Original Toasted Gluten-Free Coconut Chips

3.17oz bag

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3.17oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

Dang Toasted Gluten-Free Coconut Chips are made from organic coconut meat that’s toasted and seasoned with cane sugar and salt. Because of their small size and big flavor, they can be used in a number of recipes like coconut shrimp, lettuce cups, smoothie bowls, chocolate brownies, and more. See for yourself why they’re so dang good.
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About This Brand

Dang is named after my mother, who grew up eating food from some of the best chefs in the world: Bangkok’s street vendors. One day, she passed on her recipe for Thai Lettuce Wraps just like she used to have as a college student. I found myself involuntarily snacking on one of the ingredients - Toasted Coconut. It had a strong, sweet aroma and a very satisfying crunch. I immediately called my family, who have been importing goods to the US for more than 30 years, and with that, our company was born. Dang’s motto is “Dang, that's good!" We are forging ahead fast, bringing you unconventional culinary delights from around the globe. We’d love to hear from you – visit our Contact page and drop a line! Family - We are a family company, and as such we support each other to the fullest. Friends - We treat our partners and customers as we would treat our friends…with respect. Fun - We're happy and we know it! Food - We live to eat and we love to share what we eat. Culture - We're...
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Coconut, cane sugar, salt.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 0.7 oz (20g) Servings Per Container 4.5

Amount Per Serving

Calories 115 Calories from Fat 60

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 7g 11%
Saturated Fat 7g 35%
Sodium 115mg 5%
Total Carbohydrate 12g 4%
Dietary Fiber 3g 12%
Sugars 8g
Protein 1g 2%

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 0%
Iron 2%

Reviews For Original Toasted Gluten-Free Coconut Chips

Based on 52 Reviews

warning: highly addictive

Order several bags. The coconut sweetness is perfect, smooth and buttery with a nice crunch. It is one of my most favorite snacks. If you like these, I highly recommend to try the Dang Coconut Sticky Rice Chips.

- kristen

Amazingly Addicting!

Amazing sweetness, buttery smooth texture and great toasted coconut crunch! Have and will be re-ordering.

- Shannon


These chips are the best snack I've found in my lifetime. Oh my word, they are fantastic. It's probably good that the bag is small or they would all be gone in one sitting. I'm pretty sure that would counteract the health benefit of them!

- Ruth

I hate coconut

But for some reason these are so addicting and don't have the 'coconut flavor' that I dislike so much. They're really good.

- Cory

so delicious

These chips balance sweet and salt perfectly with the flavor of the coconut. The texture of the chips themselves is light and lovely, nothing like shredded coconut (which I can't stand). This is going to be a standby order for me!

- Cathryn

So good!!

I can't believe how delicious these are. I will buy more!!

- Chris E

Dang Delicious!

These coconut chips are an awesome snack; but how am I supposed to stop eating them?!?! They are crunchy, coconutty, barely sweet, super-tasty, delicious!!!

- Jessie A

OG Cracksnack

Stupid delicious but unusual enough that normos wont be sticking their grubby little mitts in your bag. More for you!

- Kimberly


Yummy treat .... crunchy with just enough sweetness to satisfy:-)

- Shannon


These are the best treat. Great to eat right out of the bag, or add to yogurt for a nice little crunch.


DANG Coconut Chips are indeed Dang good!

These coconut chips are the perfect balance of light, sweet coconut flavor and crunch of a chip. They satisfy the crunchy snack or sweet dessert topping. Perfect for all occasions!

- Celia


Yum Yum- its hard not to eat the entire bag! Crispy and flavourful. I enjoyed these very much. They make a great topping on ice cream or dip in melted chocolate

- Cynthia

Absolutely amazing!

I finished the whole bag within two days. I couldn't stop, they are so addicting!

- Anna

Dang original coconut chips

Sooo delicious. even if you don't like coconut. very habit forming and healthy too.

- cheryl bass

Highly Recommended

These coconut chips are a great combination of crunchy sweetness, coconut butteriness, and slight saltiness. Great for snacking, salad toppings or a sweet treat for desserts. I would highly recommend these coconut chips for the value price on Thrive Market.

- Celia

Best treat I've discovered in a long time!!

These coconut chips are amazing and a little goes a long way because they're nice and sweet and hit the spot!!

- Roni

Dang it is

Entire family loves Dang ... these are the bomb

- Charlie


These were so good and were gone so fast I ordered four more bags and a different flavor! Yummy!

- Therese

Favorite sweet snack!

Love the sweetness and the bit of crunch!

- Susan A

Dang! These guys nailed it!

I thought I was done with snacks till I tried these. I'm into my second bag now and love that I can replace my potato chips with a healthier option!

- Jeff

dang good

Helps with those sweet attacks.

- Julie

So addicting.

I love coconut. I tried this snack one day just out of curiosity and now I can't get enough. It's great to eat alone or to eat with cereal or on top of your yogurt. I tried the flavors and I didn't like them as much as the original. Still a bit on the sweet side. But a great alternative to candy :)

- Emily

One of my favorites!

These are such a treat! Better than candy and better for you :-) I love adding them to frozen yogurt or my own custom trail mix. If you love coconut you will love these!

- Shoshannah


These are very crispy with a buttery, coconutty taste. The price these are offered at is great!

- Amanda

Great chips

Love the crunch and flavor of these chips.

- Michelle


I could eat the entire bag in one sitting

- Robin

Delicious Snack!

These are so yummy and crunchy and sweet and salty and have that creamy buttery coconut flavor that I love! They are helping me break a potato chip addiction!

- Lori

Favorite Snack!

These are delicious! If you're obsessed with coconut like I am these will be your new go to!

- Rachael

Bet you can't eat just one

Love these. The problem is they are so good they are like I used to eat potato chips.

- Phil


Sooo perfectly toasted & lightly sweet. I haven't run out of ways to use them yet...a favorite is on a rice cake w peanut butter & honey.

- Julie

Can't get enough!

I found these first through Ibotta and now I'm addicted. I'm so glad thrice carries them!!! They are amazing!

- Lindsay


Went too fast!

- Cheryl

Dang Good!!

This are absolutely delicious!! In fact, they are addicting and I love the fact that the ingredient list is simple and natural. Definitely a great way to snack!!

- Rechelle


These will make you wanna slap yo mama. They are so good that you can't eat just one.

- Loretta

Super snack

These will wanna make you slap yo mama! Delicious and just like Lay's says, "You can't eat just one!"

- Loretta


Love these chips. Though they would be great on yogurt, puddings, pastry etc. I can never make it to those products...they go from bag to mouth.

- Sharon


I was surprised at how tasty these were! Perfect on yogurt, in cereal or just by the handful!

- Lisa


Delicious snack, or topping for yogurt, oats or a decadent ice cream dessert. My kids love it!

- annika

Dance of joy snack!

Wow! We ripped open this bag when our Thrive delivery came and our mouths did the dance of joy! Crunchy, slightly sweet, definitely coconutty, delicious. My husband asked why I didn't order more and how long would it take to get a new order. Wonderful that a handful is satisfying so we didn't consume the entire bag in the first moments of opening.

- Tawny

Dang these are awesome!!!

A very welcomed treat! I'd have to say these are going to be very addictive!

- David

Crunchy, Salty Goodness

These are extraordinary!!! They have a perfect amount of saltiness, sweetness, and crunch! The bag seemed small initially, but lasted longer than I expected. This may be one of the best values on Thrive!

- Steve

Surprisingly delicious

I don't know why I was surprised, but I was. They're truly fun to eat and take forever to chew up; so they last a long time.

- Daniel

dang toasted coconut chips

These are labeled incorrectly on the website.
The black circle on the front shows grams and cal.
but the actual pkg. states in the circle on the front:
coconut toasted with cane sugar and salt. I ordered these before I learned that the fuller description is scrolled below....so I assumed they were the no sugar added ones. I'm giving up sugar so I was disappointed, even though they are very tasty. In fact I love these chips so much (unsugared) that these were the product that drew me into THRIVE as they are less than market value and I've been addicted to them this year. It seems you don't offer the no sugar added product, do you? Or can you in the near future? I am still trying to decide whether to join this group.

- Eileen


I'm not even gluten-free or dairy-free, and I absolutely love Dang! And I'm not even a fan of coconut ... these chips have just the perfect amount of sweetness. I highly recommend!

- Kathleen

Perfect snack for a sweet tooth

I have to hide mine from my Daughter! They are that good :) Very flavorful and I can't stop eating them!!

- Michelle

Dangerous, despite being slightly too sweet

Delicious and compelling. Slightly too sweet (not surprising, given the ingredient list). Note that this flavor uses cane sugar while the caramel flavor uses coconut sugar.

- Philip

Great flavor

I enjoy eating coconut, and I remember when I was in South America, one of the best drinks I had was pure coconut juice from a freshly cut coconut.

These chips have a similar pure flavor and are great as a snack by themselves. I also like to mix them in with some trail mix of raw nuts and fruit, and they're also good mixed into my banana bread recipe.

- Dezi G.

Awesome snacks

I'm not a huge fan of coconut, but these chips are really flavorful and light and non greasy. They're made from pure organic coconuts, and the only sugar in these chips is organically sourced.

I eat these instead of potato chips, or I'll spread them over salads or mix it into my cereal for a nice change of flavor and to add crunch, and to load up on fiber.

- Doug Garza

Wish there was more

These taste really good and they are addictive. The bags just don't have enough in them. These are my favorite snacks to eat, and they help boost my energy.

I buy these to take on trips, they are great for snacking in the car. The roasted flavor brings out the sweetness in the coconut.

- Evie M

My weight loss snack

I love that these little crunchies are packed full of energy. I eat them before and after workouts. The salt helps replenish my system and the coconut has a dozen health benefits.

These have a great sweet taste that even my kids like. We always have to keep a lot on hand so that everyone is satisfied.

- Ben K

Dang these are good

Crispy and fantastic. I can never eat just one. I can eat just one bag though. The toasting brings out the wonderfully sweet taste of the coconut.

It is just lightly salted, which brings out the wonderful taste. They are great for boosting energy and they help curb cravings.

- Dottie

Perfect Consistency

This stuff is delicious, but surprisingly, you do need to like coconut. A friend tried these and hated them, and I asked if she liked coconut, and she said "of course not!". I guess she expected them to taste nothing like coconut. (In her defense, french fries taste barely like a baked potato when cooked a certain way) They are really delicious to me, though. The pieces are really light and crispy. I thought they might be chewy like some dehydrated types of foods, but no, they have a crispy bite that resembles a potato chip texture. They're large enough to snack on on their own, but if you want, they're still small enough to add as topping to other foods like ice cream. This is a household staple.

- Sarah Bearh

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