Paleo Pizza Crust Mix

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8.5 oz Package
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"Paleo" and "pizza"? Two words that don't always go beautifully together, but thanks to Julian Bakery, they do now! This gluten-free Paleo pizza crust mix will blow you your tastebuds away. Makes one 14" pizza or two 10" pizzas. Free of soy, wheat, and corn (and all the other bad stuff). The best part is that it's super easy to work with!
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About This Brand

The Julian Bakery makes the highest quality, low-carb bread, and gluten-free bread on the market. All their products feature only the finest ingredients that maximize the nutritional content in every bite. The Julian Bakery has been in business since 1990 and now specializes in GMO-free, gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, Paleo, Vegan, and Pegan Products.
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Almond Flour, Arrowroot Flour, Pumpkin Powder, Dried Egg Whites, Xanthan Gum.

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Serving Size 1 slice Servings Per Container 12

Amount Per Serving

Calories 130

% Daily Value*
Total Carbohydrate 12 net carbs
Protein 4g

Reviews For Paleo Pizza Crust Mix

Based on 41 Reviews


We did not expect it to be so good. loved it. we dont live paleo, but grain free (keto-genic) and loved this brand. I am trying out a few other brands and so far, this one rates very high! EASIEST recipe ever too. Thanks.

- Mariette

Excellent paleo alternative!

As a family with small children, pizza is admittedly the most missed food since our move to a paleo/keto lifestyle. We have tried a ton of different alternatives to regular crust, and this one was, by far, the biggest hit! I buy two bags and its enough for all of us, of course, I do recommend going for a thin go farther and it tastes better.

- Oscar and Amy

My new favorite

This is wonderful! Although it is a little pricey, I'm finding it well worth the money. One mix fills a good-size cookie sheet from edge to edge, is crispy instead of airy like some other pizza "crust" recipes, and really satisfies my pizza and/or bread cravings more than anything else I've tried. I highly recommend it! Add some seasonings like oregano and garlic or a little grated cheese to the mix. Just make sure for pizza, that you cook the crust by itself for a while before adding the toppings.

- Carol

I can have pizza again!

Being on the Paleo diet, one of the things I miss most is pizza. But with this product I honestly had one of the best pizzas ever. Although the dough is really difficult to spread in the pan, the final product was so crispy and amazing!

- Pam

Pizza night again

I've always loved pizza and this allows me to have it again. It's simple to make the crust with this mix. I make paleo cheese to have with it.

- Irene

Pizza - Again!

Parents loved this crust and pizza nights are back once a week. They made me order 12 more mixes that evening. Loved it!

- Callicat

Great product!

I enjoyed this pizza crust so much that I purchased it a second time . The texture and taste were great. I accidentally added too much water when kneading the dough and it became a sticky mess. Thankfully I had a little almond flour on hand to add and fix the problem and it still came out great. I removed one star for price, I think it's pretty expensive for a single pizza crust.

- Janice

Brought Some Joy Back to My Life!

My daughter and I had to go grain-free for medical reasons, but it's been difficult finding paleo foods that appeal to both the grain-free and grain-eating members of our family. Turns out, everyone loves this! It's exciting to be able to make a dinner everyone loves instead of making multiple dinners.

For 2 teenagers and 2 adults, I buy 2 bags, which makes 4 generous personal-sized pizzas (we cut the personal pizzas into 4 slices and are stuffed after 3 slices). I top mine with feta or goat cheese, fresh basil, black olives, and a drizzle of olive oil. The rest of the family uses fresh sliced tomatoes and/or tomato sauce and cheese.

It makes a flat bread style pizza, so if you are truly paleo and don't eat any dairy, it would still be delicious with a drizzle of olive oil, garlic, fresh rosemary or basil, and/or sliced fresh tomatoes.

- Vanessa

Paleo Pizza

Love this and easy to make

- Sarah Lovell

paleo pizza crust mix

Love the convenience of the mix and a total plus for being Paleo friendly. Gets 4 stars because I prefer the texture of the "from scratch" recipe I use. Just my preference.

- Wenona Rigali

better than expected

My husband can be really picky with this kind of thing and actually loved it ! Great flavor and easy to use

- me

paleo pizza crust

love this product. it can be used as pizza curst, chips(spread very thin). I add Italian seasoning to give crust some extra flavor

- ranay

Best Paleo Crust EVER

I have tried so many paleo "pizza crust" recipes and have never been overly impressed. So when I bought this, I only bought one. I liked it immediately, but I'm an easy sell based on ingredients alone, so getting it past Hubs was the real test. After three bites he said, "You need to buy more of this!" Done! I made one 14" crust - it was crispy, tasty, and did not make me feel like I was missing out on "real" pizza - it WAS real! I cannot rave enough about this crust or give it better reviews. Julian Bakery knows what they are doing!

- Lori


Love this product !! Great for someone following paleo diet.

- Sarah

Paleo Pizza

This is THE BEST gluten free, paleo, crust we have found.

- Robyn

Great for cravings!

Started the Paleo Diet several weeks ago and I think the hardest thing was giving up good pizza. Found this crust on Thrive and made my first Paleo pizza for lunch today and YUM!! Taste is great - texture is more dense than normal pizza crust but still is delicious. Paired with Daiya cheese it makes a great recipe.

- Madison

Awesome crust!

This pizza crust is fantastic. I love thin crust and this crisped up nicely (not like a cracker) and tasted great. First paleo pizza crust I actually love. Made homemade meatballs and a "ricotta" mixture with my own sauce for an incredible meal.

- Jodi


The flavor was good. Once we get the hang of rolling out dough again and can roll it in a circle, I think it will be great.

- Virginia

Not what I expected

Baked up really hard and tasteless even with added seasonings.

- Diane


Best and easiest paleo crust we've tried

- Anna

Paleo Pizza Crust

Making my own flat bread paleo pizza crust takes time and it is messy, so this crust makes it easy. I add Italian spices and garlic before cooking which adds to the flavor. But, it does not reheat well.

- Jacqueline

Fills my pizza cravings!

I split the mix into two servings. One night my husband and I made a cheesy garlic bread. I seasoned the dough with a little garlic and onion salt and melted some vegan cheese onto it: delicious with spaghetti! Second night we had it, I made a 10 inch pizza with homemade pesto, mushroom, tomato, spinach, fake chicken and vegan cheese and topped with cashew "Parmesan cheese" and chili flakes: even better the second time! I prefer making most things from scratch but I've had too many mess ups in the kitchen trying to create a paleo, diary free crust so I'm thankful I found this guy, saves me the mess and stress.

- Kelsey


Really enjoyed this

- Jesse

Carb craving

Very easy to make and great taste! We made with tuna and red onions. We used a pizza stone for crunchiness!

- Acmorita


I have eaten Paleo for 3 years now and this is by far the best and most crisp crust out there!!!

- M Elizabeth


Crispy and yummy! Very easy to make!

- Dana


My husband made pizza for lunch today. It was really good. With a great sauce and lots of veggies it was as good as ordered in pizza and I am not feeling the stuffed feeling I get from eating regular pizza crust. Can't wait to eat the left overs...;.)

- Anne


This is the best paleo crust ever. It has a great consistency and reheats well, and I find most paleo crusts do not have those attributes.

- Katherine


A very good paleo crust - low carb and quality ingredients

- susan


Makes a great crust.

- Roberta Lindsey

Paleo pizza crust

Excellent pizza crust. The whipple family loves it so much. We make it every week!!!

- Bonnie

inconsistently available, just like that college boyfriend

I would give this a 5 star, but Julian Bakery products are too many times unavailable. Get it together, Julian. We love your stuff, now figure out the demand. It's a really good and easy pizza crust, if it's in stock, better grab it!

- Jaime

Wonderful crust

Best I have had.

- Anne


After having tried several other gluten free or Paleo bread mixes I did not have high hopes for this one. Surprised and over joyed! My husband loves it too and he's the hard one to sell

- Crystal

Loved it

A great pizza crust. Easy, filling and so fun to make personal pizzas with. My boyfriend, who usually is skeptical of anything "paleo" I make him try, loved it also. Can't wait to make again!

- Rachel

Nice and Easy

This was a super easy mix and the kids loved it. I would buy again and alternate between this and cauliflower crust.

- Melanie


I wasn't expecting much, but was quite surprised by how good this tasted. Even my boyfriend who loves regular pizza liked it! I will definitely order again!

- Tia

Paleo pizza crust

This is quite easy to make and turns out great-I like to add herbs to add a bit more flavor.

- katherine


Really great and pretty easy to make, even my 11 year old pizza fiend thought it was great.

- Marc

Easy and delicious

This pizza dough mix is not only paleo, it's easy and delicious. I've tried plenty of recipes for paleo pizza crust from the internet, and getting this mix is so much easier and more reliable than anything I've found.

- Katie

Works like a charm

It was quick and easy and for the most part tasty. Next time I use it, I think I'll add a little grated parmesan and garlic powder to add a little more flavor. Other than that, it worked beautifully!

- Mary

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