Diet trends come and diet trends go. It seems like some new diet fad pops up every other month, gaining a lot of media attention, selling lots of books, and capturing the attention of celebrities, entertainers, and reporters alike. Almost as quickly, the trend dies down and most people forget it ever happened. The question then becomes, what makes a specific diet endure longer than just a few months? If diet trends fall out of favor so quickly, what does a diet need in order to become a long-lasting success? While there is no surefire formula for success, a diet that stands the test of time tends to feature three things: clear results, easy-to-follow guidelines, and delicious food options. Perhaps these are reasons why the Paleo diet has become so popular and successful in the past few years. What is the Paleo Diet? You’ve likely heard of the Paleo diet before and probably wondered what it is. The basic idea behind this particular diet is to only eat foods that our cavemen ancestors had available to them. That’s why the Paleo diet is often called the caveman diet or the Neolithic diet. So if there’s a food out there that you know would not have been something ancient humans ate, you know the Paleo diet avoids it. The typical Paleo diet includes lots of fish, berries, meat, vegetables, and tubers, but there are rules that go beyond that. Don’t interpret this as Paleo being especially strict. Yes, there are some detailed guidelines diet practitioners should follow, but it doesn’t have the types of rules that many other diets have. For example, you don’t have to worry about how many calories you consume. That means that as long as you’re eating the right Paleo foods, you can pretty much eat as much as you want. While you may limit yourself on food choices, this aspect does bring a great deal of freedom to the table. Some of the guidelines found in the Paleo diet include increasing the amount of fiber you consume, adding more healthy fats to your meals, placing an emphasis on unprocessed foods, having more vitamins and minerals, eating more protein, and adding lots of non-starchy vegetables to the menu. And with so many Paleo recipes now available, following these rules has become easier than ever. Generally speaking, if you’re choosing to go Paleo, eat a diet full of fresh foods, limit carbohydrates, choose gluten-free products, emphasize the organic, and go with low-sugar options. With these rules in mind, the possibilities quickly open up and a whole menu of delicious foods become available. If you’re on the Paleo diet, you can enjoy turkey, lobster, clams, pork, shrimp, salmon, chicken thighs, olive oil, coconut oil, carrots, zucchini, spinach, asparagus, sweet potatoes, peaches, apples, limes, oranges, bananas, grapes, almonds, walnuts, and flax seeds. And that’s just a tiny taste of everything within the Paleo realm. You’ll also want to avoid grains, dairy products, legumes, sugar, potatoes, alcohol, and processed meats. If you have more questions about Paleo dietary information, be sure to check out this detailed guide. Benefits of the Paleo Diet Of course, all the guidelines and food options in the world wouldn’t mean anything if the diet didn’t have important benefits, and in that area, the Paleo diet certainly delivers. After all, the diet has exploded in popularity. That means people are seeing results from changing up their eating habits in this way. One of the benefits most people claim to experience is weight loss. This probably shouldn’t come as a surprise since that’s why many people choose a new diet in the first place, but it’s still important to point out. By avoiding carbs, staying away from processed foods, and choosing healthier options, people may see the pounds come off. For many, this is an amazing result since they’re still able to do this without having to keep a detailed account of all the calories they’re consuming. Counting calories has become a staple of so many diets, so to have one that doesn’t require it and yet still helps shed weight is enough to grab a lot of people’s attention. If weight loss weren’t enough, many people who follow the Paleo diet claim to sleep better at night. This may be attributed to avoiding many of the chemicals and preservatives found in so many foods today. Without having your body flooded with outside chemicals, it can pay attention to more natural signalers which indicate when it is time to sleep. In that way, you can wake up more energized, feeling like your quality of sleep has improved greatly. The Paleo diet may also have a positive effect when it comes to preventing and treating certain conditions. This diet places a greater focus on foods with certain properties such as anti-inflammation, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. These are all characteristics which can be especially valuable in living a healthy life and preventing illnesses like heart disease. The Paleo diet has also been found to help with skin issues like psoriasis and dermatitis. At the same time, this diet could help people balance their blood sugar levels, keeping everything at a steady level and avoiding harmful highs and lows. That can also help mitigate feelings of fatigue that often come with unbalanced blood glucose. It’s that last aspect — the beneficial impact on fatigue — that is another oft cited benefit of following the Paleo diet. If you ever find yourself feeling lethargic with simply not enough energy to finish out your day, going Paleo might be the right choice for you. It does away with the empty calories and carbs, instead focusing on protein and other all-natural sources to give you a nice boost. It also means no longer having to rely on many of the foods that many people depend on for energy. In other words, you’ll be avoiding caffeine and sugar, with the result being no longer feeling a crash once the initial effects wear off. Many people who try the Paleo diet also claim that it provides a noticeable detoxifying effect. This would largely come from the increase in antioxidants they are consuming. People report that they’ve felt more clear headed after going on the diet. But as with all changes in your diet, make sure you always check with your doctor to see if going Paleo is the right choice for you. Paleo Products Once you’ve made the decision to try the Paleo diet, it’s time to look for the best Paleo products out there. The products you can get at the Thrive Market Paleo store are from the finest sources available. There you’ll find a wide variety of foods that will help you maintain a Paleo lifestyle. If you’re looking for some of the best gluten-free products on the market, your search is over. If you want some of the highest quality organic foods to use in preparing your meals, it’s all there and easy to find. By shopping with Thrive Market for all your Paleo needs, you’ll be able to get the most out of the lifestyle and not have to worry about where to buy Paleo-friendly foods. The best Paleo products are only a click away. Look around and find what will work for you.

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