Organic Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

12.7 oz bottle

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12.7 oz bottle

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Our Organic Cold Pressed Sesame Oil is made from sesame seeds that have been cold pressed at temperatures below 98.5 degrees F for a light and delicate sesame flavor. It is ideal for dressings, sauces and marinades. And remember, when you buy Organic Foods, you keep the Earth's air and water free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. You help support small entrepreneurial farmers who are committed to building the living soils of their farmland and the living souls of their employees. You also help lay the groundwork for agricultural diversity that has always been the backbone of cultural individuality. You help make the commitment to renewal that sustains the Earth's ability to nurture life. And you help others embrace the gratifying taste that come not only from eating good foods, but also from doing good things. When you buy Organic Foods, you make a conscious choice to eat well and to treat the Earth well.
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About This Brand

Certified Organic and All Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Expeller Pressed Cooking Oils, and more.At Napa Valley Naturals, we are a small family owned business devoted to bringing you delicious Certified Organic and All Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Expeller Pressed Cooking Oils, Italian Balsamic Vinegars, and Barrel Aged Artisan Vinegars.Building on his experience in the natural products industry, our founder, Kendall Cook, started Napa Valley Naturals with a dream of combining the gratifying experiences of tasting great food and doing great things. His vision: to provide delicious organic foods while supporting environmental preservation, sustainable agriculture, and entrepreneurial farmers devoted to these principles.We donate a percentage of our profits to groups that support environmental preservation, sustainable agricultural practices, hunger prevention or community-based health initiatives. So, when you enjoy our great tasting, organic foods, you support a system of...
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100% Cold Pressed Naturally Unrefined Organic Sesame Seed Oil.

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Reviews For Organic Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

Based on 19 Reviews

Great for Oil Pulling

I use this for oil pulling because it has a mild taste and nice texture. I prefer it to the other oils I've tried for this purpose.

- Linda


This is the 1st Sesame Oil I've used, so nothing to compare it to yet. I use it mainly to make almond/cashew butter. Adds just a little flavor & makes a good consistency for the nut butter. I do recommend this product.

- Paula


It has a smooth nutty flavor which mixes well in green salads of any salads or pasta!

- Donald

Sesame oil cold pressed

I loved it.

- Susan

Wonderful oil, hard to find

This is the first time I have purchased "untoasted" sesame oil. It has a much more subtle sesame flavor than toasted sesame oil, which is what I usually see at the store. I bought it for oil pulling, but we are now using it in food regularly too. It is a large bottle for a great price. I added some to a cold ramen salad last night, and it was excellent. The kids like it too.

- Jessie B.

mild flavor

This oil has a subtle/mild flavor and does not add to the stronger flavor of Asian dishes. Also, product is from Mexico which is not stated on the site. There is no photo of the back of the bottle so I was not aware

- RG

So Far So Good - Mild Sesame Flavor

Only accustomed to the toasted sesame version, I was surprised by the mildness of this oil. However, I am using it for oil pulling so the flavor is not a major concern. Pleased with this brand so far.

- Mary


was so easy to order and really love the sesame oil

- beth


This oil is light, yet perfectly balanced with flavor.

- Dahana

Love it

Perfect for adding flavor to cooked veggies or tofu, either as a cooking oil or in marinades/dressings.

- Rebecca

Mild flavor

This oil is extremely mild. If you are looking for a bold sesame flavor look for another brand.

- Lisa

Oil pulling

I bought this for oil pulling during colder months when my coconut oil is solid. I add organic tea tree oil and find pulling with this oil pleasant. Flavor is mild and I'm happy to have found a cold pressed sesame oil to use.

- Leah


Wonderful sesame oil. Lite in taste and flavor

- Elizabeth D.


This is a wonderful sesame oil. It is lite and withstand high heat stir fry . I love it

- Darlene


Oh my gosh! This adds a great flavor when sauteeing veggies, chicken, or frying springrolls or chicken. You only need a little. It's super light tasting, doesn't leave your food heavy with grease, and works perfectly!

- Kya

Restaurant quality flavor

I'm a huge Chinese food fan, so when I make recipes at home, I really want to duplicate the flavor as much as possible. A lot of these dishes need sesame oil, and this organic one has a full flavor that isn't so strong that it's overpowering, but still gives that awesome taste that makes fried shrimp and rice taste so good. By the way, another great use for this sesame oil is for a massage. It's not too greasy and it penetrates and warms my skin in a really pleasant way.

- Jaylene S.

Aromatic sesame flavor

I hadn't used sesame oil a lot, but I'd sure smelled it, whenever I went to a Chinese restaurant. It's that really strong scent that reminds me of great fried rice and fried shrimp.

I use it for light frying, especially when I'm making Asian food. A little goes a long way with sesame oil as it burns at a high rate, which means it won't burn off even at a high temperature, which is required with wok cooking.

- Josh Stokes

Fantastic Price

This is one of my favorite organic sesame oils, and I love that it's cold-pressed. It works so well with everything I do, and I've heard a lot about how to use this for making your skin look healthier. (I haven't tried that though) I love Thrive's price. I normally pay over $7 a bottle for this, and I go through quite a bit. I'm going to save enough on this product alone to pay for my Thrive membership!

- Kristen

Great Price, Awesome Oil!

When our child was born last year, we decided to feed her natural, healthy foods. None of the processed, sugary foods we grew up on.

The taste of Organic cold pressed sesame seed oil is surprisingly light, yet flavorful. We cook with it all the time. Thanks to Thrive, we can use this healthy option more often due to their low prices!

- Sandy Santos

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