Organic Brushing Rinse

16 oz bottle

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16 oz bottle

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Essential Oxygen Brushing Rinse provides a better way to brush your teeth. This amazing rinse, which is part organic toothpaste, part organic mouthwash, works for all oral issues including natural teeth whitening, gum pockets and receding gums, tooth sensitivity, bad breath, tartar, canker sores, and toxic morning mouth.
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About This Brand

Truly effective and clean brushing rinse and hydrogen peroxide. EssentialOxygen is a family business that sees this planet and its people beaming with optimal health and promotes this vision by creating truly effective and clean natural products.Essential Oxygen Brushing Rinse provides a better way to brush your teeth. It works AND it's clean. This amazing rinse, part organic toothpaste, part organic mouthwash, works for all oral issues including natural teeth whitening, gum pockets and receding gums, tooth sensitivity, bad breath, tartar, canker sores and toxic morning mouth, and does so without objectionable ingredients.EssentialOxygen 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is THE essential product for every household. With none of the toxic stabilizers found in non-food grade, brown bottle varieties, FGHP3 is the cleanest way to clean...everything. Use for first aid, body & oral care, produce, household surfaces, dishwasher, laundry & stains, plants & garden, and pets!
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Purified water, organic aloe vera, food-grade hydrogen peroxide, organic essential oils: peppermint, rosemary, lemon, clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon.

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Reviews For Organic Brushing Rinse

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Essential Oxygen Organic Brushing Rinse

I love this stuff! I feel the freshness long after use. Also like the information given about spitting out first thing in the morning! Never knew it and what a difference! I do think the cost will probably inhibit my continual use, but it is a wonderful product! Thanks

- Leslie Dickerson


I use this rinse religiously.It helps with any issues I might have going on with my teeth.

- Kim Kayser

Love it

I highly recommend it for people with braces and sore gums. It whitens teeth and leaves mouth clean and fresh. I use it as a rinse and sanitizer for my retainers as well.

- Thrive member

Clean Mounthwash

I love this because it make my mouth feel very clean without giving me any aftertaste. I can drink water or tea after brushing my teeth and everything tastes normal. There is no offensive flavors or fragrance to this but a refreshing subtle touch of natural mint. The only problem is that I see the price increased two dollars so now it is even cheaper elsewhere.

- Patricia

Great Stuff!

It makes your mouth feel "clean" and does not burn, the taste is great. All the family loves it..

Thank you for carrying this awesome product. We are going to be using this all the time.

- Rhonda


I've never heard of brushing rinse before and I find it very interesting, first because of all the natural ingredients but also because it's a very good idea. I use it when I get up on the morning and I keep it in my mouth while I do my hair and then brush quickly and that's it! Great sensation of freshness and no more sensitivity or bleeding from my gums. The only "bad" thing is the taste, but I kind of get use to it, as long as it's good for my mouth.

- Melanie

This product's a keeper!

I like the blend of essential oils with the peroxide in this product- it leaves my mouth feeling clean, without any of the harsh, drying chemicals found in typical rinses.

- Allison George

Love this product

This is the first product I use every morning. So easy to use and leaves my mouth refreshed. Will definitely become a staple at my home.

- Arleenn


I really like this brushing rinse! It does not have a strong taste, which I like a lot. I love peppermint but sometimes I don't like how strong it is in tooth paste, the taste stays in your mouth way too long after. I swish it in my mouth for about a minute and then use it to brush my teeth.

- Stella

Very cool product! Satisfied with this purchase.

I had never heard of this product, or any brushing rinse. It's a replacement for toothpaste. You rinse with it then brush with it. And it actually works great! I was confused and skeptical of this item at first. But am happy to say I've been enjoying this product for over a week now. I love it. Makes brushing even easier, quicker and more convenient, I find. It works great, and has very nice all natural ingredients. I'm quite chemically intolerant and this is not toxic at all. I feel like this can continue to work well and be good for my dental health and hygiene. Give this product a try and you may be very(surprisingly) pleased with it, as I have. I plan to purchase this again when my current bottle gets low.

- Mel

If you want a healthy mouth & whiter teeth - BEST EVER

I cannot believe the change this has made to my teeth & gums. My mouth is too sensitive to use any of the usual mouth washes. They tend to irritate my mouth & cause sloughing of the skin. This Brushing Rinse has been a Godsend! Will use it forever. Thrive also has the best price I've seen online!❤️

- Kelly


Best mouthwash on the market best price at Thrive.

- Robert


My husband and I are in or 50's and this rinse keeps our teeth white and is great for fresh breath.

- Diane

Great Mouth Refresher First Thing in the Morning!

My mouth is much happier with the use of this product daily first thing in the morning. No more bleeding gums! Very pleasant to use.

- Sharon


This is a great product. An easy, tasty, healthy way to get fresh breath, healthy gums, white teeth! My husband and I have been using it every day for many months. And I have been giving a bottle to my family members as a key part of their birthday gifts! Everyone loves it!!

- Nancy Frisch

INCREDIBLY good for teeth & gums!

Recommended by my dentist and it has completely changed my oral health regimen -- so easy to swish, gargle and brush! Best gum health in just a couple of days... and no more bleeding gums!

- Patricia

How Refreshing!

As an extra to your regular mouth care, this mouth wash is such a treat. The refreshing and super clean aftermath to it's use is lovely.

- Karen

Amazing benefits!

This is a must have at our house! We mainly use it after teeth brushing with a natural toothpaste as an oral rinse and swish it for several minutes. One of our family had a problem with coated tongue which our Doctor treated with anti yeast med but it did not work. After using the rinse to swish for several minutes twice per day, the coating was completely gone after only a few days! This also whitens teeth (keeps plaque away) and gets rid of coffee and berry stains while keeping breath fresher than toothpaste alone. We love this and will not run out!

- Rebecca

Seemed too good to be true!

Seemed to good to be true! I wasn't a believer (Based on reviews, but thought would try it), turned out this IS the Best of the Best! I am back buying more now! Totally works and does lighten teeth! Makes your mouth feel sooooo clean!!!! <3

- Ranay

This product is great!

I had been using toothpaste for sensitive teeth and still I was having sensitivity. Since I have been using this mouthwash it is better. I recommend it.

- Beata Kis


I like that this is not full of chemicals I cannot pronounce. It is mildly flavored, not harsh on the mouth, nice alternative to plain peroxide.

- Tabatha

Can't live without it!

The EO brushing rinse is better than toothpaste. It keeps my mouth fresh and clean with food grade hydrogen peroxide. Love it!

- Deeja

Great stuff

I use it daily before brushing. I believe it helps to keep my gums healthy and loosens any plaque to facilitate brushing.

- Ruthel


product works! my teeth were brighter after the first use and continue to brighten up. highly recommend.

- suzyqz


So it does exactly what everyone says it does. Removes bad breath and has a super mild taste. What I do is brush my teeth and then use this wash. I don't brush my teeth or tongue with it as it suggest but I imagine if you do you would have even more wonderful results. Haven't really noticed the teeth whitening but again if you brush with it I'm sure you'll see those results. But as far as bad breath goes, it's completely gone and I love it! Don't leave the house without using it. It's legit a miracle how powerful essential oils are!

- Nina

best mouth wash

My mouth feels so clean and fresh without all the chemicals and dye that are in traditional mouth washes.

- Jessica

Nice mouthwash

We use this as a mouthwash - not to replace brushing as the directions indicate. It's all natural and works well. The hydrogen peroxide bubbles a bit in your mouth, but its a low concentration - so nothing to weird feeling. Recommended!

- Michelle


Love - wish I could get it in Canada

- lyn

Wonderful Product

I'm so glad I found this organic alternative to mouthwash. After switching to toothpaste for sensitive teeth and using this brushing rinse my tooth problems seem to be healing and my teeth are whiter. I highly recommend this product.

- Charlotte

Rebuilding Gums

I use this as a regular "toothpaste" and it has helped repair my eroding gums! My tooth sensitivity has improved as well. Both things I thought impossible after using commercial sensitive-specific toothpaste without results. Great product!

- Anna

LOVE the Brushing Rinse

My Step Mother recommended this and I love it!!!

- Mary

Best Rinse Ever

I was very pleased with the clean feel of my teeth after the first rinse. After the first week of using I noticed my teeth were whiter and my gums were no longer bleeding as usual after brushing. I will keep this on my monthly shopping list.

- Beverly

BR Brushing Rinse

Sadly, this bottle was not completely sealed when it arrived and so it no longer has the bubbling effect of the hydrogen peroxide, which I wanted. It is not 'flat'. I am still using it and it is a great product normally, but I will be hesitant again to order this product online.

- Valerie

Love this!

I bought this because of good reviews but mainly thought it would whiten our teeth which it absolutely has with regular use. It's odd to use in the beginning because it's a liquid but it's not hard to get used to. I do swish it in my mouth for longer than required because I believe it whitens best that way.

- Rebecca

Great product!

The brush rinse is a great product. I like that it rids your mouth of harmful bacteria in the morning before brushing. I have noticed it also has helped whiten my teeth some. I love healthy, organic products!

- Karen

Very pleased with this product!

It took some time to get used to, but my teeth are cleaner and brighter. Will continue to purchase.

- Steph

Love this stuff!

I am so happy I found this product. It really makes an improvement in my oral care

- Ruthel

Better than Crest or Colgate!

I use this first thing in the morning and just before bed as a brushing rinse in place of toothpaste, and I love it. I'm genetically prone to more yellow teeth, but in about a week of using this product my teeth are already whitening and my mouth has that fresh, just-left-the-dentist feel after every use.
I highly recommend this product. Will be purchasing again.

- Julia

Great for sensitive gums

After years of brushing too hard and using the old standard whiteners, my gums have taken a beating. This rinse is perfect for me. I use it after my natural sensitive paste as a whitener boost. Wish I would have found this years ago!

- Laura

Clean, fresh mouth

I love this brushing rinse. I usually use it as a nightly mouthwash, but I also like to use it for a quick mid-day brush since it doesn't leave an overly powerful minty taste in your mouth - just clean and fresh.

- Lauren

Great stuff

Went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning and she said my plaque was not near as bad as it usually is.
i keep trying different stuff on my teeth and this the first time I got this result.

- Robert

Highly recommend!

The most effective mouth wash out there, and I have tried lots

- Vivian

Freshening Rinse

I enjoy the natural flavor of this rinse, it isn't overpowering and doesn't burn like conventional mouthwash. I bought this to try to heal my sensitive receding gums, and so far it is soothing and I am experiencing less sensitivity. Also leaves the breath fresh and clean afterwards. I haven't been using it long enough to determine if there are any whitening effects.

- Nicole


I just finished my first bottle of this brushing rinse. I seldom use it for brushing my teeth (usually use Weleda plant gel toothpaste) but then follow with this rinse. I hold it in my mouth for as long as I can before spitting it out. I use it throughout the day if I am home just to freshen my mouth.

- Jacklyn

Must have

This has become a must-have product for me. My mouth actually feels fresh after using this. Fresher than it used to with conventional mouthwashes, and certainly fresher than it has using a string of disappointing natural products. I do use it as directed as a brushing wash and then I use it again as a mouthwash and whenever I have the chance throughout the day. So gentle and so effective. I have also definitely noticed a whitening effect. A++

- Caitlin

Love this stuff

I'll admit, I didn't care for the flavor when I first tried it, but now it doesn't bother me at all. I use this first thing when i wake, just as the bottle suggests. I use regular toothpaste in the evening and use this as a post-floss rinse. I really think this stuff is great!

- Catherine

Great stuff!

This is one of my favorite products for oral care. The taste is mild enough that my children will use it too. It works great for brushing or as a mouthwash. We use it daily and I noticed that my teeth were whiter after just a few uses. I have tried many 'natural' oral care products, but this is one of the few that I will continue to purchase.

- Christina


love it!

- tiffany


I will admit, this product takes a little getting used to, but well worth it. I use as directed-swish for 20-30 seconds and brush with it afterward. The taste isn't exactly pleasant (it isn't loaded with xylotol and fake mint flavoring) but it isn't offensive either, and instead of resulting in an overpowering minty cloud, I end up with perfect clean & fresh breath. I can easily have a conversation with someone first thing in the morning, and not wory about being smelly. It also whitens better than all of the big brand whitening toothpastes that I have tried.
Oh, you only need a tiny squirt to get the job done.

- Britt

Too harsh for me

Wish this worked for me since it is easy to use and the flavor is fine but after a couple of days, using as directed, my teeth become sensitive and my gums irritated. Too bad! YMMV.

- Anna Marie

Saves money on tooth products

This is an outstanding all purpose rinse that I use for brushing, oral rinsing and as a mouthwash. It has no alcohol, no sugar and is made from natural aloe vera and essential oils. It leaves my breath fresh, but without a strong mint taste that burns. It's an outstanding oral product that my whole family now uses.

- Heidi Lloyd

Great Ingredients & Effects

This stuff has been absolutely amazing. Not only has it helped solve my bleeding gums, but I think my teeth are actually whiter after using this for the past month. Not only that, but after running through every ingredient database I can find, I can't really find any single ingredient that I should be concerned about. I'm not too fond of the peppermint taste, and I hope they start making more varieties, but this has been absolutely amazing.

- Teresa Winston

Got rid of my gum pockets

I whitened my teeth a few months ago and I accidentally leave the trays in too long and formed gum pockets. I found this Organic Brushing Rinse here on Thrive and decided to give it a try.

After only two weeks my gum pockets were healed and my mouth seemed overall more healthy. My chronic gingavitis was also gone and my teeth weren't as sensitive as before. My husband also noticed my morning breath and bad breath had diminished. (it used to be a sore spot in our morning relationship) I really love this rinse and am so happy that it is working so well.

- Sarah Wendell

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