Bamboo Lacquer Pin Paddle Brush

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1 each

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Good for your hair and good for the Earth, the Bamboo Lacquer Pin Paddle Brush is constructed of the finest quality natural bamboo wood. The bristles are set in a soft pneumatic air cushion base to soothe the scalp-and are also tipped with round, molded balls to help prevent breakage and split ends. Earth Therapeutics' Bamboo Hair Brushes gently massage and stimulate the scalp while evenly distributing the scalp's natural oils along the hair shaft. Regular brushing sets hair to its naturally soft, lustrous sheen, helping hair to be healthier, more manageable and easier to style. This hair brush is ideal for detangling, smoothing, and grooming all types of medium to very long hair.
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Using natural organic ingredients as much as possible to bring earth friendly, safe bath and skin care products and accessories.
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Reviews For Bamboo Lacquer Pin Paddle Brush

Based on 53 Reviews

Awesome AND pretty!

Yup, this brush is amazing.

I have problem hair. Tangles, frizz, etc. This brush helps distribute the natural oils in my hair to lessen frizz (let's be's never going to disappear, and that's okay. I'm a cavegirl and embrace my wild hair), and it's fairly easy on my tangles.

Also did I mention it's pretty?? Because it's gorgeous. And well constructed. And the perfect weight in my hand.

I love this brush. WILL buy again whenever this one goes kaput!

- Casie

Very good

I have long, thin/fine hair and this brush isn't too intense. Very gentle. It's pretty big, but does the trick. Stands up to abuse from a toddler as well.

- Laura


The wide bristled head is perfect for thick, long hair that has curl to it. I usually cannot brush my hair when it's dry, This morning I had no choice and my hair did not frizz, or have static cling, which, when using my previous brush caused. Love it

- Nikki

Awesome comb

I love how this one is light and soft on my scalp, it's a great combed even for sensitive scalp.

- Grace


very gentle with my hair

- alexandra


Love this brush! I have very thick hair and this gets the job done!

- Courtney

I like this brush.

I bought this brush because I have an older brush that I wanted to start finding a replacement for before it wears out and I have nothing. There was one of the small plastic bristles missing, but it works as well as my old brush. I have very fine, tangley hair. I still have to start from the bottom and work my way up (as with my old brush), but it does the job. It grips my hair better than my old brush and I am now using it instead of my old one.

- Juanita

wide bristles

I really like this wide bristled paddle brush for a nice even distribution of heat during a blow-out. However, the hand is pretty thin and awkward to hold onto. But all together, a nice brush

- Angela

Bamboo Lacquer Hair Brush

I have long hair, past my thighs, and i never have used such an amazing brush!

- Rebecca

Great Hair Brush

I am loving this hair brush, my hair gets untangled instantly and it somehow makes it look more shiny!


We like

I haven't purchased a hair brush in YEARS! My other one finally broke and it was time to invest in another. I like the bamboo aspect and it works really well.

- Mandy


I absolutely love this brush! My hair is long, very curly and thick. This brush is just perfect for gently getting through any tangles while it provides a delightful massage for my scalp. It is so lightweight that no matter how long your hair is, your arms won't feel tired by the time you finish brushing. The little round tips on the bristles are gentle to your scalp and wonderful for stimulating circulation while you brush. The price simply is the crowning touch!

- Gloria

Brush with Love

This paddle brush is great for damp or dry hair and stimulates my roots. Love it!

- Maikeyza


Love this out tangles in seconds...I swear feels great my scalp is happy.My new favorite brush for my long hair

- Mary M.

Great Brush!

This is a great brush! It is wonderful for long hair and it doesn't hurt that it is beautiful!

- Corbynn

Outstanding Results

Best brush I have ever used! I have very long thick curly hair and always and always use a lot of it when brushing it out after washing it! I was previously using a similar paddle brush like this one but the little round balls at the end of the bristles were about 3 to 4 times the size of this brush and dnagged, tsngled, and pulled out lots of my hair! With there is no snagging , ortangles , and very little hair left in the brush! Th I s brush glides through my hair like butter! Highly recommended!

- Kelli

Really Like

This brush is great, goes through your hair nicely without pulling it or creating knots. The feel of it is good in your hand. I am a fan.

- Jessica

Awesome Hairbrush!

Love this hairbrush! It feels really nice on the scalp, and the bristles are soft. The bamboo makes it look really pretty and I love the pattern. My mom and my sister also tried it, and then proceeded to buy two more for their own personal use. One thing to be noted though, they bought theirs about two weeks post my purchase, and the design had changed slightly. The edges/corners are just slightly smaller/lighter, they're about a quarter inch shorter than mine, and they don't have as smooth a finish to the wood so its actually a bit rough.

- Sarah

Tangle Tamer!

Tames morning tangles on my fine long hair so quickly. Great hair brush. I'm very happy with it.

- Betty

Love it

It really does a great job. Glides right through my hair and doesn't make it fuzzy

- Michelle

Works super well and is very comfortable on scalp

I was a bit hesitant about this brush when I ordered it as it looked quite large (compared to the brush I used before). But now that I've tried it, I love it! I take less time to brush my hair now because this brush is so large that it covers more surface area at a time. It's super soft and gentle and feels really good on the scalp. Would buy again.

- Sharon


No snags, it's so nice!! Great for long hair!

- Blueberrysmurf

Love - wish there was a smaller size to carry in bags

Wonderful brush

- Beatriz

Great Quality

This is a great brush. I was hesitant to get the brush because some reviews complained about the smell, but it is not strong enough to bother me, though I do not put my brush away in a drawer. The brush is strong and does its job well. I have thick hair, so I needed something that wouldn't be losing the plastic bristles easily. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the handle is slightly uncomfortable to hold, which matters because of my tendinitis. A handle that was round instead of flat on top and bottom would have gotten a perfect 5 from me.

- Kelsey


Love this brush!!

- Nicole

Good Brush!

I had been looking for a replacement brush for awhile and in the process, purchased many where the bristles were either too soft or too hard or the brush was very expensive. The plastic bristles go smoothly through my hair (which is fine) and gently untangle without ripping it out and it doesn't hurt my scalp. The brush is a product of China but seems well made. The handle could be a little longer, maybe an inch or so, but I have fairly large hands. I look forward to using this product for a long time, assuming it holds up.

- Elizabeth

Bamboo Brush

Got it for my husband who loves it.

- Buffi

New favorite brush ! !

My hair finally grew long enough to need a brush and I am so glad I bought this one over something from Walmart or target. The handle feels nice in your hand and it feels very durable, bristles are firm enough to go through all your hair and massage your scalp without pulling anything out. I even use it when my hair is wet

- Zoe

Favorite Brush

Love this brush, not sure what some people said about the smell, I store it in a drawer in my bathroom and never had any issue. This brush feels great and makes my hair shiny and the softest it has ever been!

- Jessica

Very nice brush

This is my favorite brush. It is large, probably for people with more hair than I have. But I love the way it feels on my scalp. It also doesn't pull my hair out, which is the best part.

- Christine


I use it everyday and it feels nice, only one bristle fell off in the beginning but since then, it's been a great brush

- Melody

Bamboo Lacquer Pin Paddle Brush

Love this brush it goes through your hair so easy and does not pull it out even after sleeping all night.

- Jan Weakley

Bamboo Lacquer Pin Paddle Brush

I love this brush!!! It gently detangles my wavy tangle prone hair and feels comforting and massage like on my scalp. As a bonus, it fits my hand nicely and is comfortable to use. My daughters love it as well!

- Tracy

Larger than expected

Nice quality brush but much larger than I expected it to be. It's very wide/long and flat. Works as expected, just awkward to store. Maybe better for someone with more hair than I have!

- Arianna

Love this brush

I love getting a scalp massage every time I use this brush. It feels great!

- Tara

Nice Brush

Good quality

- Denise

My new fave brush!

I love this brush!

I was initially hesitant to purchase this brush because I wasunsure of its actual size. Turned out to be the perfect size!

I love how this brush massages my scalp as I pull it through my hair. It's gentle on knots and gets through quickly. I went ahead a purchased one for my sister as a gift because I love it so much!

- April

Tangle Free

My daughter asks me to use this brush every morning. It's so much easier to get the tangles out of her hair without hurting her.

- Heather

awesome brush

I loved this brush . The price, color, material and size. perfect for detangling.

- Helen


Love this brush, it does it jobs and it is sturdy. Very happy.

- Reese

Love this brush!

It's gentle on my hair and really is making my hair softer!

- Tamera

Great Brush

Bristles are strong but not harsh on scalp. Very smooth brush!

- Alex

Nice brush, easy on the scalp and efficient.

Previous reviewers seemed to smell lacor, but mine did not smell of lacor or anything else. This brush works well and holds up against my thick long hair. I was surprised how thin the wood part of the brush is, but it seems to be very sturdy anyway. I wish I knew what the pins were made of as it doesn't say on the package.

- Bethany

Lovely brush

I love this brush. It's lightweight, portable, and feels like a massage on the head. You can't beat the price either; a lot of natural brushes can really be shockingly expensive. Also, I didn't find the brush to be smelly at all like another reviewer wrote. Would definitely recommend to a friend/family member.

- Stephanie

Such a great brush

This hairbrush is nicer than a paddle rush that I bought in a salon for four times the price. It doesn't hurt and doesn't pull out my hair. A good brush is so important if you have long hair.

- Marcia

Bamboo Lacquer Pin Paddle Brush

Love it! Bought 2, one for me, one for my daughter. Great price.

- Mary Patterson

Smooths my hair perfectlly

I use this brush a couple of times a day. It does have a slight laquer smell, but nothing over whelming-I just won't keep it in my car or in a drawer. It smooths my hair perfectly and leaves it looking shiny and healthy. I love it

- P. Harmon

Perfect Brush

I really like this brush. The organic look and feel is great and it is gentle on my hair and scalp while brushing out all the snarls and knots in my hair. (and it's thick so that's a big deal!) It is a great product.

- Barb_39


A comment on Stephanie's review regarding horrible smell. I never noticed anything like that. Maybe because I never kept the brush in a drawer, but on top of my cupboard; and my window is always open. I guess it aired out quickly. Just don't close it in a tight space and it should be fine. In fact, I'm getting a second one now, because I forgot mine at my mom's place. I still love it; it's especially suitable for thin, long and soft hair like mine that very easily gets tangled and stuck together.

- Ivanka


Works Great!

- Lauren Iacono

love it

This brush is really nice. Love the way my hair feels after brushing it out. Like the organic look as well.

- Brenda

Fantastic brush!

Great value for money. I have very long, tangled hair and this brush goes through it easily and nicely, with much less effort than my previous brush. I love the feel. It's a well made product and well worth it.

- Ivanka

Very Strong Lacquer Smell

The Good: The Brush does feel really good on my scalp. It glides easily through my long hair without creating knots or tangles.

The BAD: The bad is very bad. I somehow missed the word 'lacquer' in the title and description when I ordered this brush. The smell was very overpowering when I first opened the box with this TM order. I hoped the smell would dissipate over time (as I was still assuming I was dealing with a 'natural' finish on the brush).

Three-plus weeks have passed and each time I open the drawer to remove this brush, I am greeted with an extremely strong, unpleasant chemical smell even before the brush reaches my head. I threw out my old brush as soon as I received this one, so I've been forced to use it. I did a lot of research and have a new brush on the way.

I give this brush two stars, instead of one, because it really does feel good on the head; however, the chemical smell is a major deal-breaker for me.

- Stephanie

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