Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Juice

32 oz bottle

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32 oz bottle

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Lakewood Whole Leaf Aloe is produced from the entire leaf of the Aloe Vera plant. Taken internally, pure whole leaf aloe is associated with: bowel regularity and bowel motility, joint function and circulation, soothing occasional mild stomach irritation, supporting the healing process, supporting the immune system and aiding digestion. Applied externally, pure whole leaf aloe is associated with: soothing skin irritations and strengthening the skin moisture barrier to help repair rough, dry skin.
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About This Brand

Pure organic and premium fruit juice products.Lakewood is an Independent Family Juice Company bottling a diverse line of pure organic and premium fruit juice products. Since 1935, our 4th Generation business continues to thrive as we fulfill our mission to deliver top quality fruit products under the guidelines of integrity and with respect for our environment. Our juices are a delicious natural source of anti-oxidants, phytochemical nutrients, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Lakewood takes pride in producing a line of fresh-pressed 100% pure organic and premium juices, with no additives or artificial ingredients of any kind.
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Pure Organic Filtered Whole Leaf Aloe Vera (99%), Organic Lemon Juice (1%)

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Calories 10 Calories from Fat 0

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0 g 0%
Saturated Fat 0 g 0%
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 10 mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 2 g 0%
Dietary Fiber 1 g 4%
Sugars 0 g
Protein 0 g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%

Preservative Free, Gluten Free*, Casein Free, Alion Free*, GMOFree. *This Product Contains Less than 5ppm Aloin

Reviews For Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Juice

Based on 23 Reviews


This is a major ingredient in some of my diy products. It's very high quality and tastes good too!

- Carolyn

Actually tastes ok!

I really prefer this brand over the Lily of the Desert brand. It doesn't have the chemical taste of the Lily of the Desert brand. I can actually drink this aloe plain. I actually feel better when I start my day with a glass full of this aloe. I would definitely recommend this brand!


Awesome Aloe Juice!!

The benefits of drinking aloe juice are absolutely amazing.. I was suffering from chronic stomach pains, probably a digestion issue. After drinking a serving of this juice every day, my stomach pains have gone away and have not come back.. I love how raw the juice is and knowing how good it is for me to drink keeps me adding a bottle to every thrive order I make!

- William

Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Juice

Very good quality and price.

- irina

Great for green juices

Aloe juice is supposed to be really good for you. I bought this to put in my nightly green juices to replace about 2-3 T. of the water. I don't know what it would taste like plain, but whatever flavor is there just disappears in a green juice. Excellent product.

- Terri

Healthy Healthy

Hard to swallow but I am doing it!! I would buy this again just knowing how beneficial it is. Some things just don't taste amazing. I'm ok with that.

- Andrea

Easy to drink

My GI issues have been resolving with 2oz twice daily regimen. I had gastritis and was hurting my stomach plus GERD signs. They are slowly going away.

- Machiko

Pure and it works !

It has the same taste as the natural aloe leaf. The glass bottle makes it even better. It makes your digestion much better and helped my hair regrow :)

Very nicely packed and shipped by thrive.

- udita

Great Whole Leaf Aloe

This is the best tasting aloe I've tried.

- Nancy


i will try how helpfull is aloevera for my soothing

- hagos

Love this juice!

I love mixing this with Acai juice or in homemade smoothies/juices. Very good and good for you!

- Janelle

Very healing

I am impressed by the healing & detoxifying effects of this juice..ordering more..!

- HolyStrawberry


I began drinking Aloe Vera juice to help heal leaky gut (digestive permeability problems). The brand I was taking has a very strong taste that I eventually got use to. I then learned one of the presevatives in it was very damaging to our cells and found Lakewood.

I love that it is organic. I was not sure I would like the slightly thicker texture but followed the bottle's suggestion of drinking it with juice.

It does not taste bad on it's own but is a nice little treat when I use 2 oz with 1/2 of a fresh squeezed orange. Love it! It helps aid in digestion and overall very healthy to drink.

I have not used it on my dry skin but will do so beginning today.

- Katrina

Taste is not so great

I don't know what I was expecting as far as taste, but it was hard to keep down on its own. I ended up adding it to my water like I would fresh lemon juice because I do like the health benefits.

- Layla



- Shena


The other Aloe juice I've used in the past, has a very strong, unpleasant flavor. Not this one! I was very surprised at how mild and palatable this brand is. I'm happy with that aspect! This one is much less expensive, too. I will keep buying this.

- Monica

Oh dear god

I thought this would be something healthy I could add to my diet. Blehh.. it does not taste great at all. Hard to keep down.

- Brittany

Trying for digestion

Seems to be working. Mild taste - not bad at all. For right now I'm replacing morning kefir with this drink.

- Tracy

Not bad!

My reservations to drinking this every day were quickly resolved once I tasted it. Very much like water with lemon. Very mild.

- Tacie Jo

Soothes my throat

Soothes my rough throat and presumably my whole digestive system. The taste was a bit off putting at first but I've gotten used to it and don't mind it now.

- BL

Magical juice for lots of uses

I love aloe vera, and the juice is awesome. We've all heard about the many uses of aloe vera, from a wound poultice to a moisturizer. I drink this for my digestive issues in the morning, and it works so well. It calms my stomach, eats up all the excess acid that causes my heartburn and sour stomach and just sets me up to have a great day. It's got a strange taste, kind of sweet and aromatic, but I load it up with ice and it's all good.

- Kimberly French

Digestion Aid

I use this aloe juice as a digestion aid. It actually makes me feel overall better health wise. I think it also helps me have better urinary tract health as well. I sometimes apply to small cuts , too, but not very often.
Aloe has never been a choice of flavor for me, so I add this to apple juice and that really seems to help. This Aloe juice is also very affordable compared to most. I have only seen it this cheap here on Thrive, so I won't buy it anywhere else.

- Sonja Lee

Aids my digestion

It helps my digestive system. When I have it refreshes my throat and stomach. However, I don't really enjoy the taste so much. Sometimes I mix it with other juices.

- Kathy Soto

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