Caramel Sea Salt Toasted Gluten-Free Coconut Chips

3.17oz bag

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3.17oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

Each serving of Dang Caramel Sea Salt Chips has tons of heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamin C, and iron—the equivalent of eating a sizable chunk of raw coconut meat (except this way is a bit more flavorful). And since they have so much fiber, you only need a handful to feel full—though with so much goodness, feel free to indulge.
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About This Brand

Dang is named after my mother, who grew up eating food from some of the best chefs in the world: Bangkok’s street vendors. One day, she passed on her recipe for Thai Lettuce Wraps just like she used to have as a college student. I found myself involuntarily snacking on one of the ingredients - Toasted Coconut. It had a strong, sweet aroma and a very satisfying crunch. I immediately called my family, who have been importing goods to the US for more than 30 years, and with that, our company was born. Dang’s motto is “Dang, that's good!" We are forging ahead fast, bringing you unconventional culinary delights from around the globe. We’d love to hear from you – visit our Contact page and drop a line! Family - We are a family company, and as such we support each other to the fullest. Friends - We treat our partners and customers as we would treat our friends…with respect. Fun - We're happy and we know it! Food - We live to eat and we love to share what we eat. Culture - We're...
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Coconut, coconut sugar, sea salt.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 0.7 oz (20g) Servings Per Container 4.5

Amount Per Serving

Calories 110 Calories from Fat 60

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 7g 11%
Saturated Fat 7g 35%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 130mg 5%
Total Carbohydrate 11g 4%
Dietary Fiber 3g 12%
Sugars 7g
Protein 1g 2%

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 0%
Iron 6%

Reviews For Caramel Sea Salt Toasted Gluten-Free Coconut Chips

Based on 86 Reviews

Best Treat!

One bag is not enough!

- Tabitha Helms


I love these to snack on, but what really surprised me was that my picky 3 year old LOVES THEM.

- Teresa


Every piece was delicious. Hard to stop once you take the first bite!

- Kate


This stuff is really, really good. Enjoyed every last crumb of it!

- Mary

Heaven in a bag

Oh my! These are so incredibly delicious.

- Courtnee Hardie

awesomely delicious

These need to come in a bigger bag - they are so yummy, that it's hard to close the bag for the "next time"...

- Michele

A snack you can enjoy

I suppose if you don't care at all for coconut this would not be for you, but for the rest of us... it's got crunch, chew, plus a lightly sweet and enjoyable flavor. There's nothing in these that I have to avoid, as long as you can refrain from eating the entire bag at once. Particularly helpful if you are looking for something that isn't soft and gooey when you snack. So glad we tried these!

- Carrie


I could eat my weight in these. They are truly delicious and makes you feel as if you have had a special treat.

- Cathy

Dang awesome

These are the bomb. I mix it in with my yogurt and granola at breakfast. Love those crisp pieces. The price here is better than at the stores unless there's a sale.

- Marla Surratt



- Amy

Caramel Sea Salt


- Emma

All Things Dang are Dang Good

Tasty, crunchy, the perfect clean snack.

- Rose


I like to eat these alone, so I dont have to share and no one judges how I cram them in my mouth in ungracious handfuls. These need to be in your life.

- Kimberly

Ruined my dinner

I received my delivery, opened these coconut chips, and ate the whole bag, (right before dinner). DANG IT!

- Vicki


I can eat a whole bag in one sitting.... they're SO delicious!!

- Jennifer

Devilishly good

This one little bag brought me to my knees because of it delightful taste as well as its crunchy wholesomeness. I tell myself I need to share this sensation with my son --- but then I eat one [because one is ok] and before I even am aware of it that wonderful dishful is gone, and I never order more than one at a time, because this little bag for me is a single serving and I believe it supposed to be 3 servings.

- Janice Magnusson

Da Bomb

These are simply amazing!! I am not a fan of coconut at all. These are smothered in caramel (which masks the coconut flavor) and the coconut gives it a perfect crunch. This is the perfect snack for anyone who has a crazy sweet tooth like I do. I'm on Paleo and this is now my go to snack when I need something candy like.

- Dan

Favorite snack!

When I get the munchies I feel less guilt knowing I'm eating only coconut, coconut sugar and sea salt. There are soooo yummy

- Joy

Highly addictive

How can a food with two ingedients be so addictive. Try making your own trail mix.

- Daniel


These were fabulous gave some to coworkers they loved them too!

- susan

sooooo yummy

This has become my favorite sweet snack. just a bit sweet, a bit salty and a bit crisp - perfect!

- Holly


These coconut chips are delicious!! They are crunchy and sweet!

- Lisa

Wasn't what I

They weren't exactly what I was expecting.
They tasted good and crunchy for on top of smoothies.

- Kenneth

Great add on

Loved these with yogurt, fruit and honey.

- Elaine


Like these as a snack and in my salads. Crunchy and tasty!

- Virginia

So Delicious!

This is the first time I've tried these coconut chips and they are AMAZING! They have just the right amount of sweet vs. salty. And the crunch factor.......perfect!


Perfect Snack

The right amount of crunchy and sweet, and surprisingly filling! I'm in love with these chips!

- Lina

Awesome, BUT...

I was really excited to try these, and when I first opened them, they were great. Awesome flavor, perfect balance between the sweet and the salty and the coconut. And then as I ate, I pulled a hair out of the bag that didn't belong to anyone in my family. I was disappointed. I tried to reach out to the company that makes them, and despite what their website says about answering emails, I received no response. I was sorely disappointed.

- Jennifer


This snack is so yummy!! My whole loves them. They are flavored perfectly and have just the right amount of crunch. I will definitely buy these over and over again

- Kasey


There are wonderful, I always eat more than I plan!

- Joyce


I love these!

- Kelly


Fantastic. Really really good.

- Roberta

love them

I love these. They are really yummy. Just ordered two more bags.

- Barb

Tasty little morsels . . .

These are really tasty, but I don't think I'll buy them again. It takes too many to make a snack, and I prefer other products over this one.

- georgie

Delicious coconut chips

These coconut chips were really good! Perfect afternoon snack! They had great flavor!

- Lauren Vandervelde


Everything was fantastic!

- Dawn

The best!

These are so good! I didn't know I liked coconut chips until I tried these... the perfect mix of salty and sweet. Get 'em!

- Katrina


Need a fix when you are craving a crunch? These hit the mark. They are absolutely delicious.

- KB

Dang Coconut Chips

This tastes wonderful. Hard not to eat entire package one sitting. Not sure why they have to add sugar. Would love to see this without the added sugar.

- Cindy

My favorite coconut chips

These are my go to snack. Love the flavor of coconut sugar on chips.

- Michelle

My new favorite sweet!

I love these. Not to be punny, but they are so Dang good! Just the right amount of sweet to satisfy the craving and still keep my calories low (compared to a lot of other sweet snacks). Coconut is so good for me too.

- Janice


This bag was gone in no time once everyone discovered them. A great little sweet treat.

- Jane


very tasty as snack or topping

- Leslie

We are addicted!

It is such a great healthy snack. Wait, it is healthy... right? Anyway, it is so delicious. We (me and my 5 and 7 yo boys) absolutely love and are addicted to this!! Once u start eating, u can't stop! Unless, you don't like coconut, like my husband.

- Linda

You can't eat just one!

These are a great snack! Healthy, while still satisfying that sweet tooth. Highly recommend.

- Kim

Favorite snack

These are delicious and snack on them often!

- Mary Ellen

Dang these are GOOD!

Very good and quite addictive! Nice crunch to them.

- Regina

Sweet tooth Craving killer!

These baked strings of coconut are delicious! They are perfect to grab a handful, or to add to your oatmeal. But let me warn you, just one bag will not last long! ha

- Jonathan


I could eat the whole bag, seriously. These are so good and satisfied my sweet tooth craving without being too terrible.

- Thrive User

Caramel Sea Salt Toasted Gluten-Free Coconut Chips ?

LOVE this! my new favorite go-to snack!

- carolyn

Caramel Sea Salt Tasted GF Coconut Chips

LOVE-Love these! Surprised at the crunchy and the satisfying feeling afterwards, measured out a serving and it was more than enough.

- carolyn

Really Yummy

These coconut chips are out-of-this-world good. Crisp, sweet, salty, fresh delishisness!

- Holly


Cannot wait to order this again. The sweet and salty was a great combo and would love to have this on ice cream!

- Sherri


These are Delish'

- Joshua


Dang, these are some good eats! I love the crunchy yummy flavor of these coconut chips. I have to measure out a handful or I'll eat the whole bag in one sitting.

- Susan


These snacks are dangerously tasty. I could easily consume the bag in one sitting. Buyer Beware- these treats are good.

- Megan

Really delicious

Lightly sweet, lightly salted. Not dry like some other coconut snacks I've tried.

- Michele

So good!

Delicious! My hubby could eat the whole bag in one sitting if I let him. Haha! Seriously, if you like coconut even a little you'll love these.

- Kristin


These are terribly addictive. I need an intervention!

- Jamie Ellis

Too Good

These are the most addictive snacks I have ever had in my house. If you have an addictive personality, I advise you not to try them. They are truly yummy and add flavor to everything from ice-cream to salads. I love them best with a few nuts as a mid day snack.

- H S

Yummy treat!

These are sweet for sure (check the sugar grams), but a yummy dessert that rivals a cookie any day in my book. They taste and smell like a waffle cone to me, which is especially delightful since I'm off wheat and always looking for something yummy to "hit the spot." These do.

- Krista


These things are WAY too good! I could have eaten the whole bag. They are also great as a crunchy topping for deserts.

- Ronda

Love em

These are great, very very flavorful, excellent snack, very filling and different!

- Valerie

Healthy and delicious!

These taste so good, crunchy and sweet! The packaging is resealable to keep them fresh. Overall an awesome product.

- Tara

Who knew

Coconut chips could be so addicting?! I bought one bag to try, and i am coming back for more! I love it and my 7 and 5 yo boys also love it! We use it as a reward for doing their homeworks.

- Linda L

Little Flakes of Heaven

These coconut flakes are delicious and hit the spot when you crave a little sweetness!

- Ana


How bad is it to eat a whole bag in a day? Love these.

- A.O.

Incredibly tasty.

I love coconut but I never thought I would be hooked on these small chips. They can be added to anything as a topping or used in smoothies, yogurt or baked goods. I especially love them just out of the bag as chips but it's pretty frustrating that they are so small. I wish they would various sizes of the chip.

- Margie S.

Healthy snack, dangerously addictive

I've never really liked coconut, but I happened upon these at a birthday party for a friend of a friend who happens to have a gluten allergy. These were so ridiculously tasty. They've got a great crunch and they really nailed that sweet vs. salty ratio. I proceeded to order a few bags and easily finished one in one sitting. I couldn't even really feel bad about it! It didn't leave me with junk food coma, it's low sugar, there aren't any artificial or heavily processed ingredients and the price on Thrive Market is phenomenal. While I can't really afford to eat a bag per sitting, these are the most delicious and the most guilt free snacks I've ever had.

- Dixie

Great Chips - Just a Little to Sweet

Bought these chips when I was preparing for a road trip because they looked healthy and I love coconut. Halfway to California I found they were pretty sweet. I guess just eating plain coconut chips isn't ever appetizing. They are pretty salty which I also loved.

I would buy these again if I could mix them with something- maybe a bag of walnuts. That way the salt is there, the coconut is there and all my taste buds are happy.

- Janis Williams

Dang, these are good!

These are my favorite snack right now. I love snacking on them at anytime because they seem to satisfy every craving for me. They're great to add to baked goods and even salads, they seem to add the perfect crunch. I ordered one bag at first and now I'm thinking of reasons to make more purchases so I can buy these more often!

- Chelsea

A guilt-free sweet treat

I've just recently started liking the flavor of coconut, and these chips are SO tasty! My husband doesn't like coconut and he even liked them.

- Elizabeth

So good

I bought these on a whim. They had good reviews and seemed like they could be a good snack. I LOVE them. So does my husband. We just take a small handful at a time. They are super crunchy and coconut-y, with a hint of sweet/sea salt. Will buy again (and again and again)

- Julie

Oh, my goodness!

These are truly wonderful. I can't wait until my next order arrives.

- Brenda


Hard crunch, buttery texture, sweet aftertaste. Need I say more?

- Erin


These are so ridiculously good. Tried them and WE ARE HOOKED!

- Jenny

Yum Yum

Wow, I love these. I am a fan of the sweet and salty combination. I think I've found one of my new favorite snacks.

- Loriann


These are HEAVENLY. Perfect for a snack, or if you're feeling indulgent, as a cake topper. Addictive.

- Laura

So delicious

These coconut chips are the perfect snack/dessert. The only hard part is not eating the entire bag! I had tried a small bag of these on vacation and loved them but hadn't seen them anywhere else until I saw them on Thrive. They are divine. I always snack on them while I'm unpacking the rest of my Thrive box!

- Michele

So Much Flavor Gives You So Much Energy

The name is a mouthful and caramel might not sound good paired with sea salt, but the flavorful coconut more than makes up for the name.

These gluten-free coconut chips are the best! They are prepared with all natural ingredients and none of the "bad" stuff you don't want.

I keep a bag of these great tasting coconut chips in my desk drawer at work. They are perfect for a mid-morning snack and the best for an afternoon slump. They are packed with fiber which fills you up faster, so you eat less. They also provide plenty of real energy that lasts, not crashes.
I purchase my delicious coconut chips from Thrive Market. My membership has paid for itself!

- L Wilson

Replaced my Potato Chips

These are kinda awesome. Not like flakes like traditional types of ways to eat coconuts, these are actually longer strands of coconut that are similar to potato chips in their size. I love that I've replaced my potato chips with them, and I have a food that I can simply snack on while mindlessly doing other work. They have a gentle vanilla flavor alongside the coconut flavor, and they taste surprisingly sweet. I love that they have such a pure list of ingredients and that they have a decent amount of fiber in them as well.

- Becca_Bee

Fills you up quickly

As snacks go, you could do a lot worse than Dang's coconut chips. They're 'everything' free, which means no gluten, soy, added sugar, you know, all that stuff that tastes so good, but is so bad for you?

But what they do have is taste and they fill you up. Guess all that fiber's there for a reason. I eat them out of the bag, or put them in plain yogurt as a crunch sweetener.

- Penny V.

Bigger please

I like what Dang is doing with their all-natural products, including these coconut chips. I wanted a sweet but healthy snack, and these were a good price on Thrive, so I went for it.

I like them, but they need to be bigger. Right now, they're like they've been grated or something, maybe good for cooking, but not as good for munching out of the bag like I want.

- Prentice Valero

Obsessed with these

I like healthy snacks, and I like coconuts. I eat coconut milk yogurt all the time, and I love fresh coconut juice. My friend had these at her place one day, and I tried one and had to get some for myself.

Amazon had them but they're $4.49 a bag, compared to $3.65 on Thrive Market. I dont know about you, but every dollar count these days, so I joined Thrive, since I know I'm going to be eating these and a bunch more other stuff on the site. These chips are crisp, not too sweet and delicious.

- Paula

Best I've Tried

I love coconut, but most snacks or candies with coconut are loaded with added sugar. So when I saw Thrive Market had these on sale, I was psyched. They're cholesterol free, packed with fiber and vegan.

They've got a nice taste, but it's weird getting used to the brown color instead of white. Of course they're toasted, so that's why, but still. Great out of the bag, or added into a healthy trail mix.

- Pat Vega

Dang these are good!

Just a little play on words, but once you try these you'll know I am not lying. Anytime I have a salt craving I pick these. So much healthier than potato chips, and so much tastier. I love salted caramel flavor, and these coconut chips have it mastered.

Best of all, they are a gluten-free treat my whole family can eat, and loves. We bring these to family gatherings in place of chips and not one person has turned them down yet!

- Genia Sodar

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