. Another great product by Annie's, and hats off to Thrive for carrying the brand at such affordable prices.

- Tim

Favorite Ketchup Ever!

I use this ketchup on everything! Eggs, hotdogs, hamburgers and all those wonderful things! I love that the color is dark- reminds me that this is the color it is suppose to be! This ketchup is organic and super flavorful.

My only disappointment is that the thickness sometimes makes it hard to get the sauce out of the bottle. My solution is that I just leave it out on the counter for a few minutes prior to use which gives it some time to warm-up and come out easier. I will continue to buy this!

- Sherman Larson

My favorite!

This ketchup is truly the best! The balance of sweet and savory is perfectly done with this product. Besides for it tasting great, I am happy to give this product to my kids because there are no added antibiotics or hormones, it's pesticide free, and cruelty-free! I would gladly recommend this ketchup to a friend, even if they aren't concerned with a healthier/cleaner lifestyle.

- Myrtle W

The only ketchup we buy!

My son loves this ketchup! I was very happy to find a 24oz bottle that was priced right since we use it all the time. Thrive Market rocks!

- Maybelline

Best Ketchup I've EVER had!

I honestly thought I was going to regret purchasing an organic, gluten free ketchup. I am SO happy I opted to try it. I will definitely not be switching ketchup brands anytime soon! I now have to limit how much ketchup I apply to my plate since I know I would consume more than recommended if I didn''s that good!

- Lisa

Great organic option

I like this option. It's organic, gluten free and it makes me feel good about my diet. However, it is a bit mild tasting and it is a little runny. It makes hot dog buns and hamburger buns a little mushy.

I feel good about my children eating it though and it's great on fries!

- Claire

Can't believe the price

Thrive Market offers this delicious ketchup at a great price. I can't believe it. I really like this condiment, it tastes like tomatoes right out of my garden. I like that unlike regular ketchup it doesn't just taste like red paste loaded with sugar. I feel good about using ketchup now.

- Goldie

Great Tomato Taste

This tastes so much more "tomato" than most of the ketchup brands I've tried in the past. It tastes pretty good, and I love that it doesn't taste nearly as "sweet". It has very little sugar in it, and it's very low calorie compared to other ketchups. The sodium is a bit higher than I'd prefer, but it's not nearly as bad as non-organic brands. This is the only ketchup we keep in our house now.

- Teresa

Good but mild

Well I thought organic was supposed to taste richer than standard? This is ok, but I wanted a more strong taste of naturally grown tomatoes.

It is less sweet than the one I buy at the store, and that's good, but it's not as thick and I like my ketchup thick. Maybe I need to get used to it, but it's just ok.

- Sheila Eaton

Wow, you can taste tomatoes

Most ketchup is very sweet. It can make your food taste of nothing but sugar. I found Annie's on Thrive. Good price.

Very little sugar, a lot of rich tomatoes, and a few spices. Brings out the flavor of your meat, without drowning it all in sweetness.

- Samir

Pure tomato goodness

As ketchups go, Annie's is the best I've had. And I've had quite a few, though I've stuck with Heinz for years. Can't hold a candle to this.

Pure organic tomatoes, some natural spices and that's it. You taste the freshness of tomato and very little of that sugary aftertaste. So delicious on everything from hot dogs to fries.

- Shawna Ellis

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