Almonds & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate - 55% Cocoa

3.2 oz bar

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3.2 oz bar
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Why You’ll Love It

Made with semi-sweet Belgian dark chocolate, crunchy, whole roasted almonds mingle with a sprinkle of sea salt crystals for an incredible flavor boost that also packs in dietary fiber, protein, and iron. Although chocolate is often considered a guilty pleasure, only good feelings come from enjoying one of Chocolove’s premium bars.
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About This Brand

Chocolate bars made with the classic techniques of Europe's finest chocolatiers.Tucked away in Boulder, Colorado sits an unassuming building where a little magic takes place... Every day, decadent chocolate bars are carefully crafted using the timeless combination of chocolate and love.Chocolove chocolate bars are available in 24 distinct flavors that range from a sweet, creamy Milk Chocolate with a 33% cocoa content, up to an Extra Strong Dark with an impressively strong yet smooth 77% cocoa content. Tied to chocolate's natural counterpart, love, each bar resembles a love letter, complete with a romantic poem.For the past 18 years, Chocolove has been quietly developing a loyal consumer following in natural and organic food stores around the country, including Whole Foods and Wild Oats. In 2005, Chocolove began its expansion into gourmet and conventional grocers, such as King Soopers, Gelson’s, HEB and Bristol Farms, making this delightful treat more readily available to its...
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Cocoa liquor, sugar, almonds, cocoa butter, sea salt, soy lecithin, vanilla.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1/3 Bar (30 g) Servings Per Container 3

Amount Per Serving

Calories 170 Calories from Fat 80

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 11g 18%
Saturated Fat 6g 29%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 80mg 3%
Total Carbohydrate 15g 5%
Dietary Fiber 3g 10%
Sugars 11g
Protein 2g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 15%

May contain traces of milk, wheat, peanuts, or other nuts.

Reviews For Almonds & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate - 55% Cocoa

Based on 53 Reviews

This is my new love

This has become one of my favorite snacks. Not only is it delicious, but give you peace of knowing that it isn't full of artificial ingredients. This barely last 24 hours once it enters the house.

- Marquita Drayton

My favorite

This is my favorite chocolate bar, hands down. I eat an embarrassing lot of them. Rich and creamy with just the right amount of crunch from the almonds and bite from the sea salt. I can't recommend highly enough.

- Kristin

The best

The best chocolate bar I've tasted.

- stephen

This chocolate is YUMMY

This chocolate bar with the almonds and just the right amount of salt is amazing. Not to sweet either!

- Julia


I love this chocolate bar. I've been buying it from WF for years at roughly the same price. Dangerous to buy it in bulk now!

- Denice Swinnen

Tastes GREAT - wish it was 70%+

I love dark chocolate and it's actually very healthy. The Almonds & Sea Salt was an excellent combination but wish it had a higher % of cocoa. At 70% or more I would make it my "go to" bar!

- David Montieth


This is heaven. Love the subtle taste of salt it's dark chic and crunchy almond. To die for

- Myriam

The perfect chocolate bar

I love these so much I order them a dozen at a time. They're the prefect balance of sweet and savory, low sugar all things considered and one bar makes for 3 days of a delightful treat!

- Dyana

Almonds & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bar

My favorite splurge. My daily crossword puzzle is impossible to do unless I have a square or two in my hand!

- Carolyn

chocolate almonds & sea salt

This product did not wow me. Just did not have a distinct chocolate flavor. Just blah.

- Mary

Chocolover's delight!

I hate to eat and tell, but they were pretty good.

- Walter

Chocolate xoxo

I have purchased Chocolate xoxo for many years now at Whole Foods, consistently good product.
The two I ordered from "Thrive" we're melted upon Arrival to me here in Fl. I had to dispose od the bars. I still have paperwork . Sent from Batesville, IN.
Very dissappointed , I also ordered the free coconut oil that was offered at the time & still have not received it.
Thanks for checking,

- Barbara


Both my boyfriend and I agree, this was the best chocolate bar we have ever had!!

- Beth

favorite chocolate

This was an amazing price for this chocolate bar!

- Christina


Just the right amount of dark chocolate and almonds!

- Bucket

The Best!

I discovered these bars at a local produce market at twice the price! They are by far the best chocolate I've ever had. So happy to have found them here!

- Thrive User

O M G so good

I love this brand, but this is my favorite flavor! The hint of salt makes it just that much better!

- Susan Barrons


This is top-of-the-notch dark chocolate with the perfect blend of sea salt and almonds. Yummy!

- Angie

Best chocolate bar ever

Just the right amount of cocoa, hint of seas although and deliciousness!

- Mari Burri


I will buy a case of these

- Jacqueline

Didn't Mean To...

I usually have two squares of dark chocolate a day to satisfy my sweet tooth. I'm not a great moderator, more of an abstainer, but surprisingly this usually works. However, I had my two squares of this bar and *somehow* ended up eating the whole thing in one sitting. It was good! That said, I probably won't order often because I usually buy darker chocolate (closer to 70+%). I'll definitely make exceptions for this one.

- Amanda


Love this bar (hubs does too!) - perfect sized squares for when you need just a li'l somethin' sweet, and the teeny sea salts add the perfect tang to that sweetness along with the crunch from the almonds!

- Amanda

Almonds and Sea Salt Cocoa Bar

I love anything with sea salt and caramel so I have to limit myself or I would eat it all in one setting. I like the dark chocolate 55% I think it was but the darker the better because I eat less. I had a 90% dark chocolate with hot pepper in it. It was wonderful. Getting away from the subject, easily done talking chocolate. I give it a 5 star rating

- Amanda


That was really good chocolate!

- Linda

a new favorite

this chocolate is delicious with lots of almonds and a hint of salt

- Virginia

Yummy & Dairy Free

Tasty dairy free option.

- Collette


I recommend this to everyone, it was awesome!

- jomara

Almonds & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bar

Absolutely my favorite "candy." Couldn't get the daily crossword puzzle finished without it!

- Carolyn Weinheimer


I can honestly say this chocolate bar did not last longer than a day at my house! So yummy. My favorite that I have ordered yet!

- Megan

Smooth & Sexy

Wow, this chocolate is so smooth and sexy as well, as you take one bite and close your eyes!!

- Cindy

Best dark chocolate ever!

I have never been a fan of dark chocolate but after one bite of this Chocolove, they have gained one more fan. All of my friends have turned to it as well! It contains the perfect amount of bitterness and sweetness with yummy almonds in every piece. Personally, the sugar content is too high and I have become addicted. I'm not sure how I will cut down on these.

- Jody Garcia

The absolute BEST

Such a great combination. I don't even really like almonds normally, but I got hooked on these. Everything just tastes so high-quality. The chocolate is smooth and rich and flavorful. And the almonds taste fresh and hearty and nutty, not stale. And there's just enough salt, almond, and chocolate in the bar for EVERY bite to be perfect and delicious. I've had a hard time finding them at the store (I always see the boxes, but there's never any left, no surprise!) so I started getting them online. A lot of sites offer them at a good rate if you buy a whole case, but I just about lost it when I saw the price here. Now I can get a few at a time instead of having to spend $30 at a time to save the most money. A huge plus for me is their commitment to sustainability and fair wages, and they were very transparent with who their suppliers are and where their ingredients come from. The love poems in the wrappers are also a nice touch. Great company, awesome chocolate, happy me!

- Melvin

Eat in a Group!

Sometimes after dinner or after a work day, I share a chocolate bar with my children. We break pieces off and talk. This bar is high quality and made in the USA!

My only objection is the sea salt. I wish there was slightly less salt. This is a fine line when eating dark chocolate- sometimes it just doesn't mix well. I would buy again, just not my favorite bar.

- Hugh Lane

Surprisingly love this bar

I got this for my husband because he likes dark chocolate and I wanted nothing to do with it. He was so impressed and forced me to try it, it's so delicious! The combination of almonds, sea salt, and chocolate is basically irresistible. A must try even if you don't like dark chocolate!

- L. Peters


These are perfect! Sweet-Salty-Crunchy, and they break apart easily so that I can eat just a little at a time. Yeah, you'll have to watch yourself with these, or share a bar with a friend, because they are so good you will eat the whole thing, and maybe another.

But what I thought was really cool, when I opened up the wrapper, there was a poem by John Clare written on the inside! How cute! I'm going to buy a bunch of these and give them out as valentines!

- Maria Garza

So good!

Not a dark chocolate fan but this is actually so good! It isn't bitter and the salt compliments the chocolate perfectly. Some bites are a little too salty but for the most part it's the perfect balance!

- Emily

Not a big fan of dark-chocolate, but this is pretty good.

I will be the first to tell anyone that I'm not a big fan of dark chocolate, in spite of the the health benefits. However, this chocolate is 55% cocoa, thus tolerable and does not have that bitterness, that dark chocolate tends to have sometime. Also, the sea salt adds a nice touch. However, they could use a tad bit less salt. The whole almonds are an added treat! Overall, I like it.

- Ann

I normally avoid anything with any type of nut

But this is something different. I can't even taste the almonds, which was a major concern of mine. Really great.

- Erica

Best chocolate bars!

I have tried many organic and vegan chocolate bars and these are by far the best! Perfect mix of chocolate, almonds and sea salt. They are my go to bars for my chocolate cravings. Delicious!

- Renee


This is a great chocolate bar with just the right amount of salt in it, great price too!

- Coni

A Bit Too Much Salt for Me

I was excited to try this vegan chocolate bar. Vegan anything is often hard to find in my community. My neighbor has a membership to Thrive. He ordered me a sample to see if I would like it. He has been purchasing healthy foods from Thrive for a while now.

My neighbor invited me over for several meals and he used many ingredients he purchased on Thrive Market online. I found most of them very tasty. I signed up for my own membership today.

This particular chocolate bar is a bit too salty for my taste. But, I'm not discouraged yet. I will try more from Chocolove.

- S Ward

Cute and yummy

I love that Chocolove bars come with a cute love poem inside the wrapper. It's that little extra special something that brings a smile to your face. Another thing that brings a smile to my face is the taste of these. They are so delicious. There is just something about the way the sea salt compliments the dark chocolate. It's mouth watering.

- Alla Sheedy

Slightly too bitter

I like dark chocolate a lot, but you have to shop around to get the best taste.

Milk chocolate all tastes pretty much the same, but dark chocolate has a lot of variation in bitterness and texture. This bar is above average, but a little on the bitter side. I like my dark chocolate to have a little of an edge in bitterness, but this one lingered too much.

- Weston

Incredible Thrive price

First off, Chocolove makes the best dark chocolate I've tried.

The pieces break off easily and they aren't chewy. The sea salt and almonds go so well with dark chocolate, and it has more than 50 percent cacao, which is good.

Second, price! Wow, if you check out Amazon, a single bar is going for $7.50. Unbelievable for a 3 ounces of chocolate. Thrive has them at $2.25. I'm not great in math, but I think you can buy three bars on Thrive for the price of one on Amazon.

I am loving my Thrive membership! Thank you for offering us a choice on the market.

- Wallace P.

Dark and wonderful chocolate

Obviously everyone knows that dark chocolate beats milk chocolate in terms of health.

But some dark chocolate is really hard to chew and overly bitter. Not Chocolove. It's got a rich flavor and the pieces melt in your mouth. Slight bitter taste which is fine, and the salt is a nice contrast to the sweetness.

- Whitney Porter

Tastes Gourmet

Much better than milk chocolate without the bitter taste of some of the intense dark chocolates either. My kids really love these, and honestly, they taste like a gourmet chocolate bar, so I'm more-than-happy to eat some myself. It has an interesting salty taste which is unique to a chocolate bar, but you'd be surprised how tasty and addicting it can be once you've gotten used to it. Love that it's vegan too!

- M. Ackly

I love dark chocolate

This is a pretty good bar. Sometimes I am not a fan of the chunks of almond, but other than that I can't complain. They have such an amazing flavor. Decadent even.

I love sea salt in dark chocolate and feel it enhances the flavor of the chocolate itself. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

- Ash Seltzer

Interesting combination

I am still getting used to this idea of people putting sea salt into everything. Salted caramel? Salted chocolate? I get that sea salt is better for you, but do we need it in everything?

I did actually kind of like these chocolate bars though. The taste is interesting. I think maybe the sea salt helped bring out the almond flavor more too, or maybe it's just my imagination.

- Benny

Best Chocolate!!

Bought this at Whole Foods one time when I was craving something sweet - absolutely fabulous and my boyfriend at the time said it's his favorite chocolate bar ever!

- Nicole

What a great combination of ingredients!

What a great combination of ingredients! I never thought having chocolate with sea salt was a good idea but, I've changed my mind. The packaging is so cute and the poem too. They definitely pass my chocolate quality taste. It’s Belgian! Love them. They are a luxury treat I can get and always put a smile on my face when I have them.

- Gail Pareja

My New Favorite Treat!

This chocolate bar is amazing. It gives a rich taste of milk chocolate without milk actually being into. Sea salt was an interesting ingredient to me but after I tasted it, I found the salt made the chocolate even better. Great taste enhanced with a crunchy texture, my new favorite treat!

- Gail Pareja

I love this chocolate!

This chocolate is so good and it's vegan! I don't think it's Fair Trade though, so that's the only drawback I can see and why I only gave 4 stars. It could be though. But it's so good. The touch of sea salt makes it!

- Naomi Dennis

Awesome chocolate bar!

Delicious, quality chocolate, with a good amount of salt to cut through the richness. This dark chocolate combines the best of dark and milk chocolates, but without the milk. The flavor is dark and intense without being bitter. It's sweet, but not overly so. It has great balance, and the almonds give it a bit of crunch and another layer of delicate flavor. It practically melts in your mouth and is absolutely, deliciously addicting - I could eat one of these every day! It's also a great vegan choice for chocolate lovers.

- A. Park

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