Inka Plantain Chips, Chile Picante (2-pack)

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Why You’ll Love It

Ready for a snack with some real crunch? Try Inka Crops Chile Picante Inka Plantain Chips. Slices of thick plaintain get roasted in palm oil, then sprinkled with chili, garlic, cayenne, and paprika. They're naturally gluten-free and vegan, with less fat than regular chips. Plus, they're a good source of vitamin C, calcium, fiber, and potassium. See More
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About This Brand

Natural products made with the highest quality ingredients from the rich valleys of Perú.Mision"Identify the needs of our clients and customers from the most demanding markets offering healthy and delicious food; adding constant innovation, maximum quality in our process and supplies. Our great goal is to delight those who have chosen us." Vision"Be leaders in the markets where we are present, so our products and brands can be distinguished between our clients and worldwide consumers by its global reach, Peruvian origin and his highest quality."Inka Crops is a Peruvian company founded in 1998 with the firm intention of giving value and promoting the finest products of our culture and gastronomy in the world. Today 14 years later, with exports worldwide, we are a company that is specialized in the production and marketing of gourmet snacks, offering a wide variety of natural products made from raw materials of the highest quality from the rich valleys of Perú.
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Plantains, palm oil, sea salt, maltodextrine, chili (hot pepper), cayenne pepper garlic, paprika, citric acid, acetic acid, oregano, silicon dioxide, paprika oleoresin and capsicum oleoresin

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1oz (28g/about 15 chips) Servings Per Container 4

Amount Per Serving

Calories 140 Calories from Fat 60

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 6g 9%
Saturated Fat 3g 13%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 290mg 12%
Total Carbohydrate 20g 7%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars 0g 0%
Protein <1g

Vitamin A 6%
Vitamin C 10%
Calcium 10%
Iron 0%

Why You’ll Love Inka Plantain Chips, Chile Picante (2-pack)

Set aside the boring snack routine and make way for Inka Crops Chile Picante Inka Plantain Chips that are roasted in palm oil and sprinkled with a hint of salt and zesty seasonings. People often think that plantains are the same as bananas, but that’s not exactly the case! Plantain chips actually come out tasting far more savory than banana chips, and also give potato chips a bit of competition. Not only that, but Inka Crops Chile Picante Inka Plantain Chips are gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, and vegan, making it safe for the whole family to eat!

What are plantains?

Plantains are a member of the banana family, so it’s natural the two are often talked about as interchangeable produce. Unlike a banana, however, plantains are far less sweet and are not often eaten raw. Instead, they are prepared in a variety of ways including fried, steamed, boiled, grilled, or baked.

This unique fruit can be traced all the way back to 500 B.C., and it is native to places that have tropical climates such as Florida, Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Peru—where Inka Crops Chile Picante Inka Plantain Chips are sourced!

The nutrition behind Inka Crops Chile Picante Inka Plantain Chips

Plantains are gaining popularity in the United States, but they have long been enjoyed around the world for their low sugar count, vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and potassium. Obviously, preparation is key to enjoying plantains in a way that’s delicious and Inka Crops masters this in a way that’s still good for the body. These tasty morsels are savory food to munch on and there are only 140 calories per serving. Inka Crops Chile Picante Inka Plantain Chips are roasted in a bit of palm oil, lightly salted, and sprinkled with zesty spices like cayenne pepper garlic, oregano, and paprika.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is often advertised as the way to keep colds at bay, but it’s actually more powerful for other reasons. Essentially, the body needs it for optimal health because it grows and repairs tissue in the body as well as creates collagen. But beyond that, collagen is also helpful in improving the texture and tone of skin—it’s the key to looking youthful, and as people age they create less of it. Additionally, Vitamin C it has been proven to help in the prevention of heart disease by decreasing the number of triglycerides, as well as lowering LDL cholesterol count.


Calcium is vital to building and maintaining strong bones—those “Got Milk” commercials were definitely onto something. But calcium does so much more than make bones strong. It also helps the heart, muscles and nerves to function properly, and can aid in maintaining healthy weight. As for preventative measures, it can help prevent colon cancer, premenstrual depression, and kidney stones.


Fiber helps to normalize bowel movements and contributes to optimal colon health. Aside from the digestion benefits, it also gives that satisfied, full feeling after eating, which can help with weight loss and management. Fiber needs to be consumed daily, but many Americans still have trouble consuming the recommended daily amount of 20-35 grams.


The heart loves when more potassium is added into the diet. This mineral is vital to maintaining a normal heart rate and helps maintain a low risk of heart disease and stroke. Additionally, by consuming potassium on a regular basis it can maintain the balance of minerals and fluids in the kidney.

About Inka Crops

Inka Crops makes natural products that are created with high quality ingredients from the rich valleys of Peru. Founded in 1998, they aim to bring the finest foods of Peruvian culture to the world by making gourmet snacks, all of which are all sourced from raw materials in South America.

What to enjoy with Inka Crops Chile Picante Inka Plantain Chips

These savory chips make a great on-the-go snack, movie night substitute for buttered up popcorn, or simply a nice afternoon pick-me-up. But go ahead and really amp up snacking by pairing Inka Crops Chile Picante Inka Plantain Chips with a few of these Thrive Market favorites!

Theo Chocolate Orange Organic 70% Dark Chocolate

Inka Crops Chile Picante Inka Plantain Chips are salty and savory like potato chips, but so much better! Try them with something sweet, like Theo Chocolate bars, to get a delicious contrast of flavors. These candy bars are made with the finest dark chocolate, and this particular one is infused with the essence of fresh oranges. See how this is the perfect weeknight dessert combo to indulge in.

Thrive Market Organic Dried Cranberries

For an easy afternoon snack when rushing from work to the kids’ soccer practice, toss in some dried cranberries with Inka Crops Chile Picante Inka Plantain Chips. The chewy fruit will offer a burst of flavor against the salty, crunchy chips—and not to mention they’re loaded with their own share of antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber. If making a custom DIY trail mix, then consider throwing in a few cacao nibs for some intense chocolatey flavor.

Red Pepper Walnut Dip

Tangy flavors come to life in this traditional Syrian dip that includes vibrant red bell peppers and hearty walnuts. Dip Inka Crops Chile Picante Inka Plantain Chips to enjoy a little extra spice with each bite—and don’t worry about broken chips, as fried plantains are incredibly sturdy. This dip is incredibly versatile and makes an impressive dish at a dinner party or potluck.

Reviews For Inka Plantain Chips, Chile Picante (2-pack)

Based on 30 Reviews

So yummy!

These are so good! Just be mindful of the serving size.

- Courtnee Hardie

Somewhat bland

Good texture but moderately bland and not at all spicy.

- cassandra

So good

These are seriously so good! I didn't have high expectations. I don't like banana chips, and that is how I expected these to taste. Lucky for me, they're like crispier potato chips. The flavor is really good too. They'd be really good with queso.

- David

No Canola Oil

Love these chips. I avoid canola oil so these are delicious and crunchy. I like the chili ones alone and use the plain with dips, etc.

- Raechel

Chile Picante

Not very spicy at all so if you're looking for heat you won't find it, but it's still a great alternative to greasy salty traditional potato chip and I like to put these in my bag for when I'm on the go.

- Klaude

Very tasty, addictive.

First time trying the snack, was immediately hooked. Fresh taste and just a little spicy.

- Amber

I Couldn't Choose

Both these and regular ones are so good.

- Jawara


THIS is by far the best plantain chips ever!!!!

- Wanda I. Fazio


These are lovely, crunchy and flavorful chips. The spices are so good! These are pretty small for dipping but are perfect on their own. High in calories and fat but a nice alternative to other crunchy snacks. Yum!

- Suki

Love Love Love!

These are my favorite snack. Just the right amount of flavor and not spicy. It's easy to finish off the bag!!

- Lissa

Love these

These plantain chips are so good. A perfect guiltless snack if you want something crunchy and salty. Good flavor- I wouldn't say spicy.

- Lorie

Great flavor

Better than plain plantains with a nice flavor

- Julie


These are my new spicy go to. :) I love these little chips!! I am so glad I tried them. I had never heard of them before but with such great reviews and such a low price I thought I would try them. Who knew dried banana's flavored with chile would be so good?!!

- Lisa

yummy chips!

These are great with guacamole!!

- carolyn

Love these!

I love these - a great snack on the run, with just a little kick!

- Ann

I ate an entire bag in one sitting

These are amazing, and I'm not one to exaggerate. They're seasoned deliciously and aren't TOO spicy. My 18-month-old ate one and didn't complain.

- Kristin


The chili doesn't grab me. These are ok

- Nejla


These are very satisfying for snacking or a side with a sandwich. Hope they introduce new flavors like chili lime...

- KB

Yummy and Spicy

Its hard to find something yummy, crunch and spicy that I can eat. OMG these fit the bill. Had to order 12 double packs because people that work for me who have no digestion problems LOVE them!!!

- Lori

Delicious Flavor!

Just the right amount of flavor and salt make this plantain chips a real treat. Absolutely love them. Plus they have great crunch.

- Laura


I haven't had Plantain chips since my mother made them fresh when I was younger. This flavor actually TASTES REALLY GOOD but the texture wasn't right for me... kind of stale, but perhaps that what packaged plantains chips are supposed to be like? I would not know!

- Sharron


These Inka chips are the best Gluten free spicy snack I've ever tried. If you can't have corn but like a spicy snack these are great. Even my staff at work wants me to order for them. I think today I need to order 50 bags!!!!

- Lori

Inca Plantain chips, Chile picante

These are ab fab! Thank you thrive.

- Lisa

Satisfying Savory Snack

These chips taste amazing. They're super flavorful, without being too spicy (they're actually not very spicy at all, so if you're looking for some heat, you can add some more chili powder or cayenne directly to the bag yourself). Wonderful crunchy texture. The only thing to be aware of is that they have a bit of saturated fat. However, overall, they're a good alternative to potato chips that satisfies that salty/savory craving.

- Annalise M.

Super Tasty

I was surprised on how addicting this little snack is and it's not at all spicy. Delicious!

- Brittany

Good amount of spice.

I originally bought these for my daughter since she is addicted to eating the terrible spicy chips that are usually sold at the grocery store. In order to turn her to something more healthy, I decided to let her try these. She thought they were good...slightly sweet with a nice crunch but still not spicy enough for her. I then had a few and still found them spicy. So, I added some lime and it made a perfect combination for my tolerance level.

- T. Morgan

Yummy, flavorful, and guilt-free

This is such a great little chip! I've been slowly eliminating gluten from my diet when I can. Even though my boyfriend isn't quite on board yet, this is a snack we can both share together. It's got a really great chile picante flavor--chile, savory, and citrusy--that isn't overly heated. Satisfies my spicy fix without overwhelming my boyfriend's low spice tolerance. I was a little apprehensive because I thought they would have a sweet taste from the plantains, but there was no such thing! It was like a thicker, kettle style chip and it had a really satisfying crunch.

- Sheila

Guilt-free chips

These taste great, don't leave you feeling bad like normal chips, and they are quite filling! My entire family loves them. It seems like the bags are gone instantly after opening! I am more than happy to let my kids (and myself) binge eat these because they are gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan! I highly recommend.

- Ann Sullivan


Yummy! Not very spicy at all,. My 7 year old, who is sometimes finnecky about spicy things, absolutely loves these. My 2 year old also eats them. My 5 year old does say they are "too spicy" but he actually eats spicier things all the time, so who knows. I say unless you are extremely intolerant to spice, these are fine. Nice change of pace!

- Thrive User

These are delicious!

I didn't expect them to be "chile picante" but they are not very spicy - they have a wonderful flavor that sent me back to order more. Highly recommended.

- Lisa

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