Curved Panty Liners

30 count per box

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30 count per box

Why You’ll Love It

Natracare Curved Panty Liners are designed to give you safe, effective protection whenever you need it. They're made from organic cotton, so they won't irritate sensitive skin. And unlike many conventional feminine products, absolutely no plastics, chlorine, dyes, fragrances, or sanitizers are added—the material is 99 percent biodegradable, too. See More
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About This Brand

Feminine hygiene and products that meet the highest organic, environmental and biodegradable standards,Natracare stands for more than just organic and natural products. We are an award winning, ethical company committed to offering organic and natural solutions for personal health care that leave a soft footprint on the earth out of respect for our future generations.For all of our feminine hygiene and baby care products, we use only organic and natural materials that meet the highest organic, environmental and biodegradable standards, sourced from raw material producers that manage and monitor resources respectfully and share our principles.and our vision…“To develop Natracare into a worldwide symbol for quality, innovation and ethics; available to all women as the natural choice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preserving our environment”.and the philosophy…“I have the philosophy that I am at the frontline of all the surviving my ancestors had to do in order for me to exist...
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certified organic cotton and Chlorine-free plant cellulose

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Why You’ll Love Curved Panty Liners

Feminine hygiene is something that’s incredibly important, not only for one’s physical health but also to ensure that self-esteem is always strong. Feeling confident is a must, and Natracare Curved Panty Liners are designed to give you safe, effective protection needed during that time of the month. Stay dry with an organic, earth-friendly solution that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or plastics, which are often found in commercial feminine products.

The importance of reliable protection

Getting the right level of protection from panty liners is important, and being able to depend on a product physically and mentally, is absolutely vital for comfort today. Natracare Curved Panty Liners are made with this in mind, and the numerous reasons to use them when mother nature calls, are not hard to see:

  • Knowing that protection is present eliminates concern and makes it easier to focus on the daily activities that make up life. Instead of worrying about leakage, it’s possible to get more done.

  • Embarrassing accidents can impact one’s self-esteem. Natracare Curved Panty Liners can help avoid the risk of leaks and stains.

  • Protection that can be counted on also helps avoid things like damaged clothing or laundry costs. Clothing and confidence are both protected by wearing Natracare Curved Panty Liners.

The difference that Natracare Curved Panty Liners provide

Natracare Curved Panty Liners are used just like any other panty liner, and they feature a soft, absorbent design that is comfortable to wear while still providing maximum security and protection. Of course, not all panty liners are created to the same level of standards, and it’s worth understanding why Natracare Curved Panty Liners is a better choice.

  • Natracare Curved Panty Liners are made from soft, breathable material and shaped with a curve that matches the body. This means that they can be worn with the highest level of comfort possible, making the day much more enjoyable.

  • The process used to create and test Natracare Curved Panty Liners involved no animal testing. The product is entirely cruelty free, letting women wear them without contributing to a company that promotes animal testing.

  • Natracare Curved Panty Liners are created from organic cotton, and are entirely natural, so they won’t irritate the skin. No plastic is added to the material and neither is chlorine.

  • The materials used in Natracare Curved Panty Liners are 99 percent biodegradable and compostable. This means that they won’t clog up landfills or spend centuries decomposing. They’re a better option for the body, and a much better option for the planet as well.

  • No chemicals like dyes, fragrances, or sanitizers are added to Natracare Curved Panty Liners, either. This means they’re easier on sensitive skin and a more natural option.

  • The natural organic cotton used in Natracare Curved Panty Liners is highly breathable. This ensures that comfort is maintained throughout the day and helps improve overall hygiene.

Getting the most from Natracare Curved Panty Liners

Using Natracare Curved Panty Liners is self-explanatory, and they can be used just like traditional versions. However, there are a few things that stand out as being even better ways to get the most from them:

  • They’re effective when using tampons, and can provide an additional level of protection if it’s needed, giving more confidence in the process. This is even more important during long trips, when changing tampons or pads may be difficult to do on a frequent basis.

  • Excellent for use when using prescription creams or medications. The absorbent, breathable design ensures that there is no irritation and that the medication is still providing maximum effectiveness.

  • Adding used Natracare Curved Panty Liners to the compost pile is a perfectly legitimate option. It’s entirely biodegradable, and can help alleviate the amount of waste that a household is producing.

  • For those with sensitive skin, Natracare Curved Panty Liners are one of the best choices on the market and can help to ensure that the highest level of comfort is achieved while still providing the best feminine hygiene possible.

Other personal care products to consider

Natracare Curved Panty Liners are an important part of feminine hygiene, but there are also other natural, organic-focused personal care items that are worth having as well. Some of these include the following:

Natracare Mini Panty Liners

These smaller version of the Natracare Curved Panty Liners are designed with the same commitment to organic, biodegradable feminine products. They’re a great option when less protection is needed.

Natracare Regular Pads

For the times when a little more protection is needed, these pads deliver while still remaining free from chemical additives and fragrances. They’re a natural way to stay sanitary throughout the day and are a bit sturdier than panty liners.

Diva Cup Model 1

This is an alternative to pads or liners, and instead of absorbing it actually collects discharge. The cup is comfortable to wear and can be reused multiple times, ensuring maximum protection.

Reviews For Curved Panty Liners

Based on 26 Reviews

Love it!

It works for me! I love it!

- Venice

Works great

I don't have heavy cycles and need something for light coverage. These work great!

- Michelle

A good product

I like this product and have purchased it several times. My only complaint is that if the pad gets very wet, the layers start coming apart.

- Kelci

Just ok pads

These pads are great when you first put them on...they are soft, firm but after having them on for the day they rip, tear and get mushy meaning they loose their firmness...if they fix this, it would be a good pad

- Geralyn

It needs to be longer

I only rated this as a 3 star because it is too short. I like it because it does not have the chemicals in the other commercial competitive products. I had been suffering from recurring Urinary tract infections and decided to try this product. It's effective because of its natural content. It needs to be longer because as you move around it doesn't stay in place.

- Patr

will be buying again!

I will most definitely recommend

- savi

I like them

I was searching for an organic alternative and after trying a few different brands I settled on these. I like the way they don't disintegrate and keep you fresh. My only complaint is that they could be a little longer. However, the price on Thrive Market is the best around.

- Dena

Love them!

They work. They're soft. They're organic. Need I say more??

- ABrown


Work great

- Michelle


These are slightly more absorbent than always thins but fall apart easily. Probably won't get again.

- edna

Great liners, thick and absorbent

These work just as well as conventional panty liners. They're comfortable, and the adhesive is as good as it should be, so there are no wardrobe malfunctions. My only complaint is mild - I wish they were thinner, since they feel rather thick for a liner. Other than that, I'm quite pleased and will continue using them!

- Felicia

nothing better than cotton

very comfortable to wear and no odor problem like the non cotton types, they are made from organic
cotton great product.

- Anna Maria

Could be a little more stickyer but GREAT!

My body is sensitive to harsh products and after switching my liners to these organic ones, my body didn't have any discharge, how it normally did with the GMO liners I've used since I was a preteen! I think I was allergic to SOMETHING in those GMO products! I just wish the stickiness was a BIT more, when I do yoga, the liners move around a bit and can unstick from my underwear. Then again, I'm also moving around ALOT, well my legs are moving in different positions. I've been using these for the past 6 months now and I'll never go back to GMO feminine products!

- Kimiko

Love them

These pantiliners work well. Plenty absorbent and they don't give me a negative physical reaction like the non-natural ones. These are on my monthly buy list.

- Lily

Does the job!

I will be buying this product again.

- Eve

Safe but not sturdy!

I love that these are a safer choice of pantiliner to wear but I have to agree with others and say that they are not very durable. They do break apart a little bit and require you to change out more often but I'll continue to buy them because they are more affordable here and they are safer!

- Sherry

Not good quality

Beware before buying these panty liners. I appreciate that they are chemical-free and made with organic cotton but they are not very sticky and do not stay in place throughout the day.

- Candace

Slight disappointment

One downside, is the pad doesn't stay put. It moves around or folds up on itself. Doesn't matter if asleep at night or simple getting dressed. I will continue to purchase because I want to use natural and organic products.

- Nancy

LOVE these

I LOVE these liners. I switched to organic/natural feminine products last year, and have been so happy with these Natracare liners. I use them every day for freshness, and as backup for tampons during Aunt Flo's visits each month. On my lighter days during AF, I use just these liners and have NEVER had a leak. They are incredibly absorbent, and I always forget I have them on because they are so soft and breathable. I also have issues with very sensitive/break-out prone skin, and would get those awful red bumps "down there" with my old products. Since switching to Natracare, I have not once had a problem (hello, natural products, free from chlorine and chemicals!). I HIGHLY recommend these liners to every lady I know.

- Jamie


I was reluctant to buy these because of some reviews however I can't find anything wrong with them. They work for me!

- Julia

Not durable

These scrunch up very easily in your pants leaving the sides unprotected, and the filler shreds and separates very easily as well.

- Stacy

They're okay

I'm used to a conventional liner brand so I wasn't sure what to expect with these. They're nice and soft, I appreciate the idea but I found that they fell apart rather quickly, leaving my clothes susceptible to staining. While the liners I typically use last me for at least 4 - 5 hours these practically fell apart after 2. Not cool. If I have to change more frequently I will buy more product and ultimately that makes these more expensive.

- Claudia

Not Durable

They're eco friendly, but I have to use so many more of them than regular panty liners that I that I think they're not economical. It's not an issue of absorbency, but durability. They don't stick well, so I have to change to a new one every 3 hours or so because the old one has shifted out of place and the top has separated from the bottom.

- AH

So far, so good!

I sweat a LOT and rely on panty liners to help keep dry(er). I've used many brands and these are comparable to conventional so far. If they're healthier for me (and as a result, the environment), that's a plus.

- R.

Just Average

I watched a documentary about some of the dangers of feminine care products, so I decided to switch to a more natural and less bleached alternative to my panty liners. These aren't bleached, and they're made from organic cotton. However, I think they do need to go back to the drawing board with these. Out of the 30 I've used, 2 of them have started separating like cotton in my underwear during use. They also don't peel off simply; they've left some tiny cotton pieces in my underwear on multiple occasions.

These aren't horrible, but they aren't great. I'll probably stick to natural pads and just stick using the panty liners altogether.

- WR

Very Comfortable

These Natracare soft curved panty liners are absorbent and breathable, but the best part is the comfort fit. If a liner isn't comfortable, I won't wear it. Each women's body is unique and has a different shape requirement for cotton protection. Natracare managed to make a near perfect fit for all women.

The fact that Natracare is represented on Thrive is the icing on the cake. Super product for a super price! Since they are so affordable, I purchase multiple packs at a time so I never run out.

- Becky Davidson

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