RJ's Licorice

RJ's Licorice was started by the Halliwell family in their home country of New Zealand. Because they loved this sweet confectionary treat so much they decided to do one thing—create licorice—and do it really well. And, since this candy originated in New Zealand, they already had the Kiwi know-how and ingenuity. The Halliwells brought one the finest licorice making facilities from Fargo, North Dakota back home where they were able to start their family-owned company. The Halliwells believe in sticking to what they know and love, which has allowed them to produce some of the best licorice around. And they don’t just make the classic chewy black and red sticks—they stretch their licorice boundaries to some wildly delicious flavors. How RJ’s makes licorice As New Zealand’s only manufacturer that focuses solely on licorice confectionery products, RJ’s Licorice has been in business for over 20 years. All of their products are made right in their home country with only some of the finest non-GMO, sustainably sourced ingredients. And best of all, their candies are free from any animal products, making these delicious treats suitable for vegetarians and vegans, too. RJ’s Licorice products you can find at Thrive Market Once you've tried RJ's Licorice, you taste buds may be craving more. Here’s a look at the different flavors you can expect to find at Thrive Market. RJ’s Licorice Soft Eating Natural Black Licorice RJ’s Soft Eating Natural Black Licorice is the most traditional yet satiating form of this chewy treat. Years of research (and taste testing) was undertaken to develop this black and red soft eating chew, balancing perfect mouth-feel with the right amount of fruit flavors. That’s not the only flavor to try, however, you can also get it in delicious raspberry. Other RJ’s Licorice products you can enjoy Explore all of RJ’s chewy treats from bite size bits, to long licorice logs. There’s something that everyone can enjoy and so many different flavors: RJ’s Licorice Choc Twists Licorice and chocolate just got a bit twisted with this new confectionery treat. RJ’s has taken their original licorice recipes and filled them with smooth delectable Belgian-style milk chocolate centers. Being licorice innovators, they didn’t stop there. They also have made combos like mango and white chocolate, as well as raspberry and milk chocolate for you to enjoy. RJ’s Licorice Allsorts RJ’s Licorice Allsorts are a classic confectionery with individual colors and flavors, such as lime, orange, raspberry, lemon, and banana. So if you’re feeling like more than one type of licorice, rip open a bag of these mixed chews. RJ’s Licorice Bullets and Chocolate Licorice Balls Pop these treats into your mouth for a delicious licorice meets chocolate flavor. Hidden inside creamy Belgian milk chocolate is their special black licorice. But that’s not the only flavor you can have. These bullets and rounds also come in raspberry chocolate, which have a deep, fruity flavor. RJ’s Licorice Logs For those self-indulgent moments, enjoy RJ's Licorice Logs. They’re just like the long licorice chews you had when you were a kid, but now there’s even more inventive flavors to savor. That includes Natural Black Soft (the original), Licorice Chocolate (licorice filled with a chocolate center), Raspberry Chocolate (raspberry licorice filled with a chocolate center), Strawberry White Chocolate, Mango White Chocolate, and Pineapple Chocolate. RJ’s Licorice gives back RJ’s Licorice is proud to say that they give back in more ways than one. Aside from producing delicious candies that people love, they also contribute to local projects in their home country, and sponsor people and organizations that they believe in. Halliwell Turf Project RJ’s wanted to give back to their local community of Levin, New Zealand, so they began laying turf in recreational areas to encourage young kids and adults to play sports. Every few years they replace the turf to keep it in good condition for the next generation to come. That Blind Woman: Julie Woods Julie Woods is a confectioner that makes amazingly delicious Licorice Chocolate Truffles even without the ability to see. Her company is called Those Bloody Truffles Again, and she approached RJ’s Licorice to sponsor her new book, How to Make a Silver Lining: 8 Keys for Adapting to Extraordinary Change. Her self-made brand is known as “That Blind Woman,” and despite her condition, she puts tons of positive energy into everything around her, finding obstacles as an opportunity to overcome barriers and fears. Life Education Trust RJ’s Licorice is a proud sponsor of this organization that gives the young people of New Zealand positive health-based education, and the knowledge of how to live a fulfilling and healthy life.

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