Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

16.9 oz carton

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16.9 oz carton

Why You’ll Love It

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth can be enjoyed as a sippable, warming drink, but it can also be used in recipes as a substitute for chicken broth. What’s all the hype about? For starters, as bones cook, loads of beneficial, naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals—calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus—seep into the broth and then into your belly.
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About This Brand

We’re two brothers, Nick and Justin, who are passionate about health. Our mom would say it’s due to the zucchini chocolate cakes (bleh) she used to make for us when we were young. It was this passion for health that drove us to start Fire & Kettle.- America’s first and only USDA Grass-Fed Bone Broth. Our company has one mission: to make people healthier. To do this, we’re making it easy for people to get the health benefits of bone broths. Formerly known as Bone Broths Co
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Beef Bones, Onions, Organic Carrots, Organic Celery, Organic Parsley, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Black Peppercorn, Bay Leaf, Thyme, Rosemary Extract.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 8.8 oz (250g) Servings Per Container 2

Amount Per Serving

Calories 40 Calories from Fat 10

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 1g 2%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Cholesterol 10mg 3%
Sodium 280mg 12%
Total Carbohydrate 5g 2%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars 1g
Protein 6g 12%

Reviews For Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

Based on 175 Reviews

Great Product

I use this in soups and even to drink as a hot beverage. Love it!

- Donna

Costly but good!

This is a good bone broth for when you don't have time to make some. However, I feel the amount is too small of the cost you have to pay. In the future when a recipe calls for beef broth, I will just use organic chicken broth instead since it will be more cost effective.

- Sandra

Not Just Your "Cup Of Tea"

LOVE the product. I not only drink it alone, but have made a soup: added cabbage, pea pods, onion, spinach. Talk about eating healthy!!!

- Cyndi

Delish but I don't think this is bone broth

I've tried both the beef and chicken. They are flavorful..but not gelatinous! I don't think this is real bone broth. I've made bone broth myself and I know the signature character of a real one broth is becoming a gelatin consistency when it's cooled.

- Lynnae


I believe this is a good quality product and is very convenient. But it doesn't even come close the home made broth I make in flavor and consistency.

- Anya Yurchenko

Easy & Tasty

I have recently started drinking an 8 oz. mug of bone broth daily for its many health benefits. Although I have made my own at times, having a supply of this in my pantry is sure to keep me compliant with keeping up with my daily consumption.

- Beth

My go-to broth

This is my go-to broth when I can't make my own - not too salty, but plenty of flavor. Great to sip alone or use in cooking. It's a staple in my paleo pantry!

- Kristen McElveen

Saved Me

I love to make my own bone broth, but this great product saves me when I need a quick option without the unnecessary and unhealthy additives.

- Bryant Manning

In a Pinch for Bone Broth

This is a good solution for in a pinch for Bone Broth. A bit expensive but most BB's are. Good taste and easy to make a quick soup or cook with. I have spent several days making my own Beef Bone Broth and this is easier. I do wish it was a bit larger portion for the price.

- Kelly

Delicious and Nutritious

I got turned onto using bone broth because of the benefits for inflammatory conditions, like arthritis and diverticulitis, and I can say from personal experience, incorporating bone broth into my cooking has made a difference in my arthritis and has helped others in my house who have digestive issues. It's delicious and chock full of trace minerals that are generally stripped out of foods. I highly recommend this brand over other beef bone broth brands.

- Erika

Great Stuff

This is always a must have in my pantry!

- Brenda

Weird, but love it

I know this is the same company, same package, so I believe it to be the same item that I purchased before, and am stocking up on it now. What is weird is that it has no flavor. It looks like dirty water, with no taste! So it is perfect for my morning smoothies. It says savory, simmered with veggies etc, but zip flavor, so it is ideal for me, and really good for you.


Healthy and Tasty!

This not only makes your stew and roast healthier, but so much tastier! Yum!

- Lisa

great flavor

use in soups and marinades, great taste

- Megan



- Jill

OOooh Heaven is a Place on Earth

Literally a magical joyride through pure happiness. I'm used to the standard beef broth you buy at the grocery store, but a close friend tipped me off about Kettle and Fire....WOW. I drink it straight in a mug in the mornings. Also, I'd highly suggest adding a shot of scotch to your mug with the broth for some kettle and FIRE when you drink it. Essentially, you should basically sign up for a subscription now.

- Luke

Tastes GREAT and adds so much to so many recipies!

Great item to have on hand for many different uses in the kitchen: add to oatmeal in the morning, add to veggie shakes, add as a gravy broth to chicken and fish. Many different delicious uses and best part, good for you too!

- JoAnn

A good pantry staple

I do prefer to use bone broth in cooking when I can; this container is fairly small for the price, but I enjoyed having it in my pantry as a backup to my homemade bone broth. It didn't taste very salty, which is a good thing.

- Angie

The shizzle

This stuff is the real deal. I use it to cure colds. It also makes anything you make with it taste great, and turns it into an immune booster.

- Chris


I enjoyed this bone broth with some miracle noodles and some salmon. Very tasty!

- Lori

Love it.

I tried some others but this one is the best.

- John


Used this to roast a sirloin tip roast in the crockpot. Added a jar of roasted red peppers for the last hour- Shredded the meat for delicious Italian Beef sandwiches

- Soupy


It's okay, but way too much carrot flavor for me. I prefer my broth to be more umame and less sweet.

- Shannon

Awesome Bone Broth

so easy to just heat up a cup.Tastes great

- Kathy

Desirable Product - Dynamic Results

Kettle and Fire Broth... give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Felt a difference on the FIRST try.

- Irish in Texas

beef bone broth

Great price!

- joe

No Taste

This broth had no real taste. I added some salt to it and it made it a little better, but no way would I just drink it. It had to be added to a stew to be used at all.

- Misty

Great for you and a MUST for a Paleo diet

I have done tons of research on bone broth. I have even made my own, which took over 14 hours and made quite a mess. I know that one cannot know for certain that the ingredients in a product are as stated, but the research on what is supposed to be in bone broth tells me that this is indeed a superior product. Personally, I'd prefer a bit more salt in it, but I understand that some are on restricted diets. There are about 2 coffee cup sized servings per box.

- Tracy


This broth is unbelievably REAL and delicious. I usually make my own but was very curious and I'm in love with this broth!!! It has a great smooth flavour!

- sabrina

not for me

Something about this just didn't taste right to me. I tried seasoning and no luck, I poured it on my dogs food so not to waste and he loved it!

- Tammy

Decent Bone Broth

Purchased this just to try it out and it was decent, but not amazing. Great to maybe keep some on hand in case you run out of homemade bone broth or are travelling and you need just a couple of cups. A bit pricey though.

- Kimberly

Bland flavor, Not worth the price

I was unfortunately very disappointed with this. Flavor is extremely bland and the size for the price is not a good value. Packaging is good but I'll keep searching for a better bone broth.

- Sabrina

Glad I found this.

I love this bone broth. Drink it everyday and order once I'm out.

- Arnita

Yummy with noodles

I use with the rice noodles and make a healthier "Ramon noodle" than buying the store brand junk. It's beneficial and depending on your taste you don't really need to add extra seasoning although I love to add garlic powder, cayenne pepper and fresh lime juice.

- Bella

Amazing Broth!!!

Although this broth is still a bit expensive and the discounted price here at Thrive, I find it amazing. I call it my healing broth. Lots of benefits to this wonderful broth!

- Hilda


With all the chatter about Bone Broth, I expected this to be gelatinous. It isn't. Which makes me realize what I've been making is just fine!

- Sheryllyn


Love this bone broth. Yummy to drink and cook with. Wish it came in a larger package!

- Christina

Desirable Product - Dynamic Results

I did quite a bit of research before purchasing this product. I have to say it delivers and then some. What a pleasant surprise. Each carton has about two cups... I drink a cup on rising early morning and another early afternoon. No hunger pangs, lots of energy, literally killed my urge for snacks... no ice cream any more... yeah!!! Forget trying your luck at lottery... this is a WINNER!

- Irish in Texas

Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

This product is totally amazing. I could feel a difference on the first cartoon.
Desirable product... Dynamic results!

- Sean


A great alternative to getting the health benefits of meat nutrition without having to eat meat!

But has anyone else noticed that the nutritional facts stated on the page vs what's on the box is different; like on the actual box there's zero fat content and no cholesterol, hmmm. Which one is right?!

- Mike

best bone broth

Great price for a product that improves gut health! love it

- Patrick


This stuff is unreal. Never in my life did I think I'd crave any type of soup let alone straight Bone Broth, but Kettle & Fire proved that wrong. I'm a long distance runner and this stuff is magical. The nutritional benefits are noticeable and my body feels so much better when I have a cup of Kettle & Fire in the morning. I love being able to flavor it myself - I swing between sun dried tomatoes and garlic salt seasoning or just straight salt and pepper. It's great

- Janine

I love this bone broth

I love this bone broth even more than the kind I make at home. It's convenient and has a thick gel after putting it in the fridge.

I also loved the taste, and it was definitely not too salty. I added a pinch of salt and drank it after heating it up, and it was delicious.

- Justin


Finally, a bone broth that doesn't taste like dishwater! This is amazing stuff, with real, deep beef flavor. And when you refrigerate it it gets quite tick, so there's clearly some collagen in there. Don't hesitate - buy some now!!

- Ron

I Liked It

Although the broth could use some seasoning, I soon realized that is one of the things I like about it. I could season it to my liking. And I can use it in any other dish and not have it change the taste. I am not too familiar with store bought bone broth but I was looking for that "gelatinous" layer on top. The packaging is very nice.

- Ann


The bone broth didn't have any particular taste to me, but the smell was just awful.

- Kat

Correction my Star Rating-Only in an Emergency

Would not buy again as it tastes no better than Trader Joe's Organic Beef Broth for $1.99 per 32 oz. Will spend my money to only buy fresh bone broth, NOT processed.

- Nancy


After adding sea salt to taste, I love this bone broth. And it's taste is much more consistent than what I achieve making it from scratch. Much more convenient too.

- Nikki


I love this bone broth, my favorite, so far. Starting with the attractive and easy open package then to the delicious broth where you can actually taste the yummy beef and the herbs they used to flavor it. It tastes "real" to me, not at all oily as I've found with some broths.

- Sally

Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth

Tastes terrible. Had to throw it away.

- Elizabeth

About bone broth

On my 4th box of bone broth. Not noticed any difference yet but I enjoy the taste. I drink it every other day since it can be quit expensive but hopefully I'll see great results soon.

- Michelle

Good stuff

I really like this product. It is now on of my staples.

- Betty Miller


I thought it was flavorless . I like the one I make myself much better.

- James

Tastes watered down-no flavor

This has no taste to it. I was actually surprised to find it had 250 mg of sodium. It was just a clear, unflavored broth. Cannot taste the beef bones, onions, carrots celery or parsley. Tasted very watered down to me. Disappointed because I was looking for a nice grass fed bone broth on days I ran out of my own homemade broth.

- Peggy


Love the stuff and love your quick shipping to the door too.

- Marcia

mild flavor

I drink it because of the purported health benefits. It is mild and easy to drink. I've also used it for cooking my brown rice...turned out great!

- Ruthel

Healthy at all cost

The taste is great for bone broth bought. The box is very small. You need many for soup.

- Elisa


Been out of town, haven't tried it yet.

- Elizabeth

Pros and Con

We have been making our own bone broth - very easy - for our pets. Pros are that the product is truly a superfood and can revive appetites that have been lost to illness. BIG CONCERN: They recommend this lovely beef bone broth for pets, but it contains ingredients that can be harmful to pets. Dogs are not supposed to eat onions. They can become quite ill. So when I make the broth, it is pure, with only the cider vinegar added. For people though, I highly recommend the product.

- Lucia

Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

The Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth is excellent. I used it in my crock pot with a beef roast and potatoes and carrots and it was the best tasting beef roast that I have ever made in my life.

- Pam Brucker

Bring it on

Took only three days for me to notice a dramatic change in my body. Best thing I think I have EVER done for myself.

- Teresa

Wonderful Bone Broth!

I love this bone broth and have ordered it many times. Great tasting and great for you.

- Elise

Grass-fed beef bone broth

Would like to know if any stores in Las Cruces, N.M.
carry this product

- Ruth E.Wiser

Beef Bone Broth

tried my first cup this morning - absolutely awesome!!!

- Joe Kendrick

grass fed vs organic

I use alot of broths as i have no teeth and so drink most of my calories and or get all my nutrition via drinks or pureed food - the organic chicken and turkey are good but this grass fed bone broth is special - use it once and you will know what I mean - I believe variety is the spice of life especially when it comes to food - being limited to juicing and or pureeing I would use this all the time if it wasn't for the need for some variety in your diet - I use almost all the veggies in the market that are available organic so that variety isn't as important but the nut butters and broths I put in my green drinks need to be varied but again - if I didnt have to think about it this would be my choice every day of the week

- Kevin

Better bought alrady made

Its Bland yes but you can add your own seasoning to it..I made from scratch and it cost me ingredients 20. 00 alone then the hours of Cooking Gas used ,,time consumed may tops 45.00 Dollars sigh way to much time and the Bones where not spend the money on this and season to your liking ....enjoy

- Amira

Bone Broth

After hearing so much about bone broth I tried it when it was offered for free. It's amazing the taste is wonderful and it feels so good eating something that can heal instead of harm.

- Debi

So good!

Wonderful to finally have a great tasting beef bone broth!!

- Teresa M.

Kettle & Fire Beef Bone Broth

I started out with three glasses a day. Now I'm down to two a day. My body loves it! I love the way Kettle & Fire explained how it was made...

- Carol Renee Emrick

Excellent Quality Broth

Organic, grass-fed and simply delicious. Good backdrop for all kinds of cooking. Met some of these folks at Paleo Fx Austin and they were so exuberant and informative. Coming out with some incredible tasting chicken mushroom broth - stay tuned...

- Dee


This broth has so many uses, I've reordered it time and again. Distinct flavor, good for many soups and sauces.

- Judi


This "bone broth" lacked any semblance of gelatinous or rich mouth feel. It was also rather lacking in taste.

- Elizabeth

Wanted to Like

I really wanted to like the product. The packaging is so much better than the bags other bone broth comes in. The price is also decent.

Broth is thin and does not gel in the refrigerator. Also, flavor is extremely mild compared with other broth I have tried.

Finally, the company failed to respond to my questions about their product.

- Frank

Bone broth

Was expecting it to be very flavorful... It was very bland. I wouldn't buy it again.

- Heather




Grass Fed Beef Broth

I love this beef broth & would liked it to come in a bigger size. My vegetable soup was delicious and I will get more.

- Carolyn

Beef bone broth


- Cristen

Can't understand what the fuss is all about

Truly tasteless. And very expensive.

- Paul




so flavorful, but pricey

Great flavor, but too expensive. I'll have to make my own.

- Ann

Tasty convenience

Love it! Thank you!

- Jeanette

Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

Very tasty! Good to have on hand for a snack or to add to other items for flavor and goodness.

- Mary


Delicious. If you sprinkle some sea salt on it, it really amps up the flavor. Seems more substantial than my homemade bone broth. I prefer this product to my homemade--and grassfed bones are hard to find in my area.

- Nicole

Highly recommended.

I am using this broth in recipes and also drinking it like tea. The Bone Broth Diet is helping me lose weight that would not budge on other diets, though I have tried many. This broth passes the test for taste and nutrition, gels appropriately when chilled and is tasty with some added Himalayan Salt. The price literally cannot be beat for the quality. Highly recommended.

- Jan


A convenient way to get the homemade bone broth without cooking it yourself!

- Jeanette A.

A healthy drink to offset osteoporosis

Drinking healthy bone broth will get rid of osteopenia or osteoporosis, or offset it is you are worried about getting it as you age. It is a very healthy and naturopathic way to turn it around. This is made with grass-fed material which is super good.

- Tanda


It tastes great. I also made a srew with it with beef and vegetables and it was also great!

- Marcella

Great flavor

Tastes like homemade bone broth, great flavor !

- Angel

Beef Bone Broth

If I run out of my stock, this is what I reach for. Its rich and delicious.

- DeAnna


Tastes great and very convenient for quick nutritious drink on the go!

- Erin

Love It!

I add a little celery, red pepper, salt & basil and blend it up in my Vitamix before heating a little. It's truly delicious.

- Ashi

Just okay

Pretty bland compared to homemade bone broth, but a viable option if you can't make your own.

- Casey

Wish I could buy it by the case!

So full of flavor, we will always have this in our pantry. Thanks, Thrive Market for selling it at the most competitive price out there!

- Betsy


It was alright. Drinkable but smells kind of funny. Not as much flavor as I was expecting.

- Mel

Much easierand tastier than making your own!

Wonderful, calcium rich bone broth in a tetrapak. Great for a gravy if you simmer it down and add herbs and a bit of olive oil.

This is a relief. Always hated boiling the bones with vinegar and cleaning up the mess afterwards just to make broth.

- Karen

Awesome Bonebroth

Tastes close to homemade and if one makes it at home it his to simmer all day!

- Bonnie

Tasted like cardboard...yuck

So gross I took a few sips and had to throw the rest away!

- MG

Good for your joint health

Any bone broth that has been simmered for 24 hours, especially if it comes from grass-fed, humanely raised animals is so good for joint health and should be part of our regular diet.

- Paula

Convenient but only ok

Great to have bone broth in an unrefrigerated carton. But the flavor is only ok. A bit flat and needs salt. No real depth. Does not gel up in the refrigerator so I wonder how much collagen is actually in it or if it's been watered down too much.

- ZC


I used this to make a bean soup with and absolutely loved it! Just added a little salt, red pepper flakes, garlic, and kale; it was delicious! A little costly in my mind but so healthy and well worth it besides being tasty.

- Gailya


This was the best beef broth I have ever tasted, and a great added plus is it's from grass fed cows

- Stephanie


I heated this healthy broth over the stove and sipped it like tea. I enjoyed the flavor and knowing it was good got me!

- Katherine

Good Bone Broth

I've been making my own bone broth for about two years, but lately have experienced occasions when my bone supply got low and my supplier either was out of what I wanted (shanks) or I had difficulty getting to the farm to pick up a supply. In the meantime, I responded to a free bone broth offer from Thrive with an order I was making. I was very pleased with the broth (even with the extremely high cost - sorry Thrive, but it is high) and have since started consuming it regularly. Don't know if it's any better nutritionally than what I made, but it is certainly easier.

- Jim

tastes great!!

i had only ever tried chicken bone broth, but this tastes so much better!!

- bonita


Made chili beef bean soup with this broth, love it taste great

- Regina

Grass fed beef bone broth

I liked it a lot, and will be ordering more of it. Used it to make lentil soup, great

- Marie

Pay for quality

Love that there is a grass fed bone broth option here.

- Tiffany

Not bad at all

This was the first time I tried bone broth and I was pleasantly surprised. It was quite tasty.

- CP

Tastes Great!

We ordered 5 boxes and mixed it with veggie soup. Our girls ages 4 & 2 loves it even if it's not as fatty as the home made beef broth I used to make. It's quite pricy for a small box but considering the time and preparation for making beef broth, having this in a box is convenient for always busy moms.

- Jasmin

Two Thumbs Up

There's nothing like homemade bone broth, but let's face it, making it is a huge pain, takes a day or two (if you do it right) and the house reeks during the process. This bone broth is a great, clean and convenient alternative. It's a tad bland to start with, but just add some sea salt and pepper, or other seasoning(s) of choice (I like the nom nom paleo magic mushroom powder), and it will be delicious and bring out the natural flavors.

- JS


Love this. So easy and great!

- Jamie


Made the best stock for shredded chicken over rice!

- Judi

Kettle and Fire Beef Bone Broth

I keep this as a backup for my own beef broth recipe. Homemade broth takes about 24 hours from start to finish. I'm on Dr. Kellyann's "Bone Broth Diet" ( 2 days fasting and 5 days Paleo).

- Janet


Great and the only one I have found that does not include Sugar.

- Michael

Good stuff

Great bone broth and easy to use (don't have to wait it to melt and does not taste like vinegar, which sets it apart from most I've tried).

- J. D.

Bone broth

great way to help with sleep and joint health. I'm sure other things as well.

- Judy

Bone Broth

Surprising good Had the "jelly" effect when cooled in refrig. A friend made me some - 48 hr bone broth - and it was fantastic but in lieu of going through that process this was worth the price

- Richard

Expensive Tasteless Broth

Having just started the bone broth diet I decided to get some high quality broth online prior to making my own. This broth was expensive ($8 per cup) It had very little flavor. The ingredients sounded great but it tastes like minimally flavored water. Not worth the money - will be making my own

- Marcia


Love kettle one beef bone broth !!!

- Rose

Don't put the box in the microwave!

OK. Total stupidity on my part. I was at work. We have a microwave. I drink out of a stainless cup. So couldn't heat it up in that! Bad idea. I just stuck the container in after opening it up. The interior is metallic lined. No major disaster ensued other than a burning metallic smell. Still tasted decent, though I'm sure I got dosed with residual nasty chemicals. This stuff is non-chunky, very watery compared to other brands out there. Not much substance to it. I had to pour in a lot of salt to get it up to my taste. Doesn't gel up in the fridge like a competitors that I tried, so there's probably less fat in it. Good and bad. I like the fat. But it it's nice to just pour this out and not have to spoon it out once it's been in the fridge.

- Dallas


This felt so healthy and healing. I wish I ordered more.

- Linda Burgess

couldn't place order

I was not able to place my order so I looked for another product

- sharon thomas


Made my corned beef super flavorful.

- Desi

Hard to find

Great product but the container could be larger

- kris

Full rich flavor

This bone broth has a full rich flavor and smells great too when simmered. It heats up so fast and is a great morning tonic.

- Ryan

Bone broth

Great taste.


Great for healing

I have a lot of medical problems. After using bone broth fast I' m feeling so much better. I have more energy and am doing steps better. I have a long way to go but I know this is helping me!

- Margaret

Bone Broth

I did not know what to expect, but pleasantly surprised. I drink it first thing in the morning to ensure I incorporate it into my daily diet or as often as I can. Smooth taste.

- Julie

Kettle & Fire Beef Bone Broth

It was my first time trying commercially prepared bone broth. I found it to be delicious. It uses quality ingrediates, has a nice clean flavor and no aftertaste.

- Diane

Usually Gels Up

I have purchased several orders of the beef bone broth and they fit the bill of of being on an AIP Paleo Diet. After I open and use some of the broth the first day I put the rest in the fridge. Every time the broth has gelled up nicely supporting that it has collagen in it. The last two times the broth has not gelled up. So I am not sure if I recommend this product or not. I ordered some more. Maybe it was just a bad batch.

- Nicole

Great stuff!

I love the added flavor I get when I simmer my vegetables in it.

- Betty

Healthy and tasty

Bone broth is grass fed cattle, and the broth is rich and has a great flavor which goes well with many different foods.

- JoAnn

Great taste!

I was wary about buying any more packaged broth. They're all so salty, or just don't taste right. But this broth is excellent. I used it to make beef stew and it came out incredible. I ate way too much. I highly recommend this broth, I just wish the package was bigger, as the flavor is not super strong, so a good pot of stew takes 3-4 boxes. You definitely should not add much water if you're making a stew with this broth. It's great for sipping, which means the flavor is not overpowering, so don't dilute it.

- Katherine

Very tasty

This brand has a lot of body to it and doesn't seem to be watered down. I still like mine spicy , so I add cayenne, salt , black pepper, etc. It has a very good flavor , similar to when I make my own. I have a source for grassfed bones but it's about 70 miles from me , so this is the next best thing.

- bodine

Where's the beef?

Beef bones are full of marrow. Marrow is mostly fat. This has no fat and only 60 calories in the whole box. Does not sound like it is made from beef bones.

- Dave


Great for roasts!

- Deborah

Kindle Fire Bone Broth

A good product- but I won't buy it again because of the packaging. Hard to open, hard to pour, and won't stay tightly closed

- Gary

Beef Bone Broth

I have purchased this for my mother who is on hospice. She has had little interest in food and nothing sounds appetizing to her except this broth with a little salt added. Great nutrition and easy on the stomach. Thank you!!

- Anne

Grass fed beef bone broth

This is my first time using grass fed beef bone broth,and I love it a lot,will surly buy it again.

- Olive

Recommended product

Commercially producing a quality beef broth is an expensive proposition as suggested by the price. However, this does appear to be a high quality product. Seasoning it with just salt and pepper does not, in my opinion, yield a great tasting broth. Thus, it is probably a bit early for me to comment.

- Bill Leach

Beef Bone Broth

Really good beef bone broth. My personal favorite flavor!

- Jacquie

good to the last drop!

I have made bone broth takes time and money! This is a great alternative..taste great and good for you!

- betsy

Great Product!

I think this bone broth is wonderful. I have made several soups out of it and they all taste amazing.

- Susie


This stuff has a nice mild flavor, perfect for sipping. This has a nice gel to it when you but it in the fridge so you know it has the benefits of a proper bone broth.

- Tiffany

"Kettle&Fire" Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

I love good grass-fed broth and it's difficult to find grass-fed beef bones to make your own--This is the answer.

- RetaAnn


Love this bone broth - I drink it almost everyday!

- Manju

The Best Of - Anywhere!

Getting real bone broth is next to impossible - especially with the gelatin from the bones - not an additive - this is the only real bone broth I've been able to find at a good price too - thank you Thrive - please keep it in stock as it obviously is a favorite and is occasionally out of stock - that is forgivable as waiting a day to order or so is not that big a deal so they can resupply - thanks for all you do!

- Kevin Lewis

Grass fed bone broth

I ordered some bone broth. Why is it not gelliten at room temp?

- Otis H

Grass-Fed Beef Broth

This is excellent. I was planning to make my own but finding not antibiotic bones was very difficult. This is cheaper and easier and I love it.

- Susan

So tasty, so healthy.

I've been wanting to try this out for months, so I finally splurged a little and bought some. Oh, my! I used it as a base in a butternut squash soup, and it was out of this world. I love the health benefits you get from bone broth, too. This will be in my cart again soon!

- Dena


Better tasting than expected

- Nicola

No Flavor

Was very excited about this product and very disappointed in the end. It tasted like water. There was no flavor to it at all. For the cost, I expected it to be a quick fav and special treat. I would not buy this if it were $2 a box.

- Sherri

Bone Broth

Tasty and much easier than making yourself, although you pay for the convenience.

- Sam

Review - Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth

This is the best tasting beef broth. Expensive even at the Thrive price but very very good.

- Sandi

Very good broth

I used two boxes for a soup I was making and had a cup left over to drink. The soup was very good and I loved the cup of broth. This is an excellent product.

- Kathryn

Good stuff

This is really good broth. I make broth myself in large quantities, but when I don't want to steam up the kitchen and make gallons, I reach for one of these. It is undersalted, so you can concentrate it in the course of deglazing etc. and have your sauce come out just right, rather than overly salty. For drinking hot as is, I like to add a dash of salt.
Great product!

- Heather


This tasted great and did just like it should - jelled overnight in the frig.

- Cheryl

Better than expected

I got this broth as an experiment as I usually only use the chicken broth. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and ease in using this broth when making my soup. It wasn't a big box, but I am only cooking for two and it was plenty for what we wanted that night. I will definitely buy more to have on hand.

- Jo

Kettle & Fire Beef Bone Broth

I love this beef bone broth! It has a wonderfully, smooth taste. I have sipped it warm from a mug and used it as my base for soups and chili's. I'm hooked on Kettle & Fire!


Heaven In A Carton

This broth is so rich and delicious. It's nothing like most commercial broths. Pricey, yes, but is you are on your own, you will appreciate the convenience. I immediately bought 4 more after my first order.

- Christy

Great Broth!

This is SO much more convenient than making your own broth. And the quality is great!

- Michael

A very healthy drink

Bone broth is such a healthy product. I was diagnosed with osteopenia, and learned that drinking bone broth will reverse osteopenia as well as osteoporosis. What a great gift! Thrive sells very healthy products, and I highly recommend this one.

- Tanda

Kettle & Fire Beef bone broth

Wonderful gelatinous texture-the real thing! However the taste leaves a lot to be desired. In my opinion, rather tasteless.

- Susan


LOVE this bone broth. I do not have the time or resources to make my own bone broth at this time and this has been such a life saver! It has a wonderful flavor and I love this company as well.

- Sarah


Fast,pure, and tasty!!!

- Alice

Just OK

Assuming it has in it what it says, probably a good product. Didn't taste like much, though. After I bought it I found a general article on broths that said chicken will always taste better than beef because it has more meat to water ratio. I can use this for soup or stew but not to heat/drink like I planned.

- Sandra Shaner


Excellent flavor and thickening. I added some beef fat for even more flavor.

- Mary Ross


If you can't make your own beef bone broth, this is a great alternative. Taste = yummy. Gelatin present=awesome.

- Donna

Really good broth

This broth is really excellent. Good rich taste and very filling. Highly recommend.

- Anita James

Flat Taste

I'm sure this is super good for you. But I was expecting a developed broth taste. It was pretty flat to just drink. I tried adding salt, but then it just tasted like salt water. Probably tastes better in a recipe than in a cup.

- Theresa

Fantastic bone broth

I love this bone broth. It gels really nicely, just like when I make my own, and tastes fantastic. I've had trouble sourcing grass-fed bones in the past and love that they use bones from 100% grass-fed animals.

- Jason

Delicious bone broth

The grass fed beef bone broth is convenient, delicious and very satisfying. Service from Thrive was great, as usual.

- Patricia Kemp


Finally, a bone broth that compares to homemade. This is undoubtedly the best commercial bone broth I have tried. It seems relatively expensive, but the cost of buying bones from a butcher and the time consuming art of preparing a homemade version make Kettle & Fire's a steal of a deal. I just received my first order of 10 and I intend to order more. The packaging from Thrive is amazing. What a great company!


So good!

I ordered two boxes to try, and loved it! The broth has great flavor, and substantial mouthfeel without seeming oily. I had an entire box for lunch one day and wasn't hungry until dinner. I will be reordering more soon.

- Greg


I have tried to make bone broth on several occassions and I have never been that happy with it. This is a great commercial version. Each container contains 2 cups. So a little expensive but is great for a week or two "healing" therapy. I feel great after drinking a cup between breakfast and lunch. Needs a little salt and pepper. Highly recommend.

- Jon

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