Original Graze Sticks

Twelve 1oz sticks

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Twelve 1oz sticks

Why You’ll Love It

Whether you need to get through a long day at the office or a tough workout, reach for Mission Meats Original Graze Sticks. These protein-packed beef sticks will give you the energy you need to take on any challenge. Since they're made from grass-fed beef and natural seasonings, you can feel good about snacking on one of these gluten-free sticks.
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About This Brand

Our Meat is on a Mission. Our mission is service and giving back. That's why we give 10% of our profits to social good organizations that you see featured on our website. Our mission is to provide good food and help foster positive relationships to ourselves, each other, and nature. That's why we source only the finest grass-fed beef for our meat sticks.
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Grass-Fed Beef, water, salt, encapsulated citric acid, celery juice, black pepper, red pepper, garlic powder, coriander, onion powder

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1 oz stick (28g) Servings Per Container 12

Amount Per Serving

Calories 80 Calories from Fat 50

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 6g 9%
Saturated Fat 2.5g 13%
Cholesterol 25mg 8%
Sodium 320mg 13%
Total Carbohydrate 1g 0%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Sugars 0g
Protein 7g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 2%
Iron 4%

Reviews For Original Graze Sticks

Based on 81 Reviews

Great snack at a great price!

These are great as a snack.

- Amber


I've tried all the beef sticks on this site and these are the BEST!!

- Kelli Talley

So Delicious!

I've always loved pepperoni sticks, but not all the junk that goes into them. These are so delicious, have no sugar (so they're Whole30 compliant!), and are the perfect snack to throw in my bag for a long afternoon at work, on a long flight, or for some extra protein on a hike. The spice combination is excellent, and I don't have to feel guilty if I end up eating 2 or 3 at a time because they are so healthy!

- Charlotte

Great Flavor

I bought these to snack on instead of grabbing chips or worse. The flavor is great, and one stick seems to keep me full and satisfied. I follow it up with a glass of water, and I'm good to go for another few hours. Will purchase again.

- Joan

Best jerky

This is my favorite jerky by far.
Perfect clean ingredients- no added sweeteners
Crisp casing gives a great snap when bitten into
Perfect spice profile gives at a deep savory flavor with a touch of heat.
A great size for snacking as well

- Matt Simons

Delicious and Easy

Mission Meats Original Graze Sticks taste delicious! :-)

- Jamie Lee


These are amazing. The ingredients are impressive; very natural. Will be ordering more.

- Mackinzee Barnes

The best pepperoni sticks

That is really all I have to say --- aside from the ones you can get at the butcher shop, these are really the best pepperoni sticks I've tried.

- Sammy


These things get me through the day. I eat one every morning or afternoon as a snack and it gets me to my next meal time. Great seasoning, and it proves that not everything needs sugar to be delicious.

- Amanda


These have a strange texture - very grainy almost. I'm starting to think all grass-fed meat has this texture. The flavor is okay but I wouldn't order them again. There are better meat jerky/stick options out there.

- Beth


These beef sticks are the perfect snack. They taste great, fit nicely in my purse and have gotten me out of an on-the-run hunger pinch many times :-) Also, I love that they are made with grass fed beef and have 0 carbs.

- paulette


I love these. They taste slightly tangy which makes them addictive. Much better taste than other brands.

- Marie

On the go snack!

Yum, yum, yum! No excuses for not eating low-carb when you have a stash of these! Filling and tasty!

- Lynn

Perfect stack

Love the pure ingredients with no fillers. It's very tasty and packed with protein, not overly salty!

- Julie

Healthy Grass Fed beef sticks!

I just bought these last week and there is only one left! My whole family loves them, my husband, 7 year old, 3 year old and myself! They are grass fed, no extra additives, and all ingredients you can pronounce and understand! The flavor is on POINT! Logged in to buy more, so off I go.....!

- Nikki Boyd

Great Whole 30 snack

Love these! Even my 2 1/2 year old son loves them and asks for them. They taste great.

- Amber Balogi


Recommended by my teenage son. He goes through them pretty fast. A great healthier protein snack between meals for a constantly hungry and growing boy.

- Farah

Go to snack

We love these. These are our go-to snack in our household. Great taste and consistency, especially in comparison to other meat sticks. I like the ingredients and having easy protein ready to go.

- Stella

beef sticks

very natural, good tasting not all the additives in regular sticks

- Carole

Great on the go or emergency snack

Never really ate beef sticks because of all the junk in them. These are a different story. These are my go to for plane rides.

- Judy

my kids FAVORITE after-school snack!

My twin 13 year olds are always starving after school...this is, hands-down, their favorite!! we LOVE these and I order them pretty much every time I place an order. They are so popular in my house that I have to hide them to ration them out!

- Harriet

Love them!

One of my favorite products on Thrive! I think they are better than the other meat products

- Emily


These are such a great snack. Wonderful for on-the-road food if you're traveling or just for that mid-afternoon need for a bite. So much more satisfying than most "snacks". Mildly spicy which is just right for me.

- Carol

Low carb and yummy

Finding snacks on a low carb diet can be difficult to say the last but these really hit the spot. Graze sticks are less greasy than some of the other brands I've tried and not too salty. Worth the price every time.

- Ruby


These are delicious and good for you! Great for busy Mom's and kids!

- Nan

on the go

fabulous and easy and healthy on the go snack

- M C


We go through these so quickly! My husband and daughter love them, and the are a great on-the-go snack. Unfortunately they are a bit pricey which is understandable, but when you go through the pack in a week it adds up ;)

- Jessica

Nice flavor!

Nice flavor without all the junk!

- MW


Love these! Just the right blend of spices and so convenient to eat on the go. Have ordered these again

- Virginia

these are my favorite

Love these! no fillers, pure protein, great sized portion!

- Julie


Great snack with great flavor!

- Denise

Delicious - but a little too real - a BONE was in it!

I have been enjoying these so much, but today's snack has a hard piece of cartilage or bone or something inedible that hurt my tooth in it. Honestly, I'll probably order this again, but now I feel I would be afraid to give this to a little kid.

- Nikki

My girls love it.

We are meat eaters and these sticks are great snack for my girls. Just the right amount of spices and you can actually taste the meat.

- simona

perfect protein snack

Definitely would choose these over jerky anytime... they taste great and are perfect for an on-the-go protein snack.

- Christine


I looked high and low for a paleo jerky with no sugar. This fits the bill, and it is delicious! Flavorful, good texture for a meat stick. I love having these around and am always disappointed when I run out of them! Highly recommended.

- Felicia

Better than Slim Jims!!!

I have always been a fan of Slim Jims growing up, so I was excited to try these after reading all the great reviews. These are delicious! They taste just as great as Slim Jims, but are even better, because they are not as hard to chew! They are such a convenient and great tasting snack. Do yourself a favor and order these!

- Dachelle

Great for athletic teens

My daughter loves these! She takes them with her for quick snacks when she is competing in sailing.

- Peggy

bought for husbands lunch

He loved them! And my father-in-law who is on a restricted diet can eat them and loves them as well.

- Jill

Great quick snack

These are awesome. I work 12 hour days on my feet and sometimes need a little energy boost. These help get some quick protein and are easy to carry around. They are delicious and made from healthy ingredients

- Christine

High in spice and salt

Love the brand. This was just way to salty and peppery for me.

- Karen

Best Meat Sticks!

I absolutely love Graze Sticks! I keep a stash in my desk at work for the days that I need a quick snack, and even my kids love them. They are great quality and delicious!

- Elisa


Great on-the-go snack! Lots of flavor and guilt-free!

- Kelly

Great for emergencies

I hate the peppery taste in so many of the jerky recipes. These are just perfect for my little "emergency kits" for when I get hungry and am not close to healthy food options. Everyone asks me where I get them if they catch me eating them. Worth the price - but I don't eat them constantly because they aren't cheap. Maybe they will go on sale soon? I can hope!

- Diane

SOOO Good!

These are so good! I used to love slim jim's and I wanted to find a healthier alternative and these are IT! Definitely a good price too.

- Janelle


I was reluctant to review these because I'm scared they will start selling out and I'm not sure what I would do if I couldn't order these. They are so delicious, unlike any other jerky I've ever had, and healthier too! So easy to throw in my bag so I'm not stuck eating carb-laden granola bars when I'm on the go. Love, love, love these!

- Dana


Delicious and I love supporting high quality grass fed, and a product I can take in my bag anywhere.

- Madeleine

Great snack!

These taste really good - my husband does not think they taste as good as a slim jim, but that they still do taste good. I think I will stick with these to stock our snack pantry! The ingredient list is entirely pronounceable and isn't very long at all! I would MUCH rather eat these than a slim jim or other leading brand! There is an odd aftertaste/coating that is left in your mouth once you finish eating one of these, but the trade off of knowing what's in my food and that it's very well sourced is still worth it for me.

- Angelika

Healthy and Tasty Too!

I bought these to try as a healthy alternative to those jerky sticks we've all bought at the grocery and convenience stores. When in a rush, I'll grab one to eat on my way to work and I like giving them to my kids for snacks or a little extra protein at lunch. If you are wondering how they taste, well, they blow the "Slim Jimmy" sticks away! Yep, if you like the taste of SJ's, then you're going to love these!

- Dawn

Graze Sticks

These are a delicious, easy snack loved by the whole family, including three picky toddlers.

- Rebecca


I was never a fan of beef jerky before, but I really likek these. They are a tad spicy and just the right size. I've had them for breakfast and as a snack. Handy and great flavor, not too chewy or tough. Will order more!

- Virginia

Mission Meats Original Graze Sticks

My husband & I just tried these for the 1st time. We love them! Will definitely order many more of them!

- Melody

Satisfying and Fresh

I used to be a "slim jim" fan but reading the label turned me off to those a while back. I'm so happy to find these. They are fresh tasting, spicy and delicious, the perfect snack but without the greasy taste. Love!

- Heather

Black Pepper

I very much wanted to like those, and hoped my children would too. Unfortunatley, the black pepper is way too strong.

- Michelle M.


If you are looking for an alternative to jerky and want an ultra portable snack that isn't a sweetly flavored bar this does the trick!

- Robert

Perfect snack!

I love these for my detox/cleanse lifestyle. They are a little too spicy for my kiddos but, I really like them.

- Shelley

Overly salty

I realized I am not a jerky person. This actually burned my throat with how salty it is.

- Melanie

Great taste

Tastes amazing. Just the right amount for a quick snack in between meals. I like the spice/kick it has.

- David

Graze Sticks is a very good name.

Been making these my go to snack almost every day since my first order. I'm more of a savory snacker rather than sweet and prefer high protein snacks. These sticks are delicious, satisfying and nutritious. Like a healthy slim jim (now there's and oxymoron) And they don't require refrigeration making them very portable. Have them on hand all the time.

- Kathy

These are yummy!

I'd never bought these before and my husband and I both like them very much. They'll be great for an on-the-road snack, or just keep some in your bag or car for emergencies.

- Carol


Some of the best beef jerky I've ever had. This stuff is great.

- Kevin


I love these meat sticks. They are great pre-workout as well as a healthy anytime snack. My kids love them too!

- Kelsie

Paleo/Whole 30 Friendly Meat Sticks

I'm a big fan of these whole 30 friendly meat sticks (1st I've found). Grass fed and no sugar or nitrates? Yes, please. They taste good too. Of course they're on the pricey side, but worth it for the quality.

- Becky


These things are delicious! I have to stop myself from eating like 5 at a time lol

- Brandi


These are awesome!!! I've purchased both these as well as snack sticks from another company called Chomps. These Graze sticks taste better and they are cheaper. A total win! Don't hesitate a moment longer, order them now!

- Jenna

Graze Sticks

Delicious, healthy and affordable. Three words that you usually don't hear together but it sure does for these meat sticks.

- Tammy


These taste good but quite garlicky. The kids and I love them for a quick snack.

- Danielle


These are awesome. I suddenly found myself in a medically-required paleo diet, where I also wasn't allowed any sugar. These were the first good-tasting gluten free/paleo safe meat sticks/jerky sticks I found without sugar, and they're less than $2 each!! They are a little spicy and have a great texture. Soooo glad to have these as snacks and for running meals.

- Felicia

Healthy jerky

Great taste and satisfying

- Annette

great snack

I keep these in my desk at work for a mid morning snack. Delish and satisfying!

- nell


I'm addicted! These are very tasty and so love that they are on the go nutrition.

- Kristina


Great, and so tasty. Good snack item!

- LB


These meat sticks are the best I've had. Its hard to find snacks like these without nitrites, nitrates and sugar but these are and they are from grass fed beef! Win win!

- Amy


These are delicious! I love that they are from grass fed beef. Great choice for a quick snack!

- Kristen


Great beef flavor with a little spice. A lot healthier and tastes better then a Slim Jim ha ha.

- Patricia

my kids love them!

Although they are a bit pricey, I am OK with it as my kids love beef sticks. I love that these do not has nitrates like the stick you find in the store.

- Kelly

Excellent taste!

Very great taste!

- Shawn Christenson


REally tasty and portable. Love that it's grassfed. I'll buy these again.

- Deb

Great snack or quick meal

I love these graze sticks. They have a great flavor and are full of only good, healthy ingredients.

- Rachel


These are delicious! So happy to have found them for my Whole 30! Now to pace myself to not eat them too fast. :-)

- Kerri

The best

This just shot up to my new favorite jerky/meat snack. They're so tasty, a great texture, and not too salty but still some flavor.

- Olivia

Great snack

Great flavor and good ingredients. I will be buying these again

- Rachel

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