While many snack foods aren’t particularly healthy, Paleonola believes that everyone deserves a nutritious treat that tastes delicious. To accomplish this, Paleonola has developed a line of grain-free granolas that are made of nothing but wholesome ingredients such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and berries. How Paleonola got started Dinos Stamoulis is a former professional hockey player and has been an avid follower of the Paleo diet since 2008. Although, when transitioning to this way of eating, he was upset to learn that he had to give up one of his favorite snacks—granola. To remedy this, his wife Katelyn came up with a recipe for a grain-free granola that is made with a number of healthy nuts and seeds, fruits, oils, and seasonings. As the Paleo diet and gluten-free eating have become more popular in recent years, people have been looking to alternative food options to sub in for their favorites. Because of this, the couple decided to make their Paleo granola available to everyone, launching Paleonola in 2011, with a total of six different tasty blends to choose from. Paleonola products are in fact Paleo Paleo is a lifestyle built around the concept that modern humans shouldn’t eat processed foods, but instead return to a diet similar to the caveman. Paleo embraces vegetables, meats, fish, and fruits, while rejecting dairy, grains, and processed foods. Followers of this diet agree collectively that the human body has not evolved enough to digest the foods many farms produce, such as grains and sugar. For thousands of years, humans ate a certain way for a reason and Paleo practitioners believe it may be time to return to it and cut out what isn’t natural for better health and nutrition. Paleonola products are also gluten-free Gluten-free means that the food you’re about to eat is free of gluten, a protein found in wheat. This ingredient is responsible for things like the elasticity of bread and the hoppiness of beer. For many people, gluten isn’t necessarily bad since whole grains and other foods containing gluten can be a source of fiber and essential nutrients. For a percentage of the population, however, celiac disease and gluten sensitivity make this protein difficult to eat and can cause a number of digestive issues. Paleonola products are vegan, too If something is vegan, that means the food you’re about to consume is free of animal products. With that said, Paleonola only uses natural ingredients such as nuts, seeds, fruits, oils, and seasonings—and no animal products or byproducts. Products that Paleonola sells If you’re at the office and need a light snack, or it’s after dinner and you’re craving a little something sweet, Paleonola is here is to serve you snacks that are uncompromisingly tasty yet nutritious. Here are just some of the options sold at Thrive Market. Paleonola Apple Pie Grain-Free Granola With hearty chunks of dried apples, almonds, and pecans, this grain-free granola tastes almost like the apple pie your granny used to make. The real secret of this treat is coconut oil, which is known to contain healthy fats that are good for the body. Paleonola Chocolate Fix Grain-Free Granola Made with organic cacao powder and dried cranberries, this grain-free granola is a sweet treat that can’t be beat. Instead of a heavy dessert, munch on some of this chocolatey treat for a healthier alternative. Best of all, it can be enjoyed with your choice of milk or Greek yogurt if you’re looking for a little something extra. Paleonola Maple Pancake Grain-Free Granola Whoever said pancakes could only be a breakfast food was mistaken. Infused with vanilla extract, a touch of cinnamon, and 100 percent organic maple syrup, this grain-free granola is absolutely delectable. With the addition of almonds, you not only get a bit of extra crunch, but a dose of protein and healthy fatty acids as well. Paleonola Original Grain-Free Granola Paleonola original grain-free granola is where it all began. Although it doesn’t have the sweetness of the other options, that doesn’t mean it lacks any flavor or nutritional value. In fact, it’s full of delicious nuts and seeds, and blended it with a generous portion of unsweetened coconut and berries.

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