Organic Very Raw Honey

10.5 oz jar

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10.5 oz jar

Why You’ll Love It

Madhava Organic Very Raw Honey offers a healthier alternative to processed, refined sugars. It's harvested from local farms in Brazil and is pure, unprocessed, unheated, and unpasteurized. It also has traces of bee pollen and propolis, which many commercial brands filter out. Try it in oatmeal, blended in smoothies, or drizzled on yogurt.
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About This Brand

Since its humble beginnings, Madhava has become a recognized and trusted innovator in the sweetener category, dedicated to providing healthy alternatives to highly processed, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. Today, Madhava offers its beloved organic honey and organic agave along with an expanded portfolio of better-for-you sweet treats.
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100% pure organic honey.

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% Daily Value*
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 17g 6%
Sugars 17g

Reviews For Organic Very Raw Honey

Based on 51 Reviews

The best!

After trying this, I don't know why society switched to cane sugar

- Emily


Wonderful honey!

- Rebecca

Best Tasting Honey

Yes, it is unfiltered which is a good thing. Filtering clarifies but removes a lot of natural parts that are healthy. Of all of the honey that I have tasted in 66 years, this is the best tasting of them all.

- Mack

Not what I thought...

This is truly unfiltered. I was kind of grossed out seeing little floating chunks in my unused honey...

- Jen.

The best honey!

My palate has quickly adapted to this being the only honey I enjoy having! Tastes great mixed with my plain Greek yogurt.

- Monique

Excellent Honey!

I order a jar for each week in the month when I can. Where I live, it's impossible to get good raw, organic honey. This is perfect for my morning ritual of 1 tablespoon of honey to 1 tablespoon of ACV and 1/2 cup of warm water.

- Betsy

This truly is the real deal!

I've never been a big fan of honey, but knowing it's health benefits, I'm finding more and more tasty ways to incorporate it into my diet. When I found out how processed most store bought honey is, I started to search for a quality source that was raw, unfiltered and not heated to the point of changing its nutrition. This Very Raw Honey is the real deal! It's about as close as you can get honey, without being near a beehive! I've purchased it twice and use it in tea, desserts, smoothies and more. Def a new stable for us!

- Megan


One of the best honeys I've tasted!! Family loves it.

- Eliane

Raw, organic and great

This is the 1st try of this raw, unfiltered organic honey. It is quite comparable to the New Zealand honey I had bought before--that was tres expensive. I'll purchase this, again.

- Linda

Fantastic Honey!

I actually use this in combination with turmeric as a face mask, which works perfectly! BUt it also tastes amazing as well!

- Brittany


The honey tasted great. It was so good.

- Deanna Johnson

Excellent Honey

We absolutely love this! It's so much more flavorful than others we've tried and it has all the good stuff in it still since it's not heated or pasteurized. It's like getting it straight from the hive! Thrive Market also has it at the best price point!

- Kimberly


So good, and it comes in a glass jar!!!!!

- Christie Hebner

Every day

I use this honey nearly every day from sweetening my tea to drizzling over an apple for a snack. It's wonderful and reminds me of the honey I used to get as a kid from a friend who had an apiary.

- Rebecca


What else is there to say?

- Michelle


This is the first time I have tried organic honey and wow what a difference to the stuff they sell in grocery stores!
So delicious and flavorful! I have to say that there are so many choices of organic honey here I do not know how they compare to each other.

- Diana

Good honey, fair price

Good quality, unfiltered, for a fair price,

- Gabriel

Delicious Honey

I have been buying this brand for a long time. I really like the flavor . I just tried the 100% raw unfiltered for the first time and like the flavor even better. Plus with it being unfiltered, I feel like I'm getting even more benefits from the honey. I'll definitely buy it again. I wish Thrive would sell the larger bottles this brand comes in though.

- Lori

Love love love

Daily use

- Tee


I order and reorder.

- Edward

Very tasty

I love the taste. Great with tea.

- MonPat

Crowd pleaser around here!

Great tasting honey. Spreads lively and tastes great.

- Jennifer



- Karla

Very good!

Really liked this honey! More solid than the typical runny honey you get in stores, but taste very fresh! Will buy again!

- Kylee


Good item

- Amer alhoby

Favorite honey

So glad Thrive carries this honey, it is delicious and has the best texture ever.

- Donna

Love it

It's my favorite honey. I won't buy anything else.

- Dana

Amazing Honey

I just received the Jar of honey today, and it is so rich and flavorful. You get the taste of flowers, that's how much pollen is in this honey. I love it, will definitely buy more.

- Esperanza


This honey has changed my life!! Ok not really, but it is Delicious and I use it for everything from in tea, on waffles, to sweeten yogurt. Love it. And this is also one reason I love thrive. This same product on Amazon is 15.99!!! The membership is totally worth it. Thank you thrive for making eating organic more affordable.

- Terri

Yummy, but small

This honey is great. It is the real deal--raw. And the price is great. I wish there was an available raw honey that was larger. I always order 2 at a time because it doesn't last long here!

- Jessica

Not my favorite brand for Honey

This brand was on the gritty side for honey texture, so it's not my favorite. But it is still good to use for cooking/baking purposes.

- Amy


I love the thickness of the very raw honey. It doesn't drip onto the lip of the jar and get it sticky. It is also easier to measure and cook with.

- pamela

My thoughts of organic very raw honey

Very good would/will buy it again

- Beverly


Beautiful product

- Denise

So glad I ordered this!

This honey is A-MA-ZING! Besides loving the price on Thrive, it's so good. Usually raw organic honey in the grocery stores is like $12. I was amazed when I saw it on Thrive for the price listed. I use it my herbal tea and in my plain yogurt.

- farrah

unexpectedly delicious

this honey is amazing. My first time trying/purchasing raw honey and I've been pleasantly surprised. I'm not going to buy the 2.99 honey bear anymore. After converting to a 80% Paleo diet, this is essential for sweetening and the health benefits of course. Use in your tea or for baking! Also, a little goes a long way.

- mandy

Organic Honey

Love it!

- John


This honey is amazingly delicious and I am not a big fan of honey. A must try!!

- Danhl

Raw Honey

Very distinct flowery taste.

- Ronald


This raw honey is amazing. So sweet and tastes totally different than the stuff from the store. I add it to my tea and even to a Pad Thai recipe that turned out BOMB. I need a bigger jar!

- Marah

Sweet & Yummy

This honey is fantastic! That being said, I purchased it because the usual raw brand I buy from Thrive was out of stock. If I have to choose I would still stick with the other brand, but this is definitely not a bad replacement. I felt that this one was slightly less sweet than the other brand, and since I'm inclined towards sweeter tasting things I prefer the other one. I also feel like the other one has a bit more of a crunch to it, and I enjoy that.

- Jocelyn

Great honey

I purchased this honey from my grocery store. If you have no access to local raw honey, this is a great replacement. I was very happy with the texture and taste of this honey. The fact that is is raw means it has a much more complex taste and once you start eating raw honey you won't want the bland ultra filtered honey that is most common.

- Matthew

Organic Raw Honey

Love the taste

- Nancy

Delicious Honey!

Love the taste of this raw honey! I also use this for my dogs when they develop colds/coughs, and at this price, it's so affordable!

- Tina

Great taste.

Great taste. Love this honey.

- Loretta

Very Raw Honey

Great tasting product! I found I prefer the strained raw honey over non strained. It has a smoother consistency... Just personal preference.

- Loretta Holscher

Very good

Really enjoyed the honey. Small jar though!!

- Edwinta

Pure Bliss

Pure as can be, I like honey in my tea and I use less of this one than I did other brands.

- Debbie


When I received this the honey had a complection of being cloudy as oposed to what the picture showed but I thought, really raw means, raw. Opened it up, took a bit, placed it in my mouth, I'm in heaven. Never had I ever tasted honey from a jar this good.

- Maria

Prefer it Raw

I'm surprised that there's such a variance in the taste of honey, but I've been proven right again. I've been using a store-bought, non-organic honey, and this is LEAGUES above what I've been using. It has such a pure taste to it. I occasionally see small pieces of wax in it, but it's not a huge deal, and I think it adds to the raw feeling of the entire experience. I'm much happier purchasing this honey.

- jenkins.k

Help the Bees!

There's honey...then there's very raw honey. Haha. It's definitely different than regular honey. I really love the idea of organic hives and whatnot. The idea that bees are starting to disappear from chemicals, and we depend on them, I feel like I'm doing my part for the world by choosing this instead of some other type of honey. It tastes good, too! That's certainly a benefit.

- Ortizy

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