Coconut Flour

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16 oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

Going gluten-free doesn't have to mean no more breads, cakes, cookies, and other baked goods. Discover the power of Let's Do...Organic Coconut Flour, a grain-free flour made from dried and powdered coconut pulp. It lends a mild nutty flavor to anything you bake with it. Plus, two tablespoons provides a quarter of the recommended serving of fiber. See More
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About This Brand

Let's Do...Organic has a reputation for making delicious, guilt-free foods. They specialize in producing tasty treats that are vegan, gluten-free, and, of course, organic. While baking ingredients such as flours and creams are most prevalent, the company is also known for their organic ice cream cones and much more. Let's Do...Organic’s mission statement is “convenience without compromise,” which is true of nearly every aspect of their goods. Just take a look at the labels, and you’ll see that there aren’t any questionable ingredients or artificial preservatives. That means, with Let's Do...Organic, you can snack away without compromising your health goals. How Let's Do...Organic got started Let's Do...Organic actually began as a division of Edward & Sons Trading Company, a worldwide leading manufacturer of prepared foods founded in 1978. The company’s goal was to create delicious healthy food that required minimal cooking time for those with busy lifestyles. The first...
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Organic Coconut.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 2 Tbsp (15g) Servings Per Container about 30

Amount Per Serving

Calories 70 Calories from Fat 20

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 2.5g 3%
Saturated Fat 2g 11%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 30mg 1%
Total Carbohydrate 9g 3%
Dietary Fiber 6g 23%
Sugars 1g
Protein 3g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 10%

Why You’ll Love Coconut Flour

Say goodbye to regular wheat flour and hello to Let's Do...Organic Coconut Flour. Just like all their products, this is a low-fat, high-fiber option with no added sugar or preservatives—just organic coconut! The flavor is tremendous, and it adds in health benefits to some of your favorites like smoothies, cakes, cookies, pies, and more. But wait, there’s more—Let’s Do...Organic Coconut Flour is not only delicious, but it is Paleo, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and USDA certified organic.

The health benefits of Let's Do...Organic Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is a soft, flour-like product made from coconut pulp. It’s actually a by-product made during the coconut milk making process. When making coconut milk, you have to soak coconut meat, which leaves behind a coconut pulp. That pulp is then dried out and ground into a powdery flour, like Let’s Do...Organic Coconut Flour. This is not only a wonderful gluten-free option, but it offers health benefits such as loads of fiber. With more dietary fiber than wheat, fewer carbs than soy or nut flours, and approximately one gram of protein per tablespoon, coconut flour packs in a great amount of nutrition.

You’ve probably heard a lot about fiber in commercials. It’s a nutrient that many Americans fail to get enough of (the daily recommended amount is 20-35 grams), and aside from its digestive benefits it can also help with weight management and weight loss. Additionally, since fiber has a low caloric value, foods that have it will fill you up without the tons of calories. Coconut flour is also an excellent source of manganese and lauric acid. Manganese helps the body absorb certain nutrients that support energy levels as well as bone and thyroid health, and lauric acid contributes to healthy, glowing skin.

Cooking with Let's Do...Organic Coconut Flour

Although in an ideal world, people would be able to simply substitute in Let's Do...Organic Coconut Flour for wheat flour, there are a few considerations to make when it’s being used in the kitchen. Of course, coconut flour is an amazing way to add nutrients and fiber into dishes, but the high fiber content alone means that recipes may need more moisture. Because of this, there is not an equal substitution and instead you may need to add more eggs (about six extra) per every cup of Let's Do...Organic Coconut Flour that you use. This will lock in that moisture and keep your finished products fluffy.

You can also get creative with Let's Do...Organic Coconut Flour by adding in a tablespoon or two into sauces or gravies. Mix it up well, and enjoy that naturally sweet flavor that can add a little extra something to recipes.

Recipes to try with Let's Do...Organic Coconut Flour

Any recipes that have coconut flour listed in the ingredients are fair game to use Let’s Do...Organic Coconut Flour. Keep in mind that in any recipes where you are making substitutions, it’s important to increase the moisture content. Adding in eggs is the best bet, as opposed to adding extra oil, which can lead to dense, greasy pastries. Take a shot at these Thrive Market recipes that use Let's Do...Organic Coconut Flour:

Coconut Flour Pancakes

A stack of flapjacks is hands down the best way to start a Saturday morning. Grab some maple syrup and dine on this Paleo-friendly version of the traditional pancake, or incorporate fresh fruit or chocolate chips in the batter for something the kids will love. Vanilla extract and the zest from a lemon and lime add depth and make these pancakes even better than the ones you remember from childhood.

Breakfast Pizza

Pizza...for breakfast? Absolutely! Pizza gets particularly unhealthy when it’s loaded with nasty ingredients, but this Paleo-friendly, gluten-free pizza pie is topped with all the right foods: crispy bacon, ripe juicy tomatoes, sautéed spinach and mushrooms, and protein-filled eggs. Prep the crust the night before and make this invigorating and energizing breakfast during the week.

Coconut Flour-Fried Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are perfect for the big game, summer picnics, or movie nights at home, and they’re a tasty protein source that the whole family will love. By using Let's Do...Organic Coconut Flour, they can be enjoyed without the gluten. Amp them up with spices like oregano, cayenne pepper, and garlic powder, then dip them in Vegan Ranch Dressing for an indulgent dinner or snack.

Paleo Banana Bread

That unmistakable scent of warm banana bread wafting through the house is like nothing else, and one that is sure to make your mouth water. The trick to excellent banana bread is using extremely ripe bananas—to the point that you’d consider tossing them. Super ripe bananas will give that irresistible fruity flavor and moisture. Because coconut flour tends to be drier than regular flours, it would be wise to increase the egg count in this recipe by three to six more (based on how moist you’d like your final loaf to be).

Paleo Garlic-Rosemary Focaccia

Warm, tender focaccia is wonderful for dips, sandwiches, appetizers, or merely enjoying with a little bit of olive oil. No matter how you choose to eat it, don’t forget to enjoy the fragrant rosemary as the loaf bakes in the oven. It’s immediately noticeable, and will be a great teaser to dinner party guests you have over at the house. This recipe already calls for coconut flour so no substitutions are needed here!

Reviews For Coconut Flour

Based on 20 Reviews

Cheaper Alternative

a cheap alternative to the Bob's brand, I've made quickbreads and muffins with this flour and it turned out pretty well, though it is not my favorite brand.

- Maggie

Coconut Flour

Made some coconut shrimp...Yummy!

- Cyndi


Affordable and makes yummy cakes!

- Courtney

Wonderful flour

Works great in tortillas, pancakes, and muffins.

- Kathleen

coconut flour

Made most delicious wings with coconut flour.
Taste better than wings and things. put flour in a bowl and added himalayan salt, peppercorn's grated, and paprika. stirred and dipped the wings in. Then deep fried in a flash fryer made the buffalo dip and ate...yummy

- Carol Faulkenbury

Gluten free staple in my cupboard

Always have this around as many gluten free recipes
call for coconut flour

- Sally

Coconut flour

Coconut flour is an excellent organic solution to overly refined wheat products.

- Gary

Great for paleo baking

I do a lot of paleo and gluten-free baking. I can't handle a ton of nuts (and so many of those paleo recipes use a ton of almond flour), so this product is great as there are also a lot of paleo recipes that use coconut flour and a bunch of eggs instead. I've used the Bob's Red Mill coconut flour before and I just like how this one smells in comparison to the BRM one. This one smells more sweet and coconut-y to me. Just personal preference. This is the best priced coconut flour on Thrive at the moment too, so it's my go-to brand!!! Love it!!!

- Sharon


How can you beat a flour product that has this much fiber in it? You can't! Make your favorite treats with this by substituting this for all purpose flour (generally 1/2 to 1/3 cup per cup of all-purpose). Use stevia instead of sugar and you don't have to feel guilty about eating baked goods :)

- Jay

Best Bread ever!

I bought this to make my own bread. It came out superb and delicious!

- Shade

Great Gluten Free Flour for Baking and Beyond!

Many of my gluten free recipes require a combination of flours, all gluten free of course. The Let's do…Organic Coconut flours is the best. Mixed with brown rice flour, millet flour, sweet rice flour, sorghum flour and a little potato starch and you have a delicious GF flour mix for all types of baking.

I've been around the gluten free way of eating for some time. I found the best prices on the best healthy products is at Thrive Market online. You'll need a membership, but you'll get the fee back in the amount you save over retail.

- A Hopkins

Less fine but more flavor

This flour isn't as fine as some, but it still bakes up wonderfully. It's my number one choice for baking muffins, no matter what type I am making.

This flour helps the muffins to be perfectly fluffy and moist on the inside, while browning perfectly with a slight crisp on the outside.

- Duncan

Better than Bob's

I read a lot of reviews and a cookbook or two before buying this. When I did buy it, I purchased both Bob's and this brand to see which I liked better. Let's Do wins.

The pancakes turn out less grainy and they taste better. Both make fluffy pancakes, which is hard to do with many gluten free flours.

- F. Bowden

Great Gluten Alternative

My husband absolutely loves to cook, and since finding out that a close friend has a gluten allergy, we've had to switch away from standard flours. This has been his favorite choice. I leave most of the cooking to him, but he says that this stuff is finely ground and very easy to work with. He says it's more important to sift with this flour than regular flour, but he loves the taste that it provides, and most of our guests honestly never notice the difference.

- D. Alchyed

Great alternative flour

I love this stuff, but it takes some getting used to when you first start baking with it. I use it often in my kitchen, with mediocre results. It does make baked goods taste great and it doesn't overpower them with a coconut taste.

I wish that it was a little cheaper, but you pay more for higher quality and healthier foods!

- C. Palmore

Banana bread heaven

I make banana bread every week for my church group, and I used coconut flour as a lot of the people at church have gluten restricted diets.

This flour has no gluten, it's low fat, and it's naturally derived. It has a grainy texture that I think adds great taste and flavor to my banana bread. I've also used it to make batter for my coconut shrimp, and it worked really well.

- Doreen

Grittier but still great

Well this isn't as smooth as wheat or white flour, but it's healthier. I found the first few times that my muffin recipe tasted a little grainier, but I just had to adjust the water to flour ratio to smooth that out.

But the flour works great as an alternative to wheat, which I find heavier and more dense when I use it.

- Dean Waters

Great for cooking

I used to use wheat flour, but I wanted something less heavy, so I've just switched to coconut flour, which is healthier.

It's great for cooking, especially pancakes, muffins and bread. You don't get any coconut taste, but you do get baking that tastes lighter and fluffier. And you're 100 percent organic, which is a big plus.

- Debbie Williamson

Better quality of life

Coconut flour is so much healthier for you. While it might have a heftier price tag, it is delicious. I love using it in baking, and you'd be surprised to know that it doesn't make everything taste like coconut.

It makes great pancakes. I absolutely love the frosting i have made with it. I have even tried it out in breading mixtures for chicken and fish and everyone loves it. This is a great healthy wheat flour alternative.

- Vinnie Aliff

Most flavorful coconut flour

This coconut flour tastes like sweet, fragrant coconut- it's a little coarser than the other brands, but the flavor is superb. If you don't want to taste coconut, go with the other brands, if you like coconut flavor you cannot get a better product.


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