Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

30 oz jar

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30 oz jar

Why You’ll Love It

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil comes free of additives, so the superfood's benefits are kept in tact. It is both organic and fair trade certified, sourced from local farmers in the heart of Sri Lanka’s Coconut Triangle, then expeller-pressed from fresh, carefully dried coconut kernels, resulting in an aromatic and nutty-tasting oil.
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About This Brand

What is put on the outside of our bodies is just as important as what is put inside of them. Many personal care items such as soaps, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners, are made with harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens that can be absorbed through the skin and cause endocrine disruption. Luckily, Dr. Bronner’s is a safe, organic brand that provides a number of quality personal care products, all without those harsh chemicals. Dr. Bronner’s legacy Dr. Bronner’s has a long history dating all the way back to 1858 when a German-Jewish family began mastering the craft of soap making. It wasn’t until 1908, however, that they began formally selling their soaps in small batches. Fast forward 20 years later to 1928, and Emmanuel Bronner (third generation master soapmaker) brought his family’s soap recipes to the United States where he launched Dr. Bronner’s. He began by making his soaps at home and packaging them with positive messages to promote inclusion and happiness. By...
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100% Expeller-Pressed Unrefined Organic Whole Kernel Virgin Coconut Oil

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1 Tbsp. (14g) Servings Per Container 60

Amount Per Serving

Calories 120 Calories from Fat 120

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 14g 22%
Saturated Fat 13g 63%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%
Protein 0g

Reviews For Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Based on 93 Reviews

Love this oil

This is a very universal oil. I love cooking with it, as well as many beauty applications. This is one of the better organic coconut oils out there. I trust this brand and I get consistent results with this coconut oil. Not all organic virgin coconut oil is created equal. This is a great product for a good price.

- Kristin

My favorite coconut oil

Fantastic coconut oil with a light coconut smell and taste. This is by far my favorite. Great for baking and cooking. My dog loves it so much that I use it to get him to take medication when he's sick.

- Allison McMahan


Not only do you get organic coconut oil, you are supporting the livelihood of many farmers. There is a great video on Dr Bronners website showing the farm & production. It's the only coconut oil I ever want to use! Go Dr Bronners

- Jon H


I am very happy with the product and the service.
Thank you

- Pierre

Best out there

This is the best coconut oil out there. Thrive has it at least $3 cheaper than my grocery store. It cooks well, bakes well, and has a light coconut taste. We use it for so many things.

- Lily


This was my first time trying this brand of coconut oil based on the thrive reviews. I can see why people rated it highly. I would recommend.

- nia


This is the best tasting coconut oil I've ever tried.

- Diane


I've gotten coconut oil from WholeFoods and other stores but never really liked the flavor, but I found this at Bed Bath Beyond, and I love it, I add this in my oatmeal, just spread it on my toast, just so tasty!

- Jennifer

The best!

This is the most delicious coconut oil ever. It's like eating fresh coconuts.

- Jacqueline

my favorite coconut oil

The first thing I noticed about this oil was the lovely fragrance. It smells like toasted coconut. The second thing is the taste-- it is ever so slightly sweet whereas other coconut oils don't have much flavor. I have been mostly using it as a moisturizer since I have been trying to adopt an all-natural hygiene routine. I found that the coconut oil, even in solid form, goes on smoothly unlike some oils on the market. It also feels a bit heavier and more substantial than other coconut oils I've tried. Personally this is good to me but if you prefer a lighter-feeling oil, this might feel too heavy at first. However, the oil is absorbed in half an hour or so and my skin feels amazing. I don't know if I'll ever use this oil to cook since it's a bit expensive for my budget but I definitely look forward to keeping this luxurious oil in my skin care routine.

- Von

Top of my list for coconut oils

Best texture and flavor. I am addicted!

- Kalah

Love the taste

I love this coconut oil. The price is great from Thrive and I love the fact the jar is glass!

- Robin

Great Product, Great Price

We eat LOTS of coconut oil--probably about 32 ounces per week--and Dr. Bronner's is our preferred source for a few simple reasons: good price per ounce (comparable to big tubs on Amazon), packed in glass (surprisingly hard to find), good coconutty flavor (yum), ethical company (supports initiatives that make the world a better place). We also find the gibberish on the label to be quite entertaining after a long day.

- Ethan

Dr. Bonner to the rescue - again!

I know that if it has Dr. Bonner's name on it, I will be receiving a quality product. I use a lot of coconut oil, making granola snacks and cereal, and the flavor is always 'right on.' Getting it at such a good price is fantastic.

- Dolores

Great coconut oil

This oil is fabulous! I typically use it for my butter coffee, but it is also fabulous on it's own!

- Gretchen

Luv this Coconut Oil

What not to like about this Coconut Oil... NOTHING because it is so darned GOOD!

- Irish in Texas

like it

I like the smell and taste

- Vesta

Brain fuel

I have been cooking breakfast oat bran with a tablespoon of Dr. Bronners for about 2 years. The liver converts quality coconut oil to ketones - a brain fuel resulting in reduced senior brain fog and increased alertness. No negative changes to blood tests either.

- Larry Kapinos

Magic Oil

I already loved Dr. Bronner's soaps but had never tried this. I LOVE that it comes in a glass jar and this oil smells absolutely amazing!! Would definitely recommend this brand

- Brandi

My favorite coconut oil

Such a great smell and taste. I use it everything from skin care to cooking to taking care of my dog and oral hygiene truly a super food!

- Scott


Tastes great. Great value. To seal the deal, it comes in a glass jar!

- Sarah

organic coconut oil


- joan

Like the taste

I like the mild taste of sweet coconut. Points for having this in a glass container though not sure if it's as "pure" and natural as u can get it.

- sheeba

The only oil I use!

I will not use any other oil but pure organic coconut oil. It's healthy for me and blends with anything I am cooking. I'll be back for more when my stock depletes.

- Marleane

Happy but....

I have been enjoying the items I purchased however unfortunately I don't see myself making enough purchases to justify a membership fee. I have tried to cancel my membership but unfortunately have not been able to find it on your website to do so. I would like to be able to Simply go in and cancel.

- Thrive User

Dr Bronner's coconut oil

This oil is delicious and I love that it's packaged in a glass jar so I can be sure I'm not getting any toxic chemicals associated with plastic, also, I feel better about recycling glass.

- Madelyn Mathers

Dr. Bronner's Coconut oil

I love the flavor of this oil, the quality, the price and the fact that it is organic and fair trade. I use it in my coffee, cooking, toothpaste, and body butter.

- Geraldine

Best I've had - hands down

This is the best Coconut Oil I've had - hands down. I have not come across better Coconut oil.

- Valencia

The best!

I have tried different brands of olive oil and have to say that this is the best for me. Taste and the consistency is very good and price, well let's just say, the best!

- Maria

The best brand I've found

Use it for cooking when necessary, though raw is much better. I eat a teaspoon or so a day and I give a small 1/2 tspn to my cats as a treat daily. They love it! I use it in my homemade recipes including sun tan lotion (wellness mama recipe), toothpaste, tooth whitening paste, deodorant, lotions, etc.

- Laurie

Good Price!

Quality coconut oil at a good price point. I would repurchase.

- Jennifer

dr. bronners coconut oil

love this oil goes good with everything

- robin

coconut oil

my favorite, and I have tried many!

- elke

Household Staple

Dr. Bronner's VCO is great! It has a nice coconut flavor, consistent quality (have been using it for years), good price per ounce, and it comes in a glass jar!

We use it for daily for cooking, smoothies, and blending into hot morning beverages.

- Ethan

The only coconut oil I will buy

This is the best coconut oil. Light coconut taste and scent. I've put it in my tea, in banana bread, and used it with essential oils. I simply love it.

- Lily

Bonner's Coconut Oil

Have ordered this many test. Taste is great. I use it for cooking, baking and even spread it on warm bread/toast.

- Elaine


Love this coconut oil, cooking and for around the house!

- Jennifer

dr. bonners coconut oil

I love this product...smells good, tastes good and is packaged in a glass container...I do my best to never purchase in plastic..


the best coconut oil on the market

i have tried many different brands but by far this is the best.

- adel


Love this coconut oil. Great for cooking, skin care and so much more!

- Shirley


I think this is the best coconut oil that I've found to date.

- Irene

Many uses of organic coconut oil

Coconut oil has many benecial uses. I use it for cooking, for salad dressing, as a skin moisturizer, and I even put some in my dog's dry dog food! This product is the best I've come across.

- John

5 stars

I love this stuff !!!!

- clarence

Dr. Bronner's Organic Coconut Butter

Dr. Bronner's is absolutely the BEST I have ever tasted. I have used other brands through the years, but never totally satisfied. Dr. Bronner's is a real winner for me and perfect for baking,, sauteing, smoothies or just a dollop for a refreshing pick me up snack.

- Margie

Love Coconut Oil

I love Thrive Market and all of the many wonderful and wholesome products they carry. Dr. Bonner's Organic Virgin Cocnut Oil is the best!

- Debbie

Best coconut oil on the planet!

Absolutely best...for everything!

- Palma

Best tasting coconut oil and best price

We have tried many coconut oils in the past many years. Some, I have actually thrown out for the weird taste. We settled on the great tasting Dr. Bronner's and do not chance any other oil, now. I can get it locally but Thrive has a very good price. It will be in my regular monthly order. Another reason for being a member

- Roberta

Favorite Brand!

I use this coconut oil for everything...toothpaste, skin moisturizer, cooking & baking. Love it!

- Sarah R.

Super Product at Substantial Savings

i find myself using more an more of this. thanks.

- Andrea

Great value

Love the taste and smoothness of this oil brand.

- M

Coconut oil

This is the best coconut oil out there. Its so creamy and soft. Great for eating and using on your skin & hair. Some coconut oils can get hard and gritty. Not this one. This is the only one I use now.

- Lorraine


I thought all coconut oils were the same but this one is so much better - it has a soft texture (no scraping it off the side of the jar) and adds a delicious flavor to my tea and coffee. It also mixes better in beverages, less of an oily film on top.

- nicki


I am very happy with this organic coconut oil in a glass jar! I feel safe using it every day. I use it for frying, as a replacement for butter in paleo cooking, and as a main ingredient in peppermint patties.

- Cheryl

Dr. Bronner's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

I love the slightly nutty taste of this coconut oil. I took my bottle of Dr. Bronner's to a chemistry analyst and they found this coconut oil to be totally pure of any contaminants. Great price. Excellent product!

- Karma


Luscious, rich coconut taste from a wonderful company.

- B


This is the only coconut oil I use ! High quality and fair trade. Hard to beat. It also puts my HDL up the roof!

- Irene

great value

This oil is an excellent value for the quantity and quality of oil found anywhere.

- Alyse

The perfect fat

Love coconut oil and Dr. B's is high grade an priced better than many others.

- Cheryl Morrell

My favorite brand

Always a good flavor and from a brand I trust. I use this for baking, cooking, personal products, baby care and anything else I can think of. Great price too.

- Bethny

Excellent find

This is the best coconut oil that I have tried so far! I'm a recent convert to using coconut oil for cooking and topically and this brand is the best I have tried so far.

- Neerja

Best coconut oil!!!

Fantastic product! Rich, full of flavor and goodness!

- Palma


This is by far my favorite coconut oil! Best tasting and great price for the amount. Other coconut oils are a little too bold coconut for me, this one is smooth and almost buttery. Also one of my favorite company's!!!!

- Michelle

Simply the BEST

Best tasting, greatest value, especially on Thrive!

- Yecca

Bronzer coconut oil

The absolute best!

- Thrive User


I've tried so many organic coconut oils, Dr. Bronner's is one of the best organic coconut oils in the market. I just opened the jar, and the coconut smell was infused all along my kitchen. The taste is so creamy and rich, no need for coconut Mania, or butter anymore. Please Thrive keep this wonderful product, and price.

- Ghada

Bronner's Coconut Oil

Bronner's Coconut Oil is an awesome product! I use it in smoothies, soups, for stir frying and boiling, I.e., rice, potatoes, pasta, etc.. I also use it on my skin and in my hair. It's a very universal product!

- Judge Earlene Green, Retired

The BEST coconut oil!

I've been using coconut oil for just about everything a few years now, and have tried many different brands. About a year ago, I decided that I'd stick with Dr. Bronner's. I feel like Dr. B's absorbs better when I put it on my skin and hair.

It's got a lovely aroma you can smell even when it's solid. It also gives more flavor than other coconut oils when I cook with it. (The coconut flavor is especially good when I cook chicken for curry!) I also feel much better buying fair-trade with a staple I use so often. Dr. Bronner's for the win!

- Spence Collins

Too greasy on my hair.

Dr. Bronner's products are phenomenal. I especially enjoyed this product for my body and to prepare many of my meals. The packaging is also wonderful and reusable once the oil is finished.

My hair did not have a great result, however. It was too greasy from my past experiences with other coconut oils.

- Sonia Kelley

Great for Babies!

This product is awesome for babies. We use it mainly in his diaper to avoid rashes but he also gets eczema when his skin dries out and this has been great for that too! We honestly use this for just about everything, I can't remember the last time we used Johnson and Johnson products, we even use this coconut oil as soap with a washcloth!

As a sidenote, I use it as eye make up remover and moisturizer. It also strengthens eyelashes. An all-around great product!

- Shari

High quality, multipurpose coconut oil

I use coconut oil on a daily basis for cooking, make-up removal, hair and skin treatment, etc. There's so many uses and so many brands to choose from, but Dr. Bronner's is absolutely the best I've used so far. It's easy to spread on my hair, leaving it shiny, silky, and soft. I use it on my skin too and it makes it super smooth. It tastes and smells so much richer than other brands I've used and it makes me happy that it's fair trade and organic. True to the label, the taste is nuttier and imparts a really great flavor in my cooking. This coconut oil performed better than the one I'd been buying in practically everything I use it for so I'm making the switch to Dr. Bronner's.

- Elvira S.

First Timer Turned Everytimer

Coming from a traditional Italian Family, olive oil was the only way to cook. When I moved to California, this was the most popular oil around. I use it in cooking but mostly as a beauty product.

I work a little of the oil into my hair and let it sit for about a minute. The oil soaks into my hair and makes it look and feel perfect, not damaged or wired. I have noticed regulation and I am happy!

The only reason I give this product 4 stars is because of the cost. I was able to find a less expensive oil that does the same thing.

P.S. - My understanding is that this oil is not processed in the same facility as nut products. This is a plus for me but, do your own research.

- Simon Owen


SuperStar because: 1. glass jar and metal lid (no plastic)
2. Completely unrefined (look for the inconsistent texture, versus a completely uniform texture)
3. Mild but good taste
4. Good deal on price!



Good Great Wonderful

- Al

We use this stuff for everything!

This coconut oil is of excellent quality and works wonders on all kinds of things. We use it to cook with, in tea, for moisturizer, nails, teeth, everything! This is a really nice price for the size as well.

- Sarah

Wonderful and trustworthy product

I use this coconut oil for everything! Cooking,hair,skin care on the beach and after bathing. Dr. Bronner products are pure and the best products on the market. Resourced responsibly and Non-GMO!!!

- Thrive User

My Favorite Coconut Oil!!!

I LOVE this coconut oil! It is soooo amazing and delicious! I literally use this for everything.. I cook with it, add it to my home-made body care products, use it for oil pulling, and I even add it to my coffee! YES, if you love coffee and coconut oil (I'm obsessed with both) then you have to try coconut oil in your coffee! It adds such a creamy and delightful (but subtle) coconut taste to your coffee. And if you're thinking about getting this particular coconut oil then just do it! You will not regret it, I ordered another almost immediately after receiving my first! I LOVE DR. BRONNER'S!!!

- Shannon


Dr. Bronner's coconut oil is one of my favorites. I love the taste, the consistency, and that it's in a glass jar. I try to avoid plastic as much as possible. The price here at Thrive Market is the best I've seen for this organic brand.

- Lori Miller


I love the flavor and texture of this coconut oil. It seems to stay a little softer at room temp than others I've tried, making it easier to get out of the jar. Great price, too.

- Tara

Excellent flavor

It has a great flavor. I use it to cook up eggs, pancakes, hash browns, sausage and add it in-place of vegetable oil when recipes call for it.

- J.Lea

Best thing ever :D

This is the best coconut oil I have ever had! I use coconut oil for EVERYTHING! I use it for hair, nails, cooking, frying, baking.. and I make my own body scrub with it. So this giant glass jar is perfect for me. I can also re-purpose the jar to store left overs or dry goods. A++

- Jaclyn

Great Flavor

Gives eggs such a rich and flavorful flavor + add some heat with shiracha

- Ashley

Organic, Cold-Pressed, Unrefined Coconut Oil

Excellent oil. I use it for everything from taking 2 tbspns in the morning and 2 in the evening, I've never felt better.

- Jim

It works, but too greasy

I use coconut oil for my skin, especially my hands which get really dry and flaky during the day. I like the way the oil moisturizes, but I'm not crazy about how greased up I look for hours after I've applied the oil. It eventually seeps into my skin, but wish there was some kind of dull formula that would take away the shine when you first put it on.

- Candeda

Flavor is really good

As an athlete who plays on a semi-pro soccer team in Nashville, I really need to eat and drink healthy for optimal performance.

I use coconut oil as a supplement to my smoothies and to my food. I mix it in with juice and add it to sauces. It's important that I have the right kind of fats in my meals, and this is one of the purest and healthiest fats I can eat. I also use it as an aftershave to cool my face down when I'm done with my razor.

- Cottrell

Skin conditioner

I buy this coconut oil strictly to use as my hand and body lotion. I will either use it straight from the jar, or mix it with shea butter to form a really effective moisturizer that also treats my skin. If I have rashes or spots, this oil works well on my skin, healing it from the inside. I think coconut oil is by far the best thing for overall skin care.

- C. Wanderman

Price is out of this world

Well I was searching for an affordable brand of coconut oil, and I came upon this website, and I couldn't believe it. This is selling at half what Amazon wants for the same jar. Incredible.

I joined Thrive, and I'm delighted with this oil, which I use mainly for cooking because it's low in fat and calories, and has an aromatic flavor. I'm also very happy with my Thrive membership. The $60 will pay itself off within a few months, and I'll basically be buying wholesale for the rest of the 12 months.

- Carlito W.

Can use for many things

I've had the benefit of using coconut oil before, so this wasn't a new product for me. However, for anyone out there who's not sure about the many uses of coconut oil, here's a quick primer.

I use it as a cooking oil to add flavor and to reduce my fat intake. I also use it as a moisturizer for my skin as it glides on really nicely and solves my dryness problem. And I also eat it a tablespoon straight out of the jar just for good overall health maintenance.

- Carla Wise

Natural Body Lotion

I've heard a lot of good things about the health benefits of coconut oil, and I was ready to experience them for myself. I bought a jar to use it as a moisturizer, and I'm so happy with my purchase! It pretty much acts exactly like my old expensive, brand-name moisturizers used to. It leaves my skin feeling soft with a gentle coconut scent that fades after about an hour. It doesn't have any sort of oily residue, and it seems to absorb into my skin really well. It does take a bit to absorb, though, and it takes longer than my other types of moisturizers, so be prepared to be a bit slippery for a bit longer than you're used to. I feel so much better about using a natural solution to soften my skin instead of all of the other chemicals I had been using.

- JulieJems

Good for the price

While I love Dr. Bronner's products, this isn't my favorite brand of coconut oil. They rank about 3rd. It is a great oil, and works great for my many health care uses.

I like to use coconut oil for my skin, mostly. I work with my hands a lot and they get rough and calloused. This stuff helps soften them back up and get rid of those hard callouses my wife hates.

- Chester Ryland

Multipurpose and I love that!

This product is multipurpose and I love that. I use it for hair and skin care and had wonderful results. It also adds a tropical flavor to any dish. It tastes delicious and smells delicious too. I always buy two of them, one for my kitchen and one for personal use.

- Geneva Adams

Healthy fat alternative

I've never been a big fan of coconut, but due to health concerns I decided to try this. It's actually a really good alternative fat for cooking just about anything, including baking - much better than artery-clogging butter. I've been using it for sauteeing, baking, and salad dressings. It's even great for my skin! I'm planning on trying it out as a hair conditioner next - I have dry, curly hair that could probably benefit from some natural, healthy fat.

- Abby C.

By far the best coconut oil!

Like another reviewer said, this coconut oil is a bit more expensive but WELL worth it. Fair trade, all-natural, and I love to support Dr. Bronners! They're an amazing company doing great work. I use this for cooking and also as a face cream at night. It's so high quality that a little goes a long way, so again, definitely worth the money!

- N. S.

Great product from a great brand

I use dr. bronner's soap all the time, so I thought hey why not try their coconut oil too?

This is by far my favorite coconut oil in terms of flavor and quality. It's a little pricier than other coconut oils, but in my opinion its well worth the price!

- A. Collier

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