Sweet Potato Chips

5 oz bag

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5 oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

Jackson’s Honest Coconut Oil Sweet Potato Chips are definitely different than regular potato chips—they're even nutritious! Made with non-GMO sweet potatoes fried in organic coconut oil and seasoned with a dash of pure sea salt, these chips are completely free of chemicals and additives. So go ahead, snack on a few to satisfy your chip cravings.
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About This Brand

Throughout the day, grabbing a quick snack is something that almost all of us end up doing, although it can be very easy to overlook healthy food options when it comes to snacking. While fresh fruit is great option, sometimes you want to satisfy those crunchy or savory cravings, which is exactly what Jackson's Honest Potato Chips does! The history of Jackson’s Honest Jackson's Honest Potato Chips is a newer player in the world of snacks and was started by a husband and wife team. The idea wasn’t born from a desire to compete with huge snack companies. Instead, the company started as an idea to provide better food. The owners of the company had a son who suffered from major health issues as a child, including chronic fatigue and serious nutritional deficiencies. After the couple spent hours, days, and months studying popular foods that people eat, they came to the conclusion that it was the man-made vegetable oils that needed to be cut out of the diet. They also found that...
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Sweet potatoes, organic coconut oil, sea salt.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1oz (About 13 Chips) 28g Servings Per Container 5

Amount Per Serving

Calories 150 Calories from Fat 80

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 18g 6%
Saturated Fat 7g 35%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 150mg 6%
Total Carbohydrate 18g 6%
Dietary Fiber 3g 12%
Sugars 4g
Protein 1g

Vitamin A 90%
Vitamin C 2%
Iron 2%

Produced in a facility that handles dairy.

Reviews For Sweet Potato Chips

Based on 181 Reviews

Jackson's Honest Sweet Potato Chips

Delicious, crispy & crunchy, nice salt but not too much and not oily. Love them and since they are fried in coconut oil they are healthy too!

- Anne

Tasty and light!

These could get you in real trouble because you may end up eating the whole bag! So delish, and so much more guilt-free than regular potato chips. Crispy and sweet, yet salty...it's really the perfect combo. None of the Jackson's brand chips have disappointed!

- Stephanie

great chips

perfect crunch and melt in your mouth goodness!

- Natalie

Like homemade- AIP approved

Even while perusing Paleo foods and products, I have to be careful not to buy something that interferes with my auto-immune sensitivities. I crave salty snacks and it seems everything is cooked in soybean oil, canola oil or another oil. These chips have only sweet potatoes, seas salt and coconut oil. They are delicious and safe for me to eat.

- Betsy

Love these!

So good! Just be careful - it's easy to eat a whole bag in one sitting :)

- Taylor

Great snack food

These are delicious!! Excellent price!

- Erica Clement

Amazing Sweet Potato Chips

These chips are so good. They are the first sweet potato chips I have found with a healthy oil. They only contain Sweet Potatoes, coconut oil, and sea salt, so I can eat them without guilt!

- Sara

Such great Chips!

I have been having a hard time since switching to Paleo finding snacks that were limited in ingredients but still ave me the yummy crunch factor. Between these and the purple heirloom chips, I am hooked! Still sweet but lightly salty, I will be ordering more of these!

- Hailey

Absolutely Unbelievable!

These are SO good!! After attempting a homemade version that came out delicious but soggy, I stumbled across these and decided to give them a try. I'm so glad I did! I will definitely be buying more and trying their other flavors. These chips are the perfect balance of salty and sweet with a crispy crunch. Well done, Jackson's Honest!

- Wendy

Crisp, Sweet like a Sweet Potato!

Light, crisp chips! Very tasty.

- Patti

Sweet Potato Chips

Very tasty snack
Healthy too


My Absolute Favorite!

BEST CHIPS EVER! Want to know why I'm part of Thrive Market? Because of these CHIPS! They are amazing and so satisfying! I can't find them anywhere nearby and on other sites they cost a lot more. TG for Thrive Market I can indulge in my favorite chips for a cheaper cost.

- Katie


The coconut oil really makes these chips unique. A great paleo snack. And Thrive offers these at such a great price!

- Amber R

these are the best sweet potato chips ever!

They taste great and my kids loved them..I have to keep hiding them..good and nutritious. I like this brand specially because they are fried with coconut oil. You better order more than one.

- Elizabeth


Crisp & light. Makes a great on-the-go snack. Yum!

- Paula

Great snack

What can be better for you. Good price.

- Deb

One Word...Yum!

Great snack! Very addicting! Very crunchy, like kettle chips.

- Kathy


Love these chips, will be buying more! As a college student, it's hard to stay deathly and for cheap; these are a delicious snack I can pack on the go! Seriously though, YOU MUST TRY THEM

- Heidi

I love it!

it satisfies occasional craving for sweets.

- Eugenia

Very Good flavor of chips

Always taste fresh. The coconut oil always taste good and never rancid or burnt. I would like to see this product in a larger pack size.

- Larry

Great substitute

These take care of the desire for potato chips or a snack without going off Paleo.

- David


I love sweet potatoes & these chips are great. I will definitely buy them again..

- Virginia


These are my favorite chips!

- Emily Strum


These are absolutely delicious and AIP approved! Wonderful to have around the house to snack on.

- Lindsey

Good chips!

These are wonderful and salty! They have a nice crunch and the chips are big. They definitly taste like sweet potato and with the coconut oil it almost makes them taste cheesy which is awesome since I am eating paleo and can't have cheese. Great snack for when you have to have a chip will buy again

- Brittany Weedman

Sweet Potato Chips

Great when you want to snack on something really crunchy!

- Karen

So. Good.

Delicious. Strong coconut taste.

- Megan


These taste great and at a wonderful value! I have ordered them twice and both times they came beautifully packed and undamaged.

- Bob

Great product except for one thing

These chips are very fresh and made with great ingredients and taste great.
The one caveat I would offer is for those who have crowns or bridges in your mouth to be careful as a good many of the chips I had, out of two bags we bought, were a bit too thick and hard. I really like the general taste and quality so I gave it a pretty good shot. But for me it's not worth the possibility of cracking a crown of which I have a few.

- Keith


No greasy feeling. You can actually taste sweet potatoes and it is super yummy while it is not bad for you. My 1.5 year old boy loves it too.

- Nesrin Umur

Clean Tasting Fix

I love chips. When I decided to convert to Paleo it was hard to hear that white potatoes are not Paleo, and many oils are not Paleo. Not only do these Sweet Potato Chips fill my cravings for chips, but they're also a really clean tasting snack. The coconut oil so light, and the salt level is just right. The only problem is my boyfriend likes them too ;)

- Aimee

really good!

I know, a potato chip is a potato chip but these have that rich orange color and are processed in coconut oil - what's not to love.

- carol anderson


FINALLY! A sweet potato chip (0r any chip) whose ingredients don't list Canola oil. THANK YOU!!

- Marti

Too much coconut

I did like these chips but they had too much Coconut flavor for me. I don't want to taste coconut while I'm eating potato chips.

- Erin

Great chips

Kind of wish you would offer them in no-salt, but love these - what I mostly buy for myself and the little ones.

- Barbara


These were crazy tasty. And I'm not really into most foods of the sweet potato variety. Crunchy with a little smooth sweetness and enough salt to be addicting.

- Amber Butler

My favorite chips!!

These are the best! I love how perfectly crunchy they are and the flavor is PERFECT. Way better than any sweet potato chip I've tried!

- Nicole


Love these so much!

- Paula

Sweet POtto Chips

Your chips are healthy and taste good too. I like it and will buy again.

- Beverly Mottley

LOVE these!

These are so good! You will never be able to eat just one.

- Sharon


These chips were fantastic!!!

- Shawn

The Best

I Love these chips...not too salty, just the right crunch and delicious. They are much less expensive through Thrive than at other places. Will definitely want more with my next order .

- jeannie

Sweet Potato Chips

I love these. Great flavor and a healthy crunch!

- Marianne

Excellent Potato Chip for Sensitivities

I can't have safflower or sunflower oil, citric acid, corn products. This is the only chip I've found that doesn't have anything that aggravates me. ♥︎

- Leeza

Yummy Healthy Snack!

My boyfriend LOVES these things. They are exactly what they say they are with no added junk (believe me, I checked the ingredients). They are sweet potatoe chips with some added salt. Super tasty and healthy treat. Will be repurchasing.

- Jessica W


Just like you would want a chip to be! Thrive Market does a great job packaging items so the chips don't get crushed too!

- shay


Really loved these chips! But not enough in the bag! I ate them in one setting!!

- Laura

Love! Love! Love!

I love the fact that it only has 3 ingredients. Sweet potatoes, salt, and coconut oil. It's crispy like all chips should be. I love it!

- Michelle


It is so nice to find something crunchy and yummy that is cooked in coconut oil. It more than satisfies my snack attacks.

- Constance

Yummy, but a bit inconsistent

The first bag I got was a homerun and I loved the product. The second bag I got was stale and it didn't taste as good. It's a quality brand and I'll probably reorder in the future based on my initial experience.

- Andrea


A snack food to satisfy my urge to bite on something crunchy. The simple ingredients are almost perfect - sweet potatoes (wish they specified organic), organic coconut oil and sea salt- and so good for you!

- Connie

Sweet Potato Chips

These chips are crunchy, salty, and overall delicious!

- Melissa

Great Snack

Sweet and a little salt with a lot of crunch!

- Diane


what a nice change of pace from the regular chips and so much better for you too. very nice taste, texture and a great snack for the whole family.

- Lydia

love these...

i could eat the whole bag at one sitting.. they are quite good!

- Chris


These chips are delicious, crunchy, and definitely better that regular white potato chips. I can't seem to keep them around the house very long. They are addictive!

- Joan


These are really delicious! I am a huge fan of chips and I didn't think that sweet potato chips could be as tasty as the less nutritious ones out there but I really love these! Now when I'm craving chips I have a healthy but just as tasty alternative

- Taylor

One of my favorite AIP products!

This is a great product for AIP Paleo. It is simple and clean - Ingredients are coconut oil and sweet potatoes only. It is a yummy snack.

- Lynn

Not Bad

These chips were tasty but still had a high calorie content.


Delicious and much healthier than other chips!

I typically don't eat chips at all because I don't like the kinds of oils they are baked with. However, coconut oil does hold up well to high heat and this is the only brand I've ever seen that uses coconut oil. I would imagine coconut oil is more pricey than the other oils typically used, and baking chips does use a considerable amount of oil, so this company is definitely not skimping on costs to deliver a very healthy alternative to what most Americans really enjoy. I also like that this is made with sweet potatoes. I think they are just a little more nutritious than other types of potatoes. So A+ for this product! And it's delicious by the way!!!

- Sharon

Best sweet potato chips!

I've tried many other brands but these are the best. I also appreciate the fact that they use coconut oil. These chips are my favorite crunchy snack!

- Michelle


I love that I can eat potato chips again and that they are healthy and good! Also, Thrive does a great job shipping them to you.

- Valorie

You'll eat the whole bag

Hubby and I love these! You can't eat just one.

- Tasha

A healthier potato chip, and delicious too! (4/5 green stars).

These chips are good: rich and crunchy. The sweet potato flavor is there but not too strong and they are nicely salted without being too salty. One fifth of a bag (13 chips) provides 35% of your saturated fat RDA, so I’d avoid eating the whole bag at once if I were you! This serving size also provides 90% of your RDA for vitamin A and 12% of your fiber. Compare that to some other “sweet potato” chips, where the main ingredient is corn, and the vitamin A content is more like 10%. Sweet potatoes are very good for you, with anti-inflammatory benefits, and also control of blood sugar. The medium chain saturated fatty acids in coconut oil are also attracting a lot of attention health-wise and I especially like that these chips are slow-cooked at lower temperatures. The unsaturated fat in regular vegetable oil can generate free radicals when exposed to high heat during extraction or high-temperature cooking, which can cause aging and cancer.

Overall I’ll give Jackson’s Sweet Potato Chips 5/5 gold stars for quality of the product and also 4/5 “green” stars based on the social-environmental aspects of producing it (see below).

Organic coconut oil has a significantly lower environmental impact than soy or corn oil grown in the US. The sweet potatoes are not organic, which is a shame. Sweet potatoes are generally a pretty sustainable crop (water, fertilizer, and pesticide needs; yield) depending on how they are grown. Jackson’s Honest are not very transparent about the operations – they don’t provide much information on the social and environmental impact of their company and suppliers (for example, a CSR report). They are a new company, so hopefully that will change over time. However, in profiles on the company I did see statements to the effect that they source potatoes from small family farmers that use biodynamic or organic practices (they do have a line of organic regular potato chips). They have a charitable foundation that serves to educate people about nutrient-rich foods. The larger 5 oz. bags are preferable since they involve less packaging than the 1.5 oz. bags.

- JayK

Seet Potato chips

Loved them. They are better than ordinary chips.

- Audrey Faxon

Sweet Potato Chips

Pure yumminess!

- Daphne


Great. So simple, you really taste the sweet potato as if it were fresh.

- Madeleine

Best chips

Taste, ingredients, crispness, cannot beat these gems.

- Barbara


Great sweet potato chips! Healthy, crispy and the only problem I had is that I didn't order enough of them!

- April

Best chips ever!!

Best chips in the world! Just the right amount of salt and cooked in coconut oil. These are habit forming!

- Jamie

Our favorite snack

My husband and I love these chips. They are not greasy at all, like we have found a lot of sweet potato chips to be. They also adhere to our diet because they are cooked in coconut oil. We buy these regularly!

- Autum

Sweet Potato Delight

- Melissa


These sweet potato chips have the perfect combination and flavor and crispness.

- cathy

Heavy on the oil

These chips aren't awful, but I found them to be heavy with the coconut oil, in a way that coated my mouth and interfered with the crispy sweet potato yumminess that I was craving.

- Lisa


We love that these are made with coconut oil and sea salt. Great crunch, great flavor, great health!

- Susan


Watch out, these can be addictive. Don't take the bag to the couch with you because all of a sudden you will have eaten the whole bag. The chips are crisp and tasty and not greasy at all. The coconut oil enhances the sweet potato just right and there is just the right amount of salt. All you paleo eaters out there, don't say I didn't warn you when you crack open the bag. Yummmmmm.

- Suzanne

Can't Eat Just One

Light, crispy, and delicious.... all this and cooked in coconut oil too! I call that win-win!

- Katrina


This stuff is incredible.

- Mary

ate the entire bag!

I usually buy Kettle chips--these were so good and better for you. Will purchase again.

- carmen

So Good

My kids and I couldn't eat these fast enough! These chips are delicious...just ordered more!

- Rebecca


These chips are so good. I am a potato chip freak, these sweet potato chips are better than regular potato chips. Crispy and lightly salted, they can satisfy any craving for a chip snack.

- Shannon


I want to figure out if I can find these locally, so hard to wait for more to arrive!

- Lena


These are the only chips that have only good ingredients and you are eating a vegetable at the same time. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent.

- Jeffrey

Great snack!

These chips are full of flavor and made with healthy coconut oil. One of my favorite snacks. Have to be careful not to eat it he whole bag.

- Stacy


Glad to finally find a chip that I can eat that doesn't have preservatives in it! Love them!

- Paula

Easily a New Addiction

These chips are fantastic. The sea salt is as they say, a hint, the crispy chips are flavorful and irresistible. Need I say more ... will have to keep them well hidden away!

- Barbara

great taste!

great snack, although my local Whole Foods sells this for less than I can buy here. Also, in shipping a lot of the chips were broken. would buy this again, but not through Thrive.

- suzyqz

Love Jackson's Harvest Sweet Potato Chips

This chips are so delicious and I love that they are prepared with organic coconut oil. This company also makes Tortilla chips...can't find them in any stores...it'd be great if Thrive started carrying them!

- Stephanie

Sweet Potato Chips

These are so delicious!

- Leisa

The Best

These are the best and healthiest sweet potato chips I've ever had. I've tried all kinds and they're either burnt tasting or really hard and crunchy. These are perfect every time.

- Barbara


These chips are so delicious, fresh and healthy! The best I've had. I don't have time to review all the many products I purchase from Thrive Market, but I must say that there packaging is outstanding. Nothing crushed, nothing every leaking. Always well packed. Thank you.

- Susan

What was I thinking?

Why did I not notice that all the ingredients were not organic (and shame on me, I'm usually more careful)? While the coconut oil is, the main ingredient (sweet potatoes) are not. Step it up, Jackson's Honest, because until your main ingredient is, I won't be ordering your product again.

- Gina

Best Sweet Potato chips yet.

There's been a lot of sweet potato chips out there but these are light, tasty and none of the heavy oily taste others have had. My friends love them.

- Ginger


These are my favorite Paleo snack! I always order multiple bags so I never run out. I was so happy to get that CRUNCH back that was missing in my Paleo diet and these definitely deliver. Great flavor too. And Thrive cradles these in a protective wrapping so they have never arrived crushed or damaged. Just perfect every time!

- Theresa


These are the BEST sweet potato chips on the market. LOVE THEM

- Robyn

Sweet potato chips

I love having something like this to eat when everyone else is chowing down on potato chips! They are very good and crunchy.

- Pamela


Sometimes you just need some crunch. This is awesome with guacamole and fulfills the Paleo life perfectly. So much cheaper at Thrive Market.

- Barbara

Okay, but could use improvement!

A bit too sweet...I think they should add a spicy flavor to their offering to balance out the sweet of the sweet potato and coconut. I probably wouldn't order, again, as-is. But they were delivered in good condition, if that's what Thrive is asking : )

- Jennifer

I love these!

I'm not a potato chip eater, but I love these because of the slight sweetness mixed with saltiness, and the healthy coconut oil. It's a great crunchy snack that doesn't sit heavily in the stomach (as long as you don't eat the whole bag)!

- Rene

Sweet potato chips

Fabulous! I ordered 4 bags and ate them all myself (not on the same day). They are dangerous to have around because they are so good!

- Terri

Amazing paleo snack

These are great when I am in need for a snack! Just the right amount of salt too! So tasty!!

- Jesse


I have leaky gut and can't eat very much, so these are my guilty pleasure. Very healthy chips, but they are absolutely delicious!!!

- Abby


These chips were really great! I had to stop myself from eating them in one sitting. Very delicious.

- Wydalis

So so good!

I wasn't sure what to think of these sweet potato chips but they are so yummy that I have trouble not eating the whole bag in one sitting. They're slightly salty but it blends well with the sweet potato and is so good I'm hooked. :)

- Maldavis

Best yet!

This sweet potato chips are just the best. Just thick enough to not fall apart, crunchy, just enough salt, really good. Highly recommend having these on hand always.

- Chris

The holiest of holy

The ingredients alone show you how baller these chips are. The coconut oil is not overwhelming, leaving you with the perfect chip. Bravo Jacksons, bravo

- Eric


Awesome - sweet potatoes and coconut oil. The perfect snack.

- Gary


These are great! Super tasty and not greasy like other coconut oil chips I have had. Highly recommend.

- Jessica

Deliciously Crisp!

These chips are thin, with a mild coconut flavor and very little salt. Delicious!



That perfect mix of sweet, crunchy & salty that makes this the best sweet potato chip ever!

- Shelby

love SP!

I happen to love sweet potato chips and these are terrific. Great little snack if you can hold off eating the whole bag! Came back for more!

- edna

Crispy Sweet Potato

Not as expected. Taste like a sweet potato but the texture is odd.

- Shanna

Sweet potato chips

These are the best! Only ones I've found made only with coconut oil. The only problem is that I eat too many.

- laurie


another new taste for me, very satisfied. More please !!

- Derek Horner

Best Sweet Potato Chips

These chips have a fantastic flavor and you can rest easy knowing that they are only 3 ingredients, one of them being coconut oil!

- Casey

Sweet Potato chips

Did not like them but my friends did.

- Nancy Brooks

Great snack!

I was looking for something crunchy to snack on that follows an autoimmune protocol. These fit the bill perfectly!

- Jenny


Can't get enough of them!!

- Daina

Sweet Potato Chips


- Anne

Not great.

Have ordered these twice. Probably will not do so again. The taste is missing something. Needs more salt?

- Sue

Absolutely my favorite chips ....

Love that they are cooked in coconut oil, and they are delicious. Favorite!

- Barbara

Great snack

Would be better with slightly more salt. We do love them though.

- Keri

Very tasty!

These are delicious and it's the first time that I don't feel guilty eating chips! I love that they are cooked in coconut oil and are non-GMO. I usually buy 4 bags at a time because my chip loving fiance eats these up! I always end up having to hide a bag for myself. But I Just want to mention that these chips are a bit hard and might not be good for people with very sensitive gums.

- Danielle

Excellent snack choice

I finally found a snack made with healthy -Omega3 oils! So happy! And it tates really good!

- Maria


Love these chips, but how is it a bargain when I can buy them at Whole Foods for $3.99 as their regular price???

- Rasa

tasty chips!

Super tasty! What a treat!

- Honorata

Perfect as usual

fantastic as usual but the price is the same in the store

- Joe

Almost Too Good

So Yummy! Wish they came in a smaller bag so I wouldn't eat so many. Perfect for Paleo Nachos, or just straight out of the bag.

- Megan


My favorite snack with sliced avocado

- Paige

Best Chips Ever!

I love these chips. I have tried lots of other sweet potato chips and these are the best. They are so clean and crunchy. I love them with guacamole, salsa or just by themselves.

- Pam

You may want to buy more than one...

Not a potato chip fan but I liked the ingredients and quality so tried the sweets and the blue. The sweets are hands-down our favorites and in fact we have served them to company and taken them to get togethers and as always people ask where we got them because they want to buy them!

- Rebecca

These are the best

Quite simply, the best veggy chips around - and the fact that they are cooked in coconut oil is the clincher.

- Barbara


Good taste.

- Joel

Sweet Potato Chips

I love the taste. I will be purchasing more of these chips for sure.

- Linda


These are so tasty, crunchy, and made without extraneous ingredients (including sugar, which, even in the form of maple syrup, is in far too many "healthy" products). It's the perfect snack - just be sure not to eat the whole bag at one time!

- Gail

Sweet Potato Chips

I really like these chips. Snacks that taste good and are good for you--Yayyyy.

- LaVerne

So good!

I dip these in butter. They're so good! Perfect snack with perfectly simple ingredients.

- Mary

Great snack

We've reallt missed eating chips and these satisfy our snacking in a healthy way. Very delicious!

- Ann

Very tasty

So glad to find these. Very tasty. Love that they use coconut oil.

- Kathryn

White potato chips, you're history!

Crunchy, slightly sweet and salty. They are the perfect side for your sandwich or great alone, straight out of the bag as a snack. Yummy!

- Robin


I enjoyed these sweet potato chips, even though they arrives with half the contents crushed.

- Janet

Mostly Delicious

Our family LOVES these chips, but the last few bags have been overcooked (had to take off 2 stars for inconsistency).

- Laura

My favorite chips

It is hard not to eat the entire bag in one sitting! I am so happy there are finally healthy chips out there made with healthy fats. I hope to see more brands following.

- Sarah

Yum! Yum! Yum!

It's amazing to find a snack that is so delicious with simple ingredients. These won't last long in our paleo house!

- Anna

Must Try!

Okay, even after reading several good reviews for these chips I was still a little skeptical. I have to say, I absolutely love them! Cooked in coconut oil and have the perfect sprinkle of salt. Perfect for those moments when you are craving a crunchy snack :)

- Betsy


I can't eat regular chips so it is nice to finally have an alternative that tastes good.

- Catherine


A healthy chip subsitute. Just enough sweet and salt.

- Trisha

Crispy Deliciousness

Love this healthy crunchy snack!

- Shelly

Best chips

Am Paleo and these chips are great! 5 stars

- Lana


I don't generally like kettle cooked chips, but these aren't bad. However, I don't think I will order them again simply because I don't care for kettle cooked.

- Melody

Perfect snack!

I am on an AIP protocol and these chips are perfect for a snack! They taste delicious and made with simplistic ingredients.

- Lynn

The best!!

We aren't usually ones who buy chips but when we saw these (and the blue ones) we were impressed by the ingredients so had to give them a try. The blue ones are good especially if you like potato chips but these are best tasting to us.

- Rebecca

Yummy Snack

These chips are the perfect blend of sweet and salty.

- Kathleen


like the crunch, just enough salt, and healthy

- Marjorie

Best chips - period!

These are so good, and cooked in healthy coconut oil instead of canola, etc. Just the best.

- Barbara

The best chips ever!

I'd trade My old chips for these any day. Jackson's honest, where have you been all my life?

- Jamie Ellis

so good

These are just sweet potatoes, coconut oil, and sea salt. All healthy ingredients! But the idea of chips being good for me means I eat an entire bag in one sitting.

- emily

Tasty and Filling

Satisfying to the pallet and unlike regular chips, I don't feel compelled to eat more than I should. Excellent snack!

- Breathe


Good chips

- Roberta

Simple and delicious.

These are great! Hard not to eat a whole bag in one sitting because they are so good. The best part is they are cooked in coconut oil, not a hydrogenated or unhealthy oil.

- ashley


get these. right now. NOW>

- chrissy

Great Chips

These are some of the best chips I've ever had- and the fact that they contain only simple healthy ingredients is a huge added bonus. The chips have a good crunch to them and are flavorful. I would highly recommend these to anyone!

- Kelly

buy this now!

These chips are the most amazing thing I've eaten in quite a while.
I can see these becoming a problem for me in that when I see the bag I feel like fat b@st@rd and exclaim "Get in my belly!"
They are so good, I'm compelled to curse about them in an online review. They are that good.

- Michelle

You can't go wrong

With two simple natural ingredients: Sweet Potato and Coconut Oil you just can't go wrong. This lightly salted and lightly sweet chip is absolutely divine. Once you have one you won't be looking at the other commonly brand chips out there and knowing that you are eating good for your body is an added bonus.

- C Robinson

Awesome chips!

These taste absolutely wonderful and have no corn in them like many others do. I have found my new favorite snack - thanks for carrying this wonderful product!

- Linda


I love these for a crunchy snack!

- Nicole


How can you go wrong with sweet potatoes and coconut oil being the only ingredients! Hands down my favorite chips. And they were packaged SO well. I fully expected the bag to be crushed when I got it but boy I was wrong. It was just as perfect as if I had taken it of the shelf myself.

- Stephanie

Yeah chips I can enjoy

On auto immune Paleo diet for a year and these are awsome as cooked in coconut oil ! Tasty and crunchy and I share them with friends who enjoy ! Only thing so good have enjoyed whole bag in a day!

- Thrive User

Tasty, but too much coconut flavor

Finally, chips that are made with coconut oil! These are a good alternative to regular chips, but they have a slight coconuty taste to them because of the oil. Would be better without the coconut taste but they are still good.

- Hannah

Perfect Snack!

I can't get over how GOOD these are! A little sweet, perfect amount of salty, and a rich, slightly buttery flavor. I was kind of surprised at how much I liked these, since I'm not huge into sweet-potato (I'll take it or leave it most of the time).

Three simple ingredients, no trans-fat, no cholesterol, non-GMO - all great things since I'm trying to quit my Lay's habit! Plus, they've got vitamins A and C, and a decent amount of fiber, so I feel like they're good for me. These have a great crunch, and I'll definitely be keeping a couple bags of these on-hand in my kitchen for quite a while!

- G. Parks

fixed my chip fix!

I have been following a Paleo lifestyle for about a year now and I really miss chips! These completely fixed my chip fix! They are perfectly tasty, crunchy, and I love that there's only two ingredients!

- Shirley C

Good, but can use more flavor.

I have tried these chips on several occasions thinking the flavor might vary with bag. I don't have major complaints as they are one of the healthiest choices. Sweet potato and coconut oil - great combination!

Sometimes I find myself looking for either a little more saltiness or a little more sweetness. But I still prefer the fact that they are Non-GMO and Kosher over the salt and sugar.

- Archie Walton

Healthy, crunchy, flavorful goodness

Jackson's really nailed it with these chips. I was so pleased to find a healthier brand of potato chips. I get them as treats for myself and for my kids and we absolutely love them. I think it's great that the ingredients are simple (I especially like that they used coconut oil instead of other, less healthy oils). There's no additives or preservatives and they just taste so good! They weren't greasy and didn't take on the taste of the coconut oil. Perfect addition to my snack stash. I highly recommend!

- L. Pierce

Coconut Oil on Sweet Potatoes!

So often when you look at what makes chips oily its something bad- canola or something synthetic. I LOVE that coconut oil is used on these chips. Be sure to put only a few out at a time or you will eat them all

A downside to these chips is that they going stale fast. I imagine this happens because of the fact that real ingredients are used! Nothing a Chip-Clip can't solve.

- C. Andrews


I have had several brands of sweet potato chips, and all them left me feeling like I was missing out on something. These chips made me realized that I was. They are crisp and light. Not overly sweetened with cane sugar, etc. You can actually taste the "sweet potato" flavor.

- Ann

love these

I don't like sweet potato's but I am try to eat paleo and healthier. Potato's are out and I love chips so these are great and they taste fantastic. love that they are fried in coconut oil. I am ordering more

- betsi

Finally...made with coconut oil!

I had been unable to find any truly healthy sweet potato chips as all are made with canola oil. Love these! A truly healthy snack that taste delish and satisfy my need for light crispy crunch.

- Katrina


I love these chips. Super yummy. Ingredient wise this product beats out other brands of sweet potato chips coming in with only 3 great ingredients. Cant beat it! Great healthy go-to snack. So thrilled Thrive Market offers it on their site.

- Diana

Fantastically Delicious

These chips are amazing-a little sweet & a little salty. It's so fun to have something clean and crispy to eat. If you haven't tried them, go for it! I was a little nervous about how they would arrive, but they weren't crushed at all. They're pretty hardy chips ;) (And Thrive does a great job with shipping.) Just a warning-they're so tasty, some people say they're addictive! You might want to portion them out so you don't eat a whole bag at once ;)

- Erin


Amazing taste. Can't taste coconut at all. I don't feel bad snacking.

- Crystal


These are hands down the best chips ever. As someone on the paleo diet, these are some of the only chips I can consume due to all of the others using oils that I do not eat. I love that these have coconut oil, and that they taste amazing! I highly recommend these.

- Jenny

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